Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Dead City

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A loud, distant howl filled the cold air, a harsh breeze whistling through the trees of a forest that sat beside the calming ocean. As the group's ship passed it, the howl repeated, a huge red-eyed beast watching from just behind the tree line, glaring at Henry as he spun around on the quarter deck. The sky was getting lighter, the sun starting to peer over the horizon as a small flock of birds scattered towards it.

Aboard the ship, it was quiet. The only sound came from Henry’s occasional dance followed by Logan’s loud, obnoxious snoring, echoing from the hold below deck. The water crashed against the ship every so often and as it did, Henry proceeded to ask his ship if it was okay. But he never got any reply – Well, none that any sane person would understand.


In the cabin below the quarter deck, Kathrina was wrapped up comfortably in the bed. But as the deck above banged loudly, she opened her eyes, startled. Immediately, she slammed her hand down behind her, feeling around for Elijah, but like always, he wasn’t beside her. Pulling her hand back into the blanket, she saddened. He always laid down beside her, but was never there when she woke up in the morning. It upset her; did she have to ask him to remain beside her like she had asked him to sleep beside her?

But then, a quiet scratching sound caught her attention. She sat up slightly, staring over at the end of the room to see Elijah standing over a table, a razor to his face, the black cat staring up at him as he dragged it across his cheek.

‘’What are you doing?’’ she called irritably.

He lowered his hand and looked back at her, an innocent look on his face, ‘’uh… Shaving’’

She frowned, ‘’that’s twice you’ve woken me up with that, you know’’

Pulling the razor back to his cheek, he smirked slightly, ‘’I apologize’’

‘’Whatever’’ she grumbled, falling back down and pulling the blanket over her head, hiding under it, trying to drown out the sound.

Right now, she was more angry than upset. Not because he had woken her up, but because once again he had left her side before she had woken. But before she could over think it, he suddenly sat down beside her, slowly pulling the blanket from over her face.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ he asked, staring at her stroppy face.

She glared up at him, ‘’go and get dressed!’’ she snapped, snatching the blanket back, hiding under it again.

Elijah frowned, confused by her sudden attitude change. Get dressed? He was dressed – Well, minus the shirt which was still drying from his unpleasant dive into the ocean last night. He stared, trying to think of a reason as to why she was acting like this. But he couldn’t think of anything.

He gripped the blanket again, trying to pull it away from her face, but she fought back, holding it tightly. Again, he frowned, pulling harder, but she growled angrily from underneath it, tugging back. So, he took hold of it with both hands and yanked harshly –

Kathrina gasped as the entire blanket flew away from her, still gripping it as she was pulled up by it, but instead of flying half way across the room with it, she landed in Elijah’s arms as he sat there, frowning down at her.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ he repeated, more sternly this time.

Pushing away from him, she sat up and glared at him, ‘’why do you always leave?!’’ she growled.

‘’What?’’ he asked, confused.

Staring at his perplexed face, she calmed down slightly, saddening again, ‘’you’re never there when I wake up’’ she said quietly, ‘’why?’’

He frowned sadly, ‘’I- ‘’

‘’It doesn’t matter’’ she suddenly said, dismissing him.

She moved away, reaching down and picking her tunic up from the floor, starting to put it on. She didn’t want to hear his explanation; it was either going to be ‘I don’t want to wake you’ or something else that really didn’t make sense. She had told him countless times that she didn’t care if he wakes her up or not, but he still didn’t seem to get that.

Elijah gazed at her as she started tying the strings on her tunic. Had something like him not staying beside her until she woke up really upset her that much? He didn’t understand, but his reason for such a thing would either upset her even more or make it awkward for himself, which was something he didn’t exactly want to do.

He looked at her, ‘’I just… Get distracted’’ he lied.

Looking back up at him as she tied the last string she smiled slightly. She knew it was a lie, but she didn’t feel like interrogating him. The only times he kept the truth from her was when it was something he really didn’t feel comfortable sharing. So, she dropped it. Maybe he’d tell her at one point.

