Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Crimson Spate

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



Arriving back on the ship, Kathrina immediately retreated into the cabin with Elijah. She was still shaken by what had just happened with Alucard, and she wanted time to think of how to deal with the new problem she had been handed by Luka. She wanted to just outright yell at Elijah, but that wouldn’t get her anywhere. By now, it was clear to her that what she said to him didn’t go very far. The amount of times she had asked him to stop fighting with the other group members was something she couldn’t remember, but it was a futile. He still did it.

She sat down on the bed and glanced over at Elijah as he leaned back on the table, his left arm folded over his right which was still sat in the sling, his face pointed down at the floor, his eyes closed. Obviously, he was trying to rest, but she wasn’t going to let that get in her way. Usually, she’d wait to talk to him until he woke up, but this was serious, and it couldn’t wait until then. But how was she supposed to start the conversation? If she mentioned Luka right away, he’d get mad and most likely try to start a fight with his brother, but he was obviously going to work out where she had heard it from as soon as she mentioned it. She didn’t want to put anyone else in danger, but there really was no way around that.

Sighing, she looked back over at him, ‘’Elijah’’ she called.

Slowly, Elijah looked up and stared at her, ‘’yes?’’ he asked, a curious look on his face.

Kathrina frowned; she wasn’t going to hold back, or hesitate. She had to be stern with him, so much that it would most likely upset him, but it was the only way to get through to him. She wasn’t sure how he was going to react, there was no one more unpredictable here than he was, but she was sure he wasn’t going to hurt anyone, especially not Luka.

Again, she sighed and looked down at the floor, ‘’why didn’t you tell me what Luka said about you drinking blood?’’ she asked quietly, slowly looking back over at him.

His curious look abruptly faded into a shameful frown, and he looked down at the floor.

‘’Why didn’t you say anything?’’ she asked again, ‘’he said something terrible will happen – what is that supposed to mean?!’’ she asked, raising her voice.

Unsure of how to answer, Elijah slowly closed his eyes, trying to keep calm. Luka had gone behind his back and told Kathrina, and had most likely made it out like he was some kind of addict that needed serious help – how dare he? It was his job to tell Kathrina, not Luka’s! And now, Kathrina knew, and there was no telling what she was thinking. He had promised to never lie to her, and he was planning on telling her, but he just hadn’t found the right moment – or… was he planning on telling her at all? He thought about it for a moment… if he told her, he wouldn’t be able to taste her sweet blood anymore… she would refuse… he needed it – and now, because of Luka, he’d never taste it again.

He lowered his left arm from over his right and gripped the table behind him, trying to keep himself from getting angry, but he could already feel a fiery anger boiling within him. Then, he slowly glanced over at Kathrina; how was he going to fix this?

Staring down at the floor, Kathrina frowned again. He was probably trying to think of an excuse, or a way to change the subject – but she wasn’t going to let him do that this time. But then, she sharply turned her head and watched as Elijah walked over, sitting down beside her. She looked back down at the floor, unsure of what to say.

‘’What did he tell you?’’ Elijah asked calmly, looking down at her.

She sighed, still staring at the floor, ‘’he just said that he told you to stop drinking blood, or something bad will happen. He didn’t specify what, but it has to be something serious if Alpha warned me as well’’

‘’You trust that moron?’’ he asked, slightly angered.

‘’No, but I trust your brother’’

Elijah snarled quietly and looked over at the table, ‘’he acts like he knows what is best for me- ‘’

‘’He’s just trying to protect you!’’ Kathrina insisted, looking up at him, ‘’tell me, Elijah, will something happen to you if you don’t stop?!’’

He sharply turned his head and looked down at her worried face, ‘’nothing will happen to me!’’ he insisted, growling slightly.

Startled by his sudden anger, Kathrina backed away cautiously.

A few moments later, Elijah sighed and calmed down, looking at her sorrowfully, ‘’I… I didn’t mean to yell at you’’

She frowned, but relaxed again, ‘’but why are you lying to me?’’ she asked sadly, ‘’I know there’s something going on, you need to tell me’’

Looking down at her, he sighed again and dragged his hand over his face in frustration, ‘’it’s nothing!’’ he insisted, slamming his hand down on the bed, ‘’he just… thinks I might kill you or something!’’ he lied, hiding his angered face from her by staring over at the table.

