Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Anonymous Tip

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Pulling off his right boot, Elijah sighed, holding it upside down, the water from inside splashing out onto the deck. Then, he put it back on, stomping his foot down loudly.

‘’Is he dead?’’ Octavia asked, staring down at the unconscious assassin.

Elijah shook his head, shaking his arms irritably, water spraying out from his sleeves, ‘’no, I made sure to remove him from the ship once he had inhaled enough silver to keep him from moving at all, he’s just unconscious. When he wakes up, he’s going to wish he had died’’ he grumbled.

‘’Who even were those guys?’’ Tsunami asked.

Kathrina stepped forward, ‘’Fire Teshika – They’re assassins’’

‘’They were here for Kathrina’’ Elijah added, folding his arms in front of him.

Thea frowned, ‘’what? Why?’’ she asked frantically.

‘’I plan to find that out when this shit wakes up’’ he growled, kicking the assassin's arm as he lay on the floor.

They all looked around at each other, confused. Why, of all times, would a group of assassins decide to show up now? Who had sent them and why had they tried killing just Kathrina?

Harley then looked over at Elijah, ‘’do you think they have something to do with this Alucard guy? Perhaps someone overheard us talking about him?’’ he suggested.

‘’It is possible, but from what we have seen, an Elemental would not have much need to hire assassins’’ Elijah explained, ‘’I suspect there is something else going on here’’

‘’Like what?’’ Kathrina asked, staring at him.

He looked down at her and frowned unsurely, ‘’I will find out when he wakes up’’ he said, looking back down at the assassin.

But then, Tsunami started walking towards him, shaking his head, ‘’see, there you go again, hiding shit from us. Do you not trust us?’’ he growled.

‘’I am hiding nothing. I just want to- ‘’

‘’Want to what? Find out what he has to say so you can keep more secrets?’’

Elijah scowled angrily at him as he stopped in front of him, glaring into his eyes.

Kathrina then pushed them away from each other, ‘’can you two not have one conversation without fighting?!’’ she exclaimed, glaring at the two of them as they looked down at her.

Alpha suddenly laughed quietly, ‘’I agree with my brother. Isn’t it about time scar-face told us what he’s hiding? He clearly knows something we don’t’’ he called.

‘’Call me that one more time,’’ Elijah growled as he glared at him, ‘’and I will kill you’’

He opened his mouth to speak –

‘’Shut it!’’ Kathrina snapped, pointing at him.

He fell silent, smirking at her.

She then grabbed Elijah’s hand and started pulling him away from Tsunami, ‘’you should get into dry clothes before you catch a cold’’

He looked down at her and smirked, ‘’I cannot get a cold’’

‘’Well, you’ll get some kind of sickness’’

‘’I cannot get sick- ‘’

‘’Just get changed!’’ she insisted, tugging harshly on his hand as he followed.


Watching them walk towards the door to their quarters, Tsunami leaned closer to his brother, ‘’he acts like a total bitch whenever she tells him to do something’’

Alpha laughed quietly, ‘’makes me wonder if he’d do anything she tells him’’

Tsunami smirked harshly, ‘’she could tell him to kill everyone here and he wouldn’t hesitate’’

‘’Nah, he’s probably gonna end up doing that someday anyway. And the first one of us he’s gonna end up killing is her’’

He looked at his brother strangely.

But then, Harley glared at them both, ‘’do you enjoy starting unnecessary conflicts?’’



He frowned, ‘’clearly’’


Suddenly, the assassin at their feet coughed loudly, gripping the deck with his claws, scraping them along the wood.

Just about to enter their room, Kathrina and Elijah stopped, looking back at him.

Everyone backed away slightly, unsure of what he might do. But he just continued coughing, almost as if he was choking. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, glaring up at everyone as they stared back down at him, watching. He didn’t say anything – Abruptly, he sat up and tried to climb to his feet –

‘’Stay… Down’’ Elijah growled, suddenly appearing over him, slamming his foot onto his chest and forcing him to lay on his back.

He growled angrily, glaring up at Elijah with his blood-red eyes, breathing frantically.

