Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - A Compromise

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Submitted: November 09, 2017



Kathrina sighed quietly as she leaned her head on Elijah’s; he still had his fangs in her neck, blood still trickling down her back as they stood there. It had only been a few moments, but they were already catching up to her, a strange dizziness starting to overtake her. She had allowed him to drink from her a lot recently and the blood loss was starting to affect her. Before, the only side effect she had was a pain in her left arm, but now, she felt dizzy, a headache emerging from it. If she kept letting this happen, she could end up passing out – or worse.

But she didn’t have the heart to refuse him, to shove him away. He relied on her. He needed her. And if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t even have this problem in the first place. It was she who had pulled him out of his starved coma by enticing him with her blood. She had abused his weakness, taken it and used it against him. It made her feel even worse than she already did for everything else that had happened during that lonely, depressing week.

However, the longer they stood there, the longer he drained her blood, the more danger she fell into.

Suddenly, the ground beside them scraped loudly-

‘’Well, well, what do we have here?’’ came a sly, familiar voice, ‘’looks like somebody has been keeping secrets’’

Elijah abruptly pulled his fangs from Kathrina’s neck, lowering his cloak as he glared to the right. As blood dripped from his chin, he scowled angrily, growling quietly as he grabbed hold of Kathrina’s waist, pulling her against him protectively.

Standing at the entrance to the alley was Alpha, a sly grin on his face. He slid his hands into his pockets, strolling towards them as Elijah growled warningly, glaring at him. Laughing quietly, Alpha leaned back against the wall behind them, staring at them both.

‘’What do you want?’’ Kathrina asked angrily.

‘’Me? Oh, nothing’’ he shrugged, ‘’I was just walking around, staring at the little human cattle they got walking around here’’ he said, waving his hand around, ‘’and then, I stopped. I thought: ‘hang on, is that not Kathrina’s blood I smell?’ – I shook my head, ‘nah, why would she be bleeding? There’s no way scar-face has gotten into a fight with these Vampires already’ – But then, I thought to myself: ‘wouldn’t it be funny if he was the one who had attacked her?’, and so, I strolled on over here and what do I find? I find you two; it seems scar-face has taken a dangerous liking to your blood – or blood altogether – Do you know the kind of messed up shit that can happen to a Demon who relies solely on blood as sustenance?’’

Kathrina frowned, staring at him as he told his story, a sly grin on his face. She then looked up at Elijah who was still holding her tightly, staring down at the marks he had left on her neck. It was strange… He looked like he was in some kind of dazed state, just staring, growling quietly whenever Alpha made any kind of movement. Unsure of what to do, she looked back over at Alpha.

‘’No?’’ he asked, leaning closer as Elijah growled again, gripping Kathrina tightly, ‘’I’ll tell you: he’ll lose himself eventually. All he’ll be able to think about is blood, blood, blood… He’ll kill you and anyone who tries to keep him from getting it. Unfortunately, scar-face is just an ordinary Demon; if he were a higher Demon, he’d be able to keep this shit up, but he’s not. If I were you, I’d be trying to keep lover-boy from drinking any more’’

She stared at him, confused as to whether he was actually trying to help or was enjoying the fact that Elijah was in what sounded like a dangerous mess, even more than he had told her himself.

Alpha laughed and leaned back again, ‘’of course, telling a Demon ‘no’ is a lot harder than it sounds. For someone like you, it’d be even harder’’

She frowned angrily as he creeped towards her, Elijah growling again.

‘’People like you actually think you can help people like him… It’s pathetic- ‘’


Alpha stumbled back, holding his face as blood dripped from his nose, the force from Kathrina’s fist colliding with it doing a surprising amount of damage.

‘’Asshole!’’ Kathrina growled as she shoved Elijah off her, tying her tunic back up.

Elijah stepped back, cleaning the blood from his face with his cloak, watching as Kathrina stormed towards Alpha.

‘’Shit, man, you hit hard for a girl’’ he snickered, wiping the blood from his face.

Ignoring his comment, she grabbed hold of his coat and pulled him forward, glaring into his eyes, ‘’piss off before I hurt you’’ she threatened.

But he just laughed, ‘’there ain’t nothing you can do to me,’’ he grinned, ‘’do your wor-‘’

Abruptly, she harshly raised her knee, kicking it in between Alpha’s legs. As the grin faded from his face and was replaced with a pained look, she frowned in disgust, letting go of him. He fell to his knees, groaning quietly.

