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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Bittersweet Eventuality

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Submitted: December 20, 2017



Elijah frowned, groaning quietly. Had he passed out? Slowly, he opened his eyes, staring up at the painted ceiling, a loud ringing in his ears, an irritating pain surging through his head. He was an idiot to use the Lutakarinku-summon at a time like this, but if he hadn’t, Urin would have gotten away, and there was no telling what kind of shit he might have caused.

But then, he remembered – he and Kathrina had been fighting off the Vampire hoards – panicking, he tried to sit up, but there was something keeping him down. Frantically, he lifted his head and stared down at his chest – it was Kathrina, asleep… in her dragon form. Had she shifted to protect him? He frowned, but slowly looked around, staring at each of the small ash piles, all of them smoking, piles of black burning flames scattered throughout the room – Kathrina had finished them.

Slowly, he lifted his left hand and placed it on her feathered head between her two horns, staring at her peaceful face. But a few moments later, she yawned slightly, lifting her head from his chest – he sat up as she backed away slightly, watching him.

Sitting up, he groaned quietly, rubbing the back of his neck, ‘’shinseina tawagoto’’ he mumbled, jerking his head to the side as his neck clicked loudly.

Kathrina frowned – she hated it when he did that.

Sighing, Elijah relaxed and looked at her again. He raised and held out his hand, smiling. As Kathrina moved towards him and placed her head in his hand, he closed his eyes and rested his forehead on hers, relieved.

But then, she growled quietly, pulling away from him. He frowned at her, unsure why she had moved away, but she moved her head forward and nudged his shoulder with her muzzle. He looked down at his shoulder as she backed away, but then frowned as he looked up at her again, confused. She growled quietly and moved her head closer – she gripped the small chain on his cloak with her teeth and tugged gently on it.

Elijah smirked, understanding what she was trying to tell him. As she backed away, he unclipped the small chain keeping his cloak around his shoulders, and pulled it off. He held it out towards her and waited.

The black mist started surrounding the dragon Kathrina – just then, from within the mist, she snatched the cloak, and Elijah lowered his hand, sitting there, waiting with a curious look on his face.

A few moments later, the smoke cleared, and Kathrina was standing there, wrapped up in Elijah’s cloak, a nervous look on her face. Elijah held out his hand, looking up at her. Slowly, she moved her arm out from within the cloak and placed her hand in his. He pulled her down, and she fell into his lap, sighing quietly as he hugged her tightly.

‘’Elijah?’’ she asked quietly.

‘’Yes?’’ he answered, resting his head on hers.

Resting her head on his chest, she closed her eyes, ‘’can we run away now?’’

A sudden guilt and regret started building up within him – how could he tell her no? He wanted to, but they couldn’t until Luka had found a way to remove the summoning runes from their wrists. The old man wasn’t going to allow them to leave, and it broke his heart just thinking about how she might react when he told her.

He sighed quietly, ‘’is that what you really want?’’ he asked.

She opened her eyes and stared at his coat, thinking. She just wanted to be with him; here, or anywhere else – thinking about it, she didn’t care where she was, as long as she could be with him. Maybe the best thing to do would be to complete this mission first – after what had happened with Alucard, her hatred for Lucious had increased into something explosive – she wanted to kill him and make him suffer for all of the lives he had ruined. But what if Elijah didn’t want that?

Slowly, she looked up at him, ‘’I just want to be where ever you are’’ she said quietly, ‘’and I want to kill Lucious’’

Staring at her determined face, Elijah smiled, ‘’you want to continue with this mission?’’

Kathrina nodded, ‘’I want to make sure he suffers for everything he has done’’

Elijah placed his hand on her face, ‘’then that is what we shall do – we will continue until we kill Lucious, and then we shall run away’’

She smiled and nodded, ‘’yeah’’


Staring at him, Kathrina felt an overwhelming happiness. What Alpha had said was true, and Elijah really did still love her. She felt like an idiot for even thinking for a moment that what he had said back then was how he truly felt – she had known him her whole life, and she knew when he was lying. Right now, he wasn’t, and he hadn’t lied to her when he explained himself. He did need her, he did want her, and he did love her. But she couldn’t help but worry if it might happen again. Why had it even happened in the first place? Was it something to do with the blood? Had he lost his temper because of it? She wanted to know, but right now, she was starting to feel enticed by the alluring look on Elijah’s face – was he smiling like that on purpose?

