Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Assassins In Black

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Submitted: November 03, 2017



As almost an hour passed, both Harley and Elijah were growing extremely impatient. Opus and Thea had been gone more than long enough to look around the area. Them taking as long as they were could only mean that they had either found something or had gotten into trouble. However, there was no way the old man could be taken down, even by Fire Teshika assassins. He was smarter than that.

But as he stared out into the fog, Elijah was starting to doubt the old man. He knew how efficient these particular assassins were; he even regarded them as even deadlier than the Ninja back in Japan. Being Demons, they were practically undetectable until it was too late. If he had been with Kathrina, he might have been able to pursue her attacker, but he didn’t even know she had been attacked. It had taken him far too long to put everything together and he was disappointed in himself. If he had taken just a few more moments, she might have died.

He clenched his fist angrily, still holding the venom in his right hand. Who would want to kill her? There was no way Lucious would stoop so low as to hire Teshika assassins – There had to be something else going on here that he didn’t know about, something more dangerous than hunting Elementals. If Luka were there, he might have been able to help, being an assassin himself. His brother knew about many secret organizations and groups, that having gave him his insanely high bounty. No one was better at uncovering truths than his brother. But he was busy with his own problems. Elijah didn’t want to call him out here; he would try to get to the bottom of it himself first.

However, the more he thought about it, the angrier it made him. Nothing made sense. Did this Alucard guy know they were coming and hire the assassins? It was a possibility; if this guy had heard about the deaths of Alikmarta and Alikmartol, he was most likely scared. But why had he sent them after just her? Did he not know there were two sword wielders? Would he not want to take out the entire group rather than just one? It was so confusing, there was no answer more likely than the other –

‘’Elijah?’’ Harley asked, staring at him strangely.

He flinched slightly, startled, ‘’what?’’

‘’Are you alright? You look like you’re overthinking something’’ he asked.

Still staring out at the fog, he shook his head and sighed, ‘’I’m just trying to think of who might have sent the assassins. You do not hire a Fire Teshika unless you are both extremely wealthy and serious. Whoever sent them wanted Kathrina dead. A Fire Teshika never fails’’

‘’Well, one did this time’’

‘’Indeed. But they will return’’

Harley frowned warily, ‘’they’re going to try again?’’

‘’More than likely. Like I said, they do not fail. Once they learn that she is still alive, they will make a second attempt. But this time, I will be waiting’’ he said sternly.

‘’Well,’’ Harley sighed, ‘’who are you and what have you done with Elijah Kutaki?’’

Elijah stared at him, confused.

He laughed slightly, ‘’I’m saying that you’re acting strange. I’d have expected you to be searching for them already, sword at the ready’’

Staring at him, he saddened slightly and looked down at the water, ‘’I cannot risk doing such a thing. I no longer possess the Psyche Jikato, so my reckless combat style is no longer as effective. In this fog, they have the advantage’’

‘’How so?’’

‘’Fire Teshika are Apex Demons; they are stronger than Higher Demons’’

His curiosity officially spiked, Harley leaned back on the fence and nodded, ‘’so, what kind of Demon are you?’’

He shrugged, ‘’just a Demon. I am only half Fire Teshika; all I gained from that side of my family are fangs and eyes that glow in the dark’’ he grumbled, almost as if he was trying to be funny.

‘’And a seriously bad temper’’ Harley mumbled.

‘’All Demons have bad tempers; it’s to do with the bloodlust’’

‘’Hmm… Well, back to what you were saying: how do they have the upper hand out there?’’

Elijah sighed, staring back out into the fog, ‘’just like a Ninja, their senses are extremely keen and being Demons enhances that even more. Apex Demons have the ability to take on a different form’’

‘’Like Alpha and Tsunami?’’

He nodded, ‘’like that, but even deadlier. Their forms are far more primal; they look a lot like what Higher Vampires do when they transform’’

Harley nodded slowly.

‘’I would not stand a chance out there’’ he admitted.

