Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - The Question

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Submitted: December 21, 2017



Hastily, Kathrina and Elijah entered the room where Alucard had revealed Edmund to her. Letting go of his hand, she reached out to the loose brick in the wall and pulled on it as Elijah watched curiously. The brick clicked, and as it came away from the wall, Kathrina placed it down on the table. Slowly and unsurely, she moved her hand into the wall, feeling around for whatever it was that Alucard had used to open the door. The wall inside was damp and cold, making her toll her eyes irritably – but then, she gripped what felt like a small lever, and pulled it


Suddenly, the wall beside them started shifting as the sound of turning machinery echoed through the walls around them, a quiet hissing coming from above them. Kathrina stepped back and stood beside Elijah, both of them staring as the wall to their left parted and folded away, revealing a huge room behind it.

As the door stopped moving, an overwhelming gust of heat scurried out from the room, carrying the metallic smell of blood – Elijah noticed it instantly, and frowned. He looked down at Kathrina as she gripped his hand, starting to walk into the pitch blackness. His eyes started adjusting to the dark, glowing brightly as he looked around. He could make out clusters of candles lined all around the room, but of obviously, none of them were lit. There was also a huge chandelier hanging from the arched ceiling, a blurred, hunched-over man below it.

Kathrina stopped, trying to remember what Alucard had done to light the candles; she remembered him yelling something in another language, but she couldn’t remember what. So, expectantly, she looked up at Elijah, gazing at his brightly glowing light green eyes as he stared ahead, examining the room.

‘’Elijah,’’ she said.

He looked down at her, and noticing her expectant look, he smiled, raised his hand, and as an orange magic circle appeared over the palm of his hand, all of the candles in the room started lighting, one after the other until the entire room was lit.

Becoming visible to her, Kathrina raced over to Edmund who was still hunched over, in the same state he had been in the first time she had seen him. She dropped to her knees and skidded over to him, placing her hands on his shoulders, shaking him slightly – ‘’Edmund?’’ she asked, worried.

Edmund grunted and flinched, the chains binding him clinking loudly as he sharply lifted his head and stared at Kathrina’s face, ‘’y-you… you’re… the girl… he…’’ widening his eyes in fear, he turned his head and looked over at he door, expecting to see Alucard, but instead, his white eyes met Elijah’s. He frowned and turned back to look at Kathrina.

‘’Alucard’s dead’’ she confirmed as Elijah crouched down beside her, also looking at Edmund’s panicked face.

‘’He’s bound in silver’’ Elijah said, staring at the chains.

Kathrina nodded, ‘’we need to get him outta these’’

Staring at them, Edmund frowned, ‘’who… who are you people? How… how did you kill Alucard?’’

They ignored him, looking for a way to get him out of the chains, but they fell into the ground, so unlocking them couldn’t be done from this room. They both sighed irritably, realising that they were probably going to have to search the whole castle for the room containing the ends to Edmund’s chains.

‘’I guess you go one way and I’ll go another’’ Kathrina frowned, looking at Elijah.

He looked back down at her and sighed lazily. However, instead of agreeing with her, he shuffled around behind Edmund, grabbed one of the chains in both of his hands and examined in closely.

‘’What are you doing?’’ Kathrina asked, frowning, ‘’you can’t break those, they’re silver, and you’re a Demon’’

Slowly, he looked at her, but then glared back down at the chains – abruptly, he started to pull them, trying to pull them apart, grunting angrily as Kathrina watched in confusion. He couldn’t break silver, he shouldn’t even be able to touch it. Were they a different kind of silver?

Just then, Edmund shook his head, ‘’you… you cannot break them’’

Elijah grunted angrily, still pulling on them.

Looking at her, Edmund asked again, ‘’who are you?’’

Sighing, Kathrina took her eyes off Elijah and looked at Edmund, ‘’I’m Kathrina, this is Elijah – we’re the sword wielders’’

Edmund frowned, looking over his shoulder back at Elijah who was still trying to break the chains, but then looked back at Kathrina, ‘’you… where’s Cassius?’’

Kathrina frowned; did he not know that her father was dead? Had he really been here that long? She felt such pity for him, but had no idea where to start – did he even know how long he had been locked up here?

But, just then, after a loud CACK!!!, Elijah fell back – the silver chain split in two, pieces of it scattering all over the room – ‘’son of a BITCH!!!’’ Elijah growled, falling back.

