Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Revelation

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Submitted: December 18, 2017



Staring over at Alpha, Harley shuddered, the sly look on his face unsettling him. Elijah was still gripping his collar tightly, his face just inches from the left side of Harley’s neck – he was conflicted: should he shove Elijah away or let him continue with whatever he was about to do? He wasn’t sure, but he wanted to know just as much as everyone else if he really was now a Lycanthrope – there was a chance he wasn’t, and another that he was – he had to know.

He sighed quietly and looked away from Alpha, waiting. He had no idea what Elijah was about to do, but whatever it was, it was going to reveal whether he was a Lycan or not… right? All he could do was wait and hope; he heard Elijah hesitate, slightly loosening his grip on his collar – was something wrong? Now, he started to panic more – was he-

Abruptly, with no warning, Elijah sank his fangs into Harley’s neck, making him grunt painfully and try to push him away, but Elijah was a lot stronger than Harley. All Harley could do was stand there, gripping onto Elijah’s arms, trying to pull him off, but he gripped onto his neck with his fangs so aggressively that it made Harley lose all feeling in his left arm.

All of the group had stepped forward to intervene, but both Tsunami and Alpha stopped them, understanding exactly what it was that Elijah was doing.

Harley groaned painfully, his body starting to go numb. But then, Elijah slowly pulled his fangs from Harley’s neck and moved his hand from his collar and onto his shoulder, leaning forward as Harley’s blood dripped from his mouth. Harley sighed in relief, but his body was still going numb. He tried turning his head to look at Elijah, but he felt so weak all of a sudden – grunting, he dropped to his knees and groaned painfully as his hands and knees hit the deck.

Slowly, he managed to look up at Elijah – he had an unsettling look on his face, almost like he was in some kind of dazed state, staring vacantly at the deck below him as the blood dripped down his chin and onto the floor. Harley frowned, gradually lifting his right hand and placing it over the wound on his neck that had been left by Elijah’s fangs.

Just then, Elijah stared at him, an evil, dark look to him. Harley shuddered, unsure of what to expect, the dangerous look in Elijah’s eyes frightening him.

The group stared too – that was the same look he had on his face before losing it and fighting his brother earlier – was it going to happen again?

Elijah suddenly frowned, dragging his hand across his mouth, wiping the blood from it.

‘’Well?’’ Tsunami called, glaring sceptically at him.

A cautious look on his face, Elijah looked down at Harley who was looking down at the deck, grunting quietly, his body trembling violently. Elijah frowned; he had meant for his venom to just numb Harley’s arm, but it seemed to be numbing his entire body – had he accidently lost concentration at the thought of blood? He sighed and held out his hand to Harley, waiting for him to grab it.

Grunting again, Harley reached up and grabbed Elijah’s hand, and as he helped him to his feet, Harley started to feel dizzy. He shook his head and glared at Elijah, ‘’what the hell did you do to me?’’

Letting go of Harley, Elijah stepped back, ‘’I tried having my venom numb your arm, but I guess I did not concentrate hard enough’’ he mumbled, an almost disappointed tone in his voice.

‘’Could you just not have used it at all?’’ he grumbled, rubbing his neck irritably.

‘’No’’ Elijah said, ‘’all Demons can do is choose how they want to use their venom – we cannot choose- ‘’

Harley waved his hand around irritably, ‘’yeah, yeah, I get it’’

Elijah frowned, but as everyone started walking over with expectant looks on their faces, he started to feel uneasy. He had the answer everyone was waiting for, but he wasn’t sure how to explain it to everyone without causing an uproar.

Just then, as the ships started floating out to sea, Thea landed beside Tsunami and shifted back, glaring at Elijah, also waiting for an answer. Logan and Joe wandered over as Henry climbed up onto the forecastle deck, staring at the crashing waves below.

‘’Well?’’ Tsunami asked again, ‘’you gonna tell us or what?’’