An awkward silence started hovering over them as they sat there. She stared at the dragon tattoo on his left arm that he had had done back in Japan; it had healed and looked a lot better now that the bruises were gone. Then, she looked up at his four earrings, trying to distract herself, but she was finding it hard to do so. She could tell it was early morning, the orange sunlight creeping in through the cracks in the curtains. They must be getting close to their destination, so it was probably a good idea to start getting ready. However, as she looked down and stared at the three slash-line scars on Elijah’s stomach, she frowned.

She looked up at him, ‘’do you… Do you still think about what happened?’’

He frowned, looking at her, noticing that she was staring at his scars, ‘’I do’’ he said, ‘’all the time’’

Kathrina looked up at him.

‘’He killed Regis, Nightly and Divina… Right in front of us’’

An unbearable guilt and pain suddenly came over her. The sadness in his voice made it even worse. She hated herself for bringing it up, but they hadn’t spoken about it at all since it had happened.

‘’Can I ask you something?’’ she asked, gazing up at him.

Slowly, he looked down at her, staring into her eyes. She looked sad, depressed. He knew that the subject of Lucious always affected her in such an awful way and how she had just bought it up made him wonder if she was trying to overcome the feelings that came with it. Sighing quietly, he leaned forward, placing his hand on her face as she laid back, resting her head on the pillow.

Leaning over her, he gazed into her eyes, ‘’anything’’

Staring back into his eyes, she lifted her hand to his face, carefully dragging her thumb over the scar that cut down the right side of his face, ‘’your Jikato… Will it come back?’’

‘’Luka said there is a possibility’’ he answered.

She frowned sadly, lowering her hand, ‘’what… What’s it like? Without it?’’

Also frowning sadly, he stroked his thumb across her cheek, ‘’it is… Difficult. I have been so used to being able to know what everyone around me is thinking, planning… It gave me a sense of security and certainty. But now, that is gone. I do not know what people are thinking, I do not know what they are planning and it makes me feel… ‘’ he paused, unsure of what word to use.

Kathrina gazed into his depressed eyes, ‘’it makes you feel afraid?’’

‘’Something like that’’ he said quietly.

She smiled slightly, ‘’but it might come back, right?’’

He smiled too, ‘’I hope so’’


As the deck above creaked quietly, Elijah sighed, staring into Kathrina’s eyes as she gazed back. The subject of Lucious had saddened them both, but it was necessary to speak about it. That day had traumatized them all in different ways and sometimes, talking about it helped. But right now, it didn’t seem to be having that kind of effect.

Elijah stared at Kathrina as she slowly looked away from him. He had witnessed her waking up crying more times than he could remember throughout their journey here. Every time she had asked him if she was really awake, if he was really there, if he really was alive. She had been having nightmares about Lucious; it seemed to be affecting her more than anyone else. He avoided sleeping for that very reason and even when he took naps where ever he could during the day, he didn’t have nightmares about the man.

Nightmares only affected Elijah when he slept at night. He did, however, often find himself flashing back to the moment he had almost died by Lucious’ hands, the horrific moment he had watched Tsunami transform into a Demon, Ares’ curse consuming him. He would see Regis die, Nightly die, Divina die – It would all replay through his head over and over, very much like a nightmare, but he was awake. That man had tormented them all and knowing that it had left Kathrina this way made him furious. He wanted to kill Lucious. When the time comes, he was going to kill him.

‘’Elijah?’’ Kathrina asked quietly, staring at him.

He blinked quickly, realizing he had drifted off into his thoughts, ‘’yes?’’ he answered.

‘’What are you thinking about?’’

Staring at her curious face, he smiled, ‘’you’’ he said, trying to change the subject, seeing that it was upsetting the both of them.

She smiled sweetly, ‘’what about me?’’

Carefully resting his forehead on hers, he closed his eyes, ‘’I love you’’ he whispered.

Closing her own eyes, she went to answer, but before she could, Elijah gently pressed his lips against hers, kissing her. She smiled as he moved his face away from hers, opening his eyes and gazing down at her.

But, just then, a quiet knock came at their door, startling them both. Elijah glared over at the door, but then looked back down at Kathrina.

‘’You get it’’ she smirked, pushing him off of her.

