Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Lex Talionis

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Submitted: December 19, 2017



Reaching the building, Elijah kicked the doors in – as they smashed against the wall, he raced into the building, rushing through the corridor and into the ballroom. He didn’t waste any time at all. He passed Gizon’s dead corpse which was still there from the other night and headed for the door he had entered the night of the masquerade. He pulled it open, raced down the stairs and into the dungeons below, the same foul, damp stench lingering in the air as several rats scurried away, squeaking loudly.

Elijah frowned, stopping for a moment catch his breath, panting furiously. His legs were trembling, his throat aching, his heart racing – he was so desperate to get to Kathrina that he had ignored his own limitations. He knew he couldn’t run for very long, and he had overdone it. But he couldn’t give up, he had to get to her!

Growling, he heaved himself forward and raced down the corridors, turning into the fifth exit, hurrying to the small room that contained the trap door. He rushed up the ladder, hitting the trap door so furiously that it exploded into shattered pieces, splinters raining down as he burst out from the floor, racing through the huge hallways.

He took no time to examine his surroundings or try to predict what was waiting ahead – he did, however, focus just enough to locate Kathrina – he had picked up her scent the moment he burst into the hallway, and now, he was racing to her location, fury in his eyes, his anger burning, his claws bared – he was ready to tear apart anything that got in his way – he WAS going to get her back!

Growling furiously, he turned a corner, his eyes fixed upon a door at the end of the hall just ahead – that was where her scent was coming from. Ignoring his fatigue, he continued racing, his anger increasing, his desire to kill so intense that he could feel his claws longing to rip through flesh, his fangs crying for blood – he wanted to slaughter everything!


Inside the room, Alucard and Kathrina were standing side by side beside the table.

He looked down at her and frowned, ‘’are you sure zis is vhat you vant?’’

She nodded, the sound of rushing footsteps approaching. This was what she wanted.


The door at the end of the hall exploded into small pieces as Elijah burst in, a furious look on his face as he stumbled and stopped, glaring at Alucard as he panted frantically.

His heart racing, he glared at Alucard, but then stared at Kathrina – she looked… ashamed. The despondent look on her face made Elijah frown – was something wrong with her? And why was she dressed like she was?

He took a deep breath, trying to calm down – none of that mattered. What mattered was that she was there, and so was Alucard. He held his claw-bared hands to his side, ready to fight.

‘’I see zhat you ‘ave made it – could you ‘ave at least knocked?’’ he asked pleasantly.

Elijah growled furiously, ‘’give her to me!’’ he demanded.

Alucard grinned and looked down at Kathrina – she slowly moved closer to him, grabbing his arm in both of hers, embracing him.

‘’Vhat makes you think she vants to go to you?’’

Staring at her, he frowned again, confused. His anger suddenly sank into distress as he watched her rest her head on Alucard, a calm, peaceful look on her face – what was going on here?

‘’Ze girl is mine now’’ Alucard grinned.

Elijah looked to Kathrina, a panicked look on his face.

Kathrina lifted her head from his shoulder and looked over at him vacantly, ‘’you mean nothing to me; I don’t need you anymore – I don’t love you’’ she called coldly.

As her words came to him, he felt his heart break, all of his anger turning into sadness. He felt weak, defeated. Unable to control himself, he dropped to his knees – Kathrina… did not love him. She had left him, he had driven her away, and now, he was going to be alone – forever. This was his fault; if only he had listened to Luka, if only he had controlled himself, if only… if only… no – he wasn’t going to sit here and mope – he had come here to kill Alucard, and that was what he was going to do! Kathrina was his, and no one else’s! He had marked her, he had claimed her – whether she loved him or not, she still belonged to him, and he would make sure everyone knew that.

Clenching his fists, he stumbled back to his feet, glaring up at Alucard who was grinning evilly.

‘’You vant to fight me still?’’ he called in an amused tone.

Elijah scowled angrily, ‘’she’s… mine’’ he growled, so quietly that they couldn’t hear him.

‘’Vhat vas that?’’ Alucard grinned-

‘’SHE’S MINE!!!’’ he yelled, so furiously that the glasses on the table shook.