Quickly, she rushed back, grabbing Elijah’s hand. He was laughing quietly, staring over at Alpha who was still on his knees, leaning forward with what looked like a tear in his left eye.

The two of them stormed past him, leaving him alone, defeated so easily.


Pulling Elijah along with her, Kathrina raced through the street, rushing back out into the market place. But they didn’t stop; she walked over to another exit, pausing for a brief moment. She fixed her eyes upon a small building squished between two larger ones and continued walking, tugging on Elijah’s arm as he curiously followed.

Ignoring the passing line of people, Kathrina shoved past, reaching out and grabbing the handle to the door of the small building. She pulled it open and walked inside as it creaked loudly. She let go of Elijah’s hand as he followed her in, the door closing behind him. The two of them stood inside the building, looking around slowly.

Looking around, Elijah was only just catching up with what had happened. He always felt strangely dazed after consuming blood and it usually took him a few moments to recover. Kathrina seemed strangely desperate to get away from Alpha – as unpleasant as his company was, the last thing he had expected her to do was kick him where it hurts most.

He looked down at her as she gazed around the room. Noticing her dazzled face, he frowned, starting to look around too: it appeared that they were in a store, one that they needed to be in. The walls were a dark red color, lined with many shelves covered in books and quills. There were several long tables scattered around the room, all with masks and dance wear displayed on top of them.

Elijah frowned again. This was clearly a store, but there was no clerk at the counter.

Suddenly, Kathrina grabbed his arm and smiled brightly at him, ‘’let’s get our masks here’’ she said, waiting for his approval.

He smiled at her, ‘’of course’’

The two of them started looking around, the shopkeeper still nowhere to be seen.


Meanwhile, Thea and Octavia were in a store surrounded by dresses of all different shapes, sizes and colors. While Octavia was looking at them all excitedly, Thea was staring blankly at the floor, thinking about her sister. She knew that Kathrina enjoyed being around that weird Spirit Teshika Elijah, but she didn’t think she would choose him over her so easily.

She frowned sadly. Nobody knew her sister better than she did… But perhaps that had changed now. It had been over four years since she had seen her – Kathrina had spent all that time thinking she had died with the rest of their people. It wasn’t really that much of a shock that she had become as attached to Elijah as she had. But Thea didn’t like it. He was a Demon… A monster. There was no telling what he might do to her.

However, as much as she detested him, it wasn’t going to stop Kathrina from loving him. It seemed like everything she had told her all those years ago was true; she did love him, she did care about him, she did wait for him… Thea had thought he’d never show his face again after apparently leaving to train with Arikarin in Japan, but his being here meant that he had. Whatever. He could act as gross and stupid as he wanted; but the moment he did anything that upset her sister, Thea wouldn’t rest until he knew how much she really hated him.

Just then, Octavia tapped her shoulder, ‘’Thea?’’ she asked, ‘’what about that one?’’

‘’Huh?’’ she asked, confused.

Octavia pointed to a white dress just behind her and smiled, ‘’for you?’’


She nodded, ‘’you need a dress too’’

Thea rolled her eyes, ‘’why do we have to go to this stupid ball anyway?’’

‘’To find Alucard’’ she replied, pulling the dress from the rack and holding it against her, nodding slowly, ‘’I think you should get this one’’

Pushing the dress away, she nodded, ‘’yeah, yeah, fine’’

Staring at her, Octavia frowned, ‘’what’s wrong? You look… Angry’’

‘’I am angry’’ she grumbled, folding her arms in front of her as she stared out of the window at the bust market outside.

‘’How come?’’

All of her angry thoughts coming back, she clenched her right fist, ‘’that… Stupid Elijah!’’ she spat, ‘’who does he think he is?! Why does he think he can treat my sister like that?! Why does he think he can talk to her like that?!’’ she asked crazily, turning around and staring at Octavia’s befuddled face.

She stepped back slightly, ‘’uh… Well, I… I…’’

‘’Huh? What? Why?!’’

Octavia shook her head quickly, ‘’I don’t know!’’ she insisted.

Turning back to face he window, Thea sighed angrily, ‘’he just comes along outta nowhere and makes my sister think she loves him!’’ she accused angrily.

‘’Um… Thea… She does love him’’

Irritated, she sucked her teeth loudly and glared back at her, ‘’Demon tricks’’

‘’Demon tricks?’’