Sighing quietly, Elijah looked around at all of their curious but cautious faces, but then turned to face Harley, a stern look on his face, ‘’the venom reached your heart shortly after Opus faked the removal procedure. You are a Lycanthrope – a Werewolf’’

As the group started muttering to each other, Harley felt his heart drop. He was a Lycan. He was a monster. A Werewolf. What was that going to mean for him now? Was there any way to cure it at such a late stage? He looked to Elijah, but as he went to ask, Elijah cut him off:

‘’There is no cure. The old man took that chance from you – purposely’’

Harley’s heart sank even more as he slowly looked down at his feet.

‘’You can either choose to learn to control the curse, or there is a remedy that exists that will somewhat sedate the wolf within you. There is another that will sedate you during a full moon. I know how to make both, and I am sure the old man does too’’ Elijah explained, his voice toneless as if he didn’t particularly care.

But Elijah did care. He cared about Harley, and he felt just as angry and upset as Harley looked. He knew what it was like to be a monster, and the struggles that came along with learning to control it were overwhelming. He had chosen to hold back his emotions to keep everyone else from losing it, but he had to let Harley know how he felt, and he had to let him know that he was going to help him through it, no matter what it took. However, he wouldn’t express such things in front of everyone else.

Abruptly, Elijah grabbed Harley’s wrist and pulled him along as he headed for the cabin, leaving the group to mutter and discuss the outcome among themselves.


Beneath the deck, Luka burst into Opus’ room, a furious look on his face as his four companions filed in behind him.

The old man swivelled around in his chair and glared up at Luka, ‘’I assume you are here to threaten me just as your brother did? Believe me when I say, your outcome will be just as embarrassing’’

Luka frowned angrily, but calmed down and sighed, ‘’Elijah told me you wanted to know about the amulets we have found, correct?’’

Opus frowned, taking off his glasses and placing them onto the table behind him, ‘’yes, I do’’

Staring at him, Luka hesitated. He really did not trust this man one bit, especially not now since what he had just done to his brother. There was something very sceptical about this man, and Luka couldn’t help but feel as if everyone here was in danger being around him. He was, after all, one of the ten Elementals, one of the people his brother and Kathrina were supposed to kill. But he didn’t want to cause any more issues, so he reached into his pocket and started rummaging around as the old man watched him closely.

Gradually, he pulled something from his pocket. He held onto a thin chain as a black amulet dangled from it, holding it in front of Opus’ face. The amulet was the same color as the Elemental sword and had a purple crystal in its centre, just like the void crystals that were in the hilt of the sword. There was what looked like a large rune carved into the metal behind the crystal, but its meaning was unbeknown to even Luka.

As he stared at it, Opus’ eyes widened in what looked like astonishment. He reached out to grab it-

Frowning, Luka snatched it back, and as the chain clinked quietly, he handed it to Merek, ‘’tell me why you are so interested in them’’

‘’How many do you have?’’ Opus asked, ignoring his question.

Growing impatient, Luka rolled his eyes and sighed, ‘’three. We recently recovered one from France’’

‘’Let me see them, yes?’’

Luka frowned sceptically, but reached back into his pocket and pulled out two more of the same amulets in his hand. Merek handed him the other, and then he handed them to Opus.

The instant he was handed them, the old man snatched them and placed them down on his desk, turning his back to the group as he put his glasses on and stared intensely at them.

‘’Well?’’ Luka asked impatiently.

The old man frowned and glanced back at him, ‘’you made it your priority to recover these, yet you do not know what they are?’’

‘’Aye’’ Reiner answered, ‘’we suspected they might ‘ave something ta do with whatever it is that you lot are doing – the crystal is the same as the ones in tha’ sword of yours’’

Looking back down at the amulets, Opus nodded.

‘’Tell us what you need them for’’ Luka demanded.

Opus sighed irritably and turned to face them, taking his glasses off again. He picked up one of the amulets and held it out in front of them all as its purple crystal shimmered brightly, ‘’this is one of twenty; they are all numbered’’ he said, placing the black amulet in his hand and turning it around to reveal a few strange markings on the back.

They all leaned closer and frowned.

‘’This is Latin’’ the old man explained, ‘’this is the number six’’ he said, pointing to the strange marking.

‘’Six? Six what?’’ Merek asked.