He was. He looked down at her, an amorous look on his face – why, of all times, was he craving her in such a way now? Was it because she was wearing barely anything under his cloak? Or was it because she was staring back at him with a tempting, suggestive look in her eyes?

Elijah suddenly grinned.

‘’What?’’ Kathrina giggled, prodding his shoulder.

But instead of answering, he pulled her face closer to his and passionately kissed her, his desire for her increasing. He had only been away from her for a day, and it felt as though it had been years. Now that he had her back in his arms, he didn’t want to let her go ever again. He loved her so much, more than anything else, and he just wanted to hold her like this forever.

Kathrina felt a huge relief as he kissed her – she had missed him more than she could ever try to explain, and just from this kiss, she could tell that he had missed her just the same. She was exultant, carefree, and felt more relaxed than she ever had. She didn’t want to be separated from him ever again, and she just wanted this to last forever. But she knew they would have to head back soon. However, she wanted to make this moment last as long as possible.

He continued kissing her lips, and as she kissed back, she gently bit down on his bottom lip – he stopped and looked at her as she giggled, rested her forehead on his and kissed his lips, biting the bottom one again as she moved her face back slightly.

Elijah smiled in amusement and resumed kissing her, starting to bite her bottom lip as she gripped his coat with her hands. It didn’t take long for an intoxicating excitement to building up within him – to his relief, it seemed as though Kathrina was craving him in the same way he was craving her right now – and he wasn’t going to let this moment pass – however, he couldn’t help but think about what his brother had said about his seal – Kathrina gently bit his lip again, making him lose his concentration – what did it matter? Luka had fixed the seal, so what could go wrong?

He lowered his hand from her face, gently stoking them both down her naked body, her skin so soft, her body so alluring – but as he stroked his right hand over the left side of her waist, he stopped, pulling his face from hers, frowning – what was that? He slowly lifted the cloak, revealing her waist – there, on the left side, was a scar – one that was recent, the stitches still visible in her skin – was this his doing?

But then, Kathrina grabbed his hand, making him let go of the cloak, ‘’don’t worry about it, please?’’ she pleaded softly, her voice quiet and captivating.

His frown slowly faded as he stared at her yearning face. Slowly, he placed his hand back on her waist and moved his face back into hers, kissing her again as he gradually moved his hands up her back, holding her shoulder with his right hand as he moved his left up her neck and through her hair.

Kathrina started to feel more and more excited, her craving for him becoming something she had never felt before – abruptly, she grabbed one of the belts on his coat and pulled it, gripping the second one as it came undone. Elijah continued kissing her, biting her bottom lip as she moved her hands under the bottom of his shirt and started dragging them over his chest. His scorching body heat felt pleasing against her skin – his passionate, playful kissing impassioned her, forcing her to start breathing more heavily, her heart starting to race – she wanted more.


Just then, Elijah took his hands off her body and abruptly pulled his coat off, chucking it onto the floor as Kathrina gazed at him, waiting. Then, as he pulled his shirt off, Kathrina placed her hands on his chest, dragging them down his body, resting her forehead on his as they stared into each other’s eyes, the two of them breathing heavily – was this really happening right here? Right now? They had just killed dozens of Vampires here, and the floor was covered in blood – it wasn’t a very romantic setting, was it?

Elijah frowned, but then smirked as he gripped her waist with his hands and stood up as she wrapped her legs around his waist, holding her arms around his shoulders as he held his around her back, carrying her over to the huge table, making sure his cloak didn’t fall from around her.

Reaching it, he placed her down, leaning forward as she sat there, still kissing her. As he continued to kiss her, he kicked his boots off, his excitement and craving for her growing into something intoxicating – he wanted her so badly, and he was going to have her.

As he kicked off his boots, Kathrina grabbed his shoulders and laid back, breathing deeply as he climbed over her, moving his face from hers, starting to kiss her neck as she winced quietly. With his hands, he pulled the cloak from covering her body, dragging his left hand down her side, making her wince again. He then gently took hold of her underwear, pulling it off as he playfully bit her neck, making her both giggle and wince.

Kathrina’s hands wandered down his muscular body and gripped his belt, starting to unbuckle it, and as it came lose, he grabbed her hand with both of his and held them down above her head, bringing his face back up to hers, passionately kissing her lips as she kissed back, both of them breathing frantically.

Slowly, Elijah let go of one of her hands and moved his hand down, yanking on his belt, dropping it to the floor with his scabbards still attached, the swords clinking loudly as it hit the floor beside his boots.

