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Chapter 7 (v.1) - All-Hallows Eve

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Submitted: November 11, 2017





A few hours later, everyone had returned to the ship. The sun was gradually setting, leaving an oil-like stain of orange and purple lingering in the sky, several small puffy clouds scattered here and there, birds squawking loudly as they passed.  Everyone was either sitting or standing somewhere on the deck of their ship. There wasn’t really much for them to do while they waited to leave for the ball they had been invited to; they didn’t even know where it was. Elijah had taken the invitation and had neglected to share its contents with anyone.

They were all ready and dressed up for the ball, the only thing absent being their masks which they were either holding or had stuffed in their pockets. Thea and Octavia had taken the time to purchase a dress for Kathrina as well as themselves; the three of them were sat on a bench to the left of the ship, staring out at the docks below. As always, Thea was eyeing Elijah who was stood atop the quarter deck, staring out at the castle that sat at the very back of the city. Harley, Logan and Joe were standing around him, chattering quietly.

None of them looked very pleased to be wearing the suits they had once had to wear to the ball back in Hyn-Guard. They weren’t allowed to take their weapons either, so it made them feel even more uncomfortable.


Harley tugged uncomfortably on his bowtie and grunted, ‘’do we have to wear these stupid outfits?’’

‘’Yes’’ Elijah answered.

Logan looked over at him and laughed, ‘’they’re a lot different from what we wear to occasions back in Japan, aren’t they?’’

He frowned and tugged the bowtie again, ‘’I honestly don’t know how you can wear this kind of stuff’’

‘’Quit complaining’’ Elijah said as he looked down at everyone else on the deck, ‘’we will be leaving in a few minutes. Hopefully, we will find Alucard quickly; I feel just as uncomfortable as all of you do’’

The three of them nodded.

But Harley shook his head slowly, ‘’I still feel like this is a bad idea’’

‘’It is a bad idea’’ Elijah said as he started walking down the stairs from the quarter deck, the three of them quickly following.

‘’Then why are we going?’’ Harley exclaimed, still completely against the idea.

‘’It is the only way we will get a look at Alucard. He is the host, after all’’

As he smirked, the three of them stopped and watched as he walked over to Kathrina.

‘’Is there any way I can get out of this?’’ Harley grumbled, looking over at Logan who was laughing quietly.

‘’Just bear with it. I’m pretty sure we won’t be there too long – and who knows, maybe you’ll actually enjoy yourself’’ Logan smiled sarcastically.

Harley tugged the bowtie again, ‘’nan demo, we’re supposed to be here to kill someone, not go to parties’’


As he approached Kathrina, Elijah smiled. She looked even more beautiful in this new dress than she did in the red one she had worn to the royal ball. But she had an uncomfortable look on her face. He knew she wasn’t one for parties or dressing up; although she had seemed excited about it earlier, now, she looked both nervous and reluctant. If she was to tell him she didn’t want to go, he wouldn’t make her, but if they didn’t, they might miss their chance to find Alucard.

He stopped in front of the three of them as Thea glared up at him.

Kathrina gazed up at him, waiting.

Then, he held out his hand and smirked, ‘’are you ready to go?’’

She sighed and slowly placed her hand in his, ‘’yeah, I guess’’ she answered quietly, standing up.

Elijah frowned, a solicitous look on his face, ‘’do you not want to go?’’

‘’She just doesn’t want to go with you’’ Thea interrupted.

‘’Thea, be quiet, you don’t need to be so rude’’ Kathrina snapped, glaring down at her stroppy sister, but then she looked back up at Elijah, ‘’I just feel like something is… Off’’

Holding her arm with his, he started walking her away from the others, ‘’I understand,’’ he said, ‘’but there is no need to worry; if anything happens, you know I will protect you- ‘’

‘’But what about everyone else? What if it’s some kind of trap – We won’t have our weapons’’

‘’Some of us do not need weapons to fight, Kathrina’’ he smiled, ‘’everyone here can handle themselves, weapon or no weapon. Try not to worry too much’’

She stared up at his confident face and smiled. He was right. She was just fretting too much; she had a habit for worrying about everyone but herself. She needed to calm down; they were about to head to a masquerade ball, a type of party she had always wanted to attend. Not only did she get to see Elijah dressed up again, but she was probably going to get to dance with him again too. Hopefully, this evening was going to go a lot smoother than the last party they had attended; the Hyn-Guard ball had ended in Alpha’s near imminent death, having not been rescued by Elijah, Tsunami and herself, he’d most likely not be here right now.