‘’He just said that ye lummox!’’ Reiner growled, ‘’they’re obviously numbered!’’

‘’Numbered for what reason?’’ Luka asked, tapping his fingers on his chin as the old man reached behind him and picked up another.

Holding out the one he had just picked up, Opus pointed to the markings on the back, ‘’this here is the number eleven, and this…’’ he reached behind him and picked up the third one, ‘’this is the number- ‘’ he paused and stuttered slightly, ‘’-t-three’’

Luka frowned sceptically and lowered his hand, ‘’why did you hesitate there?’’

Opus frowned, but sighed deeply and looked at the group, ‘’these are the Amulets of the Gods’’ he said sternly.

‘’G-Gods?’’ Merek mouthed, astonished.

‘’Gods?’’ Luka asked, ‘’what Gods?’’

‘’The Gods that once ruled this land. All of them were betrayed. Each of these amulets contain the essence of each God. Three is Ares,’’ he said, a strange envy in his voice, ‘’I am astonished that this was not more heavily guarded – well, the Dragon Magus’ are dead, and Lucious is hiding. You recovered this at the perfect time, Kutaki. Ares was one of Letholdus’ strongest underlings, and the very same Ares who invented the curse that grips our Tsunami and Alpha – the very same Ares who created the Atlantean race with Poseidon’’

Luka shook his head, ‘’what on Earth are you talking about?’’

Ignoring him, Opus held up the other two amulets, ‘’six is Nemesis, the Goddess of Revenge: she was a rather foolish one. Eleven is Demeter, the God of Agriculture: he was a bore’’

‘’I do not care who they apparently are – tell me what you meant by Gods!’’ Luka demanded, losing his patience.

The old man sighed, but placed the amulets back on his desk and sat down, staring up at them all as they glared back, sceptical and curious looks on their faces.

‘’I told your brother and his companions the story of the first God, and how he was betrayed by the Dragon Magus’ who sealed him into a Gateway. His name was Letholdus, the God of the Sky. He had many other names, another widely known one being Zeus. Anyway, he was betrayed after allowing magic to flow into this realm. He was the strongest of the Gods. After his fall, the others started falling as well. They were not as powerful, so they did not need to be sealed into something as huge as a Gateway to sedate them. These amulets contain those Gods’’

Bewildered, astonished and slightly wary, the five of them looked at each other. Was that true? Did these amulets really contain… Gods? Actual Gods? They didn’t know whether to believe the old man or not, but he did look and sound pretty serious. If it were true, then why did he seem so infatuated with them?

Luka frowned and looked down at him.

‘’Before you ask, yes, we will need all twenty if we wish to complete the task your brother and Kathrina have undertaken. Our end goal is to free Letholdus, and to do that, these amulets must be present at the Gateway he is sealed within as they contain his power as well’’

‘’You plan to free a God?’’ Merek asked, still astonished, his face like that of an overly intrigued child.

The old man nodded, ‘’it is what we are striving towards, yes’’

‘’And what happens once he is free?’’ Luka asked suspiciously.

‘’Just as I told Kathrina: he will restore order. You can all go back to whatever it was that you were doing before your brother called upon you’’

This seemed rather strange. Why was Opus only just telling them this now? Luka couldn’t help but suspect that there was a much greater reason behind his wanting for these amulets, and after finding out that they may actually contain Gods, he was reluctant to let him have them. This old man was unpredictable, and had tormented his brother – not just that, but there was now a possibility that he planned on manipulating his brother. Not only had he put a rune on his brother’s body that seemed to act as a torturing link, but it seemed as though Opus didn’t plan on letting Elijah or Kathrina go anywhere without his say. There was something very off with this man.

Luka didn’t like this at all. It was starting to look more and more like this old man was using his brother to carry out this mission – a mission that had at first seemed to be Kathrina’s, but now, it seemed like it was actually Opus’. He was clearly hiding a lot, and it looked as if he had no intention of revealing what it was that he was actually planning. This man was dangerous, and Luka didn’t want his brother to have anything to do with him.

