Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - An Ungodly Retribution

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Submitted: December 20, 2017



Alucard started laughing, sure that what Kathrina had said was an insult, ‘’you vill die now’’ he said, still gripping Elijah’s hair as he moved around to face him.

Kathrina stood there, waiting. She had said just what Harley had taught her – did Elijah not understand?

Elijah glared at Alucard as he glared back, their faces just inches from each other. His panic and distress had all been erased by Kathrina’s words – he didn’t know where she had learnt Japanese, but he had understood exactly what she had said.

He calmed down, glaring at Alucard, her words echoing through his head: ‘I am ready to kill him when you are’…

‘’I ‘ope you enjoy pain’’ Alucard grinned – he lifted his hand into the air-

Shiiing! TICK!!!

Abruptly, faster than Alucard could predict, Elijah pulled a dagger from behind him and stabbed it into Alucard’s back, right through his heart and out through his chest.

Both Alucard and Elijah grunted – the force he had stabbed him with had forced Elijah to stab himself through Alucard, but he didn’t care –

Alucard’s face was suddenly covered with astonishment – he grunted painfully, the blade embedded through his back. Slowly, he looked down at it – his eyes widened in fear as he realised what the blade was coated with – startled, he sharply looked up at Elijah.

Elijah grinned evilly, ‘’do you enjoy it?’’ he asked, starting to twist the blade around.


From beside the table, Kathrina gasped, watching as Elijah stabbed Alucard – he had understood, and now, her plan was working!


Alucard yelled in agony as blood sprayed down onto the floor – how had he known about this?! How did this man know about Werewolf venom being his weakness?!

Suddenly, Elijah yanked the blade back – he shoved Alucard back, watching as he choked and fell back, landing on his front, his blood spraying onto the floor. He slammed his hands on the floor, trying to drag himself away-

Elijah leaped onto his back like a wolf, slamming the blade down into his back so violently that Alucard’s entire body thrashed, his blood spraying all over Elijah’s face. Relentlessly, without cease, Elijah stabbed and stabbed and stabbed and stabbed at Alucard’s back, an evil grin on his face as he tortured him – he yelled in agony, the blade continuously stabbing into his back, blood spraying from both his back and his mouth. The venom was quickly spreading through his body, weakening him-

Still stabbing the dagger down into Alucard’s back, Elijah yelled furiously, his anger increasing, the satisfaction overwhelming – he had never wanted this so badly! The sound of Alucard’s cries, the sound of the metal scraping against his flesh, the sight of his crimson blood spraying everywhere – it was intoxicating! Elijah couldn’t get enough! He stabbed, and stabbed and stabbed and – stab-stab-stab-stab-stab-stab-stab-stab-stab-stab-stab-stabstabstabstabstab! – Alucard’s blood sprayed everywhere as Elijah yelled furiously – it wasn’t enough!

Alucard cried painfully – this man had completely surprised him, and somehow, he was beating him! How could a measly, low, weak Demon like this be beating him?! He was an Elemental! He was the first Vampire! This wasn’t possible!

Desperate, he looked up at Kathrina, grunting and thrashing every time the blade was stabbed into his back, ‘’K-K-Kazrina!’’ he called, gradually holding out his hand-


Alucard howled in pain as Elijah stabbed the dagger down into his held-out hand, blood spraying everywhere.

Then, Elijah slowly stood up, his heart racing, breathing frantically – he had never felt so alive – he wanted to keep stabbing, but it was about time to be rid of him. Wiping the blood from his face, he stepped back, looking over at Kathrina.


Kathrina stared at the scene in horror, frozen. Alucard had begged for her help, and she had just stood there. It had only just now hit her – Alucard… trusted her. He was staring at her as he lay there, dying, a crimson puddle surrounding him. This was her doing – she had betrayed him, when all he ever wanted to do was help. She had lied to him, used him, and now, he was dying – did that make her a monster?

She stared at his face, watching as a tear fell from his left eye. He didn’t deserve to die, but he had too. If she hadn’t have done this, she wouldn’t be able to continue her mission. He was an Elemental, just another person for her to kill. Now, it was her turn. She had to be the one to finish him off. She had hoped that Elijah had taken a little longer, giving her the chance to see if she really could remove the void magic from him, but now, it was too late. He was already dying, and she wasn’t going to leave him to suffer anymore.