She nodded, ‘’he has to be controlling her or something… My sister was never like this before… She was always so… Bitter’’


‘’Mhmm – She wouldn’t fall for someone as stupid, selfish and rude as him. He speaks funny, looks funny and… And… He’s stupid!’’

Octavia nodded slowly, unsure of how to respond to Thea’s ranting.

‘’Ugh! When is she going to realize how much of an idiot he is?!’’

‘’Thea… ‘’

‘’Huh?’’ she snapped, looking back at Octavia.

She flinched slightly, startled by her angered look, ‘’um… I’m sure Kathrina is already aware of all his imperfections… But… But… She still loves him, see?’’

Thea frowned, ‘’but… He’s so… So… ‘’

‘’He did save her life… More than once… You should maybe… Well… Try to like him – For her sake’’

‘’Me? Like him? He doesn’t deserve my sister!’’

Startled, Octavia stepped back, gripping the dress tightly. This sister of Kathrina’s really had a temper on her… And a strong hatred for Elijah. She didn’t really understand why, but she was afraid to ask. Clearly, the subject of Elijah made her anger even more explosive than it already was.

‘’I swear… I’ll catch him off guard. I’ll make Kathrina see him for the chowder head gink that he is!’’ she stated, stomping her foot down.

Octavia frowned, ‘’chowder… Head… Gink?’’

‘’That’s right!’’ she declared, ‘’I will make my sister realize that she doesn’t need a muttonhead like him!’’

‘’Mutton… Head?’’

‘’Excuse me!’’ came a croaky voice, ‘’are you going to pay for those now?’’

The two of them fell silent, looking over at the counter where a very angry, impatient woman was standing, tapping her foot on the carpeted floor.

‘’Come, Octavia’’ Thea said as she led the way over to the counter, ‘’we will purchase these dresses and attend this ball. I WILL make that white-haired clod regret treating my sister the way he does!’’

‘’Um, Thea, he- ‘’

‘’No need for words admiration, my feline friend! I already know how smart I am!’’ she smiled proudly as she placed three white dresses on the counter, ‘HA HA, yes – That dullard doesn’t know how devious Kathrina’s little sister is! He won’t know what hit him!’’

As the shopkeeper handed them the dresses in a paper bag, Octavia shook her head slowly. This evening was going to be a long night…


Back in the store of masks, Kathrina and Elijah were standing over one of the tables, staring down at what was lined across it. Although she seemed extremely excited about picking one out for them both, Elijah couldn’t pay attention. There was something about this city… Something dark. He could sense it, like a cloud of mist just floating around. It felt as though there was something far darker going on here than people allowing Vampires to feed from them.

He wanted answers. It was strange enough that they had been invited to a ball the second they arrived, but what made it stranger was the fact that Alucard was the host, the very man they were here looking for. All of this seemed far too good to be true, far too suspicious. He didn’t want to attend the ball, but it was their only chance of getting a look at this guy.

Suddenly, Kathrina grabbed one of the masks and held it up to Elijah’s face, startling him slightly. He looked down at her as she smiled, ‘’how about this one?’’

As he took it from her, she stepped back, waiting.

Slowly, he lowered it from his face and stared at it; the mask was black and gold – of course it was. No other color looked so good on him and Kathrina seemed to understand that as well as he did. He smirked slightly as he continued staring at it. It was outlined with gold swirls, three tall black feathers sprouting from the right side. There were two small, tall curves coming out from it just above the eyes; they appeared to be horns.

He frowned sarcastically, ‘’are you trying to say something?’’ he smirked, tapping her head with it.

Kathrina smiled and took hold of his arm, making him raise the mask to his face again, ‘’you look adorable’’ she teased.

‘’I am not supposed to be adorable’’ he grumbled.

‘’But you are’’ she smirked.

He could see by the look of admiration in her eyes that she was set with him getting it, so he sighed and lowered his arm, ‘’fine. But I get to pick yours’’

‘’Fine’’ she smiled.

Elijah grinned. If he was going to have to wear a ridiculous mask, then he’d find one that was even more ludicrous for Kathrina to wear. Holding his mask in his left hand, he started looking around, but as he stared at each one, he couldn’t seem to find one that would look anywhere near stupid on her. Thinking about it, he really didn’t want to make her look stupid anyway.