‘’Okay, this is getting weird’’ Harley said, stepping back slightly, ‘’since when do you openly admit you’d be bested in a fight?’’

‘’A man who knows when to back down is smarter than a man who chooses to leave everything to chance’’ he said plainly, glaring at him.

He smirked, ‘’Master Risan told all of his students that one’’

‘’Then maybe you should have listened. Since what happened back in Japan, I try to be more cautious’’

Leaning back again, Harley frowned, a sense of guilt falling over him. He had noticed recently that Elijah had lost his reckless attitude, taking everything more seriously than before. The day they were attacked and defeated by Lucious had left more than just physically scars on Elijah. He could tell by the way he was talking that he was still shaken. But who wouldn’t be? He had witnessed things that people would only see in nightmares; he had been made to watch three of his comrades die, saw another turn into a Demon and he had almost lost his own life. He had also spent an entire week believing that Kathrina was dead. Harley had no idea what he must have gone through.

He looked at him sadly, ‘’I’m sorry’’ he said.

‘’For what?’’

‘’Being inconsiderate. Letting my curiosity get the better of me is one fault I’ve not managed to conquer’’

Elijah smirked and looked over at him, ‘’all Arikarin are too curious for their own good. But it is something you cannot help’’


Harley smiled, but just then, the sound of approaching footsteps in the gravel below caught his and Elijah’s attention, the two of them staring cautiously into the fog as two blurred figures started to appear from within.

They watched warily as the figures came closer, but as they became clearer, they relaxed. From the fog, both Opus and Thea emerged, walking towards the ship together, disappointed looks on their faces.

Elijah stared down at them as Harley climbed down the steps from the quarter deck, greeting them. He watched as a small black cat tailed Opus, clinging closely to him. The cat looked old, its fur shaggy and rough-looking. As Opus stopped, so did it, sitting down. Slowly, it turned its head, its bright green eyes meeting with Elijah’s.

Suspicious, Elijah also walked down the steps, standing beside Harley.

‘’We could not find anything’’ the old man said, disappointed.

Thea sighed, ‘’we looked all around, even asked in the bar if they had seen anything, but nothing’’

‘’We already found what was wrong with her’’ Harley said, looking at Elijah.

The two of them stared at him, waiting.

Abruptly, he handed the glass with the venom in it to Opus, ‘’where did you get that from?’’ he asked, looking down at the feline as it cleaned its head with its paw.

The three of them looked down at it, just as confused as he was.

‘’Uh, I don’t know – He must have followed us’’ Thea said, crouching down and petting its head.

‘’Get rid of it’’ Elijah said harshly.

Thea picked the cat up and glared at him, ‘’no!’’ she snapped, ‘’he’s adorable’’

The cat meowed loudly, trying to escape from Thea’s grip, wriggling around and fidgeting. She frowned, opening her arms and letting it go. As it landed on the deck, it scurried over to Elijah, affectionately rubbing its head on his boots, stopping to stare up at him every couple of seconds. He scowled down at it, watching as it sat and his foot and started licking its paws again.

Harley laughed quietly, ‘’I think he likes you’’

Elijah glared at him, but then reached down and picked it up, holding it up to his face and stared at it, glaring into its eyes as it gazed back. The color of its eyes were similar to his own, just slightly lighter. He frowned, ‘’Luka’’ he grumbled.

They all looked at him strangely.


He placed it back down on the floor, ‘’it looks like one of my brother’s specters’’ he said.


‘’This is Demon venom, yes?’’ Opus interrupted, holding the glass up to his face, gazing into it.

Elijah looked over at him, ‘’yes. I removed it from Kathrina- ‘’

‘’See! I said this was his fault!’’ Thea growled.

‘’It is not mine’’ he growled, ‘’it belongs to a Fire Teshika’’

Opus nodded slowly, lowering the glass, ‘’it would appear they have made an attempt on Kathrina’s life, yes?’’

Harley nodded, ‘’that’s what Elijah said’’

‘’Why are they trying to kill my sister?’’ Thea asked, panicking slightly.