Finding it hard to breathe, Kathrina turned her head to the side as Elijah started kissing her neck again, untying her bra with his free hand, still holding both of hers above her head with his other one. However, as he pulled it from her body and gently grabbed one of her breasts in his hand, he stopped kissing her, looking at his hand, realising that his claws were bared, pressing against her skin.

But it didn’t stop him. It happened every time they did this, so why should he show any concern to it now? He exhaled deeply, dragging his hand down her body, and as he reached her waist, he grabbed hold of his trousers and abruptly pulled them off, sighing in relief as he started kissing her neck again, the feel of her soft skin against his own giving him an overwhelming satisfaction. Throwing his trousers to the ground, he gripped the cloak with his hands, pulled it from beneath her and threw it over his back, covering both of them as Kathrina slowly turned her head and looked up at him, a desirous look on her face.

Slowly, Elijah placed his free hand back on her waist and stroked his hand up her body, over her arm and gripped her wrist, holding her arms down firmly as he moved his face into hers, kissing her slowly, passionately, his craving for her overwhelming him. Gradually, he moved his body closer to hers, resting his arms down on the table, relaxing.

Kathrina breathed frantically, turning her head to the side again, staring at the fire burning in the room as Elijah exhaled deeply on her neck – and, then, as he started to slowly move into her, she whined quietly, an overwhelming pleasure surging through her entire body. Her legs trembled as she rested them against his waist, her eagerness and elation increasing – she winced loudly as Elijah kissed her neck again, moving deeply into her. She had longed for this, and it was more pleasing than she had remembered. Slowly, she relaxed her body, submitting to him.

Elijah felt her relax, and it made him feel even more eager, even more excited – he exhaled deeply, moving out of her again, listening as she moaned quietly, gripping her wrists with his hands, his claws digging into the table beneath them. His heart was racing, his body aching – he could feel her fragile body trembling beneath his, soft moans in her voice as she struggled to breathe. He held his face to her neck, moving into her again, groaning quietly as she moaned loudly – he had never felt as satiated as he did right now, an immense pleasure surging through his body as he moved out of her again, quickly moving back into her as she continued to moan in pleasure.

He dragged his fangs along her neck as he moved in and out of her at a faster pace than he had before, Kathrina’s pleasurable moans louder and more constant, her body trembling, her breathing frantic and struggled. She tugged on her hands, trying to pull them free from his grip, but he didn’t want to let go, he was in control here, and he had to make sure that she knew that. He growled quietly, a quiet, pleasured moan escaping in his voice as he dragged his fangs across her skin again, the temptation to bite down quickly increasing – he didn’t know if he could hold back – he could almost taste her blood, her sweet, warm blood – he craved it, he craved her – and he had to have it.

As Kathrina moaned loudly, he placed his fangs on her neck, groaning quietly as he continued moving into her – abruptly, he bit down – the second his four fangs cut into her skin, the pleasure he was feeling intensified into something overwhelming. Her blood seeped into his mouth, its sweet taste satisfying him beyond words – the fact that he wasn’t supposed to be drinking it made it even more satisfying, and he wanted it more than he ever had.


Kathrina moaned loudly, an intense pleasure surging through her body as Elijah sank his fangs into her neck, his venom rapidly spreading through her body, the pleasure she was already receiving from him escalating into something almost unbearable – he wasn’t supposed to be drinking her blood, and she shouldn’t be allowing it – but it simply hurt too good to say no.

She could hear him growling and moaning quietly as he continued to move in and out of her, making her whine loudly, her body trembling, her heart racing. It felt so good, more intoxicating than it had before, and she felt so overwhelmed with pleasure that she couldn’t even try to move. She could feel the venom from his fangs spreading through her veins, electrifying an immense pleasure through her entire body, whining and moaning with every breath.

She didn’t know why it felt so different from the previous times, but it was overwhelming, and she wanted more.


Meanwhile, Tsunami and Alpha were still strolling through the corridor, both of them silent after the conversation they had just had. They were getting closer to where the trail they were following ended, and that had to be where Kathrina and Elijah were – all they had to do was get them, and leave.

But, as they began approaching a door, they set their eyes upon a huge black colored fire burning beside the door way – just then, the unmistakeable sound of Kathrina’s voice came from within the room in the form of what seemed to be a cry, startling the both of them.

Tsunami frowned as the two of them approached the door –

Immediately spotting the two of them on the table, Tsunami turned around and looked away in horror, ‘’fucking – shit’’ he growled, ‘’why did I have to see that?!’’