He sighed as Kathrina stood beside him. He didn’t know what to choose; he had never had to do anything like this before. He may have bought her gifts before, but he hadn’t had to pick out something for her to wear. Perplexed, he looked down at her.

She looked up at him, ‘’do you even know how to waltz?’’ she asked curiously.

‘’What makes you ask that?’’

Shrugging, she stared down at the table below them, ‘’you spent most of your life in Japan; you know how to dance like an Arikarin, but did you ever learn to waltz?’’

He then reached forward and grabbed one of the black masks, holding it to her face, ‘’I can, indeed, waltz, miss Csernis. Can you?’’ he asked, a sly smirk on his pale face.

Kathrina smiled as he pulled the mask away and placed it back down on the table, ‘’you already know I can; my parents made me learn both violin and to dance like some kind of important survival skill’’

Grabbing another mask and holding it to her face, he smirked, ‘’but knowing how to dance is very important for snobby Shadow Teshika’’

She frowned as she pushed his hand away, ‘’I’m not snobby’’

‘’I did not mean you’’ he smiled, ‘’I meant your parents’’

Watching as he put the mask back onto the table, she turned away. It was true; her parents had been the snobbiest most insensitive people she had ever known, but they were still her parents. They were gone and she was never going to see them again. She did miss them and hearing him speak so openly about them in that negative tone of his was rather spiteful. She may have disliked them, but she didn’t hate them. Elijah hated her parents. But did that really matter now? They were dead.

She glanced back at him to find him already staring at her. She frowned, ‘’all Spirit Teshika spend their time doing is trying to prove to each other who’s better. But in the end, none of you compare to a Shadow Teshika. Even a whole group of you couldn’t defeat one of us’’

Elijah was gob smacked.

Kathrina then titled her head back and poked her tongue out like a child, smirking as she walked away.

He shook his head slowly. She hadn’t held back at all; how could such cruel words come from her? But she was right; all Spirit Teshika ever did was boast to each other and try to prove they were better than the other clans, but none had bested a Shadow Teshika in combat – Not until they had Warlock magic.

Looking over at her as she started gazing at another table of masks, he strolled over. And that was when he saw it: the perfect mask for Kathrina. It was white in color, a black swirled outline curving around it. The right side had curves and swirls sprouting from it, curving above to form a small tiara. There were a few small white feathers on the left side, small ribbons dangling from them. He smirked. Kathrina hated her royal heritage, so he was going to use that just like she had used the fact that he was a Demon to find a mask for him.

He grabbed it and held it to her face, ‘’this one’’

She frowned, taking it from him and looking down at it, ‘’but… ‘’ she paused and stared at the one she had picked out for him as he held it in his left hand, ‘’… fine’’ she mumbled.

The two of them then walked over to the counter which was still unattended. Elijah leaned over it, glaring to the left and then to the right, but there was no sign of the shopkeeper anywhere.


Startled, Elijah flinched, stumbling back slightly.

Kathrina laughed, holding her hand over a small bell that sat on the table.

Before he could deny his surprise, a door behind the counter clicked and opened, a very well-dressed man stepping out. He was dressed in a black and white tunic, a bowtie around his neck. He wore dark blue trousers and dance shoes, humming quietly as he walked out, fiddling with his neat moustache, a molecule in his right eye.

He stopped behind the counter and blinked slowly at them, ‘’yeeees?’’ he asked slowly, a strange accent in his voice.

‘’Um…’’ Kathrina frowned, ‘’can we get these please?’’ she asked, placing her mask on the table, taking the one Elijah was holding and placed it beside hers.

The man looked down at them and nodded, ‘’I gather you are attending this evenings masquerade ball?’’

‘’Yeah’’ Kathrina smiled excitedly.

‘’Hmm… Will you also be needing outfits?’’

‘’No’’ Elijah answered quite rudely.

He nodded, reaching under the counter. As he placed two dark blue boxes on the counter, he stopped and looked at them both closely, ‘’new here, are you not?’’

Kathrina frowned slightly, ‘’yeah, we just got here’’

‘’Any idea as to why a group of complete strangers were just invited to this thing?’’ Elijah asked, leaning onto the counter.

The shopkeeper stared at him, but then sighed, placing one of the masks into one of the boxes.


As he put the other mask into a box, he leaned forward, resting his elbows on the counter, ‘’did you not do any kind of research before journeying here?’’ he asked, looking at them both.