Slowly, she waved her right hand over her left wrist – the Elemental sword formed, and she grabbed its hilt, holding the rapier firmly in her right hand. The three purple crystals glowed brightly, humming as she stared at Alucard. Gradually, she made her way over to him, not taking a single moment to look at Elijah. She didn’t want to look at him right now.

As she reached Alucard, he groaned painfully – Kathrina crouched down and helped him roll over onto his back, blood still oozing from his body.

Staring at her, he coughed quietly, ‘’v-vhy?’’

She frowned sadly as she stared at his pained, confused face.

‘’Vhy?’’ he asked again, ‘’you… you betrayed me’’

‘’I… I’m sorry, but it… it is my mission – I have to kill you’’

Watching, Elijah frowned, confused by Kathrina’s sympathetic tone – did she care about this man?

Kathrina frowned sadly, ‘’I… it’s not personal – I don’t want to kill you- ‘’

‘’Vut… you must, yes?’’ he asked, coughing again.

She nodded, ‘’I wish there was another way – you don’t… you don’t deserve this’’

Struggling, Alucard smiled, ‘’zhat’s not… true’’ he coughed, ‘’I am a monster – all monsters deserve to die’’

‘’You’re not a monster – you’re just another man Lucious used’’

‘’Zhat may be so’’ he said, his smile fading, ‘’vut, in ze end, I vas alvays meant to die. I knew zis day vould come, vut never did I suspected it vould come from somevone… I trusted’’

Kathrina felt her heart breaking once again – Alucard wasn’t a monster, he was just somebody else that got messed up in this huge conspiracy with Lucious. He was used, and was set up to die more than once. She regretted everything; from the very start – from the moment she had been turned away by Merek back when she wanted to talk to Elijah, she had planned all of this. She knew that Elijah would come after her, and she knew he would slay Alucard. She had tricked Alucard, and led him into a trap. She had made him trust her, and now, because of that, he was dying. At first, she didn’t feel anything, she wanted this to happen, but now, she regretted it all. She had got to know Alucard for who he really was, and he wasn’t someone who deserved this kind of death.

But then, she remembered what he had showed her – if she could remove all of the void magic, he wouldn’t have to die, right? But what if she couldn’t do it before he died? If the Werewolf venom killed him, he’d revive as just an Elemental, and he would have to die – there had to be a way to save him!

Her sadness growing, she dropped the sword and abruptly snatched his wrist, ‘’let me- ‘’

Alucard snatched his arm back, ‘’just kill me’’ he groaned, the pain unbearable, ‘’do it’’

Elijah frowned, ‘’Ka-‘’

‘’No!’’ she snapped, holding her hand out to silence him, not wanting to hear what he had to say.

He fell silent, standing there, watching.

Kathrina snatched Alucard’s wrist again, ‘’let me try!’’ she insisted.

This time, Alucard didn’t refuse. He felt to weak to even speak.

Holding his wrist, Kathrina started concentrating, focusing he magic into the summoning rune – she had to try – this had to work!

Crying silently, she held his wrist tightly, watching as it started to glow purple, the same snake-like aura seeping out from his skin. She stared desperately at his face, watching as he started to close his eyes, the venom killing him – no! Just a little longer and it would be done!


Watching, Elijah realised what she was doing – or at least he thought he did – was she killing him without the sword? It looked like what she was doing wasn’t enough on its own… slowly, he walked over and crouched down beside her. Tears were streaming down her face – he didn’t understand why, but he couldn’t stand to see her struggling. He didn’t know what she was doing or why, but he wanted to try and help.

Slowly, he grabbed her wrist with his left hand – as soon as he touched her, the summoning rune on both of their wrists started glowing purple.

Kathrina flinched, startled by his sudden touch, but the sight of their glowing runes unsettled her – the aura grew thicker, wrapping around hers and Elijah’s wrists – Alucard groaned painfully, and after one last breath, he fell silent…

She stared at his lifeless face –

Suddenly, before she could react, Alucard faded into a crimson mist which dispersed and vanished, leaving nothing behind apart from a puddle of blood where he had been lying. Kathrina shuddered, tears streaming down her face as the purple aura vanished –


A small purple crystal landed on the floor where Alucard had been laying, shimmering brightly, humming quietly.