Alpha glared at them, but slowly turned to look at his shaken brother, ‘’maybe you should take notes’’

‘’Fuck off’’ he growled, ‘’let’s go, seems like they have things under control’’ he mumbled, starting to walk away.

As Tsunami walked away, Alpha watched him, and once he had vanished around the corner, he turned is attention back to Kathrina and Elijah.

An anger building up within him, he clenched his fists – why did seeing them like this make him feel angry enough to kill? But then, he watched as Elijah slowly turned his head, pulling his fangs from Kathrina’s neck – he glared right at Alpha, his eyes glowing a dim crimson color, a sly, evil grin slowly stretching across his face as Kathrina’s blood dripped from his fangs.

That bastard… Alpha gritted his teeth – suddenly, Tsunami grabbed his wrist and started pulling him away.

‘’I said, let’s go!’’ he growled, dragging him back as he stormed away from the room, ‘’are you that much of a pervert?’’

Snatching his arm back and following his brother, Alpha frowned, ‘’no – something is seriously wrong with scar-face’’

‘’Yeah, I can see that – he’s fucking her in the same room they killed Alucard- ‘’

‘’Not in that sense, you fucking imbecile’’ Alpha growled, ‘’haven’t you noticed it?’’

As they walked, Tsunami looked over at his strangely concerned brother, ‘’what are you talking about?’’

Alpha frowned sceptically, ‘’ever since that shit happened with us and him back then- ‘’

‘’When we fought back on the ship?’’

He nodded, ‘’I could tell there was something wrong with him – I get a strange, dangerous feeling, brother’’ Alpha said quietly, an unsettling ominous tone in his voice.

Tsunami frowned. He had never seen his brother seem so concerned – was there really something going on with Elijah? Could it be that bad that it had even caught Alpha’s attention? He shook his head as they turned into another corridor, ‘’what?’’

‘’He’s not just a normal Demon’’ Alpha said, ‘’he’s something… something else’’

‘’Like us?’’

He shook his head, an unsettled, cautious look on his pale face, ‘’no. The feeling I get is more… unnatural, worrying – I don’t think we should stick around here to see what happens when he loses his shit again’’

Tsunami stopped and grabbed his brother’s arm, ‘’Alpha, why the hell are you acting like this all of a sudden? Why do you seem so… shaken?’’

‘’Because that fucker back there wasn’t the same scar-face he was before that shit with Luka!’’ he growled, unsettlement in his voice, ‘’it’s like he’s turning into a… I don’t even know! All I know is that something isn’t right, and if we don’t leave soon, we’ll probably be the first to find out what it is that he really is’’

Staring at his cautious brother, Tsunami frowned in worry; was Alpha being serious? Was he actually… afraid? Seeing his brother in such a disposition shook something deep within him – thinking about it, he was right. There was something… different, about Elijah. He had somehow defeated the two of them at the same time with a single hit back then, and he had fought with Kathrina – he had even hurt her, but apparently didn’t remember anything.

Perplexed, he glared at his brother, ‘’you saw something, didn’t you?’’ he questioned, understanding that that was what the anxious look on his face had to mean.

Slowly, Alpha nodded, ‘’it was like… Ares’ curse. That’s what it looked like – it looked like the beginning of the transformation. I swear, I thought he was going to end up like us, but his brother somehow managed to stop whatever was happening from finishing. I don’t know what would have happened if his brother hadn’t been there, but I tell you, I don’t wanna be there when it happens again’’

Tsunami frowned – Alpha really was afraid. But why? What could Elijah do to make his heartless, emotionless brother act in this way? It unsettled him, and he didn’t like it at all – ‘’Luka fixed it, right?’’

Alpha shrugged, ‘’maybe he thinks he did – I don’t think he did at all. I still get that same feeling every time I look at scar-face’’

‘’Is… is it a Demon thing?’’ he asked, trying to piece everything together, ‘’or just a random feeling?’’

Frowning at his brother, Alpha gritted his teeth in fret, ‘’a Demon thing’’

This wasn’t good at all. If the feeling his brother was getting came from his Demonic instincts, then that meant that there really was something unsettlingly wrong with Elijah – but what was it? Tsunami really didn’t know much about Demons, but he wanted to know, he wanted to be ready in case anything did happen. He frowned, thinking; the best way to find out would be to either ask Opus or Luka – but would either of them answer?

He shook his head and started walking again, ‘’let’s get back’’

Alpha nodded, following his brother, the same unsettling feeling lingering around him… what was becoming of Elijah?