But before she could reply to him, everyone had grouped up behind them, staring impatiently.

Holding Octavia’s hand, Tsunami sighed irritably, ‘’are we going or not?’’

Elijah turned around and scowled harshly at him, but then he looked at everyone else, ‘’follow me and do not stray. Apparently, Vampires prowl the streets at night’’

They all looked at him strangely, but the fact didn’t seem to disturb them much. Such a thing had been said by Reeves, so they were expecting something like that to be said. But if Vampires prowled the streets at night, which would make them unsafe for Humans, why was a ball being held at such a late hour? It seemed extremely odd – even more than it already had. Were they perhaps the only non-Vampires that had been invited?

However, before any more questions could be asked, Elijah hastily walked over to the steps leading off the ship, Kathrina at his side. They all followed, looking around cautiously. The last thing they needed was to be ambushed by Vampires.


As the group started walking through the deserted city, Kathrina started to think about everything that shopkeeper had told her and Elijah. If the city really was home to Vampires, then where were they? She thought that she would have seen some of them by now, but there was no sign of anyone or anything at all. Was it possible that everyone had been invited to this ball? Human and Vampire alike? Was it actually possible for the two species to co-exist?

She frowned as they passed a dimly lit building, a candle in its window. Vampires paying Humans for their blood was something she would have never imagined. She wasn’t sure if the shopkeepers story was believable or not, but from what she had seen today, it seemed to be true. With her own eyes she had seen a Vampire drinking from a Human in broad daylight, paying him after. Even though her sense of smell wasn’t as keen as Elijah’s or Alpha’s, she could tell there was a lingering smell of blood in the air, hovering all around them. The way Elijah had acted earlier proved that; he only ever acted that way when there was a lot of blood around.

But if attending this ball allowed them to get a look at Alucard, perhaps she could put together what might really be going on here. It all seemed far too good to be true, there had to be something else going on. It could be possible that this Elemental was like Gahi, creating an army to fight – but fight who? Gahi had created his arm to fight the Teshika, but from what she knew, Thea, herself and Elijah were three of the last. It wouldn’t take an army of thousands of Vampires to take them down – Well, thinking about it, all three of them possessing exceptional fire abilities, it might actually be an unfair fight (for the Vampires, that is).


They continued following Elijah as he led the way through the streets. It seemed like they were getting close to their destination, a bright orange glow in the distance, the sound of violin and cello music echoing from ahead, the beautiful voice of an opera singer following it. The sound of chattering crowds could also be heard and several groups of people were now walking both behind and ahead of them. All of the people were dressed up like they were, all the woman wearing white dresses and men wearing black suits or tunics. It was hard to make out whether they were Vampires or not as they were all wearing their masquerade masks.

As they came close to a group of people, Elijah reached into his pocket and pulled out his own mask, looking back at everyone, ‘’don your masks, we are almost there’’

On his word, everyone put their masks on.

Harley sighed irritably, still fiddling with the bowtie. He really did not like it at all. He had never thought something could be so uncomfortable. He looked around at everyone else, frowning at them. Why did they all seem so relaxed? Was he the only person who felt as though this outfit was a prison?

But then, Opus placed his hand on his shoulder, ‘’do not fret. There will be a moment for you to leave, I plan to make such a maneuver, too, yes’’

He frowned at him, ‘’what are you talking about?’’

‘’I assumed by your uncomfortable look that you don’t want to attend this ball’’

‘’I don’t, but it’s the only way we’ll get a look at Alucard. The more eyes to look out for him, the better’’ he said, irritably pushing his hands into his pockets.

They fell silent, joining a crowd of people who were lined up outside a castle-like building, orange and white lights shining from within the huge windows. The violin and cello music was even louder, but the loud voices of the crowd were drowning it out. The group waited in a large cobblestone opening which was packed with people all waiting to be allowed into the tall iron gates that were still closed, two very pale looking men guarding it.

Kathrina stared at them, their eyes glowing a devilish red. Vampires.

‘’Why are we waiting here?’’ Tsunami asked, looking over at Elijah.

Elijah glared at the Vampire guards, but then turned to face everyone, ‘’everyone here is Human; it appears that those already inside are Vampires’’

‘’How do you know that?’’ Harley asked, a surprised look on his face.

He deadpanned, ‘’Human’s hearts beat, Vampires’ do not’’

As he turned away, Harley frowned. What kind of an answer was that? Was he suggesting that he could hear every single person’s heartbeat here and from within the castle?