But she could tell he was lying. Angered, she stood up, ‘’you know what? Fine! Keep lying to me, keep whatever it is he told you to yourself, I don’t care! I hate how you think you can just solve everything by yourself all the time!’’ she yelled, glaring at him.

Gob-smacked by her sudden anger, he turned and looked at her, the hold he had on his anger quickly decreasing as he glared back at her.

‘’When are you going to wake up and realise that you can’t do everything by yourself?!’’

His anger rapidly increasing, he jumped to his feet and glared evilly at her, ‘’when are you going to stop treating me like a child?!’’ he yelled, so fiercely that it made Kathrina flinch.

She stared at his furious face; he had never, ever raised his voice at her like this before – but she wasn’t going to give in just because he had yelled at her – ‘’maybe if you stopped acting like one then I would!’’

‘’Since when do I act like a child?!’’

‘’All the damn time! One person says something to upset you and you strop off like a kid whose been told no by his mother!’’

‘’Would you rather me kill anyone who makes me feel that way?!’’

‘’Don’t try and turn this on me!’’

‘’It’s already on you! Don’t do this, don’t do that – oh, maybe you should do this – I’m not a fucking child!’’

‘’Yes you are!’’


Meanwhile, outside, everyone was standing on the deck, alerted by the sudden uproar coming from within the cabin.

‘’Are those two arguing?’’ Alpha asked, an astonished look on his face as he looked over at his brother.

‘’I’m not a fucking child!’’ came Elijah’s voice from within the room.

Tsunami looked over at his brother, ‘’does that answer your question?’’

‘’Yes you are!’’ followed Kathrina’s voice.

Alpha nodded, ‘’yeah, I guess it does’’

‘’Shouldn’t somebody do something?’’ Logan asked.

‘’Nah, just leave them’’ Alpha said, ‘’one of ‘em will start crying soon and the other will baby them’’


Kathrina scowled evilly as she glared at Elijah’s furious face, ‘’you always blame your shit on other people! Grow up and take responsibility for- ‘’

‘’Grow up?!’’ he spat, ‘’you should grow up! Maybe you’d actually get somewhere if you stopped trying to control everyone around you!’’

‘’I don’t try to control everyone!’’

Elijah clenched his fist angrily, ‘’yes you do! Do this, do that, you’re so fucking… ‘’ he paused and stared at her, breathing furiously.

She scowled, ‘’what? I’m so fucking what?!’’

He snarled and turned around, storming over to the table-

‘’Don’t walk away from me!’’ she yelled, watching him walk away –

‘’My fucking point exactly!’’ he yelled, turning around to glare at her, ‘’you don’t own me! Stop telling me what to do all the god damn time!’’

‘’Maybe if you weren’t such a reckless asshole then I wouldn’t have to tell you the difference between right and wrong!’’

‘’MY RIGHT AND YOUR RIGHT ARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS!!!’’ he yelled at the top of his voice, startling her even more.

She frowned and backed away slightly, staring at him, ‘’I- ‘’

‘’I am sick of this bullshit!’’ he yelled, slamming his fist down onto the table behind him, ‘’I am tired of having to pretend to be something I’m not!’’

‘’Well then maybe you shouldn’t! Maybe you should just go out there and kill everything that looks at you – ‘cause that’s what you’re best at, right? Killing? It’s all you ever want to fucking do!’’

‘’Because its what I’m meant to do!’’


Outside, Luka had joined the rest of the group who were listening to the commotion, and as he heard his brother yell, he frowned.

‘’What’s going on in there?’’ he asked.

Alpha shrugged, ‘’they just started yelling at each other. I’m kinda interested to see where it goes’’

‘’I really think someone should go and cool them off’’ Logan warned, looking at Luka.


Kathrina shook her head, her anger starting to turn to sadness, ‘’no you’re not! You’re not a monster - but you’re sure as hell acting like one right now!’’

‘’Who are you to tell me how to act?!’’ he growled furiously.

‘’Oh, I don’t know, maybe someone who actually gives a shit about you!’’

‘’Oh fuck off!’’ he spat, ‘’the only thing you care about is being in control all the fucking time!’’

