Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - The Island

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Submitted: December 10, 2017



As Henry and the other captain leaped down onto the dock and started tying the ships to it, the group crowded around on the deck of their ship. Kathrina remained up on the forecastle deck, watching curiously as Merek, Reiner and Luka’s two other companions dragged themselves onto the beach, panting furiously, only having just finished swimming over. Another Priest had appeared from within the broken building, eyeing the ships closely.

Luka looked around at everyone and sighed, ‘’let’s not waste any time’’ he said, ‘’we will go in, talk to the order, see if they can help in any way, and then we shall leave. Eli, as you know, you must remain here with… ‘’ he paused and slowly pointed at Alpha and Tsunami, ‘’with these two’’

‘’You’re going with us?’’ Logan asked, looking at Luka.


‘’Why? I thought you’d stay here with him’’ Thea growled, scowling harshly at Elijah who was gazing over at Kathrina as she stood on the forecastle deck, staring out at the island, a fascinated look on her face.

He shook his head, ‘’they know me; I think it would be best for someone they know to tell them about the death of one of their members’’

‘’Makes sense’’ Logan called, ‘’I, for one, don’t wanna have to explain what happened to that poor man’’

Just then, Opus appeared from below the deck and joined them.

Elijah immediately looked at him, ‘’how is Harley?’’ he asked, a concerned look on his pale face.

‘’Stubborn,’’ the old man said, ‘’but he will be fine. He will be back on his feet in a few hours’’

‘’Is he conscious?’’

Opus scowled sceptically at Elijah, but nodded slowly, ‘’I believe so, yes. Why?’’

Looking at Alpha and Tsunami, Elijah snarled quietly, ‘’I would rather spend my time here with him than these two’’

‘’What?’’ Alpha called, ‘’afraid something might happen to you? So you gotta go hide with Harley?’’

Looking at Alpha, Elijah scowled evilly, ‘’sometimes, it is better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you are stupid than open it and remove all the doubt’

Alpha frowned angrily as everyone around him snickered quietly. He opened his mouth to shout a comeback, but Tsunami jabbed his shoulder and shook his head in disapproval.

Luka then looked at his brother, ‘’stay out of trouble while I am gone, Eli’’

Elijah looked at him and scoffed, ‘’do you not trust me?’’

He raised his left eyebrow in suspicion, but didn’t say anything.

Everyone watched as Elijah shoved his way through the crowd and walked over to the forecastle deck, climbing up and joining Kathrina who was still gazing out at the island.

Sighing, Luka looked at everyone, ‘’I’m coming with you lot, so stay close to me, I know my way around this place. DO NOT accept anything they offer you’’ he warned, ‘’just shake your head and politely say no, or you could end up being roped into one of their weird traditions’’

They all looked at each other unsurely, but turned back to face his and nodded.


‘’Kathrina’’ Elijah called quietly as he climbed up onto the forecastle deck.

She looked back at him and watched as he walked over, standing behind her as he wrapped his left arm around her front, ‘’what is it?’’ she asked, leaning her head back on his chest and looking up at him.

He looked down at her and frowned sadly, ‘’last night’’ he said quietly, ‘’I went too far, I should have- ‘’

‘’No’’ Kathrina said, silencing him as she turned around to face him, staring up at his sad face, ‘’you didn’t, I already told you, it’s okay. Stop thinking about it, please?’’

Elijah stared at her and sighed quietly, ‘’but- ‘’

‘’But nothing, Elijah’’ she said, ‘’stop beating yourself up’’

Then, before he could say anything else, she stood up onto her tip-toes and placed her hand on his face, making him lean forward slightly so she could kiss him. As she did, he smiled. But then, she stepped back and climbed down from the forecastle deck, walking over to join the group who were getting ready to leave with Luka.

He frowned sadly. He really did feel guilty about what had happened last night; not only had he bitten her without any warning or asking for permission, but he had drunk her blood to the point where she had passed out. He knew she had lied to spare his feelings, but he didn’t deserve it. He could have killed her. He had to get a grip on himself and stop just like Luka had told him, or the seal on his Teshika mark was going to break and he would turn into a monster far worse than what Alpha was, and if that happened, he knew for sure that Kathrina would want nothing to do with him.