Kathrina frowned cautiously as she looked around at everyone. If what Elijah had said was true, then why were all of these people being kept outside? She was starting to worry; Vampires are devious, barbaric creatures, so they could be planning anything.

Just then, Alpha stood beside her, ‘’I wonder, if I kill somebody, will they let me pass? I’m not one for waiting’’

‘’I wonder, if I kick your face in, will you shut up?’’ Elijah growled, glaring at him.

Alpha smirked and stared at him, ‘’kicked in or not, my face will always look better than yours, scar-face’’

He growled angrily, but Kathrina tugged on his arm and shook her head, ‘’don’t fight here’’

Looking down at her, he smiled, but then looked back at Alpha who grinned slyly, ‘’keep your mouth shut. The last thing we want is to draw attention to ourselves. Half-Vampire or not, if they even suspect that you are a Demon, they will come after you in hordes that even you will not be able to fight off’’

‘’Wow’’ Alpha scoffed, ‘’is it me, or do I detect a slight concern in your voice?’’

Ignoring him, he looked over at Tsunami who was listening to their bickering, ‘’same goes for you: keep the fact that you are a Demon hidden. Understand?’’

Tsunami nodded, a stern look on his face as he started fiddling with his hair, styling it so his pointed ears were concealed within it, ‘’what about you?’’ he asked.

’What about me?’’ he asked, staring back over at the Vampire guards.

‘’Your eyes,’’ Tsunami said as he stepped forward, ‘’won’t they notice them?’’

‘’No’’ he answered, ‘’I will be sure to remain in darker areas, keeping my eyes from adjusting to the light. I consider myself lucky that I come from a line of Demons without certain… Features’’ he said as he pointed to his left ear.

Noticing what he was hinting, Tsunami put his hand over his own left ear, noticing that the pointed end was still exposed. But then, Octavia shooed his hand away and started pulling on his hair, covering it for him.

Kathrina stared up at him, ‘’but won’t they glow? Your eyes glow in the dark’’

He frowned, clearly perplexed. She was right; his eyes did glow in the dark as well as reflect light like those of a cat. It seemed like it was going to be more difficult than he had thought to conceal his being a Demon. However, before he could answer, the gates ahead suddenly screeched loudly.

They all sharply turned their heads and stared over as the two Vampires pulled the gates open, the crowds of people falling silent as they also looked over at them.

‘’Please have your invitations ready’’ one of the Vampires called.

All of the people started reaching into their pockets, pulling out pieces of paper and chattering excitedly.

Everyone looked over at Elijah, remembering what had happened to the last paper he was trusted with.

‘’Please, tell me you didn’t forget it’’ Logan said, staring at him as he started searching the pockets on his suit.

He rolled his eyes irritably, pulling a folded piece of paper from his trouser pocket, ‘’do you not trust me with anything?’’

‘’No’’ Tsunami said plainly.

‘’No’’ Alpha grinned.

The smirk vanished from Elijah’s face, ‘’let’s go’’ he grumbled.


As the group lined up behind some of the chattering people, the guards started allowing people through the gates. Kathrina still felt like something was going on, but maybe it was just because she was new to all of this. These people seemed more than comfortable with this strange set up. Could it really be possible that they were living in some sort of harmony with Vampires?

Overhearing the people ahead of him talking, Tsunami leaned forward, ‘’so what is the reason for this ball?’’ he asked.

The people looked back at him, laughing from their previous conversation. One of the women smiled brightly at him and leaned over her friend, ‘’every All-Hallows eve, Lord Alucard holds these fantastic parties!’’ she clapped.

Tsunami smiled, ‘’why?’’

‘’Why?’’ her companion asked, an irritated look on his face, ‘’if it weren’t for Lord Alucard, we would have perished long ago. This party is meant to strengthen the relationship between us Humans and the night walkers. We dance together and put aside our differences. This tradition has been on-going for hundreds of years’’ he explained, a strange, stubborn accent in his voice.

He nodded slowly, ‘’and you just go along with this?’’

The man tutted in offence, ‘’outsiders: you know nothing’’ he snapped, turning away.

‘’Why were we invited?’’ Tsunami asked.

The woman smiled again, ‘’everyone gets invited, outsiders and residents alike. Tonight is an evening of fun, so enjoy it. I bet you never danced with a Vampire before’’ she smirked.

They all looked at each other as the woman turned back to face her companions.