Now hurt, Kathrina flinched slightly, slowly losing her angered expression-

‘’All you ever do is cause more bullshit! None of this would even be happening if you weren’t so stupid as to listen to that man’s shit!’’

‘’I- ‘’

‘’All of this is your fault! You killed those people in Japan! You caused me to lose my eyes! It was ALL YOUR FAULT!!!’’

Kathrina fell silent and looked down at the floor, her heart breaking. Where had that just come from? He was bringing up things that had nothing to do with that she was originally arguing with him about, and now, he was so angry that it seemed as though he wasn’t going to back down-

Elijah snarled again and glared at her, ‘’you are bullshit!’’ he yelled, ‘’everything you do and say is just bullshit!’’

She closed her eyes tightly, trying to hold back her sadness.

But he still wasn’t done, ‘’maybe I should have just let you die that day!’’

And that was it. Kathrina lifted her head and looked over at him, tears streaming down her face.

The furious look on Elijah’s face instantly faded, realising what he had just said, recalling everything, realising that he had said all of it without thinking, maybe without even knowing. He looked over at her and shook his head quickly, starting to walk over to her.

He held out his hand to grab her, ‘’I didn’t mean- ‘’

She smacked his hand away and backed off slightly, her heart-broken face covered in her tears. Now it was all clear to her; she now knew exactly how Elijah felt about everything. He had just confessed his hidden feelings right there, and they weren’t anything she would have expected. She didn’t even know what to think right now, all she knew was that Elijah was a pathological liar, and had been lying to her even since the very first moment they met. There was no fixing this now.

Slowly, she looked up at him and sniffled, ‘’I think I should go’’ she cried, starting to turn around-

Guilt consuming him, Elijah grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back before she could grab the door handle, ‘’no!’’ he insisted sadly, pulling her against him.

As her back hit his arm, she fell silent, staring down at the floor as he held his arm around her waist tightly. She could hear him trying to keep his own tears back, but she didn’t care. There was no way he could take back what had been said. He could cry all he wanted, but what he truly felt had been revealed, and now she felt like a total idiot for believing she could actually love someone like him. So she just stood there, not uttering a single word. After all, what was there to say? Everything had already come out.

‘’I’m sorry!’’ Elijah insisted, gritting his teeth, trying to keep himself from crying.

But she didn’t say anything. She didn’t want too.

‘’I wasn’t thinking! I didn’t mean any of it!’’

Still, she stared blankly at the floor, thinking.


She exhaled deeply, ‘’let me go’’ she said sternly.

The sorrowful expression on Elijah’s face faded, replaced by a confused one. He then let go of her, watching as she stood up straight and started walking back to the door. Suddenly, an explosive anger erupted within him – was she really trying to walk away?! She hadn’t even given him a chance to try and explain himself!

Furious, just as Kathrina reached for the door handle again, Elijah leaned forward and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back harshly, making her grunted angrily-

‘’Let me go!’’ she demanded, trying to pull her arm free from his grip.

But he glared at her, tightening his grip, his anger quickly increasing. He wasn’t going to let her go.


Outside, everyone was still listening.

Alpha looked over at his brother, ‘’gotten rather quiet, ain’t it?’’ he said, expressing concern.

‘’Kathrina probably put him in his place, finally’’ Thea smirked.

‘’We should probably check on them’’ Logan said, looking over at Luka.

Luka nodded, ‘’I’ll go and see what’s going on’’ he said, starting to walk over to the door.


Kathrina growled angrily and struggled, trying to pull free, but he tightened his grip on her wrist, making her grunt angrily and painfully. She looked up at his face to tell him to let go again, but there was an unsettling look of fury in his eyes. She panicked slightly, trying to pull away – realising her attempts were futile, she swung her other hand through the air and slapped Elijah’s face, so furiously that the force made him turn his head away.

But then, she shuddered, quiet, angry growls coming from him as he slowly turned his head back to face her – he glared at her, his fangs bared, growling angrily-


Growling angrily, he started forcing her back, both of them stumbling until her back hit the table, making her groan painfully. She slammed her other hand on his chest, trying to push him away as he leaned closer, almost as if he was trying to get to her neck, hissing angrily.