Immediately, Kathrina rushed over to him, ‘’are you alright?’’ she asked, panicking slightly.

Slowly, he sat up and groaned quietly, ‘’I’m fine’’

She smiled, but then frowned, ‘’how… how did you break that?’’

Elijah shrugged, ‘’the metal is hundreds of years old, it must have been weaker’’ he assumed, rubbing the back of his head.

Edmund pulled his hands free and fell forward as all of the chains dropped to the floor. He rubbed his wrists painfully, but then turned around to look at them, ‘’did you… say… hundreds of years?’’ he breathed.

The two of them looked at each other, unsure whether Edmund was going to be able to handle it, but it wasn’t right to keep it from him. Elijah sighed, putting on a stern look as he climbed to his feet.

‘’You went missing just after the start of the four-hundred-year long war. People assumed that you had died, but as it turns out, you were captured and held prisoner by one of the people you were supposed to be killing’’ he started, helping Kathrina to her feet.

Staring up at Elijah, Edmund frowned, starting to breathe frantically, ‘’four… four hundred years?’’

Elijah nodded, ‘’the war is over, the Warlock’s won. However, we, being myself and Kathrina, have taken it upon ourselves to fight back. Gahi is dead, and Lucious is next. But, to do that, we must kill the rest of the Elementals. I may come off as hasty, and I honestly do not give a shit if I do, but you need to tell us what you know about them – now’’

‘’You… you two are… sword wielders?’’

Angered, Elijah snarled, ‘’that’s what I just said, you mor- ‘’

‘’Hey, just give him a minute, he just found out he’s been locked away for four hundred years, Elijah’’ Kathrina said quietly, looking up at him.

Looking down at her, he slowly smiled and sighed, looking back over at Edmund as his smile faded, ‘’yes, the old man replaced you with us. Now, as I just said, you need to tell us what you know’’

Grunting, still rubbing his wrists, Edmund gradually stood up, looking around. He looked both relieved and bewildered, unsure of what to expect to see outside these walls after so long. Then, he looked back to his rescuers and eyed them closely, ‘’you are… Teshika’’

Kathrina nodded, ‘’and so are you, right?’’

He nodded, ‘’I am… Spirit Teshika – you… are Shadow?’’ he asked, looking at her.

She nodded again.

Then, he looked to Elijah who was scowling evilly at him, ‘’and you… you are Spirit – but why do you possess Demon blood?’’

‘’We did not come here to introduce ourselves to each other – give us what we asked for’’

Edmund scowled, ‘’you certainly are a rude one’’

‘’And an impatient one – I tend to hurt people who piss me off, and right now, you are SERIOUSLY pissing me off’’ he growled, glaring at him.

He squinted, ‘’you are a Spirit Teshika… but I don’t sense a Jikato – are you- ‘’

Elijah raised his hand and pointed at him harshly, ‘’even try to get into my head, and I will tear yours off before you can blink!’’ he growled.

Kathrina tugged on his arm, ‘’calm down!’’

He looked down at her worried face, losing his scowl. Then, slowly, he looked back over at Edmund who was still scowling at him, ‘’please’’ he gritted, clearly struggling to have said that.

‘’At least get me out of here first’’ Edmund pleaded, looking around again.

Elijah looked down at Kathrina again, and as she nodded in agreement, Elijah started walking over towards the door, ‘’follow us’’

Without any hesitation, Edmund quickly followed, relieved to finally be out of his binds.


Meanwhile, back on the ship, everyone was still waiting on the deck, staring expectantly ahead at the castle, waiting for any signs of Alpha, Tsunami, Kathrina and Elijah. It had been nearly an hour, and none of them had come back yet.

Luka was leaning back against the main mast, tapping his left foot on the floor, muttering impatiently to himself as his four companions stood around him, worried looks on their faces. There was nothing more the four of them hated than seeing their leader in distress – well, Reiner’s hate for Merek came pretty damn close. However, they were too worried about their leader and his brother right now to be bickering over nonsense.

Thea was sitting with Octavia on a bench opposite the foremast, both of them with worried looks on their faces. Thea was worried about her sister, and Octavia was worried about Tsunami. Both of them blamed Elijah for this; if he hadn’t had run off by himself, none of them would be in danger. Luka had a plan, and it seemed perfect, but of course, Elijah had to mess it up.