‘’What’s so great about dancing with Vampires?’’ Logan frowned, staring over at Alpha.

But Alpha started laughing quietly.

‘’Please, do not answer that’’ Elijah warned, glaring back at him.

Alpha grinned and looked back at Logan, ‘’well, it’s not the dancing she’s talking about’’ he started.

Elijah slowly placed his face in his hand.

‘’What is it then?’’

‘’It’s what comes after’’ Alpha smirked.

They all stared vacantly at him, perplexed. Elijah face-palmed, disturbed by Alpha’s response.

Harley frowned, ‘’what do you mean by that?’’

A sly grin on his face, Alpha answered, ‘’you ever fucked a Vampire?’’

They all instantly looked away from him in disgust and embarrassment, all apart from Harley who looked rather curious.

He shook his head, ‘’no’’

Alpha then put his arm around him, ‘’well, if you ever do, trust me, you won’t forget it’’

Harley nodded slowly, ‘’is it really that different from- ‘’

‘’Can you not have this conversation here?!’’ Elijah hissed, glaring back at them both.

Logan frowned, ‘’so, this is just some huge Vampire orgy?’’

Disgusted by his words, they all looked away again, ‘ewwing’ and ‘ughing’ as he looked around at them, confused as to why they were acting like that.

‘’No!’’ Elijah growled, ‘’since when have we started taking anything he says seriously?’’ he asked, pointing at Alpha as he let go of Harley.

‘’Aww look,’’ Alpha mocked, pulling a sad face, ‘’scar-face is getting embarrassed’’

‘’I swear, say that again and I will- ‘’

‘’Invitation please’’ came a bored, quiet voice.

Slightly startled, Elijah turned his head to face the Vampire guard who was staring blankly at him, his hand held out expectantly. Without even realizing, they had reached the gate.

He slapped the paper down onto his hand, ‘’here’’ he grumbled.

Sighing, the guard opened it and nodded, ‘’welcome to Lord Alucard’s All-Hallows Eve Masquerade, please enjoy the party’’ he said, moving aside.


Without uttering another word, Elijah walked past him, leading the way into the garden behind the huge gates.

The garden was filled with chattering people, most of which were standing on the path leading up to the small castle. It looked a lot bigger up close, but nowhere near as huge as the castle that sat at the very back of the city, staring down at it. There were torches scattered everywhere lighting up the gloomy garden. There were what looked like pumpkins and skulls with candles stuffed into them, the wax oozing out like tacky blood.

As they continued up the path, they realized that they were actually in a graveyard, tombstones and statues lined across the vast meadow, short green grass and small hedges spread across it. Nearly every tombstone had a candle-filled skull or pumpkin on it, some even had full skeletons slumped over them, drenched in wax. There were arch ways scattered across the garden too, some of which had people beneath them kissing or just standing there, chatting quietly. Dangling from the arch ways were strings of red and black colored roses, green leaves twisting around them, their thorns sticking out dangerously.

Passing a group of chattering people, the group continued to look around cautiously. It was pretty ironic for a party of Vampires to be held in a graveyard. Tsunami thought it was pathetic, but what else could he expect from Vampires? They were just as stupid as their ideas were. He stared as a group of laughing people slumped over the gravestones – how disrespectful. He didn’t like this. However, it didn’t look like they were planning on leaving. If Alucard was here, he’d most likely be inside.

Still following Elijah, they reached the entrance to the small castle, the music from within echoing out from the large doors. From where they were standing, they could see that there were already a lot of people inside.

‘’So, is there some kind of plan?’’ Logan asked, looking over at Elijah.

‘’Plan?’’ Elijah asked.

They stared at him. Usually, he would have come up with some kind of plan to finding out who or what Alucard is, but the look on his face made them believe that he really did have anything.

‘’Yeah, a plan. Like, if Alucard shows up, what do we do?’’

‘’Nothing’’ he answered, starting to walk into the doors, a huge hall at the end of the hallway filled with people dancing and walking around.

Tsunami stepped forward and grabbed his shoulder, ‘’nothing?’’ he exclaimed quietly.

Elijah smacked his hand off harshly, ‘’do not touch me!’’ he growled, glaring at him as they stopped moving.

He glared back at him, waiting.

Kathrina frowned, worried that they might start fighting again. She looked up at Elijah, ‘’what do you mean ‘nothing’?’’ she asked.

