Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Desolation

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Submitted: December 13, 2017



Kathrina winced painfully as Tsunami and Opus carefully removed her tunic after placing her down on the couch that was in the old man’s room. Her blood spilled out onto the floor as Opus rushed to tend to the wound, the shattered piece of wood still embedded in her side.

‘’Get some alcohol from the cabinet there’’ Opus instructed, ‘’I’ll need to clear the wound before healing her’’

Tsunami quickly rushed over to the cabinet that sat at the end of Opus’ room and pulled it open, frantically searching for the alcohol he had mentioned. Noticing it sitting on the top shelf, he grabbed it and hastily handed it to the old man as he held his hand out. Then, he stood beside him, looking down at Kathrina as she held her eyes shut tightly, groaning painfully.

As Opus grabbed hold of the piece of wood, he hesitated, noticing the bite wounds on her body she had obviously received from Elijah’s fangs.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ Tsunami asked, wondering why he had stopped.

But Opus ignored him. He frowned and leaned closer to her as she cried quietly, ‘’Kathrina, it is imperative that you tell me: when was the last time you had sex with Elijah?’’

She frowned in both anger and confusion, ‘’w-why?’’ she grunted.

‘’Just tell me’’ he insisted impatiently.

She grunted painfully, blood pouring from the wound on her side, ‘’I-I don’t know!’’ she cried painfully, ‘’like… ‘’she thought for a moment and grunted again, ‘’I think three days ago’’

Opus sighed angrily and placed the bottle of alcohol down on the floor, ‘’get me a needle’’ he instructed, looking back up at Tsunami who seemed just as confused as Kathrina.


‘’I cannot heal her with runes, it will turn her into a Demon’’

Tsunami frowned in astonishment and confusion, ‘’what? How?’’

‘’Just get me what I asked!’’ he growled, turning back to face Kathrina as she cried painfully.

Rushing, Tsunami turned around and started rummaging through the cabinet, searching for a needle.


Kathrina grunted again as Opus stared closely at the piece of wood that was stuck in her side. She turned her head and slowly opened her eyes, looking up at him.

‘’Why… why can’t you use runes?’’ she asked, trying to cope with the pain.

The old man took his eyes off the wound and looked at her pained face, ‘’you have both Demon venom and DNA in your body; if I use healing runes, it will turn you into a Demon’’ he explained, glancing over his shoulder to see if Tsunami had found what he asked for, but then looked back down at her perplexed face, ‘’I will have to heal you manually’’

‘’Manually?’’ she questioned, unsettled by the way he had just said that.

He nodded, looking back over at Tsunami who rushed over and handed something to him. Kathrina watched as Opus fiddled with something in his hands, and as he raised them, she stared at a long, thin needle that he had just put a thread through. Her eyes widened with fear – she didn’t like the look or sound of this at all.

But she couldn’t refuse. Right now, she felt too weak to move, and was only getting weaker as more of her blood dripped out onto the floor.

Opus picked up the bottle of alcohol and stared intensely at the wood again, ‘’Tsunami’’ he said, ‘’when I tell you too, pull the splinter from her body’’

‘’What?!’’ he exclaimed, reluctant to hurt her in such a way.

However, Opus had no time to let him hesitate. Pulling the cork from the bottle, he tipped it over the wound on Kathrina’s side – she flinched violently and groaned painfully, gripping the edge of the couch with her hands.

‘’Remove it’’ Opus said calmly, allowing a steady, small stream of the alcohol to fall over the wound.

He hesitated for a few seconds, but growled irritably and grabbed the wood with his hands, abruptly yanking it – Kathrina flinched again and yelled painfully, tears now streaming down her pained face. But the old man continued to pour the alcohol over the wound as blood started to vigorously pour from it, spilling out onto the already blood-stained carpet below.

Tsunami dropped the wood onto the floor, astonished with himself that he had actually just done that.

But then, Opus placed the bottle back on the floor and placed his left hand onto Kathrina’s hip, placing his thumb just above the wound, closing it with his hand. Then, he placed the needle on her skin just beside the wound and gently pushed it through. Kathrina flinched once again, groaning painfully as he started stitching the wound.

Standing over him, Tsunami watched in turmoil. He hated seeing Kathrina in pain, and right now, she was clearly in a lot of it – and it was Elijah’s fault. That bastard. To think that he was actually starting to think he could be friends with Elijah… that evil bastard… he wasn’t going to let him get away with this!


Outside, everyone was still standing on the beach, staring over at Luka and Elijah.

Luka sighed in relief as he stared at his brother’s confused face, ‘’Eli’’ he breathed, starting to feel dizzy, ‘’do you… do you not remember anything?’’