He smirked back, climbing to his feet. As he wandered over to the door, she sat up, watching curiously.

Abruptly, he unlocked the door and pulled it open-

‘’Do you not know what a shirt is!?’’ Thea growled stepping back and covering her face in disgust as Elijah glared down at her.

‘’What do you want?’’ he asked irritably.

Still covering her face, she pointed ahead, ‘’we’re here’’

He looked over at Logan, watching as he threw a rope over to Henry who was no longer on the ship, standing on the docks where they had stopped, catching the rope and tying it to a wooden post, humming loudly.

‘’What is it?’’ Kathrina called, walking over and standing beside him.

‘’We have arrived’’ he said, looking down at her.

‘’Really?’’ she asked excitedly, rushing out onto the deck and looking at the docks below.

Thea stood beside her, ‘’do you really think we’ll find him here?’’ she asked.

Kathrina looked down at her sister, ‘’I hope so’’


Standing there, she stared at the docks; there were seagulls screeching loudly, swooping down to a stack of crates filled with fish, pecking at them. An old woman shewed them away with a broom, screaming loudly at them, the clanging bells incapable of drowning out her angry voice. There were several shacks and buildings lined side by side, most of which looked like fish stores. There were piles of rope thrown untidily beside crates and stacks of crab nets. There were a few people walking around, some carrying crates, others whistling pleasantly.

It was he complete opposite of what Kathrina had expected. Reeves had said this place was run by Vampires, so why did it look so peaceful? Why did the people look… Happy? Were they possibly in the wrong place?

She frowned, lifting her head and looking ahead – The city was huge! It sat on a vast slope, hundreds of cobblestone buildings lined up, down and all around it. A rather ominous looking castle sat at the very top of the slope, hanging onto a mountain side. Although the sunlight lightened up the entire city, it seemed to miss the castle. The sky behind it was gloomy, like it was raining there. A distant crash echoed towards them as a flash of lightning shot down from the sky, lighting up the darkness for a brief moment, revealing what looked like the silhouettes of birds… Very big birds.

But as the bell tolled loudly, she flinched, taking her eyes off the castle. From where she was standing, she could make out what sounded like people, a lot of them. The day was just starting and if this really was just an ordinary city, it meant there were hundreds of people starting their day. She was curious to look around, but she couldn’t do anything until they knew where they were. This didn’t look anything like the place Reeves had made it out to be.

‘’Is this the right place?’’ Harley asked, appearing behind them.

Thea and Kathrina jumped, looking back at him angrily.

Elijah then stood beside him, ‘’Henry insists it is. I suppose we should look around’’ he grumbled.

Thea frowned at him, ‘’yeah, maybe we’ll find you those things called clothes’’

He frowned angrily, growling slightly.

Kathrina laughed nervously, ‘’go and get dressed, Elijah’’ she said, looking up at him.

He looked down at her and smirked, ‘’did you not once tell me you prefer to see me like this?’’

Kathrina’s face went bright red, turning away and looking down at the floor.

Elijah laughed quietly as he turned around and walked back into the room, the black cat mewing at him as he passed it.

Harley chuckled quietly, ‘’I didn’t take him for the flirtatious type’’

‘’Gross type’’ Thea mumbled.

‘’I’m gonna go get my shoes’’ Kathrina said, quickly walking away, following Elijah into the room

Thea frowned, watching her sister leave.


As she walked into the room, she gazed ahead at Elijah as he pulled his shirt on, the cat sitting on the table in front of him, licking its paws slowly. She watched as he then pulled his jacket on, pulling the cuffs irritably which still looked damp.

She walked over to him, grabbing the first belt on the coat and tying it around his waist as he looked down at her curiously.

‘’Do you think Alucard is here?’’ she asked, clipping the buckle.

He frowned as she backed up, ‘’I do not think we are in the right place’’ he said, tying the second belt on his coat, ‘’this place is full of Humans, not Vampires’’

‘’I know’’ she said, petting the cat’s head as it meowed at her, ‘’do you think Henry got lost?’’