With the edge of the table digging into her back, Kathrina grunted painfully, struggling to keep Elijah from grabbing onto her neck with his fangs, but he was so much stronger than she was – if she didn’t do something quickly, there was no telling what would happen. She was panicking – what was he doing?! This wasn’t like him at all! Was this even Elijah anymore?!

Struggling, she grunted, turning her head to face him – he was snarling, trying to get to her neck, his claws bared – she grunted again, still trying to push him off, but it was useless – fearing for her life, she quickly closed her eyes and as she opened them again, her Jikato pulsed brightly – abruptly, she took her hand off his chest and as black flames suddenly consumed her hand, she clenched her fist and smashed it into Elijah’s face-


Luka sighed, ‘’alright, here I go- ‘’


A white blur raced paced Luka as he leaped back, startled-

The group also stumbled back as pieces of shattered wood exploded from the cabin –


Alpha laughed hysterically as he pointed down at his feet…

Laying there on his front was Elijah, pieces of shattered wood sliding across the deck and stopping beside him as he lay there, still, a bright red mark on his visible right cheek.

The group stared at him, bug eyed, but then quickly lifted their heads and stared ahead at the cabin – the door had been completely shattered, and Kathrina was visible inside, standing in front of the table, breathing furiously, her Jikato shining brightly in her eyes, holding out her fist which was smothered in black flames.

None of them could believe what they had just witnessed – but it was far from over.

Just then, Elijah growled furiously, lifting his left arm, slamming it down onto the deck as he slowly lifted himself up, climbing to his feet.

The group backed off cautiously-

Shaking his head in frustration, Elijah snarled and grabbed hold of the sling and bandages on his right arm, abruptly ripping them from it-

‘’Eli!’’ Luka yelled in disapproval.

But Elijah was far from in a listening mood. As he threw the bandages to the floor, he let his arm fall to his side, starting to storm back into the room as Kathrina held her flaming fists in front of her, ready to hit him again.

‘’Shouldn’t we do something?!’’ Thea yelled.

Luka rushed over and stopped her from intervening, ‘’no, he’s far too dangerous – I’ll deal with it’’


Watching him storm back towards her, Kathrina panicked slightly – there was a frightening look of fury on his face, but that wasn’t what had startled her – his right arm was covered in a black mist, steaming off his skin like smoke – he growled furiously as he rushed towards her-

Panicking, she threw her right fist forward – but Elijah caught and held it in the palm of his hand, growling angrily, a wicked grin on his face – gasping, Kathrina threw her left fist towards him – he caught that one too, snarling as he went to lean in for her neck again –

Grunting, Kathrina lifted her leg and smashed her foot into his stomach –

Elijah flew back, hitting the cupboard that sat beside the bed, grunting angrily, but as he lifted his head back to face her, Kathrina gasped in shock and fear –

She stared in horror – his eyes were now a deep, blood red, the anger on his face turning into something she had never seen before, not even when he was fighting Alpha. It was enough to make her think that this man in front of her was not Elijah any more.

Afraid, she grabbed the table with her hands, shuddering as he started prowling towards her again, snarling like a wolf, and just as he was about to reach out and grab her –

‘’Elijah!’’ Luka yelled, standing in the door way, everyone else watching from behind him.

Growling, Elijah instantly turned his head and glared back at his brother.

Luka flinched, staring at his red eyes, a furious look on his face – had he lost control?


Snarling, Elijah turned around and started storming over to his brother, claws bared-

Panicking, Kathrina threw herself forward and grabbed onto his arm, ‘’Elijah!’’ she called, ‘’don’t! You need to stop!’’ she pleaded, tugging on his arm.

He stopped walking and irritably looked down at her – growling, he tried tugging his arm free, glaring down at her as she relentlessly held onto him. Furious, he yelled and swung his arm forward –

Kathrina screamed as she flew through the air –


She smashed into Luka who tried his best to catch her, but the force of Elijah’s throw knocked them both over.

Luka looked up, watching as his brother started walking back his way – but then, hearing Kathrina wince, he looked down as she lay in his lap – a piece of shattered wood had impaled her left side, her blood spilling out onto the floor. What should he do?! He had but a moment to decide – Kathrina or Elijah?

Quickly, he pushed Kathrina from his lap, scrambled to his feet and leaped forward – in the blink of an eye, he got behind Elijah and pulled him into a headlock, making him grunt and yell furiously, grabbing the arm Luka had around his neck, digging his claws into his bare skin.