Elijah frowned, confused by his brother’s breathless tone, but then closed his eyes and thought for a moment. He could remember getting angry at Kathrina, insisting that nothing was going to happen to him if he continued consuming her blood, but after that, it was all just a huge blur. It felt like he had blacked out just after she had yelled something about him needing to realise he couldn’t do everything by himself. After that, all he could remember were fragments… one minute he was blacked out, the next he was in agonising pain and after that, everything was foggy again, right up until he had just woken up on this beach.

He wasn’t sure what had happened, but by the look on his brother’s face, it had to have been something serious. Then, he turned his head to the side and noticed Merek, Reiner, Logan, Thea, Joe, Octavia, Alpha and Luka’s other two companions gawping over at them, confused, angry and cautious looks on their faces. He frowned and looked back up at his brother who was breathing unsteadily, the look on his face giving Elijah the impression that he was about to pass out.

‘’Where’s Kathrina?’’ he asked, staring at his brother.

Exhaling painfully, Luka sighed, ‘’she… you… ‘’ he grunted painfully and gritted his teeth, ‘’shit’’ he groaned, suddenly falling over onto his side.

Elijah’s eyes widened in both shock and worry as his brother collapsed. Quickly, Elijah sat up and crawled over to his brother, staring down at him, ‘’Luka?’’ he asked, panicking.

The group started rushing over as Luka grunted painfully.

Staring at his brother, Elijah quickly noticed the large shard of glass sticking out of Luka’s back, blood dripping onto the sand. He was instantly overcome with fear and looked back at everyone, ‘’where’s the old man?!’’ he asked, holding his brother.

‘’He’s seeing to Kathrina’’ Merek called, a worried look on his face as he stared at Luka.

‘’What?!’’ Elijah called, confused – why was the old man seeing to Kathrina? Had something happened to her – was he to blame, perhaps? He started breathing furiously, worried for his brother who grunted painfully again – he had to do something.

Laying Luka on his side, he glared back at Alpha and pointed at him, ‘’get your ass over here!’’ he demanded.

Alpha frowned angrily – was he acting like he didn’t know what had just happened on purpose? Or had he actually no idea? He didn’t know, and he didn’t particularly want to comply to his demands, but it seemed like that red-head brother of his was dying, and honestly, he didn’t want to see that guy die, he was fun to watch as he scolded Elijah.

Sighing, Alpha strolled over to Elijah who was staring down at his brother, muttering in Japanese to him as he grunted and tried to respond, but obviously, he was too weak to do so.

Reaching them, Alpha stood over Elijah, ‘’what?’’ he mumbled.

Looking at his brother, Elijah muttered something in Japanese again, but then looked up at Alpha, ‘’heal him!’’ he demanded.

He frowned in revolt, ‘’nah, man. It’s bad enough having one of you tear my throat out, I ain’t having that happen ag- ‘’

‘’He’s not a Demon you dumb shit!’’ Elijah spat, glaring evilly at Alpha as he held onto his brother.

‘’So then what do you expect me to do?’’ he grumbled, starting to back away.

Before he could walk away, Elijah grabbed Alpha’s wrist and pulled him forward, so furiously that he stumbled and fell to his knees beside him, ‘’do it!’’ he growled, ‘’or I’ll kill you’’

Staring at his distressed face, Alpha smirked, ‘’I don’t doubt it. Fine’’ he mumbled, looking down at Luka, ‘’you gotta get that outta his back first’’

Luka looked up at them both and frowned in disapproval, ‘’what are you plotting?’’ he breathed, starting to feel light-headed.

Elijah looked down at his brother and frowned, ‘’he will heal you,’’ he said, ‘’but I need to get that shard out of- ‘’

‘’Oh, hell no’’ Luka growled, trying to back away, but he couldn’t even find the strength to sit up.

Alpha shrugged, ‘’welp, we tried. I’m gonna go- ‘’

‘’Sit your ass right there!’’ Elijah growled, grabbed his arm again to keep him from walking away.

Scowling angrily, Alpha remained where he was, watching as Elijah started muttering to his brother in Japanese again. After a few moments of what seemed like arguing, Luka seemed to give in. Abruptly, Elijah grabbed the shard of glass that was sticking out of Luka’s back, and yanked so fiercely that Luka sat up and smashed his fist into Elijah’s face. Alpha grinned, amused, but to his disappointment, Elijah didn’t hit back or retaliate in any way at all, he just rubbed his face and growled irritably.

Then, Luka laid flat on his back as blood started oozing from his back, the sand soaking it up, turning a bright crimson color. Elijah then looked expectantly at Alpha, who rolled his eyes irritably, and then moved closer to Luka.