Kathrina flinched, the sound of his possessive, furious voice cutting right through her – this wasn’t good for either Alucard or Elijah – she had never seen him look so furious… and she was afraid.


Blood dripped onto the floor as Elijah’s claws dug into the palms of his hands where he was clenching his fists so furiously, his breathing now aggressive, furious growls – he was NOT going to hold back! He leaned forward, ready to run at him –

Suddenly, all of the doors on the left and the right side of the room burst open – groups of Vampires raced out, their fangs bared, hissing furiously as they raced over to Elijah – he frowned, growling – there was no way he was going to be stopped by a few shitty Vampires!

Just as quickly as they came at him, he tore them down like they were nothing:

Baring his claws, he readied himself – the first came at him – Elijah dodged his swipe the grabbed his head with his hands, yelling furiously as he crushed the Vampires skull with his bare hands!

The next raced at him, hissing aggressively – Elijah hissed back – the Vampire attempted to get around him, but he grabbed the Vampire’s throat, held him up and forced his hand into his chest, ripping out the creature’s heart and throwing its limp body onto the floor as the next came at him-

He ducked under the Vampires swing and swung his leg around, crane-kicking the Vampire’s head so ferociously that his jaw flew from his skull, landing on the floor just beside Alucard who was watching in amusement.

Elijah shoved the jawless Vampire back into two more who were coming at him – he abruptly pulled his sword from his scabbard, split it into two and as flames consumed the blades, he stabbed the blades through the Vampires – they instantly caught fire and started screaming as Elijah growled furiously at them, yanking his blades back, turning to face the next incoming Vampire.


The Vampire smashed his fist into Elijah’s face, but he didn’t even flinch – he forced both his swords forward and as they cut through the Vampire’s chest, he pulled them to the side, cutting the Vampire in half horizontally, blood spraying all over his face as he yelled angrily, his pain and anger driving him forward.

As he slayed them, he moved closer to Alucard, glancing at him every chance he got – he was going to kill that man, and he was going to get Kathrina back-


Elijah grunted as a Vampire smashed into him, sending him stumbling back, but he gripped his swords tightly and swiped it through the air, fire spewing ahead, covering the Vampire who dropped to the floor and screamed hysterically as the flames melted his cold flesh.

But then, Elijah shuddered, a large group of Vampires headed right for him – there were at least eight, and he had to think fast-

Growling, he gripped his sword hilts tightly.


Kathrina stood there, watching as Elijah cut through the Vampires. She didn’t doubt him at all, she knew he could fight them, but she wasn’t sure whether he would get through what was about to come next. Now, she was starting to hesitate, but it was too late. Elijah was here, Alucard was here, and the fight was already in motion. All she could do was stand there and hope everything went as she had planned.


Elijah morphed his swords back into one, sheathed it and reached under his cloak – as they Vampires came at him, he bared his fangs and gripped the weapons he had concealed beneath his cloak…

He waited, watching as the hissing Vampires got closer and closer… he scowled, ready –

Abruptly, he pulled his hands from his cloak-


Suddenly, four of the Vampires fell, starting to scream in agony, kunai embedded in their chests, a black liquid smothering them – Demon venom. Elijah grinned as the other four Vampires looked back at their comrades in shock –

Seizing his chance, Elijah burst into action, racing towards them, claws bared – instantaneously, he forced both his hands into two of the Vampires’ chests, ripping their beating hearts from their bodies, and as they fell to the floor, he sprung onto one of the others, tearing at his throat like a savage beast with his claws, blood spraying all over his hands and face-


The last Vampire kicking Elijah’s side furiously, sending him flying back – while airborne, Elijah steadied himself and landed on his feet, skidding back slightly, dragging his claws along the floor to slow his momentum – abruptly, he burst back into action and raced at the Vampire as he raced towards him, hissing furiously, angered by his fallen comradeds.

Elijah dodged his hands, crashed his fist into the Vampires chest, and pulled him into a headlock before he could try and fight back – then, yelling furiously, Elijah pulled, tearing the Vampire’s head from his body.