Now, he had decided. He was going to repair Elijah’s seal, and find a way to remove the summoning rune from both his and Kathrina’s wrist, and then, they would no longer have to carry out this man’s suicidal quest. That was how Luka saw this: his brother and Kathrina were Opus’ prisoners; after seeing what he had done to his brother after he threatened to turn on him, he knew that the relationship between this man and the sword wielders was not willing allegiance, but forced allegiance. There was no way he was going to allow that kind of torture to fall onto his brother.

Luka reached out to snatch the amulets back-

Opus placed his hand over them and glared back at him, ‘’I will keep these, yes?’’

‘’No,’’ Luka growled, ‘’I will’’

Abruptly, Opus climbed to his feet, ‘’these belong to me – I am the keeper!’’

They all backed away, alarmed by his sudden anger.

‘’You WILL bring every one you find to me, or I WILL harm your brother’’

Luka scowled angrily, but as he went to threaten the old man, both Reiner and Merek grabbed his arms, pulling him back. They knew that it wasn’t a good idea to fight something you could not kill, and they didn’t want to see Luka get hurt.

‘’Now,’’ Opus said as he sat back down, ‘’I suggest you leave me, I have work to do’’

‘’You may fool these people’’ Luka said as he turned around, ‘’but you do not fool me – or my brother. We are onto you, old man’’

‘’Likewise’’ Opus replied.

Luka clenched his fists angrily, but followed his companions as they left the room.


As she stood beside Alucard, Kathrina looked around the room that he had led her to. It was small, but looked cosy. There was a large rounded bed in the centre, a heap of differently colored cushions and pillows lined around it, a white silk blanket spread over it. A chandelier hung from the ceiling, candles burning brightly in it, as well as a fireplace crackling loudly in the left wall. There were a few oak cabinets lined around the walls, shelves clinging to the brick walls with old, dusty books stacked on them. There were a few cobwebs lingering on the arched ceiling and a few paintings much like the ones she had seen back in the corridor, the same dragon glaring at her from the largest painting.

Staring at the painting of the dragon, she frowned, ‘’why do I keep seeing that dragon everywhere?’’

‘’Ze dragon?’’ he asked, looking down at her.

She looked up at him and nodded.

Alucard grinned, ‘’zat is vhat my friend looked like bevore I killed ‘im’’

‘’The skull in the dining room? You said he was a god’’

He nodded, ‘’yes, ‘is name being Janus – ‘e vas za monster zhat made me ze vay I am’’

‘’A god made you… a Vampire?’’ she asked unsurely.

‘’Yes’’ he answered, leaning back on the door frame, ‘’it is a long story, vhy zon’t I tell you over dinner?’’

‘’Dinner?’’ she frowned, ‘’you’re a Vampire’’

‘’Yes, vut you are not. I vill get zem to cook for you’’


Alucard suddenly frowned, a depressed look on his face, ‘’I vonce ‘ad an ‘uman ‘ere – she vas much like you, vut, she died. I used to get ze cooks to make ‘er vhatever she needed – now, I vill get zhem to do zhat for you’’

Kathrina frowned – Alucard once had a human here? Why? What happened? She had so many more questions, but she didn’t want to push her luck.

She nodded, ‘’alright, dinner sounds good’’

He grinned again, ‘’good. I vill leave you ‘ere to get changed – I gather you zon’t vant to be veering zhat’’ he said, raising his hands and gesturing to Kathrina’s Teshika outfit.

Slowly, she nodded, ‘’change into what?’’

‘’Check zhat cupboard’’ he said, pointing to a small closet beside the fireplace, ‘’zhere may be something in zhere’’

Then, he turned around and left, closing the door behind him.

Kathrina remained where she was, listening as the sound of the spurs on his boots clinking around as he walked became fainter. Once she could no longer hear his footsteps, she sighed in relief, walked over to the bed and slumped down – she winced quietly and gripped her side, a sudden burst of pain electrifying from her thigh and through her entire body.