Immediately, Elijah grabbed her and pulled her against him as she started crying painfully, unable to bear the guilt and sorrow – Alucard was dead, and it was her fault. She could have saved him! He didn’t deserve to die! Why did this have to happen?!

Elijah held her tightly, listening to her sorrowful cries. He had no idea what to say – it looked like she had been trying to save him, but the second he had stabbed him with that dagger, it was already over. But it was for the best. Alucard had to die… right?


Kathrina had never felt like this before – she had betrayed somebody who trusted her, and he was dead because of her selfish desires. She had planned for this to happen from the start, but she had no idea what kind of man Alucard really was back then. In the little time she had spent with him, she had understood that he was not the evil monster he had been made out to be. Just like Warlocks, he was a man used and destroyed by a higher power. Lucious had cursed him – he had sentenced him to death the day he had made him an Elemental. All Alucard had wanted to do was avenge his family – that had nothing to do with Kathrina’s mission, she didn’t need to kill him for that – she had to kill him because of the monster he had been forced to become.

It broke her heart. Alucard was trying to free himself from his entrapment, but she had come along and taken that chance from him. She had killed what she perceived to be an innocent man – and now, she didn’t know what to do or feel – she was the monster.

Unable to hide her anguish, she buried her dace into Elijah’s coat, gripping it tightly with her hands as she cried quietly. She couldn’t believe what she had done. Right now, she just wanted to forget – it felt like the time Elijah had come to her when she was dying – but this time, she couldn’t ask him to make her forget what had just happened. He didn’t have the power to do that anymore.

Once again, she felt the same heartbreak she had felt back when Lucious attacked them. Again, an innocent man had died because of her careless, reckless acts. First, it was her friends, and now, it was someone who could have been one. She had even had to power and chance to free him without killing him, but she was too late. Elijah had arrived just as she had predicted, he had killed the mobs just as she had predicted – and he had slain Alucard, just as she had predicted. How was she supposed to get past this?


Elijah continued to hold onto her tightly, unsure of how to comfort her. It really seemed as if she had tried saving Alucard, but why? He was an Elemental, he needed to die – she knew just as well as he did that there was no other way to retrieve the void magic.

He didn’t think about it for long, however. Now, he was thinking about everything that had happened: it seemed like Kathrina had planned everything from the very moment she was taken by Alucard. He had never thought she was this devious – and he loved it. She had tricked the bastard, and had made the task of killing him a whole lot easier. Did that mean that she knew Elijah didn’t mean the things he had said? Did that mean that she knew he would come after her? That had to be it – why else would she have taken the time to learn how to speak Japanese so that only he would be able to understand her?

Slowly, he rested his head on hers, closing his eyes, the aching pain in his body ceasing. The blood had ceased escaping through the wound son his body, and he could already feel them healing. His racing heart was slowing, and his anger was fading into relief. He had her – Kathrina was here in his arms, and he was never going to let her go again. Of course, he waned to relieve her from her distress, but he couldn’t find the words right now – feeling her embrace had overwhelmed him with relief and happiness – the cold, cutting feeling of heartbreak was gone.

This was what he had longed for; her embrace, her scent, the warmth he felt when he was with her – his sadness was quickly replaced with content, and he couldn’t have asked for anything else. He wanted to ask her if she was alright, he wanted to ask if she had forgiven him, but he knew she needed a moment to get over what had just happened. So, he remained silent, holding her tightly as she cried into his coat, trying to comfort her.


But Kathrina didn’t plan on dwelling for too long. She had killed him when she could have saved him, and now, there was nothing she could do. It was just another target down, right? For all she knew, he could have been trying to fool her – she had seen the state Edmund was in – for all she knew, he could have been planning to put her in the same position.

She breathed deeply, trying to convince herself – Alucard was the bad guy, he had to die… there was no way around that. Now, she had to focus on what was right in front of her: Elijah was here, and he was trying to comfort her. She had used him, too. But it seemed like he had already worked that out, and obviously, he was okay with it.

Slowly, she sniffled, and pulled her head from his coat. Elijah opened his eyes and sat up, looking down at her as she gradually looked up at him, her eyes weepy, her face red. She looked miserable, but it seemed like she was coming to terms with what had happened. He gazed down at her, waiting.