Staring down at her, he smiled slightly. He didn’t know what he would do without her.


Luka looked around at everyone and clapped his hands together, ‘’right, let’s get going’’ he said.

‘’About time’’ Thea mumbled.

As Luka walked over onto the other ship and headed down onto the dock, Kathrina, Thea, Opus, Logan and Joe followed. Octavia stayed behind with Tsunami, reluctant to go anywhere near any more of the Priests, unsettled by the one glaring at them from the docks. Alpha scowled at his brother as he walked off with her, and also watched as Elijah walked down from the forecastle deck and disappeared below to join Harley. He was left alone, a dissatisfied look on his face.


Walking onto the docks, the small group were joined by Merek, Reiner and the other two companions that had swum to the island, the four of them panting furiously, completely drenched. To their amazement, Merek’s ridiculous hair style had stayed intact, even when wet.

‘’So,’’ Luka said, ‘’learned your lesson?’’

‘’Yes, sir’’ all of them mumbled, water still dripping from their soaked clothes.

He smirked harshly, and as the Priest that had been watching them walked over, Luka turned to face him.

‘’What are you doing back here so soon?’’ the Priest asked, a rather rude tone to his hoarse voice.

‘’New information’’ Luka said plainly, ‘’I need to speak with the High Priest’’

The Priest eyed him harshly, but clicked his tongue and nodded, ‘’right this way’’ he said, turning around and starting to walk along the stone path that was laid out beside the dock, leading to one of the bridges that connected the many small islands.

The group followed him as he led the way across the bridge and onto the next island. He turned left, walking along a cobblestone path that had been made in the sand of the islands beach, approaching another bridge that led back onto the same island they had just come from. He walked onto it, leading them across. But as they crossed, they noticed a rather large arched stone doorway, an oak door firmly closed between it. It was actually the door to a very large church, its towers just visible poking out from the tree tops, holy crosses on the top of them all.

As they approached the door, the Priest stopped and turned around, ‘’I must ask: are any of you Demons, or Vampires? If you set foot in this church, you will perish’’

Luka shook his head, ‘’all of those that are Demons stayed behind’’

The Priest gave him a sceptical look, but turned around and knocked loudly on the door. A few moments later, it clicked and opened, another Priest dressed the same way standing there inside as the door opened. The group followed Luka as he followed the Priests, both of them walking towards another closed door at the end of the gloomy room.

Kathrina looked around slowly; the stone walls were decorated with paintings of holy crosses and Priests holding crosses to the faces of what looked like Demons and Vampires. The paintings were rather creepy, and she didn’t like the look of this place at all. As soon as they walked in, it felt like there were eyes everywhere, watching them. Luka didn’t seem too unsettled, but everyone else was looking around cautiously, obvious feeling the same way that she did.

They followed the two Priests down a narrow hallway, all of the having to walk single-file, the only light coming form a torch that one of the Priests had picked up before entering the hallway.

‘’Are you sure this is a good idea?’’ Kathrina asked Luka, leaning forward.

He glanced over his shoulder back at her, ‘’I assure you, it is the best. If anyone can help, it is these people’’

She frowned, but nodded and continued following.

After a few moments, they came to the end of the hallway, opening another door, and as the two Priests stepped inside, they fell down onto their knees and bowed respectively. Luka did the same, glaring up at the group, hinting that they do the same, so they did. They weren’t sure who or what they were bowing to, but they didn’t like it at all.

‘’You may stand’’ came a croaky voice, echoing loudly.

All of them slowly climbed to their feet, looking around. The room was brightly lit with hundreds of candles, heaps of hardened wax on the floor and leaking down the sides of the tables and cabinets that the candles say upon. The walls in this room were also covered in paintings of Priests and Priests sanctifying monsters. But, at the end of the room, a man was sitting in a large wooden chair, dressed in the same robes as the Priests, but he had a rather odd-looking hat upon his head, an embroidery of a holy cross stitched to its centre.

The man waved his hand; the Priests started moving forward, as did Luka. The group followed, still looking around curiously, but as they came close to the sitting Priest, they stopped, staring at him as he eyed them back.