Logan and Joe were sitting opposite them, also worrying about all four of their allies. They knew that it was reckless and stupid of Elijah to leave by himself, but there had to be a reason behind it. Something had to have happened to cause him to leave like that. He wouldn’t have abandoned his brother’s plan unless there was a very good reason. All they could do was sit there and hope all four of them would return in one piece.

Standing by his lonesome, Harley was up on the forecastle deck, staring out at the docks below. He was worried about all of them as well, mainly Kathrina. She had recently come to him asking how to say she was ready to kill someone in Japanese, and he wasn’t sure why. If anything happened to her, would he share the blame for not trying to stop her? Or for not telling anyone that she had come to him with such a question? He frowned – he couldn’t concentrate. There was so much going on right now; Kathrina had been taken by Alucard, Elijah had gone rogue – again – and Tsunami and Alpha had been sent to their rescue. Not just that, but he had recently been told that he was now a Werewolf. He had no idea how to feel about that; all he wanted to do was forget it and focus on what was going on right now. If they didn’t come back, what were they going to do? What was he going to do?

Distressed, he walked over to the edge and leaned on the fence, still staring out at the docks, hoping to see the four of them return soon.


Back at the masquerade hall, Tsunami and Alpha were standing outside in the graveyard, staring at the grass, waiting for Elijah and Kathrina. They had no idea how long they were going to take, but it better not be too long – they were growing extremely impatient, and if they didn’t turn up soon, they were just going to leave.

However, to their relief, they weren’t going to have to wait anymore. As the sound of approaching footsteps echoed towards them, they looked up and stared over at the hall’s doors, watching as Kathrina, Elijah and some other man walked out. Noticing him, they frowned, watching cautiously as he followed the pair.

As they came closer to the brothers, the three of them stopped. There were no words exchanged, just a few awkward scowls. Kathrina had no idea why the two of them looked so uncomfortable; maybe it was because they didn’t know who Edmund was?

She frowned, ‘’what’s with you two?’’

Tsunami choked on his words, ‘’oh.. uh… who the heck is that?’’ he asked, looking over at Edmund.

Alpha snickered, amused by his brother’s embarrassed disposition.

Kathrina looked back at Edmund who glared at the brothers, ‘’this is Edmund – one of the first sword wielders’’

The brothers looked at each other, but then shrugged.

‘’Whatever’’ Alpha said.

‘’I’d expect anything at this point, to be honest’’ Tsunami mumbled, ‘’did you kill Alucard?’’

Hearing his words, Kathrina saddened, remembering what she had done. Elijah then pulled her under his cloak and hugged her, ‘’he’s dead’’ Elijah confirmed.

‘’I’ve heard of dancing on your enemy’s graves,’’ Alpha grinned, ‘’but never fucking- ‘’

‘’Do you have to?!’’ Tsunami spat, glaring at him.

Alpha laughed quietly, ‘’yeah, I do’’

An awkward silence fell over them all again as they looked at each other. Even Elijah felt uncomfortable.

But then, pulling away from Elijah, Kathrina looked at Tsunami, ‘’we should get back – the sooner we leave this city, the better’’

Sighing, Tsunami nodded, ‘’yeah, let’s get back, everyone’s worried – you just disappeared on your own’’ he growled, looking at Elijah who frowned evilly.

‘’And we saw why’’ Alpha muttered.

Tsunami growled quietly, glaring at his sly brother.

From behind Kathrina and Elijah, Edmund was silently watching, unsure of what to say or do. He was just glad to be out of that castle. He had no idea what to expect from the world four hundred years later, but it had to be something better now that there was no longer a war going on. He sighed quietly, following the four of them as they started walking through the graveyard.


A little while had passed, and Harley was starting to give up waiting. He wanted to go and insist that Luka went ahead with his plan without them – he was sure they could do it. All they needed to do was get up to the castle, find Kathrina and give her enough time to get to – wait… Harley frowned, staring down at the docks, unsure… he squinted – suddenly, a huge wave of relief washed over him –

‘’Luka!’’ he yelled, looking down at him.

Startled, Luka flinched, but looked up at Harley, ‘’nani?!’’ he growled.

Harley pointed out at the docks.