Elijah sighed deeply as he pulled his cloak over his shoulders, attaching it to his coat with the small chain, ‘’apparently, the man never gets lost. We should at least check the place out’’

Kathrina smiled as he picked up his sword scabbards from the table, tying them to his belt as he tucked them under his cloak.

He then looked down at her and smirked, ‘’what are you smiling at?’’

‘’You’’ she smirked, turning around-

Before she could walk away, he grabbed her waist and pulled her back, smiling down at her as she looked up at him, ‘’do you regret telling me to get dressed?’’ he asked seductively.

Her face went red again, looking away from him, staring down at his hands which were wrapped around her waist, ‘’m-maybe’’

He smirked, but then let go of her, grabbing his boots.

Just then, Thea leaned in the door, ‘’hey! Let’s go already!’’ she demanded.


Outside, Harley was glaring at the city ahead. Logan was stood beside him chattering quietly to Joe as Alpha, Tsunami and Octavia walked over. Opus then joined them, staring curiously at the castle in the far back of the city. Thea then stormed over followed by Kathrina and Elijah. They all stood on the deck, gazing at the city. If this really was the place Reeves had described, they had to be careful.

Henry pounced up onto the deck, holding the bucket on his head, ‘’we have arrived’’ he smiled excitedly, looking at them all brightly.

‘’Are you sure this is the place?’’ Tsunami asked slowly.

‘’Yep’’ Henry nodded, ‘’there’s some really tired looking chap down there waiting for ye’’

They all looked at each other strangely; they weren’t expecting to meet anyone here…

Slowly, they started leaving the ship, filing down the steps and grouping up again on the dock, looking around cautiously. A man dressed in shorts and a thin dirty white shirt approached them, dark shadows under his tired, vacant eyes.

‘’Greetings’’ he said slowly, no enthusiasm in his voice at all, ‘’welcome to the dead city’’

They all frowned.

‘’Who is your leader?’’ he asked plainly.

Once again, they all looked at each other, but as Tsunami went to step forward, Elijah barged past him, holding Kathrina’s hand as she followed. He stopped in front of the man and glared at him.

‘’Greetings’’ he said again, pulling out a piece of paper from his pocket, ‘’you are hereby invited to attend the All-Hallows Eve Masquerade ball, tonight at dusk. All guests are required to dress as follows: men to wear all black, women to wear all white. All guests are required to don a mask and weapons are not permitted within the building. Full details are disclosed on your invitation. Have a nice day’’ he explained so slowly in a voice that made them all want to clobber him.

He then turned around and walked away without another word.

‘’The hell was that about?’’ Alpha asked.

Elijah looked down at the piece of paper he had been handed, irritably unfolding it.

‘’What’s it say?’’ Tsunami asked.

Everyone crowded around Elijah, staring down at the paper.

‘’It is an invitation’’ he said.

Just then, Tsunami leaned past him and pointed to something written at the bottom of the paper, ‘’look, there’’ he said.

‘’Hosted by… Lord Alucard’’ Elijah read, frowning strangely.

Alpha laughed, ‘’well, that was easy. We go to this ball, find the bastard and gut him’’

‘’Do you have to be so repulsive?’’ Kathrina snapped, glaring back at him as his sly grin faded.

‘’She’s right’’ Tsunami said, ‘’we can’t just run in there and attack – Although some of us prefer to take that approach, getting others hurt in the process. Like the time we fought that cockatrice: I ended up crashing into a barn. Or that time we were stalked by the snow fiend’’ he mumbled, glancing at Elijah.

Angered, he screwed up the paper and glared back at him, ‘’good story, but in what chapter do you shut the fuck up?’’ he growled.

The group snickered quietly.

‘’Can we just get through today without another insult battle?’’ Harley moaned, snatching the invitation from Elijah. He opened it and looked down at the writing, ‘’are we seriously going to this thing?’’

‘’It’s our best shot to get a look at this Alucard guy’’ Kathrina said, ‘’we might even be able to find out what he is’’

Logan rolled his eyes, ‘’I wonder: city of Vampires… I don’t know, just a suggestion – Maybe he’s a Vampire?’’ he suggested rudely.