Staring at him, she sniffled and wiped her face, ‘’E-Elijah’’ she said quietly, ‘’I… I didn’t mean to let that happen – well… I did, but… ‘’

Elijah slowly shook his head, ‘’you do not need to explain yourself – I already understand’’

She frowned, sniffling again, ‘’you do?’’

He nodded, ‘’you had to make him believe you were on his side, right? You had to let him do this – but Kathrina, why are you so distressed by his defeat?’’ he asked quietly, frowning in confusion.

‘’I… ‘’ she slowly looked down, ‘’he was… different. He didn’t deserve to die – but he had to’’ she said sternly, wiping her face again, taking a deep breath and looking back up at him.


She nodded, placing her hands in her lap, ‘’Lucious… he just used these people – I don’t think all of them wanted to be Elementals. Alucard… he just wanted to avenge his family – but Lucious used him’’

Looking at her confused face, he sighed quietly, ‘’there was nothing you could do, mai rabu, the only way to kill Lucious is to kill them – Alucard had to die’’

‘’I know’’ she said quietly, looking back down at her lap, ‘’I just… I just wish there could have been a way to save him – oh’’ she suddenly said, looking up at him, ‘’this whole time, Edmund was here’’

‘’Edmund?’’ Elijah frowned, unsure whether that name was supposed to mean something to him or not.

Kathrina nodded, ‘’Edmund – one of the first sword wielders’’

His perplexed frown turned into a slightly astonished one, ‘’he was?’’

‘’Yeah, Alucard was using him to extract void magic – I think that’s how he made the Lurkers’’

He slowly nodded; that made sense. Opus had once mentioned that sword wielders could extract void magic and put it into something else, and the Lurkers contained void magic, so it made sense that Alucard had been using a sword wielder to create them. How did they never think up such a possibility by themselves? Well, it didn’t matter now. Alucard was dead, and they could finally leave this city.


Meanwhile, Tsunami and Alpha had reached the masquerade hall – they had raced down into the dungeons and climbed up through the trap door. They were, however, walking through the corridor, little to no concern on their faces whatsoever. They were chatting, like they weren’t in a race against time to save one of their comrades.

Walking through the hallway, Alpha was smoking a cigarette while his brother eyed him evilly. Tsunami had been in these halls before, and he didn’t have very pleasant memories of them. Not only had he died for the first time in one of the room along here, but he had also been killed and saved by the same man, a man whom he despised – well, a man he used to despise. Since their arrival in this city, he had actually started to like Elijah. Yeah, he was a selfish, reckless jerk with no moral or respect, but he was dedicated to the people he cared about – he may not show it, but Tsunami could tell that Elijah cared about everyone in the group, and he’d put his own life at risk to help them, just like he had done for Tsunami back in that cellar.

Why weren’t they rushing? Well, the intoxicating smell of Vampire blood swarming around the hallways had them understand that they weren’t needed. Alpha had confirmed with his brother that Elijah and Kathrina were both still alive, and that they were far from hurt. So, they had decided to use this time to relax. Luka would beat the shit out of them if they returned alone – he would most likely assume they had killed his brother, or that they hadn’t even bothered to try and find him – so, they would simply take their time, head to the location where Kathrina and Elijah’s scents were coming from, meet them, and go back with them.

‘’So,’’ Alpha smirked as they continued walking down the hallway.

‘’What?’’ Tsunami asked, looking over at his brother.

Alpha looked at him, ‘’you and Octavia – how’s that working out?’’ he asked, a rather sly tone to his voice.

‘’What do you care?’’

‘’I’m your bro – I care’’ he grinned.

Tsunami rolled his eyes and looked ahead again, ‘’I don’t know – I guess it’s going alright’’

‘’You guess?’’

He shrugged as they turned left into another corridor, ‘’I don’t think I’ve been with her long enough to say anything’’

‘’You fucked her yet?’’ he asked casually.

Tsunami choked on his words, ‘’h-huh? What? You’re so foul!’’ he growled, ‘’do I go around asking you who you’ve fucked?!’’ he exclaimed, his face turning slightly red with embarrassment.

