Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - A Demon's Mark

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Submitted: December 10, 2017



In the church, the woman had led Luka and Kathrina to a small, dimly lit room. There were two other women in the room, but they sat in the far-left corner, chattering quietly to each other as the woman who had led them here made Kathrina sit down on a small stool beside a table covered in scrolls, books, quills and all manner of holy objects. Luka stood beside her, watching the woman as she sat in front of Kathrina, staring closely at her, a rather intrigued look on her face.

Kathrina frowned and looked over at thee other two women, and then looked back at the one who had sat in front of her, ‘’um… so… what’s going to happen?’’ she asked, slightly worried.

The woman sat up and placed her hands on her lap, the curious look on her face only growing, ‘’I’m sister Janice’’ she smiled, ‘’phew, you really do stink like a Demon’’ she chuckled, waving her hand over her face.

Slightly offended, Kathrina wrapped her arms around her waist and leaned back, ‘’how can you even tell that? I was told only other Demons can pick up the smell of another’’

Sister Janice laughed slightly, ‘’oh, all of us here have a rune that allows us the sense anything unholy’’

‘’Are you saying I’m unholy?’’ Kathrina frowned.

‘’Are you?’’ she asked, ‘’you must be if you smell like that’’

Bewildered, Kathrina looked up at Luka who was eyeing the sister evilly.

But then, Janice reached over to the table and picked up a small gemstone, red in color and held it out in her palm, ‘’here, hold this’’

As Kathrina went to take it, Luka grabbed her hand and glared at the sister, ‘’what is it?’’

‘’Oh, it is a sanctified object. It will reveal whether she has a Demon possessing her’’

‘’Possessing?’’ Luka frowned, ‘’are you talking about spectre-type Demons?’’

She nodded, ‘’yes. What type did you think I was talking about?’’

Luka didn’t answer as he let go of Kathrina’s wrist, watching closely as Kathrina reached out and took hold of the small gemstone.


Kathrina stared down at the small stone, frowning. It just looked like any ordinary ruby, its edges chipped and rough, like it had been dropped a fair amount of times. She looked back at the sister, and then at Luka, wondering if anything was supposed to happen, but it didn’t.

Janice frowned, ‘’hmm, well I guess you’re not possessed’’ she said, taking the crystal back from her.

‘’Is this really necessary?’’ Luka asked impatiently, ‘’we have more pressing matters to attend to’’

‘’It is’’ Janice said rather sternly, ‘’are you not worried that your friend here could be in danger? The holy spirit commands that I check her thoroughly before letting her go. There is the possibility that her soul is under attack from dark, evil forces!’’

Luka raised his left eyebrow, ‘’uh huh’’

Staring up at Luka, Kathrina laughed slightly. He clearly wasn’t convinced, and his unimpressed look was even funnier than Elijah’s. But then, Janice reached over onto the table again and picked up another gemstone, but this one was blue. She held it out, and Kathrina took hold of it. However, this time, she felt a strange energy pulsing through her, originating from the palm of her hand where the stone was sat.

‘’What… what’s happening?’’ Kathrina asked, frantically looking at both Luka and Janice.

Janice’s face suddenly lit up with excitement as she clapped her hands, ‘’ohhh I should have known!’’ she squealed.

Luka frowned as he looked at Kathrina, ‘’what on earth is that?’’ he asked, looking over at Janice.

‘’What is what?!’’ Kathrina asked, getting worried.

‘’Here’’ Janice said, picking up a mirror from the table and handed it to her.

Eager to know what they were staring at, Kathrina snatched it and stared at the reflection of her face, but there was nothing out of the ordinary with it. But then, she noticed a strange light orange glow shining off the mirror’s edge, so she slanted it down towards her neck – she instantly gasped, staring at a peculiar black mark spreading up her neck, an orange glow humming on her skin around it. It was just a single ling slightly curved at the top just before it reached her ear, ending below it, but she could see that the other end of it went down past her tunic.