Elijah glared back at him, silencing him.

‘’It’s possible,’’ Kathrina said, taking the invitation from Harley and handing it back to Elijah, ‘’but we need to be sure’’

‘’Agreed’’ Tsunami said.

Harley sighed and shook his head slowly, ‘’fine, fine. I guess we need to buy outfits’’

Opus shook his head, ‘’we once attended a ball back in Hyn-Guard. I made an effort to keep hold of the things we all wore to it, yes’’

‘’You kept those?’’ Joe asked, confused.

He nodded, ‘’however, our informant explained the appropriate wear: Kathrina, Thea and Octavia must purchase new outfits’’

As the three of them looked at each other, Harley frowned again, ‘’what about me? I don’t have- ‘’

‘’You can use Regis’… He’s not here to wear it’’ Opus said.

They all fell silent for a moment, the subject of his death cutting them all deeply.

But then, Elijah reached into his left pocket, rummaging around. He then pulled his hand out, holding it out in front of him, several gold, silver and bronze coins sitting in his palm.

‘’Go and get what you need’’ he said as he started handing a coin to everyone, ‘’we will all meet back here in a few hours’’

Harley scoffed slightly, surprised by Elijah’s generosity.

‘’Come sister!’’ Thea called excitedly, reaching for Kathrina’s hand.

But as she grabbed it, she pulled back, ‘’I’m… I’m gonna go with Elijah’’

Thea frowned sadly, but then Octavia grabbed her hand, ‘’I’ll go with you’’ she smiled.

Reluctantly, she followed her, leaving the group.

‘’Well, I guess we should get going too’’ Logan called, starting to walk towards the exit to the docks.

Joe followed his brother, Tsunami and Alpha quickly chasing after them.

Harley looked over at Elijah as he started walking away with Kathrina, ‘’you went to a ball?’’ he called.

Walking away, Elijah held up his thumb.

Opus chuckled quietly, ‘’ our Elijah is quite the talented dancer; I’d even say he’s better at dancing than he is with a sword’’

‘’Seriously?’’ Harley asked doubtfully, deadpanning.

The old man nodded, ‘’come, I shall accompany you on our assigned search for masks’’

And at that, the group were gone, all out searching for masks for the ball they had just been mysteriously invited to.


As they walked up a long, wide cobblestone path, Kathrina and Elijah looked around slowly. Although the unmistakable sound of busy streets was echoing around them, the one they were walking along was deserted, quiet. There were houses lined along the path, all the doors closed, the windows covered with wood from the inside. No sound came from within them, but there was a strange atmosphere here, almost as if there were eyes glaring at them from all angles.

Elijah didn’t like it one bit. He could sense eyes on him, watching them both as they walked past. The strong metallic smell of blood lingered in the cold air, drifting all around them. The further they walked, the stronger the scent became; he was unsure whether he was purposely following it or if it just so happened to be in the direction they were headed.

He gripped Kathrina’s hand tighter, following the path, getting closer to the sound of people as well as that enticing scent of blood. He tried to distract himself from it, but it was overwhelming. Where ever it was coming from, it was close.

Kathrina glanced up at Elijah, the distressed look on his pale face worrying her. But then, he suddenly stopped, glaring to his right. She frowned and leaned forward, looking in the same direction – Beside them was a gloomy alley, the roofs of the surrounding buildings negating the sun’s rays from getting into it. But then, she gasped quietly; at the very end of the alley were two people… But one of them was pinned against the wall, the other with his face to his neck – A Vampire.

She looked up at Elijah again, confused as to why he had stopped. Was he thinking about killing it? It was unlike him to pay attention to something like this. But then, she understood: blood. The victims face was covered in it, more sliding down his exposed chest and dripping into a small puddle on the floor.

Suddenly, the Vampire pulled his face from his catch, glaring back at them both, slowly baring his fangs like a cat, hissing at them. His eyes glowed a bright red, blood dripping from his two fangs, trickling down his chin.

Responding, Elijah bared his own four fangs, growling quietly as he pulled Kathrina closer. Threatened, the Vampire fled, turning around and disappearing into a cellar, slamming the doors shut behind him as the man he had been feeding from fell to the floor, gripping his neck painfully.