Alpha really couldn’t be bothered to do this, but if he didn’t, he’d most likely end up actually dead somewhere. After seeing what had happened with both Elijah and Luka, he was starting to feel as if Elijah was a lot more dangerous than he first seemed. At first, when he had fallen after throwing Luka, it looked like he was going through the Ares’ curse transformation, but that was impossible, because Elijah was not an Atlantean – and he hadn’t sprouted wings or horns either. But Alpha could tell that there was something incredibly unsettling about him, and he didn’t want to be the one to find out what would happen if he lost control like that again.

Slowly, he dragged one of his claws over his right wrist, and as his blood started dripping onto the sand, he moved his wrist over to Luka, ‘’here’’ he mumbled, looking down at him.

Disgusted, Luka turned his head away, making both Elijah and Alpha growl irritably.

‘’Look man’’ Alpha grumbled, ‘’I don’t wanna do this shit just as much as you, but you’re gonna bleed out and die if you don’t. I really don’t give a fuck, but I’m sure your psychopath brother here is gonna kill me if I don’t, so do us both a favour and drink it for fucks sake’’

Elijah glared evilly at Alpha, but then looked down at Luka, ‘’he’s right’’

‘’I am not… drinking that shit’’ he refused, turning his head away again.

‘’You stubborn shit’’ Elijah growled, ‘’drink it or I’ll force you’’ he threatened.

Slowly, Luka turned his head and glared up at his distressed brother. He could tell just by the look on his face that he was terrified of losing him. He didn’t want to die either, but he didn’t want to risk drinking Vampire blood; they were very close to a city full of them, after all. If he drank Alpha’s blood to heal himself, and ended up getting bitten by one of those Vampires, he’d turn into one. Becoming a disgusting creature like that was something he was not going to risk.

But he didn’t want to die. Why did it have to happen this way? If Kathrina hadn’t have gotten hurt, the old man would be out here healing him right now. He couldn’t really blame her though, it was Elijah who had caused all of this – and he couldn’t even blame him. His brother didn’t seem to remember what had happened, which meant that he mustn’t have been in his own mind when it happened. Luka was confused, and he was finding it hard to concentrate now. He couldn’t wait for the old man, and it was looking like he was going to have to drink that blood and face the risks.

He grunted irritably, but gradually lifted his hand and snatched hold of Alpha’s wrist, ‘’you ain’t forcing me to do anything, brother’’ he mumbled.

Elijah frowned, but a great relief overcame him as he watched his brother pull Alpha’s bleeding wrist to his mouth.

‘’This is kinda weird’’ Alpha said as he looked over at Elijah, ‘’looks like I’ve saved both your lives now’’

Disgusted, Luka threw Alpha’s arm away and coughed in revolt, ‘’how the fuck can you lot drink this stuff all the time?’’

Alpha snickered as he pulled his arm back, ‘’wuss’’

‘’How do you feel?’’ Elijah instantly asked, staring down at Luka as he wiped Alpha’s blood from his mouth.

‘’Like shit’’ he mumbled, starting to sit up, grunting painfully.


As Alpha stood up and started walking away, Elijah grabbed his brother’s shoulders and started helping him to his feet.

Watching him walk over, Merek reached out and grabbed Alpha’s arm, ‘’what’s happening?’’

Pulling his arm back harshly, Alpha glanced back at the brothers, ‘’seems like scar-face doesn’t remember what happened – I dunno whether to believe that or not, I know how much of a crafty son of a bitch he can be’’

‘’What aboot Luka?’’ Reiner asked.

‘’He’ll be fine’’ Alpha grumbled.

But before he could leave, Merek grabbed his arm again as everyone glared at Alpha, ‘’what do you mean, he can’t remember?’’

Tutting irritably, Alpha pulled his arm back again and looked at all of their curious, worried faces, ‘’he doesn’t seem to know how his red-head brother ended up like that, and he doesn’t seem to know why his little girlfriend isn’t here either. If you ask me, I’d say we need to get rid of him before he actually ends up killing one of us’’ he said, strolling off and back onto the ship.

Everyone looked at each other slowly, reflecting on what Alpha had just said. Could Elijah really not remember what had just happened? What even had just happened? All of them were confused as to why he just fell into an incredible fit of rage and attacked Kathrina – that was something none of them would have ever expected him to do, but then he attacked his own brother as well. There was clearly something very wrong with Elijah, and now they were all too afraid to ask. Just when they were all starting to actually like or at least tolerate him, he goes and showers them with more doubt and worry. Was it really a good idea to have that man around?