But as he looked at Luka, he nodded and smiled, ‘’ah, I remember you’’

‘’Greetings, Father Cesil’’ Luka said gracefully, ‘’these are more of my companions. We come here in hope that you may be able to assist us’’

Father Cesil nodded slowly, tapping his index finger on his chin as he slowly looked at each of the group members. But as his eyes glared at Kathrina, he frowned slightly, ‘’who are you?’’ he asked, a mix of concern and curiosity in his voice.

Kathrina looked up at Luka who was already staring down at her, ‘’um… ‘’ she looked back at Cesil, ‘’I… my name is Kathrina’’

He then climbed to his feet and waved his hand to the left – instantly, a woman dressed in a habit wandered over, looking curiously at Cesil as he pointed at Kathrina, ‘’take her to the sisters, she is covered in a Demon’s scent’’

The woman grabbed Kathrina’s wrist, and everyone instantly burst into action, pulling Kathrina back defensively, glaring at the woman and the other Priests.

Luka, too, stood defensively, unsure of what they were trying to do.

Cesil frowned, ‘’you were aware of this?’’

Looking at him, Luka nodded, ‘’we have Demons among our allies, I am sure we all have such a scent lingering on us’’

He shook his head, ‘’not as strongly as this girl does. Do not worry, the sisters will only check her to make sure she isn’t in any kind of danger. There is the possibility that a Demonic force has clung onto her. You may go with her if you please, but I cannot be of any assistance if this girl is not checked for Demon magic’’

Everyone glared strangely at him as he sat back down.

But then, Kathrina pulled away from everyone’s protective grips, ‘’it’s fine, I’ll go’’

‘’But Kathrina!’’ Thea growled, ‘’what if these guys try converting you to- ‘’

‘’Thea!’’ Kathrina snapped, ‘’I’ll be fine’’

Father Cesil nodded gracefully as Kathrina followed the sister, Luka quickly following her. Then, he turned back to face the rest of the group, ‘’so, what is it that you wish to know?’’

Merek looked over at Logan, ‘’yo, you tell him’’

Logan frowned irritably, but turned to face Cesil, ‘’we made contact with Alucard-‘’

‘’Alucard?’’ Cesil asked, his face lighting up with astonishment, ‘’you met face-to-face with him?’’

Everyone looked at each other strangely.

‘’Yeah, we did’’ Thea mumbled, ‘’what’s it to you?’’

‘’My dear girl,’’ he chuckled, ‘’we have been searching for that monster for centuries; why did he finally decide to show his face to you?’’

Opus looked up at him, ‘’he said that we have caused him a great deal of trouble, yes. By this, I assumed he meant our involvement in the destruction of a large group of his monstrous creations, that we have names ‘Lurkers’, as well as three of our group members killing a rather large number of Vampires not too long ago when they attempted to abduct the young girl you just sent off, yes’’

‘’Interesting’’ Cesil mumbled, ‘’why have you come to Transylvania?’’

‘’We’re here to kill Alucard’’ Logan said.

‘’Well, we’re actually on some kind of quest to kill a bunch of people called ‘Elementals’,’’ Thea corrected, ‘’and he just so happens to be one’’

‘’I see… well, what makes you think you can kill him? We have tried many different methods, but- ‘’

‘’Yeah, none of them work’’ Thea grumbled, ‘’we already know that’’

‘’But, ‘’ Joe said, ‘’we know how to kill him’’

Father Cesil’s face lit up, ‘’you do?’’

‘’Werewolf venom, apparently’’ Logan said.

‘’Werewolf venom? Are you certain?’’

They all looked at each other slowly.

‘’Well… no’’ Joe said, ‘’but Elijah put it all together and it seems to make sense’’

‘’Elijah?’’ Cesil asked.

‘’One of our companions’’ Logan called.

‘’He is quite the genius’’ Opus said, ‘’he managed to take everything we had already discovered and put it all together to give us a possible answer, one that seems to be most likely. We believe that Werewolf venom is very well indeed Alucard’s weakness’’

‘’Well, that is quite the revelation’’ Cesil nodded, ‘’but why have you come to us? If you already know how to kill him, why not get on with it?’’

‘’We were kinda chased from the city by a bunch of bugs’’ Thea grumbled, looking to see if her sister was coming back yet, but sighed irritably when she saw that she wasn’t even in the room anymore.