‘’Let’s go’’ Kathrina insisted, tugging on his arm.

But he wouldn’t budge; it was like he was frozen, glaring at the man who was sat at the end of the alley.

‘’We should… See if he is okay’’ he said quietly, starting to slowly walk into the alley, still staring ahead at the man.

‘’E-Elijah!’’ she argued, completely against the idea, but he didn’t let go of her hand, pulling her into the alley with him.

But as they reached the man, he looked up at them angrily.

‘’What the hell?’’ he asked.

They both frowned, confused by his response to Elijah scaring the predator off.

Kathrina stared down at him as he held his bloody hand to his face, ‘’are you alright?’’

He suddenly picked himself up, leaning back on the wall, ‘’what da ya mean ‘am I alright?’… He got away without paying me’’ he grumbled, gripping the bite on his neck.

‘’What?’’ Elijah asked, totally befuddled.

The man sighed and looked at them both closely, ‘’ahh, outsiders eh?’’

They nodded.

‘’Well, I got some advice for ye: keep ye noses outta our business’’ he snapped, shoving past them, stumbling out of the alley and walking off.

‘’What was that about?’’ Kathrina asked, looking up at Elijah, but then she frowned, staring at him as he gazed down at the blood-covered ground.

She tugged on his arm again, trying to get him to leave, but he wouldn’t move. It looked like he was stuck debating whether he needed it himself or not. It was no shock to her, however. While on their journey back from Japan, Elijah had confided in her that he had become reliant on blood; he had told her that since being revived from his starved, comatose state by consuming her blood that he hadn’t been able to keep any other kind of sustenance down. The two of them were the only ones who knew and he was afraid of anyone else finding out; a Demon that relies solely on blood can be easily manipulated and used.

His confession had surprised her, but it didn’t take much thinking for her to tell him she would help him through such a struggle. But she wasn’t sure if what they had agreed on was helping or just making the matter worse.

Again, she pulled on his arm, ‘’Elijah, let’s go’’

He sharply turned his head and glared down at her, so suddenly that she jumped, startled. She let go of his arm, backing away slightly. But then, he lost the glare, realizing that he had startled her.

‘’I… I’m sorry’’ he said, reaching for her hand.

She shook her head slowly as she took his hand, ‘’it’s fine, I get it. But we really should go’’


The two of them abruptly left the alley, walking back out onto the path. They continued to follow it until they reached what looked like the market, busy people scurrying around, rushing in and out of buildings.

As they stopped, Kathrina looked around slowly. All the buildings looked pretty much the same; all of them were made of cobblestone with wooden roofs, small glass windows and black colored doors. There were unlit braziers dangling from almost every roof as well as signs and posters. There were market stalls scattered everywhere, their owners standing either behind or beside them, some waving around their wares, others slouching over them lazily.

All of the people looked rather strange, however. They all had dark shadows under their eyes, like they never got enough sleep. Some of them were paler than others, weary looks on their faces. Staring closely, Kathrina noticed that some of them even had what looked like bite marks all over their arms, necks and even their faces. What was this place?

But then, she froze, staring over at a shadowed corner – Standing there was another Vampire, her mouth attached to a man’s wrist, blood spilling onto the ground. The people just passed the scene, not taking a second to look, comment or scream in fear. It seemed almost as if such a sight was of no surprise to any of them. As the sun’s light started sapping away the shadows they were stood in, the Vampire let go of the man who held out his hand. The pale creature handed him what looked like a few coins before creeping into the gaps between the two buildings, vanishing.

Then, the man pulled down his sleeve and walked away like nothing had happened, slipping the money into his pocket.

‘’Um… Is it just me, or did she just pay him?’’ Kathrina asked, looking up at Elijah.

Staring ahead, he replied, ‘’it would… Appear so’’ he said slowly, starting to look around.

She stared at him, realizing that he had the same look on his face that he had had back in the alley where they found that man.

