Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Ambition

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Kathrina stared at Alucard, starting to think more and more about Elijah. She really did miss him; it felt odd not having him around, and she wanted more than anything to go back – but then, she remembered what had happened, and what he had said. Why was she even bothering to think about him? He didn’t care about her – he was nothing but a liar. She frowned sadly and looked down at the floor, trying to take her mind off it.

Alucard reached forward and picked up a wine glass, a thick, crimson liquid swaying around inside it as he pulled it to his lips and slowly drank it, staring up at the ceiling again.

Conflicted was an understatement here: Kathrina had no idea what to do or think. She wanted to do the right thing – she wanted to help Alucard. It might not be seen as the right thing, but she felt that it was; they didn’t have to kill everyone, did they? All that mattered was regaining the void magic, and if Alucard no longer had any, there would be no reason to kill him, right? She didn’t see him as the kind of person that wanted to kill them – he didn’t seem like Lucious. He just wanted to rid himself of the magic and get on with whatever kind of life he lived.

She frowned and thought to herself: was there a way to do both? Was there a way to regain the void magic and free Alucard without killing him? She was sure that Tsunami would at least be trying to come to her rescue, and if and when he arrived, they’d expect her to kill Alucard. It was stressful – she had until then to try and find a way to do this without killing Alucard.

‘’Vhat is brothering you, Kazrina?’’ Alucard suddenly asked.

Startled by his question, Kathrina flinched slightly, but then looked up at him. She had to make sure he trusted her if her mission was to be successful, so she had to tell him the truth – ‘’I was just thinking about Elijah’’ she said sadly.

He frowned, ‘’Elijah? I gather zhat is ze white-’aired man who betrayed you?’’

She nodded, an anger starting to build up within her, ‘’he lied to me – all my life he lied to me’’

‘’’ow did ‘e lie to you?’’ he asked, leaning closer as he placed his glass back down on the table, an intrigued look on his face.

For a moment, she hesitated. She didn’t want to talk about Elijah, but Alucard seemed interested, and he had already told her a lot about himself, so it was only fair if she was to answer some of his questions, maybe then he would answer more of hers.

Looking at him, she frowned sadly, ‘’I thought he loved me’’

Alucard sat up and frowned, ‘’ah, yes – love is a ‘arsh thing, Kazrina. Vhy did ‘e make you think zhat ‘e loved you?’’

Even she didn’t really know the answer to that. But she had to try and answer it, for both him and herself, but it was breaking her heart just thinking about it.

She looked up at him, ‘’he’s a Demon, so I guess he used me for some kind of salvation, or maybe he was just bored and wanted to destroy somebody’’

‘’And you vant revenge?’’ he asked, a sly grin appearing on his face.

‘’I… ‘’ she looked down at the floor and thought about it for a moment… she did. Elijah had hurt her in more ways that one, and she felt completely destroyed. He had taken so much from her, and he didn’t seem to care at all. She had thought he was different, that he actually loved and needed her, but that was all void. She felt as though nothing was ever constant in her life apart from one thing: heartbreak. He had destroyed her, and there was nothing left but a cold, frozen emptiness.

Slowly, she looked back up at him, ‘’I want to hurt him’’ she said sternly, ‘’I want him to feel the same kind of pain I feel – I want him to know what it feels like to hurt’’ she said quietly, tears starting to form in her eyes, ‘’I… I want him to… to… ‘’

Alucard grinned, ‘’die?’’

The word echoed through her head – no, she didn’t want him to die, she just wanted him to know how he had made her feel, and she wanted him to feel the same kind of pain. She looked at him again-

‘’I ‘ave already made preparations’’ Alucard said, taking another sip from his glass, ‘’zhose people zhat vere travelling vith you are ‘eading back to my city, and are planning to rescue you. I must keep zhem from doing so, so I must kill- ‘’

‘’Wait’’ she said, looking at his sly face.

He frowned, ‘’vhat?’’

The idea came to her so quickly that she didn’t even have time to properly think it through, but she had to keep him from hurting any of her friends – ‘’make him come here’’


She nodded, ‘’they won’t know what to do without him – and while he’s here, I can make him understand’’ she said.

An excited, sly grin appeared on his pale face, ‘’vhat do you plan for ‘im?’’

Slowly, she looked at him and smirked – he was going for it.


Meanwhile, out at sea, the ships were floating back towards the city which was just visible ahead of them.

Everyone except Opus was preparing for their assault on Alucard: they had all filed into the cabin, standing around the table as Luka stared at them all, ready to share the plan he and his team had come up with. Much like his brother, Luka was an amazing strategist, and he was certain his plan would work.