Dropping the dead body, Elijah panted furiously, wiping his face, blood smudging all over it as he glared at Alucard.

Alucard widened his eyes in astonishment – he hadn’t thought Elijah was capable of tearing through all of them so easily – clearly, he had underestimated him – but he wasn’t finished.

Kathrina stared down at Elijah as he glared at Alucard, a fury in his eyes she had never seen. Now, she was beginning to understand that her suspicions were correct – seeing the massacre proved it. Not just that, but the look on Elijah’s face removed all the doubts that she had. But now, the most difficult part of her plan was about to begin. She didn’t know if she could bear to watch, but she had too.

She looked up at Alucard, ‘’do it’’

He looked down at her and grinned.


Elijah frowned, hearing what she had just said, and as Alucard turned back to look at him, he realised what was about to happen, but it was too late-

Before he could even try to react, Alucard simultaneously burst into a cloud of vermilion smoke and appeared right in front of him-


Elijah grunted painfully as Alucard crashed his fist into his chest, sending him flying back – CRASH!!!

He hit the wall and as he landed, he tried pulling himself to his feet, coughing as blood sprayed from his mouth-

Alucard appeared before him again, grabbed his collar and held him up in the air, and evil grin on his face as he swung around and launched Elijah through the air again like he was nothing-

Landing on the blood-stained floor, Elijah tumbled back, grunting, trying to slow down – he slammed his claws down into the carpet, lying on his back. Grunting, he tried climbing to his feet again-

‘’Pathetic!’’ Alucard spat, picking him up again, but this time, he slammed him back down into the floor, making him cough violently, blood spraying from his mouth onto Alucard’s evil face.


From the end of the room, Kathrina watched as Alucard beat Elijah – she started to regret her decision – she couldn’t stand to watch Elijah get hurt like this! What was she thinking?! But as much as she wanted to intervene, now wasn’t the time – she had to wait.


Laughing, Alucard smashed Elijah down into the floor again, grinning as he coughed again – after smashing him down one last time, he stood up straight, staring down at him.

Elijah felt completely defeated. It had all happened so quickly that he couldn’t work out where he was, or what had happened – all he could remember was Alucard appearing in front of him that first time. Agonising pain surged through his entire body and he could feel his blood escaping through what felt like dozens of small wounds.

Dazed, he slowly moved his head to look up at Alucard who was glaring down at him, an evil grin on his bloodied face. He grunted, slowly dragging his hand from beside him, trying to use it to push himself up, struggling to get up-

Alucard slammed his foot down on Elijah’s chest, and as he grunted painfully, Alucard grinned again. He had defeated him a lot quicker than he had thought he would – this man was nothing.

The agony quickly and ceaselessly growing, Elijah groaned, closing his eyes. It was all coming to him now, and he regretted his choice to run in there with no plan at all – what was he thinking? This was Alucard, an Elemental and Vampire thousands of years old – how could he have been such an idiot? Once again, he had allowed his emotions to control him – he was so furious, so distressed – he wanted nothing more than to get to Kathrina, to kill this man – but he had failed.

Slowly, he opened his eyes, his vision starting to blur. He set his eyes upon the blurred figure of Kathrina; she was still standing where she had been, staring over at him. He couldn’t see what kind of look she had on her face, but he wished he could just see her clearly one last time. If she really did not love him, then why was he even fighting? Why had he even bothered? Without her, he was nothing, and he may as well let Alucard kill him – he wouldn’t live without her.

He closed his eyes again, waiting. In the end, Luka had been right. Kathrina was going to be the death of him, but you know what? He was happy about that. He had always said he would die for her, and right now, he was about to do just that. It might not be to save her life, or anyone else’s, but it was to satisfy her. Clearly, he had broken her, and she wanted to break him back so that she could move on. This was obviously her way of doing that, so he welcomed it. All he wanted was for Kathrina to be happy, and if his death meant that, then he would go willingly.


Just then, Alucard grabbed his collar and pulled him to his feet. He dragged him forward, forcing him down onto his knees a few feet away from Kathrina.