Elijah looked around slowly, the crowds of busy people flowing in and out of the market square like a swirling sea, coming back and forth like indecisive children, rushing back and forth from each stall. All of them looked half dead, their faces pale, their eyes dark and weary, bite marks all over their skin. It looked like some kind of nightmare; these people weren’t dead, nor were they Vampires, but they looked an awful lot like them.

However, the longer he stood there, the stronger that same scent of blood became. It was everywhere, on everyone, everything. He couldn’t ignore it; it was so strong that it was like a lingering fog, like he could see it, a crimson mist hovering above everyone, swimming around each and every person like snakes in water. Everywhere he looked, all he could think about was tearing into one of these people, draining every last drop of their blood and then moving onto the next – He felt awful, like a Vampire – A disgusting creature.

As much as he tried distracting himself, nothing worked. He stared at the ground, but all he could see was a thick river of blood seeping through the cracks. He stared up at the sky, his usual escape from such feelings, but the red mist lingered above, swimming around. The crowd of people made it worse; when he looked at them, the sounds of their beating hearts echoed towards him, the rushing sound of the blood flowing through their veins enticing him. If they didn’t leave now, he might do something he’d later regret…

‘’Elijah?’’ Kathrina asked, gazing up at him.

Instantly, he turned his head and looked down at her, ‘’y-yes?’’

She frowned, ‘’are… You alright?’’

He shook his head slowly, ‘’I… I- ‘’

‘’Let’s go’’ she said quietly, pulling him along as she turned to the left, walking towards an exit from the market.

He followed her as she led the way, leaving the market and walking down another empty street. Even though they were away from the people, the consuming thoughts still wouldn’t let up. He couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was now starting to feel as if it was a really bad idea to come to a city that was apparently run by Vampires – What was he thinking?! He stared at Kathrina as she continued forward, leading the way.

But then, she suddenly turned left, walking into a gloomy alley. She stopped, letting go of his hand as she turned around and looked up at him.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ she asked, worried.

He didn’t answer. Instead, he slammed his arm against the wall and leaned forward, glaring down at the ground, trying to control his urge. The scent still lingered – It was like the streets were coated in an invisible layer of blood. He couldn’t distract himself from it, it was too overwhelming, intoxicating. But then, he breathed deeply, glancing over at Kathrina who was already staring at him.

She frowned. The desperate look in his eyes was something she understood; it was his way of asking her something he couldn’t bring himself to say with words.

‘’You… Right here?’’ she asked, looking around uncomfortably.

He grunted quietly, looking back down at the ground, ‘’yes’’ he said quietly.

Hearing his distressed answer, she looked around again, thinking. He looked anguished, like he was suffering. She wanted to help, but this place was a little… Exposed.

But the longer she stared at him, the worse it became. She could see he was trembling slightly, an uncomfortable look on his face. She frowned sympathetically and moved closer to him.

‘’Okay’’ she said quietly.

Instantly, he reached out and grabbed her hand, pulling her closer.

As her back hit the wall, she grunted slightly. She stared up into his eyes, a desperate, impatient look in them as he stared back down at her. She was still slightly reluctant, but she wasn’t going to deny him. It was, after all, what she had agreed to do to help him deal with his situation.

Looking around nervously, she raised her hand, starting to untie the top four strings of her tunic as he stood in front of her, his arms against the wall to conceal as much of her as he could. As the strings came loose, she grabbed the collar of her tunic and pulled it down, revealing her neck.

Elijah stared at her neck, but then looked at her. He started to feel awful for asking her to do it here, but he couldn’t wait. He lowered his right hand and grabbed his cloak, holding it up and against the wall, hiding her from view if anyone was to walk past. Then, placing his other hand on her right shoulder, he moved his face closer to the left side of her neck as she tilted her head to the side.

Just seconds later, he gently sank his four fangs into her neck. She flinched and whined quietly. Just like before, it didn’t hurt, it felt almost pleasing. She moaned quietly as he bit down harder, her blood trickling down her back.

Relieved, Elijah sighed, the warm blood from Kathrina’s neck spilling into his mouth. It took away all of the overwhelming thoughts he was having, the urges to attack someone. Once again, thanks to her, he had been kept from making terrible mistakes.



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