Kathrina frowned. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to get some information. She shook her head and looked at him curiously, ‘’we never got the time. Can you tell us anything about this place?’’

He frowned and tapped his fingers on the counter, ‘’what would you like to know?’’

‘’Alucard: tell us about him’’ Elijah demanded.

‘’Ah, yes, Lord Alucard. To be honest, we don’t really know much about him. He built this city and the resident Vampires seem to follow him’’

‘’Is he a Vampire?’’ Kathrina asked.

‘’I’m not sure. Nobody has really seen him in hundreds of years; he never shows his face. It was rather odd to see he was hosting a ball. But, it is All-Hallows Eve, so it’s not as much of a shock’’

Elijah sighed impatiently.

‘’Well, what about the Vampires? We saw them just feeding on people in the streets… Nobody batted an eye’’ she frowned, confused.

Tapping his fingers again, the shopkeeper stood up straight, ‘’well, that’s a long story. However, I’m gathering you have other places to be, so I’ll keep it short: this place used to be solely inhabited by Vampires, or night walkers, as we call them. It was thousands of years ago, but a clan of Humans stumbled upon this place, tired and dying from battle. Alucard gave them shelter. Over time, more people started turning up and Alucard agreed to let them reside in the city he had built’’

‘’So, what was the catch?’’ Elijah asked, frowning at him with doubt.

‘’We are allowed to live here as long as we allow the night walkers to feed on our blood. In turn, as well as being allowed to live here, Alucard promises protection. He keeps the Werewolves out as well as other riff raff. The only time people ever die here is of old age’’

‘’Is that all?’’

He shook his head, ‘’he asks for tributes every couple of years’’

‘’Tributes?’’ Kathrina asked, frowning at him.

‘’You mean sacrifices, do you not?’’ Elijah asked.

The shopkeeper nodded, ‘’he asks for people. But they go willingly’’

Elijah laughed quietly as he stood up straight, ‘’they never come back, do they?’’

‘’Well… No, but… We gather he turns them – To add to his army’’

‘’Army?’’ Elijah asked, sharply turning his head and glaring at him.

He nodded, ‘’to protect the city. There Werewolves that live in the surrounding forest are stronger than ordinary ones. But recently, he’s been taking people at a rapid rate’’

‘’Why? Do you think he’s losing a lot of his ranks to the Werewolves?’’ Kathrina asked.

He shook his head, ‘’nobody knows. People have tried sneaking up to the castle, but they can’t get past the forest. They say it’s haunted’’

‘’So, ‘’ Elijah started, ‘’Vampire army, Human cattle, ancient pact, haunted forest… Are you serious? This all sounds like a complete load of shit’’

‘’I say!’’ the man squealed, backing away, ‘’you certainly have a filthy mouth!’’

Elijah grinned, ‘’it will be filthy with your blood if you don’t start telling the truth’’ he threatened, snapping his jaw down after he had finished talking, giving the impression that he was going to bite him.

The shopkeeper flinched, ‘’my… Are you a Vampire?’’

He deadpanned, ‘’I want to kill him’’

Kathrina laughed nervously as she pulled Elijah back, ‘’well, thanks for your time… Pay him, Elijah!’’ she growled, nudging him.

Grumbling quietly, he reached into his pocket and pulled out two silver coins, dropping them on the counter as Kathrina picked up the small boxes, their masks inside.


But as they went to walk away, the shopkeeper cleared his throat loudly.

They stopped, looking back at him as he started tapping his fingers on the counter again.

‘’What?’’ Elijah growled, glaring at him.

‘’Do you not want to know anything else?’’ he called strangely.

Kathrina frowned, slowly walking back over to him, ‘’what do you mean?’’

He smiled, ‘’money can get you very far in this world. Alucard pays a lot to people who rat out outsiders wishing to do harm’’

Elijah frowned angrily, gripping the hilt of his sword.

The shopkeeper held up his hands in surrender, ‘’I am saying: pay me and I’ll keep quiet – I’ll even tell you anything else you want to know. You look like a fairly wealthy couple, I’m sure you can beat Alucard’s price’’

Kathrina didn’t like this man’s sudden change of attitude and tone. But she did want to know anything she could about this city. It was odd in an intriguing way and after hearing the short story about Alucard’s apparent hospitality, she was even more curious. She knew Elijah wasn’t going to agree to such a deal, so she held the boxes under her arm and started feeling around in her pocket, but there were no coins in there whatsoever.