He leaned forward on the table, placing his hands down on it, and sighed deeply, ‘’right, this plan will take place at dusk’’ he began, ‘’all of us will have to work together, otherwise we will fail. The main priority is to rescue Kathrina’’ he said sternly as he glanced over at Elijah, ‘’we need her to kill Alucard’’

‘’So how do we get her?’’ Tsunami asked, staring at Luka.

‘’That will be Elijah’s job, as well as yours and your brothers – you are Demons, so you have a higher resistance to Vampire venom than the rest of us – even so, though, avoid getting bit – the last thing we need are you three hallucinating – especially you’’ Luka said as he looked over at Elijah.

Elijah frowned, offended, but remained silent.

‘’I snatched some Werewolf venom from the old man’s room’’ Luka said, reaching into his pocket – he pulled out a small jar half-filled with a yellow sap-like liquid and placed it on the table, ‘’we will need this to kill Alucard before Kathrina can use the sword. I will divide this out, so that all of us can coat our weapons in it – whoever gets a chance to impale Alucard, do it. We need to be unpredictable, so the more of us there are with the ability to defeat him, the better’’

Logan nodded, ‘’makes sense – but what about all the Vampires? I’m sure there’s hundreds – even thousands protecting him’’

Luka nodded, ‘’Vampires are not tricky opponents; however, from what Eli has told me, the majority of the population are Higher Vampires – they will be a problem. The last of your silver dust supply was used when the Fire-Teshika assassins attacked, so our best weapon here… is you’’ he said, looking down at Thea.

Her eyes widened with bewilderment as everyone turned to look at her, ‘’me?’’

‘’Indeed. You can shift, and fire is a Vampire’s greatest weakness – you will cover us as we fight our way to the building you attended the masquerade at. Tsunami discovered an entrance to Alucard’s castle there, so we will be getting in that way’’

‘’What do we do once we’re inside?’’ Joe asked, looking back at Luka.

Standing up straight, Luka cleared his throat, ‘’we will separate into select groups: as I said earlier, my brother will go with Tsunami and Alpha – your focus will be obtaining Kathrina while the rest of us work on distracting Alucard and whatever reinforcements he has with him. Merek, Reiner, Klaus, Cedric and myself will be the lead antagonists’’ he explained, pointing to each of his four allies as they nodded in agreement.

‘What about us?’’ Harley asked.

‘’You will lead Logan, Joe, and Thea behind us, backing us up. I gather you will be staying behind?’’ he asked, looking at Octavia.

She nodded.

‘’Great’’ Luka said, ‘’so, do we all understand what our places are?’’

Everyone nodded.

‘’Any objections?’’

They all shook their heads.

‘’Good. Now, we have approximately ten minutes before we reach the city – I must use this time to converse with my brother – everyone, out’’ Luka said.

At that, everyone filed out of the room, leaving Luka and Elijah alone.


Luka turned to his brother, ‘’any objections, brother?’’

Elijah sighed and slumped down in the chair beside him, ‘’no – I just… I hate that I let this happen. All of this is my fault’’

Sitting down opposite his brother, Luka shook his head, ‘’it was not your fault that Kathrina- ‘’

‘’It was’’ he said sternly, ‘’I lost control of myself – I did not even know what I said to her, but whatever it was, it clearly hurt her so badly that she felt no need to fight Alucard off when he attempted to abduct her again – it is my fault. I… I broke her heart’’ he said quietly, starting to feel a deep sadness emerging from within him, ‘’I swore to never hurt her, but I did it anyway. She trusted me never to hurt her, and now, I drove her away, just like I drive everybody away’’

‘’Eli- ‘’

‘’I love her more than I can explain, and now that she’s gone, I have no idea what to do – I just want to get to her, I want to tell her what happened – I need to try and explain myself’’

Noticing his brother’s sadness, Luka sighed and leaned forward, ‘’keep your composure, brother – do not break down again, you must withhold your emotions and concentrate on her rescue. Kathrina is one of the most understanding people I know, so I am sure she will understand once you explain it to her, but you must be completely honest – she needs to understand why you lost control’’

He nodded slowly, looking down at the floor, ‘’I will tell her everything – I will tell her about the seal, the risks, the story behind it – I will tell her it all. She deserves to know, I only wish I had told her all those years ago’’

‘’Well, now is a better time than any – as people say: ‘better late than never’, brother’’

Slowly, Elijah looked up at his brother and frowned, ‘’do… do you think she will forgive me?’’