Frowning, Luka stood up straight and walked over to the edge of the ship – his face instantly lit up with relief as his eyes fixed upon Elijah, Kathrina, Tsunami and Alpha, another white-haired man following them as they made their way towards the ship.

Everyone else had jumped to their feet, rushing over to the edge, watching as the five of them walked out onto the docks, vacant looks on their faces.

‘’Kathrina!’’ Thea yelled, throwing her arms around her sister as soon as she walked up onto the deck.

Luka embraced his brother, ‘’where the fuck did you go?!’’

Stepping back, Elijah shrugged, ‘’some Vampire warned me to go alone or he was going to kill Kathrina’’ he paused and looked back at everyone as they started hugging Kathrina, ‘’Alucard’s dead’’ he said, looking back at his relieved brother.

‘’Who the hell are you?’’ Merek called, looking at Edmund who was looking around strangely at everyone.

‘’Edmund’’ he replied, ‘’I’m a sword wielder’’

Merek frowned, unsure of what that was supposed to mean.


For the next hour, the group conversed over what had happened: Kathrina and Elijah explained what had happened with Alucard, showing them the void crystal they had recovered from him after his death. They also explained that they had killed Urin, that being the reason why it had taken them longer to return, and of course, Alpha hinted at there being another reason, but no one paid too much attention.

Opus had joined them, showing great relief and surprise to see Edmund again. Edmund explained what he knew of the Elementals, but none of it was of any use. He told them about Gahi, as he was the only other Elemental besides Alucard that he had known about. Thea asked if he would be joining them, but he refused, explaining that he wanted to see what this new world was like. The group agreed, knowing that they only needed two sword wielders anyway.

Luka scolded his brother for leaving and making him worry, but it didn’t take much for him to understand that if Elijah had told anyone, Kathrina would have been hurt because of it.

Kathrina explained her plan to everyone, explaining why she had allowed Alucard to take her, and everyone seemed surprised as to how devious she had been. But all in all, they were all relieved that it was over, and they could leave this city. Four Elementals were dead, which left six more. They had no idea where to head to now, but they were sure that Luka would be able to give them something in a few weeks, all they had to do was wait. But that was more than okay; a well-deserved rest was what they all needed.


A few hours had passed, and it was early morning. The ships were still in the docks and everyone was asleep. Kathrina was cuddled up next to Elijah in their cabin, but unlike him, she wasn’t asleep. She was staring down at the blanket, reflecting on everything that had happened. Alucard had been on her mind since they left the castle, and she couldn’t rest.

Slowly, she climbed out of the bed, making sure not to wake Elijah. She made her way over to the curtains and pulled it open slightly, staring out side. The sky was a dim silvery color, the sun slowly making its way over the horizon.

She sighed quietly, but quickly walked over to the door, opening it, stepping outside and quietly closing it as she made her way over to the edge of the ship, making sure not to wake anyone. She rushed down onto the docks, towards its exit and through one of the deserted streets, her heart racing. Then, she turned into one of the dark, gloomy alleys, relaxing.

Standing there, she waited, looking around expectantly – was she too early?

But, just then, the ground to her let crumbled quietly – she sharply turned her head, watching as a blurred figure made its way out of the shadows. Staring, she smiled, gazing up at a pair of fiery eyes, their pupils like a Demons.

‘’You made it’’ she smiled.

‘’Zhat I did, Kazrina’’

From the shadows, none other than Alucard emerged, a pleasant smile on his pale face. Staring up at him, she felt a great relief. Right through to the end, her plan had succeeded. In those last moments, she had managed to take the void magic from Alucard with Elijah’s help. However, she had had to make it look like Alucard had died – there was no way any of the others would allow him to live. The two had planned to meet here the next morning to say their farewells. Kathrina had hoped that Alucard could be some kind of ally, but none of her friends would ever accept him, least of all Elijah. So, the best thing to do was let him be.

Just then, Alucard reached out, grabbed her hand and bent down onto one knee, kissing her hand, ‘’I cannot thank you enough vor vhat you ‘ave done for me, Kazrina – if you ever need anyving, you know vhere I am’’ he said humbly.

Kathrina smiled, ‘’I’m just glad that I didn’t have to kill you’’

Standing back up, Alucard smiled, ‘’I am also glad. But Kazrina, vhere vill you go now? Do you still plan to kill all ze other Elementals?’’