Back in the room, Elijah had sunk his fangs back into Kathrina’s neck as she moaned loudly, both of them breathing frantically. He was still gripping her wrists tightly, moving into her, making her moan as he moved out again – he couldn’t get enough, it was so intoxicating, so pleasing – the pleasure surged through his entire body, making him moan quietly, trying to keep himself under some kind of control.

Kathrina continued to whine pleasurably; she was so overwhelmed, her entire body trembling, aching, unable to keep herself from crying out – she called Elijah’s name more than once, her breaths frantic, her calls unheard, neglected, ignored – he wasn’t going to cease; he had a hold of her, she belonged to him, and he never failed to make her understand that – and she loved it.

Slowly, she opened her eyes – suddenly, a small, black feather floating down beside her, landing on the table – she stared at it, frowning – was it hers? It was hard to concentrate on it, the pleasure she was feeling so overwhelmingly satisfying – but she noticed that there was a very dark red tint to the feather – it wasn’t hers… but then, she closed her eyes, whining again as Elijah moved back into her, the pleasure from both his movements and venom enthralling her.

But, just then, Elijah stopped, abruptly pulling his fangs from her neck, moaning quietly as he dragged his face along the side of hers, resting his forehead on hers as she slowly turned her head to look up at him. He sighed in relief, slowly opening his eyes to look into hers.

Staring, Kathrina gasped quietly – Elijah’s eyes were the same blood-red they had been back on the ship when they had fought, but this time, there was even more danger to them.

However, it didn’t scare her. She gazed into his eyes, both of them still breathing frantically, gradually calming down. She groaned quietly, trying to pull her arms free from his grip, but he still wouldn’t let go of her. She groaned again, her entire body aching, trembling – she couldn’t find any words, all she could do was wince, staring into Elijah’s crimson eyes as he stared back.

Elijah started to calm down, loosening his grip on Kathrina’s wrists as she winced quietly, her body trembling beneath his own. He sighed again, licking the blood from his fangs. He dragged his hands down her body, stroking her soft skin as she winced quietly, her breathing still frantic. Then, he pulled the cloak from over himself and placed it over her as he gradually pulled himself from her, making her whine quietly. He slowly climbed down from the table and started to put his clothes back on.

As he moved away from her, Kathrina moved her arms under the cloak, still moaning quietly, the pleasure still surging through her body. She slowly moved her hand down to her legs, slowly dragging her fingers over herself, rolling over onto her side as she sighed quietly, trying to calm herself. She watched Elijah as he pulled his coat on, having quickly gotten himself dressed again. She rested her arms beside her, noticing the small feather she had seen not too long ago, but before she could examine it any further, it sizzled and vanished into a black dust much like the dust Alpha and Tsunami’s wings and horns turned into after they came out of their Demon forms. She didn’t know what it meant, but her mind was too busy focussing on watching Elijah as he tied the belts on his coat.

Then, he glanced over his shoulder, noticing that Kathrina was staring at him. His eyes were light green again, and he had cleaned the blood from his face. Staring at her exhausted face as she lay on the table, he smirked seductively, and she smiled back, exhaling deeply, gripping his cloak tightly, wrapped up comfortably in it.

Making sure his scabbards were tied firmly at his side, he reached down and recovered his sword, slipping it into its scabbard as he turned around and started walking back over to Kathrina.

She watched him as he walked over, and as he reached her, he scooped her up in his arms, holding her firmly, making sure his cloak was concealing every part of her. As he pulled her away from the table, he stopped, crouched down and picked up her bra and underwear, handing them to her as she pulled them under the cloak, resting her head against his shoulder, resting in his arms. He then picked up the humming crystal, putting it into his pocket.

Elijah glanced down at her and smiled; as much as he wanted to stay here alone with her, he knew that they had to head back. Without any hindrance, he started walking towards the door, carrying her as she rested in his arms.


Realising that he was starting to leave, Kathrina opened her eyes and looked up at him, ‘’wait’’ she said quietly, her voice still shaky.

Immediately, Elijah stopped in his tracks and looked down at her, ‘’what is it?’’ he asked, a concerned look on his face.

‘’We… we have to get Edmund’’

Elijah smiled and nodded, starting to walk again.

‘’We should go get my things first’’ she suggested, still gazing up at him as he carried her.

Again, he looked down at her and smiled, ‘’tell me where to go, mai rabu’’

Kathrina smiled and rested her head against him again, closing her eyes, ‘’follow this corridor to the end, and turn left – there’s a door at the end – my things are in there’’

Elijah nodded, and proceeded to follow her directions.