Elijah shook his head slowly, ‘’I’m not sure, but I will find out. They are more than likely to make another attempt, so when they do, I will make him tell us’’

The old man shook his head, ‘’Fire Teshika do not break so easily, Elijah. You should know that, being one yourself’’

He angered slightly, ‘’being one myself makes me aware of their weaknesses – There are many’’

‘’Such as?’’ Harley asked, smirking slightly.

‘’Why would I tell you?’’ he grumbled, staring down at the cat again as it prowled around him, meowing quietly.

‘’Just curious’’ he shrugged.

Then, Elijah reached down again and picked up the cat, holding it in his arms, ‘’stay vigilant. I’m going to see if this really is from my brother’’ he said as he turned around and started walking over to the door to his and Kathrina’s quarters.

The old man held up the glass, ‘’what do you want me to do with this?’’

‘’Give it to Alpha and tell him its alcohol’’ he grinned, glancing back at them as he opened the door and walked in, closing it behind him.

Opus turned around, ‘’Alpha!’’ he called.

Harley then grabbed his arm to shut him up, ‘’he was just kidding, sheesh’’

‘’I don’t think he was’’ Thea mumbled, ‘’I’m gonna go see my sister- ‘’

‘’I probably wouldn’t do that just yet’’ Harley suggested.

She stopped and glared up at him, ‘’why not?’’

‘’Just… Wait until she’s better’’

‘’But she’s my sister!’’

‘’That may be so, but she will need time to recover’’ Opus said, placing his hand on her shoulder.

She shoved his hand away, ‘’whatever’’ she mumbled, turning around and walking towards the stairs that led below deck.


As the door opened, Kathrina instantly sat up, watching as Elijah walked into the room with what looked like a black cat in his arms. She frowned, watching as he closed the door.

‘’Why do you have a cat?’’ she asked.

Pulling the door shut, he looked over at her and smiled, ‘’I think it’s one of Luka’s’’

She frowned again, ‘’but doesn’t he send birds?’’

He walked over to her, sitting beside her as the cat escaped from his arms and sat on his lap, cleaning its paws again, ‘’he does, but it seemed to recognize me’’

Kathrina smiled down at the cat, watching it as it stopped cleaning its paws and looked back at her. Its eyes were similar to Luka’s, but it just didn’t seem like it was his. Luka’s specters always gave off some kind of aura, and she just wasn’t sensing one. Either her senses were still recovering or this feline wasn’t one of Luka’s messengers at all.

Just then, Elijah placed his hand on her face and stared into her eyes, ‘’ are you okay?’’

She smiled, placing her hand over his, ‘’yeah, I feel a lot better’’

The cat suddenly sat up and rubbed its face on Elijah’s, purring loudly. He looked down at it, taking his hand off Kathrina’s face. As it looked at him, he smiled, starting to pet its head.

‘’What did they get from Reeves?’’ Kathrina asked, staring at the cat.

Elijah frowned, ‘’I didn’t ask. But Harley gave me a map; I assume it’s of a place we will be heading to shortly’’ he explained, still petting the cat as it rolled over onto its back, purring loudly.

‘’Well, did you find out anything about whoever did this to me?’’ she asked curiously, staring at him.

He stopped petting the cat, slowly looking back at her. He didn’t want to lie to her, but he didn’t want to frighten her by telling her that there were Fire Teshika trying to kill her. Their reason was unbeknown to him and he hated it. If he didn’t give her some kind of explanation, would she doubt his abilities? Would she think he wasn’t capable of protecting her anymore?

Reluctant, he sighed and stared at her, ‘’it looks like someone has hired a Fire Teshika to – ‘’

‘’ – kill me?’’

He nodded slowly.

‘’But… Why?’’

‘’I… I do not know’’

She frowned, staring into his eyes. He really didn’t know; the confusion in his eyes was obvious. If Elijah really didn’t know why an assassin had been sent after her, then it meant she could still be in danger. She didn’t know much about Fire Teshika, but she did know that they didn’t stop until their given target was dead. That meant they were still after her… Maybe even watching her… Right now.