Snickering, Alpha dropped his finished cigarette on the floor and shoved his hands in his coat pockets, ‘’no, ‘cause you can tell just by the look on the chicks face whether I have or not’’

‘’Yeah, it’ll be a look of disappointment, seeing as how tiny your- ‘’

‘’Hey!’’ Alpha snapped angrily, ‘’that’s not true at all! Anyway,’’ he mumbled, ‘’I was just curious – she went to see shorty a little while ago to ask about what it was like, you know?’’ he said, a rather unusually concerned tone in his voice.


‘’Yeah, Kathrina’’

‘’Why would she ask Kathrina?’’

He shrugged, ‘’oh, I dunno, maybe ‘cause she’s had Elijah-‘’

Tsunami shook his head, ‘’yeah, right, I get it. I don’t know, she’s asked me about it too, but… ‘’ he paused and looked down at the floor as they walked.

‘’But… what?’’ Alpha asked, frowning at his brother.

He shrugged again, ‘’I guess I’m just not entirely over Shyannah’’

Alpha scowled, ‘’dude, you gotta get over her one day – I know I’m a cruel, sadistic bastard for saying it seeing as I’m responsible for it, but she’s dead. She ain’t coming back – do you really think she would want you to spend the rest of your life moping and feeling sorry for yourself? No, so get over it and move on’’ he said sternly.

Astonished by his brother’s unusual sincerity, Tsunami frowned, but Alpha was right. He couldn’t spend the rest of his life dwelling on the past, he had to move on eventually. He did really care about Octavia, and he knew that she loved him. Perhaps it was time to move on with her. Shyannah was gone, and there was no going back. For once, Alpha had knocked some sense into him. Usually, it was the other way around, and it felt strange, but relieving.

He looked over at Alpha, ‘’yeah, you’re right’’

Alpha grinned, ‘’’course I am’’

‘’There was one thing you never told me though, brother’’ Tsunami said as they turned another corner.

‘’What’s that?’’ he asked, frowning slightly.

‘’Kathrina’’ he said, looking over at Alpha, ‘’what’s your deal with her?’’

Slowly, he looked over at Tsunami and frowned sceptically, ‘’what do you mean?’’

‘’Don’t play dumb – I know there’s something up with you. You try to act like you don’t care, you try to hide it, but I can see that you actually feel something for her. I’m not an idiot, before you call me one, brother; I see how you look at her – do you-‘’

‘’No’’ Alpha grumbled, looking ahead again, ‘’I just like messing with her and scar-face’’

Tsunami shook his head, ‘’you and I both know that isn’t true – tell me: do you actually feel something for her?’’

Staring ahead as they walked, Alpha started thinking about it. Did he feel something for her? Was there something there other than his attraction to the Demon mark on her body? He frowned – why was he even asking himself that? He knew how he felt, he just didn’t know how to act upon his feelings. He thought about Nightly for a moment, but the feeling he had for her was much different from the one he had for Kathrina.

He sighed and looked down at his feet as they turned into another corridor. Even if what he felt was real, he’d never be able to have anything with her. She was with Elijah, and even Alpha could see how much she loved him. Nothing would come between the two of them, least of all a monster like himself. So, why even think about it? It was pointless.

Gradually, he looked over at his brother and shrugged, ‘’what does it matter?’’ he asked, an unusual sadness in his voice.

Looking at his brother, Tsunami frowned, ‘’so you do?’’

Alpha shrugged, ‘’I guess I like her, or something’’

He shook his head, ‘’it’s more than like, right?’’

An annoying sadness building up within him, Alpha looked back down at the floor and shrugged, ‘’I guess’’

‘’Does she know?’’

‘’Why would she care?’’

‘’I- ‘’

‘’She’d tell scar-face if I told her anything like that, and he’d kill me’’

Tsunami smirked, but then frowned. He could see that his brother was now in an unusually depressed disposition, and it was pretty harsh of himself to ask him such things. He sighed and dragged his hand through his hair, ‘’come on, we should get to Kathrina and Elijah’’

Sighing, Alpha nodded.


Back in the dining room, Elijah was still holding onto Kathrina who was resting her head on his coat, the two of them sitting in silence. It had been a short while, and they had both calmed down. Alucard was dead, and now, all that was left was to take the crystal and leave. They had no idea where to head to next, but they knew it was probably going to be far more dangerous than this place.