Scowling evilly at him, Elijah reached out his hand, grabbing hold of the hood over the assassin’s head and yanked it harshly, chucking it over board and into the sea. Seeing his face, everyone backed off even more. The assassin was young, his skin the same kind of pale as Elijah’s. His hair was short and bright fiery red, locks twisted around the two horns sticking out of his forehead, curving back over the top of his head almost like a Nubian ibex’s (a kind of mountain goat), dark red in color.

He glared right into Elijah’s eyes; he looked slightly afraid, still breathing frantically. The man looked no older than Elijah, maybe even younger.

But Elijah didn’t care. This man had made an attempt on Kathrina’s life – Twice! There was no way he was going to go easy on him just because he looked like a kid. Knowing Fire Teshika, his appearance could just be an illusion to try and make him feel sorry, but that was something he never, ever did, especially not for his enemies.

His foot still on his chest, he glared at the assassin, ‘’you know how this works, right?’’

The assassin gulped.

‘’You tell me what I want to know and you do not get hurt – Well, I cannot promise that. You tried to kill someone I care about,’’ he crouched down and leaned right into his face, ‘’and you already know what happens to people who try to take something from someone like us’’

Threatened, the assassin panicked, taking his eyes off Elijah and looked around at everyone again.

Then, Elijah grabbed the assassins jaw, turning his head and made him look at him again, ‘’so, what will it be?’’

But slowly, he grinned, baring his four fangs, ‘’you don’t scare me – Filthy half-breed’’

Elijah deadpanned. Abruptly, he grabbed hold of the assassin’s left horn with his spare hand, still gripping his jaw with the other. Then, to everyone’s surprise, he yanked harshly –


The assassin yelled in both pain and anger as Elijah snapped his left horn from his head, chucking it over board just like he had done with his hood.

As it splashed into the water, Elijah grinned harshly, waiting.

Kathrina frowned, ‘’was that really necessary?’’ she asked.

‘’Yes’’ Elijah answered, still glaring at the assassin as blood started trickling out from the broken horn.

She watched as he glared down at the assassin’s bloody face. She didn’t agree with Elijah’s torture methods, but she did want the guy to talk. Just like everyone else, she wanted to know why she had been targeted and who exactly had hired them. It might take longer than she would have liked, but if anyone could get him to talk, it was Elijah.


Watching from beside Tsunami and Alpha, Harley nodded slowly. It seemed like one of a Fire Teshika’s weaknesses were their horns; the agonized look on the assassin’s face and Elijah’s earlier explanation about knowing their weaknesses made it clear to him. However, such an evaluation was of no use. He was hoping to find something he could use against Elijah whenever they next dueled, but he didn’t have horns.

Elijah continued glaring into the assassin’s eyes as he stared back, a slightly cautious look in his eyes. He knew how tough Fire Teshika were when it came to interrogations; he knew how much it was going to take to get him to talk, but if he was as inexperienced as he looked, it might not take as long as he had thought it would.

He deadpanned again, ‘’who sent you?’’

The assassin snickered, glaring into Elijah’s eyes. But he didn’t answer.

‘’Why were you targeting Kathrina?’’

Still, he remained silent, his snickering turning into evil chuckles.

‘’Who hired you?!’’ he growled, growing impatient.

His chuckles then burst into manic laughing, angering everyone around him.

Elijah’s impatience was starting to increase into something incredible. This man was mocking him! He grabbed ahold of his right horn, glaring into the assassin’s eyes as he started twisting it to the right, listening to his quiet whimpers as it cracked, blood slowly pouring down his face.

‘’Tell me, or you will start losing more important parts’’ Elijah threatened, still twisting the horn.

Grunting painfully, he snickered, ‘’what are you gonna do? Scratch me with your claws?’’ he grinned in a mocking tone.

Furious, Elijah growled quietly, suddenly raising his hand above his head, the claws hidden within appearing, but as he went to swipe the assassin’s face –

‘’Elijah’’ Kathrina said, grabbing hold of his wrist.

He turned his head and looked up at her. She knew just as well as he that they weren’t getting anywhere with his method and it looked like she wanted to try. So, as she let go of his wrist, he stood up, letting go of the assassin as he laughed quietly, staring up at them both as he lay there.

Retracting his claws, Elijah back off, but remained close enough to grab Kathrina if anything were to go wrong.