‘’Elijah’’ she said, slightly panicked.

‘’Yes?’’ he asked abruptly.

She looked around slowly, ‘’do… Do you think they’re still after me?’’

‘’I know they are. But I will not let them get to you’’ he said sternly, ‘’I promised to protect you’’

Kathrina smiled, but it didn’t take away the ominous fear she was now feeling. She trusted him to protect her, but these assassins were like ghosts; she didn’t even know she had been attacked until she was dying from a wound one of them had somehow inflicted upon her. Elijah may have saved her from it that time, but if it happened again and he wasn’t around, what would happen?

Suddenly, the cat leaped off Elijah’s lap and scurried away, sitting under one of the tables. They stared over at it as it glared back, its eyes shining from under the desk.


Startled, they stared up at the ceiling, dust floating down from the wooden planks. By the sound of it, someone or something had just jumped onto the quarter deck. They stayed quiet, staring up, waiting. Footsteps stared creaking across the floorboards above, more dust floating down.

‘’Henry?’’ Kathrina asked, looking at Elijah.

He looked down at her and shook his head, ‘’he hadn’t come back from the village yet’’

Suddenly, the muffled voices of Tsunami and Opus came from outside, but it was hard to make out what they were saying.

Elijah frowned strangely, standing up –

‘’Where are you going?’’ Kathrina whispered, grabbing his arm.

‘’To see what’s going on’’ he replied, ‘’stay here’’

She nodded, letting go of him. He walked over to the door, slowly placing his ear against it, listening. She watched as he frowned again, a sudden angered look appearing on his face – The kind of look he always wore seconds before starting a fight. He slowly twisted the lock on the door and then walked back over to her slowly as if he was trying to be quiet, crouching down in front of her.

He looked up at her, ‘’stay here’’ he said sternly, ‘’we have… A problem’’

‘’Problem?’’ she asked, now worried.

Elijah nodded, ‘’the assassin: he’s on board’’

She panicked slightly, but he grabbed her hands, staring at her sternly, ‘’do not worry, I will not let him anywhere near you’’

‘’What are you going to do?’’ she asked, her panic not ceasing.

He looked over at the huge windows and then back at her, ‘’I will play him at his own game’’ he smirked.

Kathrina nodded, hugging her knees tightly as Elijah stood back up, walking over to the windows. She watched as he slid behind the curtain; the cold air suddenly entered the room as the window clicked open, the curtain flying in the breeze. A few seconds later, it clicked again and the curtain fell back down, the coldness fading.

Now that he was gone, she started to feel even more afraid. She had no idea why they were trying to kill her and knowing her pursuer was now on their ship made it even worse. It felt strange; she wanted to confront the assassin herself, but she knew for a fact that she wouldn’t stand much of a chance against a Fire Teshika. They were Demons, after all. The only person who could match that was Elijah, or Tsunami or Alpha, but that didn’t seem to be happening. All she could so right now was hope that Elijah would take care of it.


Outside, Tsunami and Opus were on the deck by the stairs that led below, frozen, glaring ahead. Standing atop the quarter deck was a dark, gloomy figure, the eldritch fog floating all around them. They watched cautiously as it slowly walked down the steps, turning right and stopped not too far away from the door to the quarters, glaring at them.

It looked like a man, tall and broad. He was wearing a black cloak that covered his entire body, a hood covering his face. All that was visible were a pair of dark red eyes from under the cloak, the pupils thin and slit. A Demon.

Tsunami gripped the hilt of his sword as it sat in its holster, ‘’who are you?’’ he called, slightly wary.

But there was no response. The Demon just stood there, glaring at them.

Opus knew what was going on. He didn’t have to ask. This was obviously the very same Fire Teshika that had caused Kathrina’s illness. He was the one who had tried to kill her. But why had he come? Why had he chosen to reveal himself so openly? If he truly was the assassin, he should know of every person Kathrina has travelling with her. He should know he stood no chance against them all by himself.