Just then, as Elijah helped Luka to his feet, the two of them started walking towards the ship.

Luka grunted painfully, holding his right arm over his brother’s shoulders, and using his left hand to grip tightly to the healing wound on his back. Surprisingly, the Vampire blood was healing him a lot faster than he had expected, and he was starting to feel a lot better already. However, he couldn’t stop thinking about what Elijah had said when he woke up – did he really have no memory at all of what had just happened back on the ship?

As they reached the group, they stepped aside, clearing the path so they could make their way up onto the ship’s deck. However, once they climbed aboard, Elijah froze and stared at the scene in front of him: there were shattered pieces of wood all over the deck, and the door to his and Kathrina’s cabin was completely destroyed, presumably the very pieces of wood he could see scattered all over the place. He only just then noticed that his right arm was no longer in the sling, and that it had healed – completely.

Confused, he stared at each individual piece of wood, noticing that some of them had splatters of blood on them. But then, Luka grunted painfully, falling forward slightly – Elijah held onto him tightly, and started walking over to the cabin. But once they walked inside, he froze once again, standing in the destroyed door way: there was glass everywhere, two of the glass cabinets completely destroyed, puddles and splatters of blood everywhere.

He slowly let go of his brother, helping him to sit on the bed. But then, he started looking around, completely bewildered. The entire room looked as if a huge fight had happened in it, and one of the back windows was wide open, the curtain flapping around madly. As the breeze floated into the room, it carried three distinctive scents of blood on it – Elijah instantly recognised them as his own, Luka’s… and Kathrina’s.

As soon as he recognised it, he started looking around frantically, and as he set his eyes upon a small puddle of blood on the floor just beside the door, he shuddered, staring at it. Was it Kathrina’s?

‘’Eli’’ Luka suddenly said, his voice still breathy and pained.

He sharply turned his head and stared down at his brother, ‘’what happened?’’

Luka took a deep breath and then sighed, ‘’do you not remember anything at all?’’ he asked, frowning.

‘’No!’’ Elijah instantly denied, now panicking, ‘’tell me what happened! Where is Kathrina?!’’

Grunting, Luka sat up straight, ‘’calm down, and listen to me’’

Slowly, Elijah calmed and stared expectantly at his brother, waiting.

‘’Kathrina’s fine, Opus is looking after- ‘’

‘’What happened to her?!’’

‘’I said calm down!’’

He scowled at his brother and waited. The footsteps from the group climbing back onto the ship echoed around him as he stood there, trying to figure out what was going on. He sharply turned his head and glared out of the door, noticing that everyone was standing there, staring sceptically at him. He frowned and slowly looked down at the floor – did he do this?

Anxious, Elijah looked at his brother, ‘’did… did I do this?’’ he asked.

Slowly, Luka looked up at him and nodded once, ‘’yes’’

A feeling of scandalization raced through him as he breathed frantically, unsure of what to say or how to feel – he stumbled back and as his back hit the wall, he closed his eyes, trying to calm down. Was it true? Had he really caused all of this? Was it his fault that Luka was hurt? Where was Kathrina? Had he hurt her as well? Why couldn’t he remember anything?

His heart racing, he looked back at his brother, ‘’tell me: what happened?! What did I do?!’’

Luka took another deep breath, but then jumped to his feet and grabbed his brother’s shirt, pulling him forward, ‘’did I or did I not tell you to quit fucking around with blood?!’’ he yelled, so furiously that everyone outside flinched, and Elijah stared back in revelation, unable to say anything, the shock too overwhelming.

Glaring into his brother’s eyes, Luka growled irritably, ‘’I told you something terrible would happen! And look the fuck around you! LOOK!!!’’

Flinching, Elijah slowly looked around, taking everything in again, staring at all the blood, all the shattered glass – he had caused all of this. He looked back at his brother, unable to say anything.

Gripping Elijah’s shirt tighter, Luka gritted his teeth in anger, ‘’this was you! All of it! I don’t know what happened before you came flying out of this room, but I for sure as hell know you decided to ignore my advice – and look where it’s gotten you!’’ he yelled, ‘’you can’t even fucking remember what happened – that’s the worst part about it!’’

‘’I… I-‘’

‘’I what?!’’ he growled, ‘’you’re a fucking moron! You never fucking listen to anyone’s advice and shit like this happens because of it! You could have killed that girl! You could have killed me!’’ Luka stopped and harshly threw his brother back and as he hit the wall, he pointed at him, ‘’I am done trying to fucking help you all the time! I have risked my life far too many times for you and all you do is shove it back in my face! Fuck you Elijah! I’m done!’’