Kathrina didn’t waste any time talking. She crouched down over the assassin and glared into his eyes as he stared back curiously.

‘’Well, hello’’ he smirked seductively.

Without any hesitation, Kathrina slammed her hand down onto his chest, her Tekashime-Jikato pulsing in her eyes as black flames suddenly erupted from her hand, fizzing as they hit the assassin’s chest. He flinched, but then screamed out in agony, the flames slowly spreading down his body originating from her hand as she sat there, glaring at his face.


Everyone stared at her, surprised and confused. She was relentless; they had all thought that side of Kathrina died when she lost her Warlock magic and regained her memory, but it seemed as though it was just something she kept hidden.

They watched as she sat over him, her hand on his chest, the black flames sizzling and dancing all over his body except for his face. However, his clothes didn’t burn and neither did his skin; whatever pain these flames were inflicting on him, it looked more mental than physical.

But that was how the black flames of the Tekashime-Jikato worked: they didn’t leave marks or scars, they burned the victim from the inside. If someone was engulfed by them for long enough, their body would explode. But that wasn’t what Kathrina was aiming to do.

Staring at the assassin’s agonized face, Kathrina felt an anger raging within her. This man was the one who had almost killed her and now that he was their prisoner, he still had the cheek to mock them, so she was going to make sure he understood who he was really dealing with. This interrogation would be so much easier if Elijah had his Psyche-Jikato, but he didn’t. So, it was down to her to get the bastard to talk, even if it meant taking one of Elijah’s approaches to it and torturing it out of him.

Pressing her hand down hard, the flames grew more violent, circling around his body like snakes, making him scream like a child.

‘’Talk’’ she growled.

He yelled in pain, ‘’fuck… You!’’

She pressed even harder, the flames becoming thicker-

‘’O-Okay!’’ he cried, ‘’I’ll talk!’’

On his word, she lifted her hand from his chest, the flames vanishing. She then took hold of Elijah’s hand as he held it out, helping her stand. The two of them stood side by side beside the assassin, glaring down at him as he breathed frantically, trying to calm down, but Elijah’s impatience wasn’t going to let him do such a thing.

‘’Speak!’’ he demanded, angering.

Panicking, he looked up at Kathrina, watching as the Jikato in her eyes faded, ‘’they… They never mentioned you had- ‘’

‘’Who are they?’’ she asked impatiently.

He coughed, blood spraying from his mouth, ‘’I… I don’t know – I never saw their faces!’’ he insisted, looking over at Elijah who was clearly growing more and more impatient.

‘’Fire Teshika never take a contract from someone unless they see their face,’’ Elijah stated, ‘’do you think I am an idiot?’’ he growled angrily.

The assassin coughed again and shook his head, ‘’It… Was a woman’’

Everyone looked at each other, confused.

Kathrina frowned, ‘’a woman? What woman?’’

He stared at her and then glanced over at Elijah, ‘’I… Don’t kn- ‘’

‘’TELL ME!!!’’ Elijah yelled, kicking the assassins face so hard that two of his teeth came flying out of his bloody mouth.

Spitting blood from his mouth, the assassin laughed quietly, turning his head and glaring back up at them both, ‘’even if I tell you, it won’t stop others from coming’’ he snickered, ‘’more will come and we will kill you’’ he grinned, looking at Kathrina.

Kathrina frowned angrily-

‘’I have had it with this son of a bitch’’ Elijah growled, crouching down over him and grabbing his cloak, pulling his face closer to his own, ‘’tell me who hired you!’’

The assassin snickered harshly, ‘’your mom’’


Alpha frowned, ‘’seriously? Did he just make a ‘your mom’ joke? Is that what I hear?’’

Tsunami snickered, ‘’yeah, he did’’

Elijah frowned angrily – Abruptly, he let go of the assassin, but then held up his fist and smashed it down into his face. But as he laughed at him, his anger exploded – Continuously, he smashed his right fist down into his face, over and over and over, blood spraying all over the deck, the assassin’s muffled laughs still escaping from his bloody swollen mouth.

But Elijah didn’t let up. Even with Harley telling him to calm down, even with Kathrina nudging him, he continued to smite the assassins face with his fist. After every hit, his laughs became shorter, quieter and more pained. Blood splashed onto the deck and all over Elijah’s fist, glaring evilly at the assassin.