She gripped her left side with her hand, remembering the injury she had sustained – how had she forgotten? Thinking about how she had received it, she frowned sadly, looking down at the floor. It had suddenly hit her – she missed him. Now that she was alone, she couldn’t help but think about Elijah, and what had happened. A part of her wished that she hadn’t left, but was there any reason for her to stay there? Nothing was improving, and things were just getting worse. Leaving like she had was the best thing to do, and she could only hope that the others would soon work it out too.

What if Elijah really had meant what he said? If he had, would that mean he wasn’t coming to get her? Would the group just continue on without her? They all seemed to follow him, even though they didn’t exactly like him – if he wanted to leave her behind, they’d probably listen… right? She wasn’t sure anymore, all of it was upsetting her and she needed to concentrate on what she was doing here. She took a deep breath and climbed to her feet, heading over to the closet.

As she reached it, she grabbed the small wooden handle and pulled the door open – it creaked loudly, making her frown irritably. But as it opened, she fixed her eyes upon what appeared to be a dress hanging in the closet, black and dark crimson in color, quite similar to Alucard’s colors. She rolled her eyes and grabbed it, pulling it from the closet – was she really going to have to wear this get up? Whatever. She laid it down on the bed and started untying her tunic, still thinking about Elijah.


Meanwhile, back on the ship, Elijah had dragged Harley into the cabin, slamming the door shut behind them.

Harley watched as Elijah stormed over to the table and slumped down in a chair, sighing angrily. Slowly, he walked over, and as Elijah kicked a chair over to him, he sat down. His mind was blank. He had no idea what to think about the current revelation – he was so shaken that he couldn’t even try to speak. All he could do was stare at Elijah, waiting for him to say something.

Elijah sighed again and leaned back, ‘’it will take some getting used to’’ he said quietly, noticing Harley’s distressed disposition.

Slowly, Harley shook his head, ‘’how… how can I even…’’ he paused and looked down at the floor, ‘’what the hell am I supposed to do now?’’

‘’Nani?’’ Elijah frowned.

Looking back at him, Harley frowned, ‘’I can’t live like… as a monster’’

Elijah laughed slightly, ‘’I have lived as one my entire life – trust me, I would rather be a Werewolf than a Demon’’

Astonished by Elijah’s humoured tone, Harley frowned, ‘’what?’’

He leaned forward and rested his arms on his knees, ‘’I’m not the best person to try and comfort you; all I can do is try to make it easier on you. I know what it is like to live as a monster, as you put it. I guess I can try and help you – unless you would rather turn me away and mope on your own’’

‘’Like you turn Luka away?’’ Harley asked rather harshly.

Again, Elijah laughed and leaned back, ‘’yes, like I turn my overly-attentive brother away’’

‘’Why do you turn him away?’’

Staring at him, Elijah frowned and looked down at the floor as he crossed his arms in front of him, ‘’I was trained nearly my entire life to do things alone – being offered help is seen as an insult to people like me – like us. I find it hard to accept anyone else’s assistance, because it is seen as weakness. A Master should know how to cope alone’’

‘’And a Master should also know when to accept assistance, Elijah. We can’t do everything alone, even you need the help of others sometimes’’

He shook his head, ‘’those of us trained under someone as independent as Risan never learned such a thing. I guess that was one of the old man’s faults, but he was still a Master’’

‘’Well,’’ Harley said as he leaned forward, ‘’it is never too late to learn’’

‘’Indeed’’ Elijah smirked, ‘’now, tell me: how is this going to go?’’

Harley frowned and looked down at the floor, thinking. Elijah had offered him two choices: he could learn to control the Werewolf curse, or he could keep it sedated with elixirs. He really didn’t like the idea of being ‘drugged up’ all the time, but he didn’t like the idea of gaining the characteristics of a Lycan – he had seen how people with this curse acted differently from the people they were before – they act like completely different people, some even seemed to act a lot like Alpha. He didn’t want to be like that. He didn’t want to lose who he was.

He sighed quietly, trying to decide. If he could learn to control it, it could benefit the group, but there was the risk of him becoming as twisted as Alpha. There was also the risk that while learning to control it, he could accidently hurt those around him. He didn’t want that either. He closed his eyes, an awful sadness building up within him. He had never thought anything like this would happen, and he had never been trained to deal with such a change.