She nodded, ‘’it’s my mission. Maybe some of the others are like you, and I can save them. If not, I will have to kill them’’

Alucard nodded understandably, ‘’yes… vell, you are a compassionate girl, Kazrina. I ‘ope to see you again vone day’’ he smiled.

‘’I hope to see you again too, Alucard’’ she smiled, ‘’but I should go, they’ll be waking up soon’’

He nodded gracefully, ‘’indeed – vut, bevore you go, I ‘ave someving for you’’ he said, reaching into his cuirass.

She watched as he grabbed the amulet he had shown her yesterday, the one he had said contained the body of Janus. He pulled it from around his neck, grabbed her hand and placed it in it.

‘’You vill need zis if you are to defeat Lucious – I vish you good luck, Kazrina’’

Taking the amulet, Kathrina looked back up at him, ‘’what will you do now?’’

‘’Me?’’ he asked, ‘’I zon’t know… I vill vork zhat out at some point’’ he chuckled.

Kathrina smiled, ‘’well, good luck, Alucard. Hopefully I’ll see you again some day’’

He smiled and bowed gracefully, ‘’farevell, Kazrina’’

Then, as she smiled in farewell, Alucard morphed into a cloud of vermilion smoke, floating away once again. She smiled happily; she had saved an innocent man’s life, and he was grateful. Never had she felt so proud of herself – she felt so happy that she wanted to cry, but she knew she had to get back to the ship before anyone missed her. So, without any hesitation, she slipped the amulet into her pocket and walked back out onto the street, making her way back to the ship.

Walking through the street, she smiled again, unable to keep herself from thinking about what she had done for Alucard. Now, because of her, he was free, and would be able to live his life. He was no longer bound by Lucious, and she considered him… a friend. In the little time she had spent with him, she had grown to like him, and she felt as if it was the same for him. Having the first ever Vampire on their team would have given them a huge advantage over their enemies, but she didn’t want to make him come along, it wouldn’t have been fair. He had spent his whole life wrapped up in this mess with the Elementals, and now that he was free, she wasn’t going to drag him back into it.

Reaching the docks, she made her way back to the ship. Now that she knew she didn’t have to kill these people to retrieve the void magic, she felt a whole lot more confident about this mission. She was sure that Alucard wasn’t going to be the only one that didn’t want to be involved, and now she knew that she could save them just as she had saved him. She wanted to save them. As much as she wanted to run away from this and be with Elijah, she wanted to free these people from Lucious – that cruel man deserved nothing more than death, and she was going to make sure he got it.

As she climbed up onto the deck, she walked back into the cabin and crawled back into bed beside Elijah, smiling happily. Her relief was overwhelming, and she had never felt so content. The mission was over, and Alucard was alive and free. Now, it was time to leave. Slowly, she closed her eyes and began drifting back off to sleep, finally able to relax.


A few hours later, Luka was out on the deck with his companions, preparing to leave. Everyone else was also out on the deck, all except Kathrina and Elijah. It was, however, no surprise; the two of them were always the last to get up in the morning, and no one dared to wake them. Luka planned on waiting until his brother woke up so that he could bid farewell until the next time they would meet. He and his companions had a perilous journey ahead of them; Luka wanted to find out what he could about the summoning rune the old man had put on Elijah and Kathrina, and possibly find a way to remove it. He also had to continue his hunt for the amulets that he had recently discovered to be called ‘Amulet’s of the Gods’. He was also most likely going to have to track down another Elemental target – his journey was only just beginning.

Edmund had left last night, planning on finding his way in the world he had been around in for over four hundred years. It was a completely different place to him now, and it was going to take some getting used to. He had said his farewells and disappeared into the city. Surprisingly, the city still went about its daily routine, even with Alucard being dead… did the people not know of his death? Or had another Vampire replaced him? They weren’t sure, but it didn’t matter. Their job here was done.

Harley, Logan, Joe, Thea, Octavia, Tsunami, Alpha and Opus were standing beside the foremast chatting quietly. It had been an eventful week, and they were happy to finally be getting some rest. They had no idea where they were headed next, but they planned on asking Elijah and Kathrina once they woke up, which they hoped would be soon. No one had seemed to bring up Harley’s new disposition, or the fact that Elijah had recently gone berserk, almost killing his brother. It seemed that the relief of the mission being over had left them with nothing but content feelings – even Alpha seemed happy, laughing as Logan cracked his usual sarcastic jokes.