‘’What is that?’’ she asked, lowering the mirror to look at Janice.

But Janice didn’t answer. Instead, she tapped on Kathrina’s tunic and said, ‘’take this off, I need to see all of it’’ she insisted, rather desperately.

Kathrina frowned, but placed the mirror back down on the table beside her and pulled the top string on her tunic. Luka sighed and respectfully turned around, staring at the wall as Kathrina untied her tunic, slowly pulling it from her body. She placed it on the table –

‘’Amazing!’’ Janice clapped, gazing at Kathrina as she sat there, embarrassed.

Slowly, Kathrina looked down at her body, noticing that the black marks had spread all the way down from her neck, branching off into many different curls and swirls, spreading down the entire left side of her body, the orange glow slowly pulsing behind the black marks. It actually looked a lot like one giant rune, but by the look on Janice’s face, she could tell that that wasn’t what it was.

Looking back at her, she frowned, ‘’what is this?’’

‘It is a Demon’s mark’’ Janice said, gawping closely at it, but then, she frowned, ‘’oh, what happened here?’’ she asked, pointing to four small wounds on the left side of Kathrina’s waist.

She looked down at them, realising that she hadn’t used any healing ointment to cover up the wounds she had received last night from Elijah biting her, ‘’oh, it’s nothing’’ she said, trying to cover it with her hand.

Luka glanced over his shoulder, slightly amazed by the glowing marks that had appeared on Kathrina, but his eyes quickly wandered over to four small wounds on Kathrina’s neck-

‘’What is this?’’ he asked, abruptly turning around and crouching down beside her, pointing to the wounds on her neck.

She stared at him, unsure of how to answer.

Frowning, Luka looked down at her waist and moved her hand away, staring at four more small wounds on her skin. As he held onto her wrist, he noticed that there were what looked like bruises on her arms, mainly on her wrists.

He looked up at her, ‘’how recent are these wounds?’’ he asked.

‘’I… well… ‘’

‘’Kathrina,’’ he sighed, ‘’it is imperative that you tell me – now’’ he said rather sternly, making Janice frown impatiently.

Staring at him, she frowned nervously, ‘’well… last night- ‘’

‘’Last night?!’’ he exclaimed, turning his head to glare at the floor, ‘’that devious bastard’’ he growled, letting go of Kathrina as she stared at him in confusion.

‘’What are you talking about?’’ Kathrina asked, noticing a look of distress and anger on Luka’s face.

He shook his head and reached into his pocket, pulling out a small box. He pulled its lid off, revealing the light green healing ointment he always seemed to carry around. Then, as he dabbed his index and middle fingers into it, he stared at Kathrina’s wounds.

‘’I had a rather stern talk with Eli’’ he said, starting to dab the ointment onto the wounds on her neck, making her flinch and grunt painfully, ‘’sorry’’ he said.

She shook her head, ‘’it’s fine, but what did you talk to him about?’’

Dabbing more onto the wounds on her waist, he looked up at her and frowned, ‘’I specifically told him to tell you what I told him, but I see that he has not only failed to do so, but he has failed to do as I told him’’

‘’What did you tell him to do?’’

As he closed the lid of the box and tucked it back into his pocket, he stood up, ‘’I told him to stop drinking blood, but now, I see that he has not’’

Janice suddenly shoved Luka aside, ‘’you let a Demon drink from you?’’ she asked excitedly, ‘’oh, tell me what it was like!’’ she pleaded.

‘’Excuse me’’ Luka growled, shoving her back into her seat and then looked back down at Kathrina, ‘’if he does not stop, he will turn into a monster, Kathrina. I was convinced he had told you. Listen to me, you must keep him from drinking anymore blood, or something terrible will happen to him’’ he warned, worry in his voice.