The old man stepped forward, ‘’you are here for Kathrina, yes?’’ he called.

Tsunami turned his head and glared at him strangely.

But before he could speak, the assassin answered, ‘’the girl: where is she?’’

‘’You will tell me why you want to kill her, yes?’’ he replied, a stern tone in his voice.

The assassin snickered from under his hood, ‘’give me the girl and you can live – ‘’

‘’There’s only one problem with that…’’ came a quiet voice.

Startled, the assassin flinched as a small blade was pressed against his throat.

Elijah suddenly appeared from behind him, holding the blade to his throat.

‘’And… What would that be?’’ he asked.

Leaning forward, Elijah grinned and whispered, ‘’she’s mine’’

Before the assassin could reply, Elijah grabbed his shoulder with his other hand, spun him around and crashed the hilt of his wakizashi into his face. The assassin dropped to the floor, unconscious. Elijah then sheathed his blade, staring down at him.

But almost instantly, several other assassins dropped from above them, hitting the deck, pulling swords from their cloaks, growling as they stood there. There was one on each of Elijah’s sides, another in front of him. Three stood to the left of the ship, another three to the right and four behind Opus and Tsunami who stood there, an assassin at each of their sides, holding blades to their necks.

Hearing the commotion, everyone from below the deck rushed up the stairs, but froze when they noticed the assassins.

‘’Don’t try anything’’ Tsunami called, looking over at them, holding his hands out in surrender.

They didn’t move; all of them looked around slowly, staring at each of the assassins. They noticed Elijah standing over one who seemed to have been knocked unconscious, his body still. But to their surprise, Elijah looked just as startled and wary as Tsunami did.

The assassin standing in front of Elijah suddenly moved closer to him, ‘’where’s the girl?’’ he growled, glaring into his eyes.

Elijah glared back. He wanted to kill this guy, but he knew he had to be careful. There were far too many Fire Teshika for him to try and make an attempt at defeating. Even if he had his Psyche-Jikato, he still wouldn’t have much of a chance, but at least he would be able to tell Tsunami and Alpha his plan.

He wasn’t startled. He knew from the beginning that there was more than one. Fire Teshika hardly ever worked alone. There being this many made him believe that whoever had hired them seriously wanted Kathrina gone. But why? Had she made any enemies that he didn’t know of? There was no way Lucious would do this… He had no need. As much as he hated knowing it, Lucious was capable of destroying all of them.

Right now, his main priority was protecting Kathrina. They didn’t know where she was and even if they tried using their senses to find her, they wouldn’t be able to locate her exact location on the ship. If his plan was going to work, he first needed to free Opus and Tsunami so that the assassins had nothing to use against them.

But how could he do that? If he somehow managed to reach them, what about the others? There were too many assassins, too many people they could kill.

‘’I’ll ask again: where’s the girl?’’

Elijah glared right into his red eyes, but didn’t say anything. He knew how Fire Teshika worked. If he said the wrong thing, they’d lash out. But if he didn’t say something, they’d most likely start killing people until he spoke up. So, he needed to be smart.

He frowned, ‘’what girl?’’

The assassin snarled slightly, ‘’the girl! Brown hair, tiny’’ he hissed.

‘’Oh, you mean her?’’ he asked, pointing over to Thea who was frozen on the stairs with everyone else.

Confused, the assassin looked over his shoulder at Thea. He frowned strangely, tilting his head to the side as Thea glared back at him. But then, he angered, turning back to face Elijah – Growling impatiently, he grabbed his throat and forced him back, pinning him against the wall, ‘’do not try my patience!’’ he hissed, glaring into his eyes, ‘’you have five seconds to give her up or everyone here will die!’’

Angered, Elijah hissed back, baring his fangs. The assassin looked slightly perplexed, but didn’t let it distract him, still holding him.