‘’Get her to the old man!’’ Luka yelled.

Tsunami instantly picked up Kathrina and rushed off towards the stairs that led below the deck as everyone else watched in horror.


‘’Eli!’’ Luka grunted, trying to restrain his out-of-control brother.

Elijah yelled angrily – he grabbed Luka’s arm with his hands and pulled furiously, pulling Luka over his head and slammed him down onto the floor with ease.

Luka grunted painfully, the wooden floor beneath him shattering as his back hit it.

But as Elijah went to grab his coat, he quickly rolled to the side, climbed to his feet and lifted his leg, crane-kicking Elijah’s face, sending him flying back, sliding across the table and crashing down onto the floor behind it.

However, Elijah wouldn’t go down so easily. As Luka placed his foot back down on the floor, Elijah slammed his claws into the table, pulling himself up to his feet, his crimson eyes glaring at Luka, growling angrily.

Holding his palms in front of him defensively, Luka frowned, ‘’Elijah, calm down!’’

Snarling aggressively, Elijah climbed over the table, dodged his brother’s flurry of attacks and grabbed his arms – he turned him around and forced him back, pushing him into one of the glass cabinets –

The glass shattered and smashed loudly as Elijah forced his brother back into it, making him grunt painfully, trying to fight him off, but Elijah dug his claws into his brother’s arms so furiously, rendering them useless for him.

Luka struggled as the glass behind him shattered and smashed, digging into his back – ‘’Ani!’’ he yelled – struggling, Luka lifted up his leg and kicked Elijah’s stomach, forcing him back just enough for him to escape away from the glass –

Elijah grunted, but instantly threw himself forward – he grabbed his brother’s coat, lifted him up and furiously threw him back towards the glass cabinet –


Luka grunted painfully as his body collided with the second glass cabinet, the glass shattering – he fell to the floor with a THUMP!!! and groaned, glass showering down beside him as he rolled onto his hands and knees.

Elijah glared at him, but as he went to storm over to him again –


Out of nowhere, Merek crane-kicked Elijah’s face, making him stumble back and hit the wall. Merek rushed to Luka’s side, instantly noticing a rather large shard of glass sticking out of his back, blood spewing onto the floor at a dangerously rapid rate.

‘’Luka!’’ he panicked, skidding down beside him, grabbing the shard of glass-

‘’No!’’ he yelled, ‘’leave it!’’

Merek frowned in confusion, but then looked back at Elijah who had already recovered and was now storming back over to them – Merek frowned angrily and got ready to defend Luka-

But, just then, Elijah suddenly closed his eyes and dropped to his knees, yelling in agony-

Luka instantly looked up from the ground and stared at him, ‘’brother!’’ he breathed, panicking.

Elijah’s yells quickly turned into agonised screams – he gripped both sides of his head with his hands, pointing his face up at the ceiling, blood pouring down the sides of his face.

Struggling, grunting painfully, Luka dragged himself over to his brother.

Still crying out in pain, Elijah slammed his elbows down on the floor, arching his back slightly, blood soaking through the back of his shirt.

Reaching him, Luka placed his hand on his shoulder, ‘’Eli!’’

Screaming, Elijah gripped his head tightly, ‘’what… what’s happening to me?!’’ he yelled, smashing his forehead on the floor in frustration.


From the door, Alpha watched in bewilderment – Logan then leaned over to him, ‘’isn’t that… isn’t that like what happened to Tsunami?’’ he asked, panicking.

Alpha frowned and looked at him, ‘’he ain’t an Atlantean – it’s not what you think it is – is it?’’


Panicking as he listened to his brothers agonised cries, Luka shuddered, watching as blood dripped vigorously from Elijah’s head, more oozing out through the back of his shirt. Then, he slid his hand down from his brother’s shoulder and grabbed his arm-

Luka instantly pulled his hand from his brother’s arm, grunting painfully like he had been burnt – and that was exactly what had happened – Elijah’s skin was scorching hot! He yelled continuously, letting go of his head and slamming his blood-drenched hands onto the floor-

‘’L-Luka!’’ he cried.