The assassin laughed painfully as Elijah’s fist collided with his face again.

However, just as he was about to hit him again, Kathrina grabbed his arm, ‘’Elijah! Stop!’’ she exclaimed.

He ceased, breathing frantically as he glared down at the assassin. His face was covered in blood, cuts and bruises, his broken horn still oozing blood. Slowly, he turned his head and looked up at Elijah, his red eyes glaring into his light green eyes, but he didn’t say anything, he just laughed again.

Kathrina pulled on Elijah’s arm, making him stand up and move away from the assassin.

‘’Elijah,’’ she said quietly, ‘’you can’t keep getting carried away like that!’’

He looked down at her, disappointed. She was right. Once again, he had let his anger control him; he could have killed the assassin, taking away any chance they had of finding out who it was that had sent them after her.

‘’I know’’ he said sadly, ‘’I’m sorry’’

She shook her head, ‘’you don’t need to apologize to anyone – Just get him to talk before you kill him’’ she said sternly.


Staring over at Kathrina and Elijah as they muttered quietly to each other, Tsunami moved closer to the assassin as he lay in a puddle of his own blood, still chuckling evilly. He clearly thought he was winning, keeping his mouth shut about his contract issuers, getting a joke in here and there. These kind of people were what angered Tsunami the most. This man reminded him too much of Elijah; he had the same stuck up, cocky attitude and sly tone to his voice when he spoke. It was boiling his blood.

Moving away from his brother, he stopped beside the assassin, glaring down at him as he slowly turned his head and looked up at him.

He coughed, spitting blood onto the deck again, ‘’oh, is it your turn?’’ he asked, ‘’is… Is that how it works here? Y-you take turns torturing someone until they s-speak?’’ he struggled, blood pouring from a deep cut on his lip.

Tsunami shook his head slowly, ‘’actually, I’m usually the one who tries to resolve things through speech, but you don’t look to be in a talkative mood’’

The assassin frowned, but didn’t respond.

‘’So,’’ he started as he crouched down beside him, leaning closer to his face, ‘’why don’t you tell me what we want to know before scar-face is done getting scolded and perhaps you’ll get to go home alive’’

Again, he frowned and tilted his head curiously, snickering.

Angering, Tsunami grabbed his throat, ‘’you have ten seconds or I’ll start freezing your blood as it runs through your body’’

But he just laughed, ‘’you dumb fuck,’’ he snickered.

Tightening his grip on the assassin’s throat, Tsunami’s hand turned a pale white, a mist of fog starting to float off it. The assassin continued to laugh, but soon, his smile faded, the amusement in his eyes turning into panic. His skin started turning pale, frost floating off his own body. The blood Elijah had drawn from him started to crystalize, making him groan painfully.

He gripped harder, the assassin starting to cry painfully, shivering and shuddering, the cold becoming overwhelming. He was a Fire Teshika, the cold shouldn’t affect him, but it was freezing! He could feel the blood in his body freezing, cutting him from within as it still flowed through his veins. What kind of magic was this?

Agonized, he yelled, ‘’alright! They call themselves The Red Rakshasa!’’

‘’Good choice’’ Tsunami grinned, letting go and backing away, ‘’you get that, scar-face?’’ he called.

Elijah glared at him as he backed away and stood beside Alpha.

‘’The Red Rakshasa?’’ Kathrina asked, ‘’what’s that?’’

He looked back down at her, ‘’I’m not sure’’

‘’Well, great, all that for nothing’’ Alpha called.

‘’My brother might know’’ Elijah said, ‘’I will contact him’’

‘’Yeah, you do that. He best give us an answer before more of those bastards come for my sister’’ Thea called, glaring at the defeated assassin.

Kathrina frowned, ‘’do you think Luka knows?’’

‘’He might; he knows of many organizations. If we find this group, we can find out why they want to kill you’’

She nodded, ‘’who should get rid of him?’’ she asked, pointing to the assassin.

He smirked, ‘’me’’


Overhearing their conversation, the assassin panicked, trying to stand, but the silver dust he had inhaled while unconscious was keeping him from doing anything. He watched as Elijah slowly walked over to him, Kathrina at his side.