Staring at him, a mirage of mixed feelings suddenly raced through Kathrina. Why hadn’t Elijah told her anything about what Luka had just said? And why had Elijah lied to his brother? She was confused, worried and angry, but wasn’t sure which emotion to act upon right now. If Elijah didn’t stop drinking her blood, something bad was going to happen to him…  but what was that something? A monster? What did Luka mean by that? She had so many questions, and she wanted to ask, but she was so angry at Elijah for not telling her, that she just wanted to storm off and confront him.

She looked back up at Luka, ‘’I guess I’ll have to tell him myself, right?’’

He nodded, ‘’I believe he will take it more seriously if it comes from you’’

‘’Alright’’ she said, looking back down at the glowing marks on her body, ‘’I’ll talk to him when we get back to the ship’’

Luka nodded, and turned back around, allowing Janice to continue.


‘’Sheesh’’ Janice mumbled as she shuffled closer to Kathrina, ‘’someone has an issue with worrying’’

Kathrina frowned as Janice prodded the black marks on her shoulder, twanging her bra strap and giggling quietly, ‘’what was that for?’’ she growled, leaning back away from her.

But Janice ignored her and leaned closer, ‘’so,’’ she whispered, ‘’having a mark like this must mean that a Demon is in love with you’’

‘’Huh? How do you know that?’’

‘’Well, there are two different types of Demon marks: this one only appears when you hold a blessed stone, or when the Demon who marked you wants it to appear. It is the mark of a Demon who has love, lust and great need of the person they choose. It is something they can only do once in their lifetime, so I guess its kind of like their way of saying that they’re going to stick around you forever’’

‘’What’s the second one?’’ Kathrina asked impatiently, already aware of what her mark meant.

Janice frowned unpleasantly, ‘’the second stays visible on someone’s body at all times. It is a mark of hatred and evil. But that doesn’t matter, I see that you have a Demon obsessing over you – in a good way’’ she giggled, ‘’tell me, have you slept with him?’’ she whispered.

‘’Are you not a nun, for crying out loud?!’’ Luka suddenly spat, glaring back at her.

But Janice ignored him, staring eagerly at Kathrina who looked away nervously. But then, she dropped the stone back on the table, the glowing marks on her vanishing. She grabbed her tunic and started putting it back on as Janice sat there, waiting.

‘’Oh, please tell me!’’ Janice pleaded.

Kathrina frowned at her. Was this woman a nun or just a curious school girl? The types of questions she was asking were not the kind of things she would have thought a nun thought about, but clearly, she was wrong. Janice seemed overly curious, and Kathrina felt overly embarrassed to be asked such things, especially with Luka in the room as it was his brother they were discussing.

Sighing, Kathrina nodded slowly.

Janice squealed excitedly, ‘’tell me, tell me, what was it like?’’

‘’Uhh…’’ Kathrina unsurely looked up at Luka, her embarrassment quickly increasing.

‘’Did he drink your blood at the same time?’’ she whispered.

‘’I- ‘’

‘’Alright’’ Luka suddenly said, grabbing Kathrina’s wrist, ‘’time to go’’

‘’Wait!’’ Janice snapped, grabbing Kathrina’s other wrist, ‘’do you not want to know the dangers you face having such a mark on your body?’’

‘’I- ‘’

‘’We already know’’ Luka snapped, tugging on Kathrina’s arm harshly.

Janice let go and watched as the two of them rushed over to the door, leaving the room before she could ask anything else.


Leaving the room, Luka shook his head angrily, mumbling to himself in Japanese, making Kathrina frown angrily as she walked beside him. He was still gripping her wrist, causing her quite a bit of pain. Angered, she snatched her wrist back and scowled up at him as he glanced down at her.

‘’What the hell, Luka?!’’ she exclaimed.

‘’What?’’ he grumbled, continuing to storm down the hallway.

Following him, she frowned angrily, ‘’you’re just as bad as Elijah! What if she knew something we didn’t?’’