He couldn’t stand it – his brother was asking for his help, but what could he do? He frowned and grunted painfully, the shard of glass still sticking out of his back. He had to do something – quickly, he stumbled to his feet and grabbed Elijah’s shoulders, pulling him to his feet as he continued to cry painfully, blood splashing onto the floor as they stumbled forward.

Merek stood there, unsure what to do, watching in horror.

Elijah yelled painfully again, holding his eyes shut tightly, crying in Japanese as his brother started pulling him forward.

Luka quickly lugged himself and his brother over to the end of the room, abruptly pulling one of the huge curtains open, light flooding into the room. Then, as he grunted again, Elijah’s cries only getting louder as more of his blood splashed onto the floor, Luka grabbed the latch of the window and unlocked it, pushing the glass as the huge window flung open.

Elijah suddenly gripped onto his brother tightly, digging his claws into his arms, ‘’what’s happening to me?!’’ he cried, yelling painfully again.

Struggling, Luka tried pulling his brother off, but he felt so much stronger than usual – he could feel an unbearably scorching heat emanating from Elijah’s body, so intense that he could feel his eyes starting to water.

He had to do it – he tried pushing Elijah off, holding him out towards the open window, but he gripped on with such force that it was hurting – ‘’brother!’’ Luka grunted, ‘’let go!’’

But his words went unheard – ‘’what’s happening to me?!’’ he yelled again, still holding onto his brother.

‘’Elijah!’’ he yelled, trying to push him off, but it was useless.

He struggled again, trying to push him out of the window and into the water below, but he just wouldn’t let go! Suddenly, Luka lost his footing, the glass in his back sending an electrifying pain through his entire body –

‘’Luka!’’ Merek yelled as he leaped forward, but he was too late-

Falling forward, Luka and Elijah both fell out of the window, tumbling down to the sea below –



Everyone raced into the room and leaped over the table, peering out of the window into the sea below.

‘’Luka!’’ Merek called again, leaning out of the window, staring desperately into the water.

Staring, everyone watched as the water below where the two had fallen bubbled furiously, steam flying up into the sky as the water started to stain red, but there was no sign of Luka or Elijah…


Quite far under the water, Luka gripped onto his brother tightly, staring at his pained face as all the blood washed from it, floating up to the surface as the water around them bubbled and fizzed furiously, the heat coming from Elijah’s body causing the water to instantly evaporate around him. He was still holding his eyes closed tightly, gritting his teeth painfully, shaking his head.

Luka waited, holding his breath. He watched as his brother’s rapid movements slowed, and his grip on his arms loosened. The water around them slowly stopped fizzing as the pained look on Elijah’s face faded, falling unconscious.

As his long red hair floated around in front of him, Luka grunted and looked up, holding his brother tightly as he started swimming back to the surface.


The group watched in turmoil, waiting for any sign of the two. But, to their immediate relief, with a loud SPLASH!!!, Luka suddenly resurfaced and gasped for air, gripping Elijah tightly who seemed to be unconscious.

Breathing frantically, Luka turned and looked over at the beach. He gripped his brother tightly with one of his arms and started swimming over to the shore.

‘’The beach!’’ Merek said, panicking.

The group quickly followed him as he leaped over the table and raced out of the room.


Struggling, Luka grunted, holding his brother’s left arm over his shoulder as he lugged himself and Elijah from the water, and as they came up onto the beach, he fell forward, collapsing. Both of them fell onto their backs, drenched, the sand below them soaking up the crimson mix of water and blood as it dripped off them.

Luka took a deep breath, and rolled over onto his hands and knees, staring at his motionless brother. The blood that had been dripping from his head had ceased, and his temperature was no longer overwhelmingly scorching. He could see that he was breathing, but he hadn’t woken up.

Panicking, Luka grabbed Elijah’s shoulders and shook him gently as the group rushed down onto the beach, standing a fair distance away, watching.

‘’Eli?!’’ he called, shaking him.

But there was no response.

‘’Eli!’’ he called again, shaking him more furiously.

Suddenly, Elijah frowned, groaning painfully. Slowly, he opened his eyes and looked up at his brother’s distressed face.

Luka stared into his brother’s eyes, watching as the blood-red color slowly faded back to their normal light green, his slit pupils thinning as they adjusted to the light.

Elijah blinked slowly and groaned again, ‘’what… what happened?’’

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