‘’W-wait! You said I could- ‘’

‘’I lied’’ Tsunami smirked.

Elijah leaned forward, grabbing the assassin’s cloak and pulling him up, holding him up, his limp body dangling as he glared into his eyes.

Blood spat from his mouth as he pleaded, ‘’d-don’t kill me, I can still help you!’’

An evil stare in his eyes, Elijah pulled him closer, ‘’fly’’ he whispered.

Suddenly, Elijah let go, throwing him into the air. Confused but desperate, the assassin grunted, wings suddenly bursting out from under the cloak. He flapped them furiously, scurrying up into the air.

Elijah then looked over at Alpha and Tsunami, ‘’get him’’


The two of them grinned excitedly – Immediately, their wings and horns appeared as they leaped into the air, ascending, chasing the fleeing assassin.

From above, the assassin looked back, gasping in terror as he spotted the two angry Demons headed right for him, their wings cutting furiously through the air. He tried to fly faster, but the silver was still dragging him down.

Getting closer, Alpha and Tsunami grinned at each other before flying opposite from each other. As Alpha flew to the right of the assassin, Tsunami flew to the left. They caught up with him quickly, staring over at him as he frantically glanced at them both.

Before he could do anything, the brothers suddenly crashing into him, growling and laughing harshly. He yelled, trying to fight back, but two against one was hardly ever fair, especially when the one was poisoned by silver.

Laughing manically, Alpha slashed his claws into the assassin as he yelled angrily, blood spraying all over the three of them. Tsunami tore at his wings, grinning. The violence was intoxicating – He loved it! This man deserved to die!

He laughed too, tearing at the assassin as he started screaming, trying to escape, throwing his own claws through the air, but he missed every time, Alpha and Tsunami laughing to mock him as he struggled. They laughed, clawed, tore, blood spraying everywhere –


They stopped as an arrow suddenly came out of nowhere, piercing straight through the assassin’s heart, an explosion of blood erupting from his back as the silver arrow head dug out from it. He gasped, grunting, still struggling. But then, he went limp, lifeless.

Confused, Alpha and Tsunami let go of him, watching as his body slowly disintegrated into ash, floating away in the cold breeze. They then looked down at the ship below.


Staring up, Elijah smirked, a black colored bow in his hands. He lowered it as Alpha and Tsunami started flying back towards the ship.

Harley looked impressed, gazing at Elijah as he smiled down at Kathrina who, like everyone else, looked impressed. But then, Elijah looked over at him, shoving the bow into his face.

’Kyujutsu’’ he said.

Taking the bow, Harley looked at him unsurely, ‘’what about it?’’

He smirked, ‘’your next test’’

‘’Very well’’ Harley smirked back, excited. He knew Kyujutsu very well, so impressing Elijah probably wouldn’t be as hard as it had been when he had fought him back in Japan.

Kathrina smiled at Elijah as he looked back down at her, ‘’so, you know how to use one of those other weapons, huh?’’ she smirked.

‘’Are you testing me?’’ he smirked back.

She nodded, ‘’I have to see to believe’’

He laughed slightly, ‘’challenge accepted’’


Suddenly, Alpha and Tsunami landed back on the deck, their wings and horns turning to dust and disappearing as they glared at Elijah.

‘’Show off’’ Alpha growled.

‘’You told us to kill him!’’ Tsunami argued.

Elijah shrugged, ‘’I told you to get him, not kill him’’

They both growled angrily.

But then, Harley stepped forward, ‘’look, now that that’s over with, perhaps we should discuss our findings?’’ he suggested.

Kathrina nodded, ‘’what did you get from Reeves?’’

‘’A map’’ Thea called, ‘’a very, very crappy one’’

She giggled at her sisters disappointed face, ‘’a map is a map as long as we can read it, right?’’

‘’True’’ Logan called, ‘’where is it anyway?’’

Then, they all started looking at each other expectantly. Who had the map? They looked at Harley who had taken it from Reeves, but he shook his head.

But Elijah reached into his pocket and slowly pulled out a soggy piece of paper.

‘’Oh, that’s great’’ Tsunami grumbled, throwing his hands into the air, ‘’now what do we do?!’’

Elijah started gently unscrewing the paper as water dripped from it – Suddenly, it ripped into three pieces, the third falling to the floor and splashing into a soggy mess.