‘’I am sure that the old man will answer any questions you have without asking about my brother’s sex life!’’ he snapped, ‘’disgraceful people everywhere, shinjirarenai, iyana’’ he mumbled, shaking his head again.

Kathrina growled quietly as she glared up at him, ‘’jerk’’


Outside, the others were waiting on the beach beside the bridge that led back over to the docks, mumbling quietly to each other as they waited for Luka and Kathrina. Merek and Reiner were bickering once again, the other two companions laughing quietly. Logan was talking to Joe while Thea and Opus stared blankly at the sand below.

All of them were greatly disappointed that they had basically sailed to this archipelago for no reason at all, getting no new information or anything the slightest bit helpful from the Priests. All they could do was hope that Luka and Kathrina would come back with a better outcome than they had.

But, as the door to the church flung open, the group watched as Luka stormed out, Kathrina abruptly following, a rather angered look on her face. The two stormed over the bridge and walked over to them, glaring evilly at one another before joining their separate groups of companions.

‘’Aye,’’ Reiner called as Luka joined him, Merek and their other two companions, ‘’ya look like ya had a bit o’ a fallin’ out’’

‘’Mind your business’’ Luka snapped, glaring at him.

Reiner rolled his eyes and looked away.

Thea grabbed her sisters hand as she stopped beside her, a furious look on her face.

‘’What happened?’’ Logan asked.

‘’Stupid Luka’’ Kathrina growled, glaring at him, noticing he was glaring back at her through the crowd, ‘’he’s such an arrogant jerk – stupid, stupid asshole’’

‘’Like someone else we know’’ Thea mumbled.

‘’Let’s just get back before anything else happens’’ Luka grumbled, shoving past them all, starting to walk across the bridge towards the docks.

Kathrina tutted angrily as he pushed past her, ‘’watch where you’re going, asshole!’’

‘’Oh, I’m sorry’’ he said, swinging around to face her, ‘’I did not see you through all that bitterness!’’ he called, scowling at her.

‘’Me?!’’ she exclaimed, letting go of her sister’s hand and walking onto the bridge, ‘’says the asshole who prances around like he’s better than everyone else – oh, look at me, I’m Luka, the snobby Japanese jerk who thinks he should have a say in everything!’’ she mocked, squinting her eyes to mock his expression, putting on a deep tone in her voice.

Merek laughed hysterically, slamming Reiner’s back with his hand.

Luka growled angrily, ‘’is that supposed to be funny?’’

‘’It is funny!’’ Kathrina yelled, ‘’just like your stupid hair and that ridiculous tone you put on when you speak!’’

‘’Says the girl who- ‘’

‘’Jesus fucking Christ!’’ Merek yelled, ‘’you two are worse than a married couple!’’ he laughed, smacking Reiner’s back again as he growled angrily.

Kathrina growled angrily as she scowled at Luka who was glaring back at her.

‘’Let’s just go already!’’ Thea growled, grabbing her sisters hand, storming past Luka who had to grip the side of the bridge to keep himself from failing over.


All of them amused and smiling after their little squabble, they followed Luka as he followed Thea and Kathrina. But as they walked onto the path that connected to the docks, another Priest appeared from within the old, broken building. His kept his head down, approaching them at a rather unsettling hasty pace.

Kathrina and Thea stopped, looking back at everyone who were slowly catching up, laughing and chattering to each other. Then, they turned back to look at the Priest who had already reached them, standing a few feet away. They stared at him, and then looked at each other, confused by his sudden approach and current silence.

‘’Um, can we help you?’’ Thea asked rather rudely.

‘’As a matter ov vact,’’ he said, a strange, familiar accent in his husky, silvery voice, ‘’you can’’ he said listing up his head.

Instantly, Kathrina and Thea gasped, trying to back away as his face was revealed to them – his eyes were shining brightly, like there were fires burning in them, his pupils like a demon’s. He grinned, baring two long, sharp fangs –

‘’You!’’ Thea growled, trying to defensively push her sister away.