But then, he thought: Elijah had offered to help him. Elijah knew what it was like to be different, and he knew how to deal with the characteristic and personality changes that curses carried. What Elijah had wasn’t exactly a curse, but it was similar. If Elijah could help, then Harley might just be able to get a grip on this new reality, and be able to use it to his and the group’s advantage.

Slowly, he opened his eyes and looked over at Elijah who was waiting patiently, ‘’so… you can… help me control it?’’

He nodded, ‘’I will help you learn to control the darkness – well, do not doubt me’’ he suddenly said, ‘’I know recently I haven’t exactly been keeping my own under control, but- ‘’

‘’You don’t need to explain yourself’’ Harley said, ‘’I get it. We all lose ourselves sometimes’’

Elijah sighed and dragged his hand over his face, ‘’that’s one way to put it. But yes, I will help you. However, you will not be able to shift at all until you have experienced your first full moon – you will not be able to control yourself at all during this time, so you will need to be restrained. After that, we can begin’’

Starting to feel uncomfortable, Harley looked back down at the floor, ‘’when is the next full moon?’’

‘’It has just passed – thirty days’’

Harley felt relieved that it was quite a while away, but it didn’t relieve all of his worry and sadness. He was stuck with this now, and he was going to have to learn to deal with it. But he felt glad that he had been offered help from someone like Elijah – someone who knew what they were doing and what they were talking about. He had no idea what to expect, but he trusted Elijah, and he knew that he could rely on him if he ever needed anything.

He looked back at Elijah, ‘’thank you’’

Elijah smirked, ‘’doitashimashite’’

you’re welcome’ – Harley looked back down at the floor. This was a side to Elijah he hardly ever saw, but he appreciated it more than he could ever explain or express. This man really was the Master he had been told he was.


Back at the castle, Kathrina had made her way back to the dining room. Alucard was sat at the very end of the table, another Vampire stood beside him, the two of them chatting in a different language quite unlike anything she had ever heard before. As she stood there, she squinted, realising that the other Vampire was in fact Urin. The two of them really did seem close; they laughed together, presumably exchanging jokes. Kathrina wasn’t quite sure, but she was intrigued.

She had changed into the dress; it was strapless and black in color. There were streaks of a very dark crimson, folding around the waist area to form gentle petal-like patterns, swirling down to the very bottom of the dress which fell onto the ground, dragging along behind her as she walked. Her long brown hair fell down past her waist, covering the Teshika mark on her back. The sapphire earing was still in her left ear, and she still wore the two necklaces Elijah had given her for her birthday. Beneath it, she was wearing high-healed shoes which felt rather uncomfortable – the entire outfit felt uncomfortable, but she had to bear with it.

Just then, Alucard and Urin fell silent. She flinched, realising that they had noticed her, both of then staring at her as she stood there, unsure of what to say or do.

Alucard stood up and grinned, ‘’vell, I see zhat you managed to find your vay back – and you look frumoasa’’ he called.

Kathrina frowned – she had no idea what that meant, but she didn’t really care. She sighed quietly and smiled.

‘’Come’’ Alucard called, ‘’sit’’

She watched as Urin turned around and left through one of the doors on the right wall. Once he was gone, she started to slowly walk towards the table, sitting down in an already pulled-out chair. Alucard sat back down at the very end of the table. Kathrina felt slightly awkward; how were they supposed to have a conversation if he was so far away that she’d have to shout for him to hear her?

‘’So,’’ he suddenly called, ‘’you vanted to know about Janus?’’

‘’Um… Yeah, I- ‘’

Alucard frowned, unable to understand her quiet mumbles.

She paused, noticing his frown. Without hesitating, eager to hear the story, she climbed to her feet, and as he watched her closely, she walked towards him, pulling out the chair beside him and sat down, staring up at his curious face.

‘’Yeah, tell me about him’’ she said.