Luka sighed and sat back, ‘’there is no telling how badly you hurt her, but I am sure, in time, she will forgive you. Like I said, do not hold anything back – tell her everything. Wherever she is right now, I am sure she is thinking of you – she loves you, she told me so herself. But before she can forgive you, you must forgive yourself, Eli’’

‘’How can I forgive myself for this?’’ he asked irritably, ‘’I broke every promise I ever made to her – I hurt her physically and mentally – I am an idiot, and I do not deserve to be forgiven – but I cannot live without her’’ he said sadly, ‘’I cannot’’

Staring at his depressed brother, Luka frowned sympathetically. He knew how much Kathrina meant to Elijah, and he hated to see him so distressed. There was a chance that Kathrina wouldn’t forgive him, and if that happened, there was no telling what would become of Elijah. However, he could see that talking about this was making it worse for Elijah, so the best thing to do now was change the subject, and Luka knew exactly how to do so.

He stood up, ‘’stop moping – I must repair that seal’’

Elijah looked up at his brother who had started removing his coat, ‘’now?’’

‘’Yes, now. The sooner it is done, the better. Now, take that off and lean over the table’’ Luka instructed, pulling a small box from his coat pocket before he placed it down onto the table.

Reluctant, Elijah slowly pulled off his shirt and placed it down in front of him on the table, using it as a rest for his arms as he leaned over, resting his head in them, ‘’how long will this take?’’ he asked, staring at the table.

Luka walked over and stared down at Elijah’s Teshika mark – it looked a lot worse than it had the last time he had seen it. The black rune-like marks had spread all the way down his back, stretching below his belt. The top marks had reached and spiralled around on his shoulders – a mark had even spread up his neck, disappearing under his hair. The sight made Luka panic – he had chosen to do this at the right time. If he had waited any longer, Elijah may have been completely lost.

Opening the small box and revealing a black powder, Luka frowned, ‘’it will take a few minutes, but I can only do this once, brother’’

‘’What about side effects?’’ he asked, ‘’when dad did this, I lost my ability to shift’’

‘’No side effects, brother. However, the repaired seal will be a lot weaker than the original. You MUST cease drinking blood’’

‘’I already said that I will’’ he grumbled.

’If you so much as drink another drop, this seal could break, and you will turn into a full Fire-Teshika Demon. This seal keeps that side of you sedated. Now, this may hurt’’ he warned, dabbing his fingers into the powder as he placed the box down on the table.

‘’Just get on with it’’ Elijah mumbled.

Frowning, Luka placed his fingers on Elijah’s back and dragged them around his Teshika mark, leaving a trail of the powder. He drew a circle around the mark and then placed his hand over it. Then, he started muttering in a different language, one that even Elijah didn’t understand.

Elijah grunted quietly, an electrifying pain suddenly shooting through his body, racing up and down his back, his shoulders starting to feel numb, aching harshly. He gritted his teeth, trying to keep himself calm, but it actually hurt a lot more than he had thought. It felt as though someone was dragging a sharp dragged across his back – like they were using his skin as a canvas, the blade being their quill. It was awful, but he had to sit through it. If he didn’t, he’d turn into a Fire-Teshika.

His brother kept mumbling, the pain in his back spreading through his entire body – the pain started cutting through his head, causing him to flinch violently, grunting angrily.

Luka watched as the black lines started shrinking, moving back into the Teshika mark, swerving around on his brother’s back like snakes. It was working. He could feel Elijah flinching and hear him grunting, but he wasn’t resisting. He continued to mumble the words his father had taught him all those years ago in case anything like this ever happened – Gorvenal had entrusted Luka to take care of his little brother, and it was something he took very seriously. Elijah was all that remained of his past, and if he were to lose him, it would be the same for Elijah if he was to lose Kathrina – Luka would lose his mind.

Muttering the last few words, he watched as the last of the lines vanished back into Elijah’s Teshika mark, leaving no trace that they were ever there. It had worked, but as he had told his brother, this repaired seal wasn’t as strong as the actual thing. It acted as a temporary seal, and it would eventually break one day – Elijah’s consumption of blood would only speed up its deterioration. In a year or so, Luka would have to do this again – he would have to do it again every year for the rest of his brother’s life. But it was something he would not hesitate to do.

He took his hand off Elijah’s back and picked up his coat, putting it back on as Elijah gradually sat back up, grunting quietly, ‘’it is done’’ Luka said, picking up the small box of powder and putting it back into his pocket.

Elijah irritably rubbed the back of his neck and sighed loudly, ‘’you fixed it?’’

‘’Yes’’ he lied, ‘’I will need to check it again in a years’ time – father told me if this was to happen, I should keep an eye on it. Now, do not drink any more blood, or it will break again – understand?’’