Elijah frowned sadly. After this, he and Kathrina had planned to run away together, but now that he had discovered Opus’ intentions of keeping them there, that wasn’t going to be possible until Luka found out more about the summoning rune, and how to remove it. How was he supposed to tell Kathrina that? She had been set on running away after this, but now, that wasn’t going to be possible. He was going to have to let her down – again.

However, there was so much more he wanted to ask first. He needed to know how she felt, he needed to know if she understood what he had said back then wasn’t true – he needed to explain to her why it had happened, and he needed to tell her about the seal on his back.

Slowly, he lifted his head from hers and looked down at her as she slowly looked up at him, ‘’I… I need to ask you something’’ he said quietly.

‘’What is it?’’ she asked.

‘’Back on the ship – when… when we fought – I need you to know that- ‘’

‘’I already know’’ she said, a struggled smile on her face, ‘’Luka told me what would happen to you, and that’s what happened, right? Even Alpha defended you. You don’t remember any of the argument, right?’’

Staring at her, he nodded slowly, a disappointed look on his face, ‘’I… I only remember waking up after Luka had pulled me out of whatever was going on’’

‘’You know I didn’t mean any of what I said, right?’’ she asked, frowning, ‘’I do love you, I don’t hate you – and… I do need you – you mean everything to me’’

Elijah smiled, ‘’I know that – you are everything to me, too, mai rabu – without you, I am nothing. But… can you forgive me for what happened?’’ he asked sadly.

‘’Elijah’’ she frowned, placing her hand on his bloodied face, ‘’there is nothing to forgive – you didn’t do anything intentionally. Although I did think you meant what you said at first… until Alpha told me what had happened after Luka jumped in’’

He gripped her tightly and pulled her closely, ‘’I cannot explain how sorry I am – please, forgive me. There is no way I can take it back, but Kathrina, I do love you, I do need you – there is nothing I would not do for you – you are my life, and I could not bear to lose you’’

Kathrina smiled, relaxing, ‘’I’m not going anywhere – I feel safe with you’’

Elijah smiled, holding her tightly. She had already forgiven him, and he wasn’t going to have to live without her. She loved him, and he loved her, and that was all he needed.


However, their reunion wasn’t going to end so sweetly –

‘’Zhere zhey are!’’ Urin yelled.

Startled, both Kathrina and Elijah sharply turned their heads, staring over at the door as Urin stood in the door way, a huge hoard of Vampires filing in, lining up side by side, hissing, baring their fangs.

‘’You thought you vere going to get avay?!’’ Urin yelled, ‘’you vill die!’’

A vacant look on his face, Elijah slowly looked down at Kathrina who was already looking up at him with the same irritated, unimpressed look.

He smirked, ‘’do you want to kill some Vampires with me?’’ he asked.

Kathrina smirked, ‘’yeah’’


As the Vampires continued filing into the room, Kathrina and Elijah climbed to their feet. Elijah grabbed his sword’s hilt and pulled it from it’s scabbard; he then separated them into two, and handed one to Kathrina as the Elemental sword on the floor beneath her vanished. She took the sword and stood at his side, both of them glaring down at the Vampires as they leaned forward, hissing, ready to come at them on Urin’s word.

It didn’t take long for him to give it either – ‘’kill zhem!’’ Urin yelled angrily, pointing at the pair – and at that, the huge hoard of Vampires sprung into action, racing towards them-

However, little did they know that Kathrina and Elijah were a formidable team.


Gripping the hilts of their swords tightly, the two of them burst into action-

The first Vampire rushed towards Elijah, another headed for Kathrina – Elijah raced forward, growling angrily as he dodged the Vampires swipe, swinging his sword through the air – he grinned as his blade sliced through the Vampire’s throat, his head falling to the floor as his limp body went with it.

Kathrina took her opponent down just as easily – as the Vampire held out his hands to grab her, she swung the blade through the air, cutting off his hands, and as he dropped to his knees in agony, she didn’t hesitate to slice his head clean off.