Coughing quietly and as blood trickled down his chin from his mouth, Elijah opened his eyes, gazing up at Kathrina. Alucard grabbed a fistful of his white hair in his hands, making him face her as she slowly made her way towards them.

As she started walking closer to Elijah, she could feel a cold anxiety building up within her. His face was covered in his own and Vampire’s blood. He looked dazed, and completely defeated. Alucard had made quick work of him, and Elijah hadn’t even had the chance to even think about fighting back. She hated herself for allowing him to be put through such torment, but it had to happen.

Reaching them, she stopped a few meters away from them, her gaze turning into a forced glare as she looked down at Elijah. He stared back at her, the fury that was once in his eyes now replaced with desperation and pain.

Looking at him, she hesitated slightly, ‘’how does it feel to be thrown around like you’re nothing?’’ she asked.

Struggling and groaning, he frowned, confused.

She scowled as Alucard tightened his grip on Elijah’s hair, ‘’this is how I feel’’ she said, a tear suddenly falling down her face, ‘’this is what it felt like when you threw me away like I was nothing!’’

Elijah flinched, startled by the sudden raise in her voice.

‘’I hate you!’’ she yelled, ‘’you lied to me all my life! You used me!’’

Grunting, Elijah struggled to shake his head, ‘’n-no- ‘’

‘’Silence!’’ Alucard spat, tugging on his hair, making him grunt both angrily and painfully.

Kathrina sniffled and wiped her teary face, ‘’how could you do that? How could you do that to me?!’’

He tried speaking again, but Alucard silenced him.

‘’You took everything from me!’’ she cried, ‘’and now… I’ll take everything from you!’’

She started stepping back, tears rolling down her face – Elijah had tried talking many times, but Alucard had silenced him each time.

Then, as Kathrina back away and stood next to the table again, Alucard pulled Elijah to his feet, grinning evilly.

Kathrina watched as Alucard got ready to execute him right in front of her. She stood there, tears streaming down her face, her sadness becoming something overwhelming. In that moment, everything she had ever shared with Elijah came back to her. Everything he had ever said, everything he had ever done – all of it broke her heart.


Elijah stared at Kathrina, but realised that she wasn’t going to say or do anything else. This was it. She was finished with him, and it was his fault. But he wasn’t going to try fighting. He could feel his strength returning, his body edging him to attack, but he didn’t. What was the point? He had no reason to live, nothing to fight for – Kathrina hated him, and wanted him to die – so that is what he would do.

Alucard grinned and raised his hand, reading to impale him-

‘’Wait!’’ Kathrina called.

Instantly, Alucard stopped and looked over at her, waiting.

Elijah opened his eyes and stared at her, his heart racing – what was she about to say? Was she rethinking her choice? Was she going to forgive him?

Kathrina’s face was vacant. She sniffled quietly and looked at Alucard, ‘’don’t kill him too quickly’’ she said harshly, ‘’I want him to suffer – kill him like you killed Gizon’’

Alucard laughed evilly, ‘’you vant me to make ‘is insides outsides?’’

She nodded, forcing a grin.

Staring at her, Elijah widened his eyes in astonishment and panic – had those words really just come out of her mouth? What was wrong with her? This girl was not the Kathrina he knew – what the hell was going on with her?!

‘’Wait!’’ Kathrina called again just as Alucard was about to move around to Elijah’s front.

He stopped and looked at her again.

‘’I want to say something before you end his miserable life’’

Alucard grinned, ‘’by all means, my zear’’

She inhaled deeply and scowled at Elijah, ‘’anata ga iru toki ni watashi wa kare o korosu junbi ga dekite iru’’ she called.

Elijah felt his heart skip a beat…


Meanwhile, back on the ship, Luka was heading over to the cabin, everyone else standing on the deck, ready to leave. The moon was making its way into the sky, and their plan was about to begin.

Reaching the door, Luka knocked several times, waiting. He felt ready for this, but he was unsure if his brother was. He knew how much Kathrina meant to Elijah, and if she ended up getting hurt, or being pulled into a situation that threatened her life, he knew that Elijah would abandon the plan and run straight to her. He was hoping that he would keep hi composure this time – not just for himself, but for everyone else here. Elijah was a main asset in this plan and without him, they wouldn’t be able to go ahead with it.