Looking down at her, he slowly raised his left eyebrow, but slumped back and sighed, ‘’Janus vas vhat you people call a God’’ he began, ‘’and ‘e came to me a long time ago – vay bevore ze vone known as Lucious came to me’’

‘’You were a Vampire before you became an Elemental?’’

He nodded, ‘’I vas ze very virst Vampire. A very, very long time ago, my family owned zhese lands, but zhen, ze Nirbron family came along – zhey destroyed zhis land, and my family. Zhey imprisoned me for years, until I finally escaped. Zhen, not too long after zhat, I met Janus, vone of ze Gods. Back vhen I vas alive, Gods valked around zis world like you and I’’

Kathrina frowned, intrigued, but confused; why was he telling her all of this so openly? Did he really trust her this much already? She waited, eager to hear more.

Alucard sighed and looked up at the huge dragon skull behind him, ‘’Janus could feel my ‘atred, my desire for revenge – ‘e offered me ze chance to avenge my family and gave me power in ze form of Vampirism’’

‘’So, Vampirism was created by a God and not people?’’

‘’Yes, Kazrina. It is ze same for Lycanthropy, and Zemons – vell, the Zemons you associated vith, anyvay’’

Gazing up at him, she frowned again, ‘’so why did you end up killing him?’’

‘’Ze bastard tricked me. I should ‘ave known ‘e did not give me such a thing out of ze kindness of ‘is ‘eart’’ he frowned.

‘’What happened?’’ she asked.

Slowly, he looked at her, ‘’Janus enjoyed conflict; ‘e and another of ze Gods ‘ad planned something from ze very beginning, and I vas just a pawn. Artemis, another of ze Gods, created ze Verevolf curse, and our kinds vere vorever damned to fight. I lost my wife to zhose creatures – and vhen I finally vound a vay to keep zhem at bay, it vas too late for ‘er. Zhen, Lucious found me. I accepted ‘is Elemental power, and used it to kill Janus – all ze other Gods vere sealed into talismans, vut I killed ‘im. ‘e did not deserve such mercy’’

Listening to his story, Kathrina felt fascinated. It was true that Alucard was the first Vampire, and he was one even before he was an Elemental. It seemed as if he had been bribed with power both times, and he clearly regretted both. But that brought her to her next question:

‘’What do you need me for then?’’

He smirked, ‘’you vill ‘elp me remove zis filthy void magic from my body – it is vhat I ‘ave been using Edmund for, vut ‘e ‘as grown weak over the ‘undreds of years I ‘ave ‘ad ‘im’’

She frowned, slightly unsettled by the idea, ‘’okay… how do I do that?’’

‘’Zo not vorry, Kazrina’’ he convinced, ‘’all you ‘ave to do is use zat rune on your arm’’

She looked down at the rune on her wrist and frowned, ‘’how?’’

‘’You sword vielder’s are able to transfer void magic from one ving into another – I ‘ave been using Edmund to create zhose creatures you zee in ze forest. You are only capable of removing a very small amount at once – it ‘as taken me ‘undreds of years to extract nine tenths’ of ze magic – vith your ‘elp, I could be free of zis magic in a few days’’

Kathrina looked down at the floor, thinking. If Alucard removed all of the void magic from himself, that would mean he would no longer be an Elemental – she would have to go and kill every Lurker he had put the void magic – she wouldn’t have to kill him. Honestly, she didn’t want to kill him; he didn’t seem that bad – well, he had killed Gizon, nothing justified that, but he didn’t seem truly evil. She didn’t get the same feeling from him as she got from Lucious. Alucard seemed similar to Alikmartol – but he actually wanted to live, he just wanted to remove the void magic and free himself from Lucious.

She sympathised for him. That must be why he was so trusting – he just wanted to live. He didn’t want anything to do with Lucious, and he was nothing like him. He had had the chance to hurt her and her friends, but he had chosen not to. He was different, and she didn’t want to kill him – she wanted to help him.

Now, her original plan was dramatically changing. She had to think fast – either way, this was going to be a lot more difficult that she had originally thought.  


Alucard's backstory theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vwe0DVFhWwk&list=PLpyDzSsUDLP3zKfnnj10adCRBghov0rsP&index=11



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