The pair glanced at each other, making sure they were both fine –

More Vampires came at them, this time in a huge hoard – Kathrina and Elijah rushed to each other’s sides, swords at the ready-

Hissing viciously, the Vampires started to swarm them – but they had underestimated their opponents greatly – Elijah’s sword burst into flames – Kathrina’s Jikato appeared in her eyes, and as it did, the sword Elijah had given her also burst into flames – black flames…


Urin stood by the door, watching in turmoil as the pair started mowing down his allies, the flames from their curved swords burning his Vampires down into ash piles like they were nothing – blood sprayed everywhere, fire swam through the air, an unsettling heat swarming his way – he had made a mistake – he should have retreated the moment he noticed the already dead Vampires – if these people had killed Alucard, then he was no match for them.

Distraught, Urin turned around –

Slaying another Vampire, Elijah spotted Urin starting to leave – there was no way he was getting away this time!

‘’Kathrina’’ he said, holding out his hand.

Nodding, she handed him his other sword, and he handed her his wakizashi which she proceeded to fight with as Elijah cut down two more Vampires with his duel swords, creating an opening for himself. Then, gripping his swords, he morphed them back into the single, huge sword and scowled evilly, watching Urin walking towards the door, leaving his comrades behind – coward.

Elijah held his left hand to the side and started to swing his sword through the air as the flames increased in size – he waved it to the left, curved it to the right and above his head, behind him, to the right and to the left again – then, he pressed his hand onto the flaming blade as he held it out in front of him, the flames dancing around crazily –

Suddenly, the flames on the sword erupted, racing off the blade, scattering ahead and swimming around like a tornado – in the blink of an eye, the flames morph together and formed the fiery shape of a dragon, much like the one that had been seen attacking Niagraad the night Kathrina was taken by the Warlocks.

The fiery creation sizzled and burned brightly – Urin turned around – the creation sprung into action as Elijah dropped to his knees, the amount of magic it took to conjure it exhausting him.

Urin went to turn around and sprint, but it was already too late – the fiery monster opened its flamed jaws and he was instantly swallowed, consumed in an explosion of scorching fire – he screamed as his skin melted from his bones, leaving him as nothing but a pile of ash as the dragon vanished, leaving spots of fire on the ground below it.

The Vampires stopped to look back at their defeated leader – but they weren’t going to stop.

Kathrina had raced to Elijah’s side, trying to help him back to his feet, but he felt too exhausted. That technique drained all of his magic at once, and it would take too long for him to recover. She knew just as well as he did that he wasn’t going to be able to fight for a few minutes – so, it was now down to her, she had to defend him!

Quickly, she stood up and glared at the incoming Vampires – she knew exactly what to do here – without any hesitation, she focused her magic into her back – a black mist surrounded her and just seconds after, she emerged in her dragon form, her Jikato burning brightly in her eyes, black flames floating off her feathered body as the dress she had been wearing fell to the floor in several ripped pieces – it was time to end this!


Growling furiously, she clenched her jaws and took a deep breath – before any of the Vampires could attempt to retreat or more, a huge stream of scorching black fire erupted from Kathrina’s jaws, consuming every Vampire in the room. She didn’t cease, either – she continued firing, her Jikato pulsing brightly – she could hear every single pained cry and scream coming from the hoards, but she didn’t care, she ignored their cries – these monsters were trying to harm her and Elijah – that was something she would not let happen!

Still firing, she glanced down at Elijah, realising that he was no longer conscious – she panicked, but she couldn’t stop, there were still Vampires here.

Frowning, she snapped her jaws shut, scanning the room with her eyes; every Vampire had dropped, rolling around on the floor as her unyielding flames burned them to ashes. There was nothing that could put out the Black Phoenix flames – nothing. They were finished. It was over. She relaxed, allowing her feathered wings to fall down to her side. Just like Elijah, she had slightly overdone it with the magic consumption, but it was over now, and she could rest.

However, as she looked down at the torn pieces of fabric, she realised that she couldn’t shift back. How stupid. She turned around, looking down at the shimmering purple crystal that was lying in the puddle of Alucard’s blood. He was gone, Urin was dead, and the mission here was over. Now, it was time to leave Transylvania.

Slowly, as her Jikato vanished and her eyes went back to their normal emerald color, she prowled over to the crystal and picked it up with one of her paws. Then, she turned back around and walked over to Elijah who was lying unconscious beside his sword. Staring at him, she could see that he was still breathing. He was alright too.

Reaching him, she slumped down on the floor, and rested her feathered head on his chest, waiting. Once he woke up, they could leave. It was over.

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