As he carried her through the hallway, they both remained silent. Kathrina felt totally exhausted, and was trying to calm down. Elijah felt relieved, but also tired. So much had happened in the last hour, and he needed time to recover, but first, he wanted to do what Kathrina had asked. He was going to take her to get her things, and then they were going to recover Edmund.

Thinking about it, he was rather curious to meet this Edmund. He didn’t know anything about him apart from the fact that he was apparently one of the first sword wielders. He wanted to know how he had ended up here in the first place, and if he knew anything about Opus and the summoning runes. He planned on interrogating the man, and he wouldn’t stop until he had answers.


A short while later, Elijah reached the door Kathrina had directed him to. He reached out and pushed it open – it creaked loudly, and an overwhelming heat flooded out, hitting both of them. There were dozens of candles burning brightly within the room, lighting up every inch of it.

Slowly, he let Kathrina down. Standing on her feet, she held onto Elijah’s cloak tightly, making her way over to the bed where she had left all of her Teshika clothes. She moved her hand out from under the cloak and placed her underwear and bra down beside her tunic, nervously looking over her shoulder at Elijah who was leaning against the door frame, gazing curiously at her.

Nervously, she allowed the cloak to fall from her body, landing at her feet. Elijah gazed at her naked back, his craving for her abruptly returning. He watched as she pulled her underwear on and then her bra. Then, she grabbed her trousers and pulled them on, glancing over her shoulder, noticing that Elijah was still watching.

She smiled nervously, but then looked down at his boots, remembering the hole that had been made in them from his trip to the forest with Gizon. She frowned as she started putting her tunic on, ‘’instead of watching me, why don’t you look in there and see if you can find something to replace those ruined boots of yours?’’ she smirked, pointing over at one of the cabinets.

Elijah grinned slyly, ‘’I would rather keep watching – unless that was an order, miss Csernis’’ he called, a mocking tone in his voice.

Starting to tie the strings on her tunic, she turned around to face him and smirked, ‘’it was’’

Smirking, he stared at her, ‘’well, this time, I am going to have to defy you’’

Tying the last string on her tunic, Kathrina rolled her eyes irritably and walked over to the cabinet herself, pulling the doors open. This cabinet contained male clothes, all of which looked like the sort of things she had seen Alucard and Urin wearing. However, it didn’t take her long to spot what she was looking for: reaching down, she picked up a pair of black boots and held them out, staring expectantly over at Elijah who frowned, still smirking.

Slowly, he made his way over to her, staring at the boots. They actually looked a lot like his current ones: they were knee-length, black in color and actually looked pretty new. However, the unappealing thing about them were the obsidian colored spurs – he didn’t like them at all. The thought of them clinking around every time he moved irritated him. However, it looked like Kathrina was pretty set on him using them to replace his destroyed ones, so, he took them from her and sighed.

‘’Do I have too?’’ he moaned, a stroppy look on his face.

She nodded insistently, grabbing her own boots from the bed and started to put them on.

Elijah sighed again, but slumped down on the bed and yanked his boots off, letting them fall onto the floor as he picked up one of the new ones and started putting it on. Surprisingly, it fit just right, and it was rather comfortable – but he still couldn’t get over the spurs. Grunting, he pulled the other on and stamped his feet down on the floor, the spurs clinking loudly. He frowned, glaring down at them. Stupid boots.

Kathrina giggled, seeing his stroppy expression, but she thought the boots looked good on him. It was about time he got some new ones. Once her own boots were on, she grabbed her sword and slipped it into her belt, looking down at Elijah.

Seeing that she was ready to leave, he reached out and placed his hands on her waist, pulling her closer, and as she stood in front of him, he looked up at her. She leaned her face closer to his, and he passionately kissed her, hugging her tightly as he rested his forehead on her shoulder.

She smiled, dragging her fingers through his hair, ‘’Elijah?’’ she asked quietly.

‘’Yes?’’ he responded, still resting on her.

‘’Where do we go now? We have no idea where the next Elemental is’’

‘’Perhaps this Edmund can give us something’’ he said quietly, relaxing.

She nodded slowly, but the slowly backed away, ‘’we should get to him’’

Nodding, Elijah stood up and grabbed his cloak, putting it on swiftly. As he clicked the small chain to keep it over his shoulders, he took hold of her hand. Then, hand-in-hand, the two of them left the room, Kathrina leading the way to where Edmund was being held.


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