‘’I see. Well, you may stay here as long as you need, but I am afraid we cannot help in any other way. If your companion is correct, it seems that the people you want to be talking to are out in that forest somewhere’’

All of them frowned at him, and then looked at each other unsurely. Hadn’t Luka said these guys would help them? All this Priest had done was turn them away. How useless – what a waste of time. Why had they even bothered coming here? Now, they were really starting to question Luka’s ideas. And now, they were going to have to sit around and wait for him to get back with Kathrina.


Meanwhile, back on the ship, Elijah walked into Harley’s room and slammed the door shut rather loudly, startling Harley who was sprawled out in his bed. He instantly sat up and glared at Elijah as he walked in, leaned back against the wall.

‘’What do you want?’’ Harley asked, frowning at him.

‘’Nothing’’ he said plainly, ‘’I came here so I do not have to socialise with the pervert and his dunce brother’’

‘’By that, I assume you mean Alpha and Tsunami?’’

Elijah nodded, looking down at the floor as he uncomfortably shuffled his right arm which was still sitting in the sling around his neck.

Noticing his distress, Harley sighed and leaned back, his shoulder still hurting from the wound he had recently received from Kathrina’s sword. He looked at Elijah’s arm, ‘’the old man not tell you how long that’s going to take to heal?’’

He looked down at his arm and then went back to staring aimlessly ahead, ‘’a couple days’’ he mumbled.

‘’Well, hey, at least you weren’t almost turned into a Werewolf. I have no idea what I would have done if that happened’’

‘’How did that happen?’’ Elijah asked, looking over at him.

Harley chuckled quietly, ‘’when I was fighting the Vampire who was pretending to be Alucard, Kathrina accidently stabbed me as well as him’’

‘’She did?’’ he laughed, amused.

He nodded, ‘’he had me pinned on the floor, and she came up behind him and stabbed him right through the heart. He turned to ash almost instantly. In all the commotion, I guess we all forgot that Opus had laced the blade of that sword with Werewolf venom’’

Ignoring his explanation, Elijah frowned, ‘’Alucard: what was he like?’’

‘’A real monster’’ he answered, looking down at the floor, ‘’he gutted that Priest like he was nothing, like an animal, and he enjoyed it. People who can do things like that without so much as a hint of repent are animals’’

Ignoring him once again, Elijah snarled and looked back down at the floor, ‘’he say anything?’’

Harley looked up at him and frowned, ‘’as a matter of fact, yeah. He seemed insistent on having us hand over Kathrina’’

Elijah instantly looked over at him, ‘’what? Why?’’

‘’He never specified why, but he clearly wanted her for something. He would have gotten her if Alpha hadn’t been there to snatch her back from Urin’’

The distress reappearing on his face, Elijah looked back down at the floor. Alucard had tried taking Kathrina? Why? What would have happened if he had gotten hold of her? The thought started torturing him, and the fact that he wasn’t there to protect her made him even angrier, but he was furious that Alpha had been the one to save her. The thought of him just touching her made him want to rip him limb from limb…

He clenched his fist tightly, trying to keep himself from storming out to find Alpha and rip him apart. How dare he?! That piece of shit had-

‘’Elijah!’’ Harley suddenly snapped, ‘’cut it out!’’

He frowned angrily and glared over at him, ‘’what?’’ he growled.

‘’I know you’re plotting to kill someone when you make that face’’ he growled back, ‘’cut it out. Alpha kept Alucard from getting hold of her, so be grateful – perhaps you should even thank him. All you ever do is think about killing people’’

‘’I do not think about killing people – I do it!’’ he hissed, offended.

‘’Whatever’’ Harley snapped, ‘’just leave it, alright? I’m pretty sure his only intentions were to rescue her and nothing else’’

‘’You clearly do not understand what goes on inside the head of the pervert’’ he grumbled.

‘’Yeah, well, I never had a Psyche-Jikato, did I?’’

Elijah looked over at him and frowned, but sighed and calmed down. He was right. There was no need to start another fight, and in his current condition, he’d lose anyway. Although he hated the fact that Alpha had touched her, he had to be somewhat grateful that he had done so to keep Kathrina from getting taken by the enemy.

’Nan demo’’ he mumbled, staring back down at the floor.

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