‘’Yes!’’ he laughed happily, but then reached out and harshly grabbed Kathrina’s arm, pulling her away, before Thea could react, and the group had only just realised what was happening, rushing over, but it was too late.

Kathrina gasped – it was Alucard! How was he even here?! How was he able to wear that? How was he able to walk on the ground? It was sanctified!

Alucard tugged harshly on her arm, pulling her away from her sister before she would even try to reach back for her-

But then, suddenly, as Alucard turned around to run, he was abruptly halted –


In the blink of an eye, Elijah appeared in front of him, smashing glass onto his head, a flurry of silver dust suddenly exploding all over his face, making him grunt and cough in confusion. Then, Elijah grabbed his head and with a loud CRACK, he twisted his entire body around, and as it went limp and Alucard fell silent, Elijah launched his body through the sky, watching as it landed at the end of the path with a THUMP!!!

But Alucard instantly climbed back to his feet, turning around to glare at his challenger-

Elijah was standing in front of Kathrina, leaned over like some kind of possessive beast, growling furiously, baring his four fangs as he glared at Alucard with his brightly glowing eyes. Kathrina was completely frozen, trying to catch up with what had just happened. Elijah had his left arm stretched out and wrapped around her tightly, his claws digging into her back. How had he gotten to her so fast?

Alucard stood up straight and abruptly pulled the Priest’s clothing from himself, revealing his usual attire, his necklaces clinking together as he straightened his cloak, the fur on its shoulders swaying in the light breeze, his dark red hair floating gracefully.

The rest of the group quickly rounded up behind Kathrina, startled by Elijah’s animalistic stance just as much as they were by Alucard’s sudden appearance.


Staring at them all, Alucard grinned, the silver dust trickling down his face like water, ‘’ah, a Zemon’’ he called, ‘’ I ‘eard zere vere quite a vew ov you ‘anging around zis girl’’

Still holding Kathrina tightly, Elijah glared at him, growling again.

Alucard laughed, ‘’I zee I ‘ave underestimated you – vut now, I know vat it is zat I am zealing vith’’ his amused expression suddenly faded into something serious, ‘’I vill ‘ave you, girl’’ he threatened, pointing to Kathrina, ‘’your Zemons vill not be able to protect you vorever’’

Then, before any of them could intervene, Alucard ran down to the beach and turned around, glaring at them as he started backing into the water, ‘’I vill ‘ave ‘er’’

Abruptly, Alucard fell back, and vanished into the water.

‘’Why didn’t you do anything?!’’ Merek called, ‘’ain’t you two ‘sposed to be able to kill him?!’’

Ignoring him, Elijah slowly stood up and turned to face Kathrina, looking down at her terrified face.

Thea rushed forward and grabbed her sisters hand, ‘’Kathrina?’’ she asked, ‘’are you alright?’’

Slowly, she looked up at Elijah, and then turned to face her sister, ‘’I… I’m fine’’

Elijah placed his left hand on Kathrina’s face, and as she looked up at him, he frowned, ‘’are you sure?’’

She nodded.

‘’Okay, okay’’ Merek said, stepping forward, shaking his head, ‘’if that was Alucard, I have a bunch of questions. One, how the hell can a Vampire wear those holy things? Two, how the fuck was he able to get to this island? Three, how the fuck was he walking on – how the fuck are you walking on holy ground?!’’ he yelled, pointing to Elijah who glared at him.

‘’Ah, ye muppet!’’ Reiner growled, slapping the back of Merek’s head, ‘’this part o’ the island ain’t sanctified, ye tit! Only the church is!’’

‘’What did I say about hitting me you ginger headed Scottish fucker!’’

‘’Hey!’’ Luka growled, ‘’how many times must I tell you?!’’

‘’He’s right, though’’ Logan called, ‘’how was he able to get here?’’