Elijah stared at the floor, unable to even understand what he was feeling right now. He just stood there, his back against the wall, his heart racing, his body unable to respond to his emotions. He was just… frozen.

Luka stormed out of the room, kicking the pieces of wood across the deck as he did. Merek, Reiner and the other two of their companions followed Luka as he leaped over onto his ship, leaving his traumatised brother alone.


Beneath the deck, Kathrina was resting as Opus and Tsunami cleaned the room. The old man had stitched the wound on Kathrina’s waist and had given her a remedy to help her sleep for a while.

Tsunami looked over at her as she rested on the couch and frowned, ‘’is she gonna be alright?’’ he asked, slowly looking over at Opus who was placing the almost empty bottle of alcohol back into the cabinet.

The old man closed the cabinet and turned around to face Tsunami, ‘’she will be fine – in a couple of days I will be able to use a rune to heal her faster. For now, that will have to suffice’’ he said, pointing to the stitched wound on her side.

‘’I still don’t get why you can’t just do it now’’

‘’Like I told Kathrina, I cannot use healing magic on her as it will turn her into a- ‘’

‘’-A Demon, yeah, but how? How can somebody just become a Demon’’

Staring at the blood-soaked floor and shaking his head, Opus sighed, ‘’one must have Demon venom and DNA in their body to become a Demon. When healing magic, which is blood magic, is used on such a person, it will alter their blood and DNA, making them a Demon. I believe this is the way Logan’s older brother became a Demon, although he most likely obtained the DNA factor through being force-fed the Demon’s blood’’

Intrigued and revolted, Tsunami nodded slowly, but then looked over at Kathrina, ‘’okay… so how did Kathrina end up drinking Demon blood?’’

He shook his head again, ‘’it is not blood that she- ‘’

‘’Then what?’’ Tsunami asked, getting impatient.

Irritably rummaging around in a small box, Opus sighed again, ‘’work it out, Tsunami: they sleep together, she is female, he is male – what usually happens when- ‘’

‘’Alright, sheesh’’ Tsunami grumbled, revolted, but then he frowned and looked over at him again, ‘’wait, won’t he end up getting her pregnant?’’

‘’No’’ Opus answered, ‘’Demons can only get other Demons pregnant’’

He nodded slowly, but then frowned once again, ‘’then how the hell is Elijah half Demon? His dad weren’t no Demon’’

‘’You really are an idiot, aren’t you?’’ Opus suddenly called, ‘’there are many different kinds of Demons, Tsunami. Elijah is just a normal Demon; I believe his mother was a Fire Teshika, who are Higher Demons. But back to my original answer, no, he cannot get Kathrina pregnant – unless he somehow turns himself into a higher Demon’’ he said, a strange, almost sarcastic tone in his voice.

‘’Why do I get the impression that you know something we don’t?’’

‘’Because I do’’ he said, closing the box and turning to face him, ‘’Elijah has become dangerously addicted to blood. I overheard him and his brother talking: there is a seal within Elijah’s Teshika mark, keeping the Demon part of him somewhat sedated, but if he keeps drinking blood the way he is, it will break, and just like you and your brother, he will become something… monstrous’’

‘’What?!’’ Tsunami spat, watching the old man start to clean the blood floor, ‘’that’s what all of this was about? That’s why he suddenly went berserk and almost killed Kathrina and his brother?!’’

‘’I believe so, yes. It seems to have gotten to a point where Elijah can no longer control that violent, dangerous temper of his. I’d advise keeping your distance for a while’’

But before Tsunami could question him again, the loud sound of banging started echoing from above them, like somebody was hitting the deck with something. The old man looked back at Tsunami and the two of them frowned, unsure of what it was.

The two of the quickly rushed over to the door and walked down the corridor, hastily heading up to the deck, and when they arrived, the stopped beside the foremast, unsure of how to feel about what was going on in front of them.


Merek and Reiner were repairing the cabin door, hammering what seemed to be a completely new door in its place as the other two of their companions scurried around picking up the scattered wood. Luka was keeping a watchful eye on them from the forecastle deck, and Elijah could be seen just standing in the room, staring vacantly at the floor.

Tsunami looked back at Luka, ‘’what’s going on?’’ he called.

Slowly, Luka looked down at him, ‘’discipline, is what’’

Thea and Octavia rushed over, realising that Tsunami and the old man were there. Octavia threw her arms around Tsunami, and Thea glared up at Opus.

‘’Where’s my sister?’’ she asked.

‘’She is resting. You can go and see her now’’ the old man said, stepping aside so she could get over to the steps.

Without any hesitation, Thea rushed past him and disappeared below.