He nodded, ‘’yes’’

‘’Good. Now, let me get a look at that rune on your wrist’’ he said, watching as Elijah put his shirt back on.

As he put his shirt on, Elijah sighed and laid his left arm out on the table, presenting the summoning rune to his brother. Luka sat back down and stared closely at it. However, he didn’t notice any kind of rune that were used to torture people – could it be that the rune was originally meant for the purpose of controlling the person who had it? Perhaps Opus just added the summoning part himself. Either way, Luka had to find a way to remove it from Elijah’s wrist.

He shook his head and sat back, ‘’it will take me some time to study this’’ he said, reaching into his coat pocket again.

Elijah watched as Luka pulled out a small piece of paper and a piece of chalk. He started drawing a copy of the summoning rune, looking back at his wrist every couple of seconds until he was sure that he had it right. Then, he put the chalk and paper back into his pocket as he stood up.

‘’We must prepare – we will be reaching the city any minute now’’

He nodded, watching as his brother turned around and left the room. As the door closed, the black cat appeared from beneath one of the cabinets, meowing loudly as it made its way over to him.

As it reached him, he leaned down and picked it up, placing it in his lap, ‘’what do you want?’’ he asked quietly, petting its head as it started purring.

The cat looked up at him and meowed quietly, starting to affectionately dig its claws into his leg, making him flinch and scowl angrily at it.


Elijah pet the cat’s head again, but, just then, a strange sound started echoing from outside – it sounded like the sails of the ship swaying violently in the wind, but it came from behind the ship… slowly, Elijah stood up, placing the cat onto the floor –

Before he could react, one of the windows flung open, a freezing breeze rushing in as the curtain flew around violently – suddenly, a familiar black mist raced into the room, headed right for him –

He had no time to react – the mist reached him, and as it did, Urin’s hand stretched out from the fog, grabbing hold of Elijah’s throat, pinning him against the wall as he grunted and struggled. The mist cleared, revealing Urin completely, a sly grin on his face. Elijah stared back, astonished at how strong he really was – it was now clear to him why Tsunami had been so easily defeated.

Urin grinned as he heard Elijah choke, ‘’do you vemember me?’’ he asked, ‘’I vemember you’’

Scowling evilly as he grabbed Urin’s wrist with his claw-bared hands, Elijah growled, trying to pull him off, but he was so much stronger than he was – how was this possible?!

‘’I have come vith an invitation – Lord Alucard vishes to see you – alone. You vill come to ze castle as soon as your ships reach the harbour – if you attempt to tell anyone vhere you are going, or bring anyvone vith you, Alucard vill kill ze girl – and everyvone else’’ he grinned, staring right into Elijah’s eyes.

As soon as he heard him mention Kathrina, he growled angrily, trying to get him off, but he tightened his grip of his throat, making him gag and choke violently.

‘’Or I could just kill you now’’ Urin growled.

Struggling, Elijah shook his head.

Urin grinned, ‘’very vell – I vill let Lord Alucard know zhat you vill be zhere – you bes be zhere at dusk, or I am sure he vill cu zhat pretty girls face up’’

Glaring at him, Elijah grunted, still trying to pull him off.

Laughing, Urin let go, abruptly disappearing into a black mist, racing back out of the window as Elijah dropped to his knees, holding his throat, coughing violently, catching his breath. But by the time he had recovered, Urin was already gone.


Back at the castle, Kathrina was still sitting with Alucard. Now that she had explained her story to him, she wanted to know more about Janus.

Looking at him as he finished his drink, she asked, ‘’how did you kill Janus?’’

He placed his glass back down and reached into his cuirass, gripping a chain, and pulled it out, revealing a black colored amulet, a familiar-looking purple crystal at it’s centre, ‘’ze rest of ‘is body is sealed in ‘ere – zhis is vone of ze talismans used to seal ze gods. After zheir king vas sealed avay by ze Dragon Magus’, ze other dragons became veaker – zey vere easier to defeat – void magic is a lethal weapon, and can be used for just about anyving. I used it to tear out ‘is soul, vhich I later stored in a ‘uman, who I killed. ‘e died vith that ‘uman. I took ‘is ‘ead as a trophy, and sealed ze rest of ‘is body in ‘ere’’

Kathrina gazed at the talisman, fascinated. The crystal looked a lot like the ones that were in the hilt of the Elemental sword, and she wanted to know if it was the same. However, I didn’t look like Alucard was going to give her the chance to ask. He placed it back under his cuirass and leaned forward, looking at her.

She frowned, ‘’well, are you going to tell me how to help you?’’ she asked.

He smirked, ‘’vhy are you so eager to ‘elp me?’’