Looking up from Kathrina, Elijah frowned, ‘’most likely the same way he just left – although not in the same state. He will be coughing for hours after the face-full of silver I gave him’’ he growled, looking back over at the water where Alucard had fled.

Kathrina looked up at Elijah, ‘’how did you get over here so fast?’’

He looked down at her, ‘’I was already on my way over when I heard you bickering with my brother’’ he smiled, glancing over at Luka who suddenly gained a stroppy look.

‘’He started it’’ she mumbled, looking down at the ground.

Just then, Opus stepped forward, ‘’should we not be concerned as to why Alucard seems so adamant to obtain Kathrina?’’ he asked, eyeing them all closely.

‘’I assumed you would know that’’ Elijah hissed.

Opus nodded slowly, ‘’hmm… It may very well be that Alucard is aware of Kathrina’s ability to summon the Elemental sword, a power that allows her to manipulate void magic, a force he needs to create those Lurker creatures’’

‘’What?’’ Elijah growled, defensively pulling Kathrina closer.

The old man nodded, ‘’he may be becoming worried about using too much of his own, so perhaps he thinks he can use Kathrina. That is my assumption, though it may be wrong. However, we know for sure that he is not going to give up his attempts to capture her’’

‘’Yeah, and maybe next time you’ll actually fight back rather than stand there and growl’’ Thea snapped.

He glared down at her, ‘’what could I have done but protect Kathrina?’’ he snarled, ‘’I cannot use the sword yet, and even if I could, it is no longer laced with Werewolf venom, so it would not have killed him’’

Just as Thea went to cuss him, Opus nodded, ‘’he is right. Protecting Kathrina was the best thing to do, and the sword was stripped of the venom when Kathrina used it to kill the fake Alucard’’


The group fell silent for a few minutes, looking around unsurely.

But then, Elijah looked over at his brother, ‘’did you get anything useful from those religious nut-jobs?’’

‘’No, Eli. And do not call them that, it is disrespectful’’ Luka replied, a disappointed look on his face.

Elijah scowled at his brother, but then looked back down at Kathrina who was unusually quiet, leaning her head against his chest, staring ahead like she was day-dreaming.

Kathrina was shaken, unsure of how to feel about everything that had just happened. There was so much running through her mind right now that she found it hard to concentrate. First, there was the fact that Alucard had just tried abducting her for a third time, showing up himself this time. The first time, he had left it down to Urin and a group of other Vampires, the second time also leaving it to Urin, but both times she had escaped. This time, he was clearly desperate, appearing before her himself. If it wasn’t for Elijah just now, he may have very well have succeeded in taking her.

However, that wasn’t the only thing on her mind; there was the situation with Elijah and Luka. Hearing that Luka had warned him to stop drinking blood unsettled her, because she had no idea how long ago he had warned him, and Elijah had been drinking her blood at an unsettling accelerated rate lately, even causing her to pass out last night. If something terrible was going to happen to him because of it, she had to get him to stop. Luka hadn’t been the first to warn her of this; Alpha had in fact expressed the same kind of concern back in the city a few days ago, saying that Elijah would turn into some kind of uncontrollable monster, and would end up killing everyone, including her.

Her thoughts overwhelming her, she sighed quietly. She was going to have to talk to Elijah soon, and keep him from drinking any more of her blood. She didn’t want to let anything bad happen to him, especially because of her. She looked up at him to see that he was already looking down at her. He smiled, but she was far from happy.

‘’I want to go back’’ she said, looking over at the docked ships.

He nodded, taking hold of her hand as he turned around and started leading the way back to the ships, everyone else slowly following.

She had no idea how to start such a conversation, but she knew it had to be spoken about. As soon as they got back to the ship, she planned on making sure Elijah wouldn’t keep such things from her again, and that he would stop drinking blood. It was going to take a lot of convincing, but she had to do it, or there was no telling what was going to become of him.



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