‘’Perfect’’ Tsunami spat, folding his arms, ‘’you did this, so you can go back and get another map form whoever they went to meet’’

Irritated, Elijah stared blankly at him, ‘’I would tell you to go and fuck yourself, but that would be cruel and unusual punishment’’

Everyone suddenly snickered quietly, Logan and Joe holding their hands to their faces to keep themselves from laughing too hard.

Tsunami angered, ‘’how about I throw a stick, then you’d go, right?’’

The laughter grew louder. Tsunami had just called Elijah a dog.

Screwing up the map in his hands, Elijah scowled at him, ‘’you know, it’s pretty hilarious watching you try to fit your entire vocabulary into one sentence’’

But before Tsunami could counter, Harley stepped between them, ‘’come on, kids, let’s take a break and pay attention to the adults’’

They both fell silent, glaring at him as he snatched the soggy map from Elijah, picking the third piece up from the floor. He then slapped it onto the main mast, pressing it with his hands so it stuck to the wood, putting it together. It was soggy and most of the coal-drawn lines had washed off, but there was still an understandable directory. He backed away and pointed to it.

Everyone stepped closer, staring at it.

‘’Is this a map or some kids drawing?’’ Kathrina asked, looking back at Harley.

Harley shrugged, ‘’it’s the best we got – oh, he said to avoid that forest’’ he said, pointing to a gloopy mess on the soaked paper.

Elijah frowned, ‘’why?’’

‘’Werewolves’’ Joe called.

Staring at it, he nodded slowly, ‘’makes sense… Where is Henry?’’ Elijah asked, looking back at everyone.

Opus then cleared his throat, ‘’our captain seems to have passed out below deck; much like our Logan, he has a habit of drinking himself to sleep’’

‘’Go and wake him up’’ Elijah instructed, ‘’we leave now’’

The old man nodded gracefully, turning around and walking below the deck.

Then, he looked over at Harley, ‘’why did he give us directions to this place?’’ he asked, pointing to the circle drawn on the right side of the paper.

‘’He said he heard Alucard’s name while he was there’’ Thea answered.

Elijah nodded slowly, looking back at the paper.

‘’So, what, we go there just to start another wild goose chase? We have no idea what this guy looks like or what he is – Seriously, we shouldn’t head there until we at least know what we’re dealing with’’ Tsunami called.

‘’Remember when I asked for your opinion? Me neither’’ Elijah hissed.

Tsunami went to answer –

‘’Hey!’’ Harley snapped, ‘’can you both get off each other’s throats for one minute?! This is stupid!’’

‘’He’s right’’ Kathrina said as she looked up at Elijah, ‘’stop arguing’’

Elijah looked down at her, but glanced back over at Tsunami, scowling harshly.

He scowled back.

But then, Alpha leaned into his ear, ‘’don’t threat, brother, we’ll get him later’’


As Opus arrived back on the deck with Henry, everyone fell silent, watching as the drunk captain waddled over to the mast, holding his bucket on his head.

Reaching Elijah, he looked up at him and grinned, ‘’Eligius’’ he said, ‘’Oleg said you need me’’

Elijah deadpanned. This idiot never got anyone’s name right. But he tapped the map, ‘’take us here – now’’

Henry frowned, leaning closer to the map, ‘’hmmm… But Alexia needs to sleep just like us’’ he said, holding out his hands, referring to the ship.

‘’Cut the crap’’ Tsunami growled, ‘’It’s a ship, not a living thing’’

‘’But… ‘’ Henry looked around at all of their impatient faces and then nodded slowly, ‘’alright’’

Carefully pulling the soggy map from the mast, Henry waddled over to the stairs and climbed up onto the quarter deck, muttering quietly to himself.

Kathrina looked up at Elijah, ‘’do you think we’ll find him there?’’ she asked.

He looked down at her and smiled, taking her hand, ‘’we will find something’’ he assured her.

She smiled as the ship started creaking, the sails flapping in the wind. They were about to head for a city that was apparently run by Vampires. She was excited to be going to a new place, the only thing that made her wary was the Vampires. What did a city home to Vampires look like? She never would have thought such a place existed, but now, it seemed like it did.





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