Hugging Octavia, Tsunami looked down at her and frowned, ‘’what’re they doing?’’

She looked up at him and then looked back at Merek and Reiner, ‘’oh, Elijah’s brother said something about punishing them for bickering again – I guess that’s why they’re repairing the door’’

‘’Where’d the door even come from?’’

‘’It came from their ship – Elijah’s brother took it off one of the rooms beneath their deck’’

Tsunami nodded slowly, watching as the four of them started working on the door together. Clearly, none of them knew what they were doing, and it was rather amusing to watch. But he frowned and looked around, wondering where everyone else was. He spotted Alpha and Logan sitting on one of the benches sharing what looked like a bottle of whiskey. Joe was watching them irritably from the bench beside them, and Harley was of course still beneath the deck, recovering from his injury.

‘’Oh,’’ Tsunami said, looking over at Opus, ‘’how’s Harley?’’

The old man slowly looked at him, ‘’I am sure he will be up on his feet in a few hours’’


A few hours passed, and the sun was slowly setting. Merek, Reiner and their other two companions had finally managed to repair the cabin door, and the deck was pretty much spotless. The four of them were standing up on the quarter deck with Henry, chatting quietly. Luka was inside the cabin with Elijah, both of them sitting at the table in silence. Luka had apologised to his brother, but what he had said earlier was necessary. However, Elijah still hadn’t seemed to have come to terms with the fact that he was he one who had caused all of the destruction. But what had unsettled him the most was the fact that he had hurt Kathrina, who was apparently resting, and just about everyone would not allow him to go and see her.

Nobody was out on the deck; everyone had retreated to their rooms, and it was almost silent, the only sound coming from the waves crashing against the ships and the occasional laugh from the four of Luka’s companions on the quarter deck.

In Opus’ room, Thea was sitting on the floor beside the couch, Kathrina still asleep on it. Opus was sitting at his desk, scribbling. In the time she had been in the room at her sister’s side, Thea had sewn Kathrina’s tunic – again. The first time she had had to repair it was when they ran into Lucious, but this time, it was because of the very person her sister apparently loved. Thea really didn’t understand what Kathrina saw in Elijah, and she hated his guts. Hopefully now, Kathrina would see him for the cruel, selfish, bitter asshole that he was, and kick him out of her life just like she should have done years ago.

Thea held Kathrina’s tunic in her lap as she stared at her face, occasionally looking down at the wound on her waist. It looked really painful, and the fact that it had been stitched instead of healed with a rune made Thea feel both perplexed and nauseous. She was hoping that her sister would wake up soon as she was starting to feel tired herself, and she wanted to be there when Kathrina did wake up, not only so she could support her, but so she could make sure she understood what had happened, and that is was Elijah’s fault this time.

However, Kathrina was, as a matter of fact, awake. She knew that Thea was waiting to hound her with accusations and cruelty towards Elijah, and as much as she wanted to have her sister comfort her, she didn’t want to talk about him at all, she didn’t even want to think about him. But how could she not? He had said the most cruellest things, and everything he had said was continuously spinning around inside her head, repeating over and over. The most frequent repeat was how he had said that he should have maybe let her die that day. He wasn’t specific in what day; it could have meant the day he turned her into a Warlock, or the day he had made himself a distraction to keep Lucious from killing her. He could have even meant just a few days ago when he removed the Fire Teshika venom from her. She didn’t know what to believe or think anymore.

She couldn’t even convince herself that it wasn’t his fault that this had happened. He had let his temper control him, and this time, she had been on the receiving end – and it had terrified her. Elijah didn’t even hold back at all; he had yelled out his true feelings, and had even gotten physical. If it weren’t for her Tekashime Jikato, she might have actually ended up getting killed by him.

What was she supposed to do now? Everything Elijah had ever said to her was a lie, and now, she just felt… empty. Alone. Used. What was the point anymore? She had spent so much time with him, nearly all her life, and it was all for nothing. She loved him more than she had ever loved anyone else; she cared about him more than she cared about herself, but it was all void. The bond she was convinced she had with him was all lies. Everything was just a huge lie. And now, she had nothing. It was cruel, but true: she had nothing to live for. She tried convincing herself that she had Thea, but it wasn’t enough to fill the emptiness she was now feeling. It wasn’t enough to fix her broken heart.

Just then, Thea slowly stood up, placing Kathrina’s tunic on the table beside the couch, ‘’I’m gonna go and lay down’’ she said, looking over at Opus, ‘’tell me if she wakes up, okay?’’