But then, Luka frowned, unsure why his brother was taking so long to answer. He knocked again, ‘’Eli, we are leaving - get out here!’’ he called, growing impatient very quickly.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ Harley called, waiting with everyone else.

‘’He’s not answering’’ Luka growled, banging on the door again.

Alpha started snickering-

‘’What the hell is funny?!’’ Luka yelled.

‘’Woah’’ Alpha laughed, ‘’cranky’’

Luka scowled evilly at him, but grabbed the door handle and force the door open, ‘’Eli, get your ass out-‘’ he paused, standing in the door way – one of the window was wide open, the curtain flapping around crazily in the breeze.

Angered, he stormed into the room; the cat was sitting on the table, cleaning its paws. Beside it was a small bottle, its contents drained…

‘’Shit’’ he growled, picking up the bottle, realising it to be the one that had contained the Werewolf venom.

‘’What is it?’’ Tsunami called.

Looking over his shoulder, Luka glared at all of the group as they stood outside the door, peering in.

‘’He ain’t here, is he?’’ Alpha called, ‘’I coulda told you that the moment he left- ‘’

‘’Then why did you not?!’’ Luka yelled, turning to face them.

Alpha shrugged, ‘’didn’t feel like it’’

Furious, Luka clenched his fists, but managed to keep himself from lunging at Alpha – ‘’you two, get the fuck up to that castle – now!’’ he demanded, ‘’he’s going to need your help!’’

Staring at the panicked look on Luka’s face, Tsunami nodded, but Alpha wasn’t as willing. He didn’t care about Elijah, really. He thought it was rather funny that he had run off by himself thinking that he could take on Alucard. But Elijah had always been an idiot. Alpha was just hoping that he would get himself killed, then Kathrina would be free of him.

‘’What are you waiting for?!’’ Luka yelled.

Alpha shrugged again, ‘’can’t be bothered’’

‘’Brother?!’’ Tsunami exclaimed, ‘’what the hell is wrong with you?!’’

‘’Nothin’, I just don’t care about scar-face. If he wants to get himself killed, that’s fine by me. I ain’t risking myself to save that asshole’’

Everyone scowled sceptically at Alpha as he looked around at them all.

‘’What?!’’ he exclaimed, ‘’seriously? We had a fucking plan, and he decides to go off on his own, like fucking always! I ain’t- ‘’

Suddenly, Luka grabbed Alpha’s collar and pulled him into his face, ‘’do as I say, or I will kill you, you piece of shit! I know exactly how to kill you, and unlike my brother, I will not hesitate’’ he threatened, an intimidating furry in his eyes.

‘’Ya don’t scare me, ginger’’ he grinned.

‘’Oi, jus’ do what he says’’ Reiner called.

‘’Yeah, man’’ Merek called, ‘’if you don’t, Luka ain’t gonna be the only one killing you’’

Slowly, Alpha looked around at everyone, realising they all had the same look on their faces – did all of them seriously agree with this red-head? Did they all want him and his brother to race to scar-faces rescue? How sad.

He scowled evilly, smacking Luka’s hand away, ‘’whatever’’

At that, both Tsunami and Alpha’s wings formed on their backs, and they sprung into action, speeding towards the castle that sat at the end of the city.

‘’Why would he run off on his own?’’ Harley asked, ‘’he was all for your plan’’

‘’Beats me’’ Luka mumbled, closing the cabin door behind him as he walked out.

‘’Do you think something happened to Kathrina and he sensed it?’’ Thea asked desperately, ‘’like, can’t he sense things with that Demon mark of his?’’

Everyone looked at her strangely. They actually didn’t know.

Luka sighed angrily dragging his hand over his face in frustration. He couldn’t believe that Elijah had run off by himself – all he could do now was hope that Alpha and Tsunami could get to him before he got himself into any trouble.

But that had already happened. There was no telling if Alpha and Tsunami were going to reach him in time…

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