‘’I’m not eager’’ she mumbled, looking away, ‘’I just want to know what I have to do’’

Alucard swivelled around in his seat to face her, lifting his left arm out from under his cloak, ‘’take ‘old of my vrist’’ he said, holding his arm out to her.

She stared down at his arm, but slowly raised her left hand and took hold of his wrist. Then, he gripped her wrist with his hand and looked at her.

‘’You know ‘ow to focus magic, vight?’’

Kathrina nodded.

‘’Vell, focus your magic into zhat rune on your vrist, vut do not summon ze sword’’

‘’Okay’’ she said quietly, starting to focus.

Staring at her own and Alucard’s wrist, she started concentrating, frowning as she tried focusing her magic into the summoning rune. It didn’t take very long; she was used to focusing magic since she had to do the same to shift – suddenly, Alucard’s wrist started to glow a bright purple, an aura floating off his skin and slowly making its way over to hers. Her wrist also started glowing purple, and the snake-like purple aura started seeping into her skin.

Alucard grunted in what seemed like pain, gritting his teeth as Kathrina continued to focus, staring at the purple light.

But soon, she started to feel dizzy, her arm starting to feel as if it was burning. She flinched, but continued, curious as to what this was doing – suddenly, Alucard yanked his wrist away, hiding it back under his cloak as Kathrina looked up at him.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ she asked, ‘’was it working?’’

He nodded, a pained look on his face.

It was then that Kathrina realised – the reason that so much could only be removed at one time was because he couldn’t sit through it for very long. Did that mean that she would technically remove it all at once? Or would it kill him? He looked extremely pained right now – why had he lied about that? Why hadn’t he just been honest? But then, she frowned – he clearly had a pride problem, just like every other guy she knew. Typical.

She stared at him as he reached out for his empty glass, tipping it up into the air, trying to shake out any of the remaining liquid, but there was nothing left. He sighed angrily and placed it back down.

‘’Are you alright?’’ she asked, frowning.

‘’Yes, Kazrina’’ he said, leaning back in his chair, ‘’zhey should be ‘ere vith your food soon’’

Kathrina frowned again, but sat back in her seat and waited. She didn’t know what to expect to happen in the next couple of hours, but she was hoping that everything would go as she had planned.


Down in the city, the two ships had reached the docks – they were swaying silently in the sea a few meters from the dock, their anchors dropped into the water.

In the cabin, Elijah was pulling on his cloak, his swords at his side. He made sure the belts on his coat were secure, tugging them slightly. He was ready to go, but he had to be careful. He had to get past his brother as well as everyone else – he had to do this alone, or Kathrina was going to be hurt again because of him. He didn’t even take a moment to think about what might be waiting for him – he just wanted to get to her.

He took a deep breath and then walked over to the window that was still open. He crouched down, grabbed the edge and dropped out the back of the ship. He bared his claws and used them to slowly and quietly climb down the back of the ship, sinking into the water below without so much as a splash. He grunted irritably, the water soaking his clothes.

Floating there, he looked back up at the ship one last time before diving beneath the water, making his way to the shore without anyone noticing. He hated going behind his brother’s back like this, but he wasn’t going to risk Kathrina getting hurt again, even if it meant he was walking into a trap – he had to make sure that she was okay.

Swimming forward, he continued to think about her. He had no idea what had happened to her during their fight – he had been told that he had hurt her, but no one had told him exactly how. He was terrified that he had torn her up with his claws, or worse – he hated knowing he had done something like that, and he hated himself for letting it happen. There was nothing he could do to take it back, and he didn’t deserve to be forgiven, but he needed to see her. He needed the chance to explain himself.

Reaching the shore, he quickly pulled himself from the water, brushing his hand through his hair, shaking the water from it irritably. Then, hastily, he made his way up to the docks and headed straight up the street. He planned to get into the castle the same way his brother had said they would in his plan; it was the only way he knew of, and it was most likely that Urin knew as well. He was prepared for an ambush, and he knew he was capable of taking on a hoard of Higher Vampires – as long as they weren’t all as strong as Urin was. There was something incredibly strange about that man – perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he could walk in the sunlight? – no, he didn’t care, he just needed to focus on getting to Kathrina before anyone back on the ship realises that he had left.

Racing through the deserted street, the gates to the building where the masquerade had been held came into view, and Elijah abruptly picked up his pace. Rushing forward, he burst through the gates, racing towards the building’s entrance, a furious anger building up within him – the thought of Alucard hurting Kathrina made him furious – he wanted to kill that bastard for touching her, he wanted to tear him apart over and over – that man was going to pay for taking away the one thing that Elijah loved, and he was going to see just how merciless Elijah was.

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