Opus swivelled around in his chair and looked at her, ‘’indeed. Goodnight, Thea’’

Thea nodded and left the room, closing the door behind her. The old man waited, listening as her footsteps echoed down the corridor, and then her door opened and closed shortly after. Opus swivelled back around in his chair and sighed, ‘’you can sit up now’’

Kathrina slowly opened her eyes and sat up, groaning painfully as she gripped the wound on her waist. She slowly grabbed her tunic and started putting it on, feeling rather awkward about sitting there in her bra with someone as old as Opus in the room.

As she eased her arms into the sleeves of her tunic, she stared down at the floor sadly.

‘’If you are expecting me to convince you that Elijah done no wrong, I’m afraid I must disappoint you’’ Opus called suddenly, startling her slightly.

She looked up at him, watching as he scribbled with his quill. She hadn’t been expecting him to do that at all – in fact, she hadn’t even expected him to care. She frowned, starting to tie the strings on her tunic and once she had tied them all, she climbed to her feet and grabbed her sword which had been placed on the same table her tunic had been lying on. As she slipped it into her belt, she gradually made her way over to the door and grabbed the handle-

‘’I would advise against trying to talk to him’’ Opus called, still scribbling.

Kathrina frowned angrily and glared back over her shoulder at him, ‘’when did I even say I was going anywhere near him?’’ she growled.

‘’Just saying’’ Opus mumbled.

‘’Whatever’’ she growled, pulling the door open, walking out and closing it abruptly.


Standing in the corridor, Kathrina sighed quietly. It was gloomy, the only light coming from the windows within the open, unoccupied rooms. She could hear muffled talking coming from Tsunami’s room, so he was obviously with Octavia. Kathrina wanted to go and talk to somebody, but not her sister, as all she was going to do was shit-talk Elijah. There was always Harley, but he was still recovering from the injury she had caused him. Logan’s drunk snoring could be heard from a mile away, so there was no point in trying to have a conversation with him.

It looked like she was just going to have to put up with Thea’s rambling. Slowly, she made her way down the corridor, heading towards Thea’s room which was at the very end opposite the stairs that led up to the deck.

But then, one of the doors clicked quietly, ‘’yo, what’re you doing walking around already?’’ Alpha called.

She stopped and looked back at him; he was leaning back on is door frame, his left arm stretched out, gripping the other end of the frame with his hand, a rather concerned look on his face. That was a look that she thought she’d never see on his face, and it surprised her. Was he actually concerned about her?

Kathrina turned around and looked over at him, ‘’I don’t know’’ she said quietly, ‘’I guess I was gonna go see Thea’’

Alpha laughed slightly, ‘’yeah, and you know how much she’s gonna ramble on about scar-face? Ain’t that the last thing you want?’’

Staring at him, she frowned sadly and looked down at the floor, ‘’I guess I just wanted someone other than that old know-it-all to talk to’’

He frowned, but lowered his hand from the door frame and gestured to himself, ‘’well, looks like I’m your only other option. So, naggy, Elijah-hating sister, or boring, selfish Demon?’’ he grinned.

She looked up at him.

‘’Who is a rather fine talker, if I do say so myself’’ he added, a sly smile on his face.

Kathrina smiled, amused by his terrible attempt at humour. But she wasn’t exactly sure about being anywhere near him. He was, after all, sneaky, unpredictable and an outright pervert. But it was either that, or hear about Elijah for hours upon end. She sighed sadly and started walking over to Alpha who watched her closely as she approached him.

Reaching him, she looked up at him, but to her surprise, the sneaking smirk he usually donned wasn’t on his face. Instead, he had a rather tired expression, and sighed quietly as she walked into his room, closing the door behind them. He shuffled past her and slumped down on his bed, grabbing an empty glass from the small table beside it.

Looking around, Kathrina slowly sat down on a chair close to the door. The room was rather small, but he didn’t really have anything to need space for. There were empty whiskey bottles on the floor, others on the table and even some on the end of his bed, which looked like it had never been slept in. Did he even sleep? She frowned, but as her eyes wandered up to the wall just above his bed, she noticed something that made her feel even more depressed than she already did.

Hanging on the wall was a pendant, a rather large ruby-like gem dangling on the end of a small chain, shimmering slightly. She recognised it straight away: it was Nightly’s daylight pendant, the very one that allowed her to walk in the sunlight.

She looked back over at Alpha as he grunted, reaching down for a half-full bottle of whiskey, and as he grabbed it, he started pouring the liquid into his glass.

‘’Why do you have that?’’ Kathrina asked, staring at him.

He stopped and slowly moved the bottle away from the glass, looking over at her, ‘’why do I have what?’’

‘’That’’ she said, pointing to the necklace.