Luka glanced back at them as Henry danced around on the quarter deck. He was grateful to these people; they had accepted his brother, and surprisingly, Elijah seemed to have accepted them as well. He might not show it, but Luka could tell he cared about them. It gave him great joy to see that his brother had made friends, and that he was seemingly happy. Luka smiled.

Just then, the cabin door clicked, and a very tired-looking Elijah popped his head out, glaring up at the quarter deck, eyeing Henry as he danced around like a mad-man. Slowly, he looked over at his brother sceptically, sure that he had been the one to tell Henry to do such a thing in order to wake him and Kathrina from their slumber.

But Kathrina seemed more than happy to be awake. She ducked under his arm and walked out of the room, walking over to the group who all greeted her cheerfully.

Elijah watched her go, and smirked as his brother walked over.

‘’Eli’’ Luka said quietly, ‘’I must disembark’’

He nodded and sighed, ‘’I know. When will I see you again?’’

‘’I will contact you’’ he said, looking over at Kathrina, ‘’before I go, do you plan on doing anything?’’ he asked slowly.

Frowning, Elijah glared at his smug brother, ‘’nani?’’ he asked.

Luka laughed quietly, ‘’do not ‘what’ me, brother, you know what I’m talking about’’

Losing his frown, Elijah looked back over at Kathrina, watching as she laughed with Harley and Logan, her cheery expression making him smile. He turned around and walked back into the room as Luka walked away, an exultant look on his face as he joined his allies.

‘’So, we goin’?’’ Merek asked.

He nodded, ‘’yes, but I must stay for a few minutes longer’’

‘’Why?’’ Reiner asked, frowning at him.

‘’My brother has something to do, and I wish to be present’’

The two of them looked at each other and scowled, unsure of what he meant, but they shrugged and waited beside him.


Kathrina laughed happily with everyone as Logan shared his experience with the Vampire he had left the masquerade with them.

‘’So, she just wanted to talk?’’ Harley laughed, ‘’and that’s all you did?’’

Logan nodded, an almost regretful look on his face, ‘’yeah. She went on and on about every single one of her exes, and I just nodded and smiled – I couldn’t get out of there quick enough the next morning’’

Alpha laughed, ‘’poor Logan, here we were all thinking you got laid’’

He shrugged, ‘’meh, I’m not even sure why I thought that was going to happen’’

‘’Typical man’’ Thea mumbled.

Looking down at her stroppy sister, Kathrina laughed, ‘’they’re not all the same, Thea’’

‘’Whatever’’ she mumbled.

Just then, Elijah placed his hand on Kathrina’s shoulder, ‘’Kathrina, can I uh… can I borrow you for a minute?’’

She smiled, ‘’yeah, what is it?’’

Everyone watched as Elijah walked to the centre of the deck with her, away from both parties. They waited, staring sceptically at Elijah. Luka, on the other hand, stared with a contented smile.


Elijah stared down at Kathrina as she stared back up at him, waiting.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ she asked, frowning.

He smiled, ‘’nothing’’

Slowly losing her frown, she smiled, ‘’well, what is it then?’’

Nervous, he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and glanced back at his brother who smiled and nodded. He sighed, but looked back down at her and smiled, taking her left hand in both of his, ‘’I honestly do not know where to start’’ he laughed.

Kathrina smirked, ‘’well if I knew what you were talking about, I’d help’’

He sighed again, but then smiled, ‘’from the very first moment I saw you, I knew that you would end up being someone important to me – and you are, you are my world, my everything. I do not know where I would be if I had not met you, or what I would be. You have changed my life and me, and I cannot begin to thank you enough for being here for me. And I want to be with you for the rest of our lives. I never want to leave your side, or for you to ever leave mine’’

She gazed up at him, his words warming her, relieving her.

‘’I will love you forever, and there is not one thing I would not do for you’’ he paused and slowly reached into his trouser pocket, pulling out the small box Luka had given him back in Japan. Then, as he gradually pulled it open, he kneeled onto one of his knees and held out the box in front of Kathrina, a small ruby ring sitting in it, ‘’Kathrina, will you marry me?’’

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