However, in that moment, the assassin had failed to notice the rainfall of silvery glitter floating down from above him…


But Elijah had been waiting for such a thing. He stopped breathing, glaring at the assassin as he frowned, tilting his head in confusion –

Suddenly, one of the other assassins collapsed, still. It was then that he noticed –

‘’SILVER!!!’’ he yelled, panicked.

Seizing his chance, Elijah broke free from the assassin’s grip, pulling his wakizashi from its hilt and stabbed it into his stomach, glaring at him as he coughed blood onto his face, falling to his knees. As the other assassins panicked, everyone drew their swords, starting to fight them.

Yanking his blade from the dying assassin, Elijah looked up, watching as silver dust floated down from above like rain, covering the deck. He watched as Kathrina stood on the main top mast’s yard, watching the scene from above. He smirked, but then burst into action –

Swiftly, he grabbed one of the panicking assassins, stabbing his wakizashi through his back and out through his chest, throwing him to the floor and moving onto another.

Tsunami cut down two, one after the other with his sword, a furious look on his face. He then transformed, his wings appearing on his back. Abruptly, he flew up into the air, fleeing from the ship followed by Alpha. They both knew that they couldn’t stay aboard, the silver dust being just as much of a threat to them as it was to the assassins.

Helping Thea take out an assassin, Elijah started to feel light-headed. He could only hold his breath for so long and that time limit was swiftly coming to an end, especially with all the commotion. Looking over at Opus, he watched as he took out the last assassin. Then, he sheathed his wakizashi, racing over to the unconscious assassin he had previously knocked out. Quickly, he picked him up, throwing him over his shoulders.

The group watched as Elijah raced over to the edge of the ship, leaping over the fence and crashed into the water below with a loud SPLASH!!!

As he fell into the water, the silver dust started evaporating from his clothes, washing out of his hair as he grabbed the sinking assassin, swimming back up to the surface.


From atop the mast, Kathrina stared down at the water, panicking. In her right hand, she was holding an almost empty bottle of silver dust. After watching Elijah leave, she knew that she had to try and do something, so she took a bottle of the silver dust they had left over from Japan and left the room the same way Elijah did. She had climbed up the main sail, using her Tekashime-Jikato to cloak her movements. Then, waiting until Elijah moved the assassin confronting him into a place he could easily fight him off, she proceeded the empty the dust, jumping over to the fore mast and back to the main one repeatedly, making sure the dust fell over everyone.

She smiled, watching as Elijah resurfaced, holding onto the unconscious assassin. Her plan had worked. The assassins were defeated and they had managed to capture one alive. None of her friends had been harmed and it couldn’t have gone smoother. The only issue she could see was the fact that Elijah might be mad that she had made him have to jump into the sea, drenching his beloved clothes.

Staring down at him, she ran and leaped off the yard, black smoke surrounding her as she shifted, flapping her wings aggressively, trying to stay air-born. It seemed that she was still recovering from the venom. Balancing herself, she dived down, hovering over the water just above him.

Watching as the black feathered dragon hovered above him, he smirked, ‘’whatever would I do without you?’’ he asked as she grabbed hold of the assassin with her front paws.

Elijah watched as she lifted the assassin from the water, carrying him up to the ship and dropped him on the deck. She then swooped back down, holding out her front paw. He smirked again, but grabbed hold of her feathered wrist, grunting slightly as she lifted him from the water, flying back up to the ship.

As he let go of her wrist, he landed on the deck, water flooding off his clothes. He irritably ran his fingers through his hair, shaking water everywhere as everyone flinched and backed away, annoyed.

Shifting back, Kathrina landed beside him, giggling slightly as he looked down at her. He was completely drenched, his hair frizzy and more tousled than normal, water droplets dripping from each lock. He didn’t look very happy, but he was glad everything had gone as well as it did.

Everyone then gathered around him, the unconscious assassin at his feet. As Alpha and Tsunami picked up and dropped the dead assassins into the sea, they all stared at Elijah, waiting for an explanation. As always, they expected him to have an answer. Most of the time, he did. However, this time, he had no idea why these people had attacked. But he was going to make sure he got the answers he wanted from their prisoner.





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