Alpha frowned and turned to look up at it. He stared at it for a moment, but then shrugged and placed the whiskey bottle on the table as he leaned back, taking a sip from his glass.

Kathrina frowned at his response, ‘’do you miss her?’’ she asked, still staring at him.

He took another sip from his glass and exhaled loudly, ‘’the only thing I miss is a wider range of booze’’ he smirked.

‘’You’re a terrible liar; why else would you have that if you didn’t miss her?’’

Alpha slowly looked over at her, a vacant look on his face. But then, he gulped down the rest of his drink and grabbed the bottle, pouring more. As he placed the bottle back down, he looked down at the floor and sighed, ‘’yeah, alright, maybe I do. So what? I’m sure everyone else does’’

She widened her eyes in shock – had he actually just admitted that?

He looked back over at her and frowned, ‘’what are you gonna do about scar-face? He said some pretty shitty things’’

‘’I don’t wanna talk about him’’ she mumbled, looking down at the floor.

Alpha laughed slightly, ‘’look who’s lying now – I’m only sayin’ this cause it wouldn’t be as entertaining around here without you two: I ain’t defending him, but it wasn’t his-‘’

‘’Seriously?’’ Kathrina growled, ‘’even the people who despise him stick up for him!’’

‘’I ain’t sticking up for no one – you know as well as everyone else that the only person I care about is me’’ he called, sitting up and pointing to himself as he gulped down the whiskey from his glass, ‘’but I’m telling ya cause I don’t wanna see either of you leave – Elijah clocked out somewhere between the harsh words you were throwing at each other. He doesn’t even remember what happened’’

Kathrina frowned, ‘’what?’’

He nodded as he started pouring more whiskey into his glass, ‘’he woke up after Luka beat the shit out of him, and asked what had happened. He had no idea how any of that happened. I ain’t sure whether he was acting it out to make himself look innocent, or whether it was actually true, but he did seem truly traumatised. He ain’t right in the head, there’s something wrong with him’’

‘’Wrong how?’’

Alpha shrugged and took a sip from his glass, ‘’I dunno, but it ain’t hard to see that something’s going on with him. For a moment, it looked like he was going through the same shit my brother and I went through the day we became Demons’’

‘’But he’s already a Demon’’

He shrugged, ‘’just tellin’ you what I saw’’

She slowly looked down at the floor, a flurry of different feelings racing through her. Did Elijah really not remember what had happened? If that was true, could it be that everything he had said wasn’t actually him talking? She frowned sadly – no, he had said those things, and he had meant them. She knew him well enough to know when he was being serious, and that’s exactly what he had been when he was yelling at her.

Alpha suddenly leaned forward and stared at her, ‘’maybe you should go talk to him, or something, I dunno. Maybe let him try and explain his side of the story’’

Slowly, she looked back up at him. He was right. Maybe she should give Elijah a chance to explain, if he wanted too.

She nodded, ‘’alright, I’ll go’’

Leaning back, Alpha finished his drink and smirked, ‘’be careful’’

Standing up, she frowned, but turned around and pulled the door open, walking out. As she shut the door, she sighed quietly and started walking towards the stairs. She quickly climbed them and as she reached the deck, she stared over at the cabin, realising that the door had been replaced. She spotted Merek atop the quarter deck, mumbling with his companions. There was no sign of Luka, so she assumed he must be with Elijah.

She hesitated slightly, unsure whether what Alpha had said was true or not. If Elijah really did have no memory of what had happened, then there was a chance that he hadn’t actually meant what he had said. Slowly, she started making her way over to the cabin – suddenly, Merek jumped down from the forecastle deck and stood in her way, keeping her from getting to the door.

‘’He doesn’t want to talk to you’’ Merek said harshly.

Kathrina looked up at him angrily, ‘’what?’’

‘’You heard me – he don’t wanna see you’’

As his words echoed through her head, she felt her heart break even more. The crippling sadness she had been feeling grew worse, and she felt so upset that it felt as though her body was going numb. She stared at Merek’s stern face as tears started falling down her own, but he didn’t show any sign of remorse or guilt.

‘’You should go’’ Merek said.

It didn’t take much convincing. As she sniffled quietly, she turned around and started walking back towards the stairs. Why had she even bothered? She knew that it was all true – Alpha had purposely given her false hope, hadn’t he? That man loved nothing more than to see other people in pain. She climbed down the stairs and stumbled back into the corridor, her emotions overwhelming her. It really was all true. Elijah really did feel that way, he really didn’t love her at all. Everything was just one, giant lie, and she was too much of an idiot to see it.

She slowly sat down, her back against the wall, tears streaming down her face. What was she supposed to do now?


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