‘’How much?’’ Elijah suddenly asked, noticing the disappointed look on Kathrina’s face.

The shopkeeper smiled, ‘’well, he either offers to have one of his Vampires turn them or he pays a fair amount of money. Are you a Vampire?’’ he asked again.

Elijah growled quietly, ‘’ask me that one more time and I will gut you where you stand’’

Kathrina frowned. This man seemed overly interested to find out what Elijah was. She could tell from the sound of his voice that he already knew Elijah was not a Vampire. This was starting to feel very suspicious.

‘’I say!’’

‘’If it’s Vampirism you want, why have you not given yourself up to one of your apparent barbaric tribute sessions?’’ Elijah growled.

He shook his head, ‘’Alucard is very specific about the kind of people he wants. I never fit his requests’’

‘’So, you want to be a Vampire?’’ Kathrina asked, ‘’I could ask Alpha?’’ she suggested, looking up at Elijah as he glared at the shopkeeper.

But the man shook his head, ‘’no, no, I do not want to be one of them’’

‘’Then what do you want?’’ she asked, now growing impatient.

‘’Five gold coins’’ he stated, ‘’ no less’’

’Baka janai no?!’’ Elijah hissed. This man certainly did have to be crazy to think they would give him that much just to keep quiet; it would be easier to just kill him.

The shopkeeper frowned at the strange language Elijah had just spoke.

‘’Can’t you ask for a little less?’’ Kathrina asked quietly, ‘’we don’t really have anything on us’’

He shook his head, but then glared closely as Kathrina, noticing a very small chain peeking out from the collar of her tunic, ‘’well, that looks like an expensive- ‘’

‘’Do not even think about it’’ Elijah growled, glaring at him.

Kathrina only just noticed that a small part of the chain from her necklace was dangling over her collar. It seemed that in the rush to get away from Alpha, she hadn’t managed to tuck it back under her tunic with the other one she wore. She frowned as she started poking it back into the collar; it came as a shock to her that Elijah hadn’t instantly killed the man for even thinking of asking for the very necklace he had given her for her birthday.

She watched as Elijah suddenly slammed five gold coins onto the counter and pointed at the man’s face, ‘’talk’’

‘’Where shall I start?’’ he asked pleasantly, slipping the coins into his pocket.

Glaring at the greedy man, Kathrina sighed, ‘’the Vampires: do they just… Live here with you Humans?’’

He nodded, ‘’this is their city’’ he said, ‘’we just live here. We let them feed from us and in turn they pay us a small sum. They walk the streets at night, usually catching thieves and intruders. Outsiders, on the other hand, tend to die pretty quickly’’

‘’How so?’’

He looked down at her, ‘’the night walkers are allowed to hunt after dusk. Anyone still on the streets after dark can be hunted and killed. So, some advice, any night after tonight, be off the streets by dusk’’

‘’That’s… Barbaric’’ Kathrina exclaimed, ‘’what about the whole protecting and tribute thing? Doesn’t that mean you get to live here safe from the Vampires?’’

‘’Looks to me like you are just pets’’

The shopkeeper scowled at Elijah, ‘’there are strict rules here, outsider. We respect Lord Alucard and said rules. It may seem barbaric to outlanders such as yourselves, but here, it is tradition. They are called night walkers for a reason: the city is theirs at night and ours by day’’

‘’Yet the Vampires still prowl around during daylight hours’’ Elijah mumbled.

‘’Well, that is how it is. Now, if you don’t mind, I have things to be doing. Enjoy your stay’’ he said hastily, pointing over at the door, ‘’close it when you leave’’

They watched as he walked off, disappearing behind the door he had come out of.

‘’What an asshole’’ Kathrina grumbled.

‘’Since when do we pay people to keep their mouths shut?’’ Elijah asked, looking down at her as they started walking over to the door.

She shrugged, ‘’I just thought it would be nice to not have to kill someone for a change, you know?’’

He smirked, ‘’but there are certain people who deserve it’’

‘’Yeah, but still – Let’s just get through today without gutting anyone, please’’

The two of them then left the store, walking back out onto the streets outside.

As they left, the shopkeeper watched them from behind the door, a cautious look in his eyes. As he watched them disappear, he grabbed a quill and started scribbling on a piece of paper, a panicked look on his face…

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