Sighing, he looked down at her, ‘’this place is full of Vampires. From what I can tell, most of them are Higher Vampires. Without our weapons, we would not stand a chance against them if a fight was to break out. The best thing to do is find out who Alucard is and we will discuss a plan when we return to the ship later. Understand?’’ he asked, looking around at everyone.

They all nodded, Tsunami more reluctant than anyone else, but Octavia grabbed his hand excitedly and started pulling him towards the dance hall. He smiled, following her, leaving the others behind.

Watching him leave, Elijah looked over at Opus, ‘’old man: make sure he does not attempt to murder anyone’’

Opus nodded gracefully, slowly following Tsunami as he disappeared into the crowd with Octavia.

Harley then turned to him, ‘’what do we do then?’’

‘’Blend in’’ he smirked, starting to walk towards the hall as Kathrina smiled up at him.

Thea frowned angrily, ‘’what’s that mean?’’

Kathrina looked back at her sister and smiled, ‘’find somebody to dance with – it is a party, after all’’

She sighed irritably, but then looked up at Logan, Harley, Alpha and Joe. All four of them were older than her – three of them a lot older. Rolling her eyes, she snatched Joe’s hand and stormed off as he reluctantly followed.

’Wow, ‘’ Logan started, ‘’she reminds me a lot of you… When you were a Warlock’’ he said, looking down at Kathrina as she watched her sister disappear into the crowd ahead, the music playing louder as more people filed into the room, ‘’stubborn, rude, harsh- ‘’ he paused, noticing both her and Elijah’s angered looks.


Suddenly, from within the dance hall, the music changed, becoming that of a waltz tune. The people inside started partnering up, the crowd clearing and gathering to the sides of the room.

Kathrina gazed up at Elijah expectantly.

He stared ahead, but then looked down at her face, ‘’care to dance, miss Csernis?’’ he smirked.

She smiled excitedly and nodded.

Harley, Logan and Alpha watched as they left, joining the couples on the dance floor, waiting.

‘’Is that what he meant by blending in?’’ Logan asked.

Alpha shrugged, ‘’I ain’t dancin’ with no one’’ he grumbled, ‘’I’d rather find myself something alcoholic and make out with it’’

Logan and Harley laughed as the three of them slowly walked into the room, joining the spectating crowds around the rooms edges. The room was blindingly bright, a huge chandelier hanging from the colorfully painted ceiling, paintings of knights, horses and dragons all over it as well as the walls. There were long tables lined with all kinds of foods and drinks, many people crowded around them. The musicians sat at the top of a huge staircase, most of them violinists, others playing cellos and there was even a pianist. They were all dressed in either black or white, just like everyone else, but they were pale and their red eyes glowed from behind their masks.

Just then, the music became louder, the couples on the dance floor starting to waltz in time to it, everyone surprisingly in sync. Thea was with Joe, keeping a close eye on Elijah as he danced with Kathrina. Tsunami was with Octavia, a nervous look on her face as he tried convincing her to dance, but she shook her head in denial.


As she danced with him, Kathrina gazed into Elijah’s eyes as he stared back. Surprisingly, he really did know how to waltz. Why, she didn’t know, but she was glad he did. Ever since Hyn-Guard, she had wanted to dance with him again. She really hadn’t expected someone like him to know how to dance as well as he did. But she was hoping for another strange, fast-paced song to be played just like the one back then, that was when she had really been amazed; this slow, romantic waltz was nice, but she wasn’t really one who enjoyed staying at this slow pace for too long.

The music calmed, so she rested her head on his chest and sighed, ‘’I guess you do know how to waltz’’

He smiled, ‘’indeed, although I get the feeling you are not fond of such a dance’’

‘’Not really, old people waltz’’

Elijah laughed slightly as they moved around slowly, ‘’I see’’ he said, ‘’you hope for something as explicit as that back in Hyn-Guard, do you not?’’

Looking up at him, she shrugged, ‘’I guess’’

‘’Then I shall make a request after’’ he smiled, ‘’but let us finish this ‘old people’s’ dance first’’

She laughed, ‘’okay’’


Among the crowd, Tsunami watched with Octavia who was still too nervous to dance. But he didn’t mind, he wasn’t going to force her. In all honestly, he didn’t really feel like dancing himself. But seeing Joe and Elijah with Thea and Kathrina made him feel slightly jealous. He was lucky enough to have a girlfriend and he wanted to show her off, but her shyness kept him from doing so.

But then, Opus suddenly appeared beside them, ‘’why are you not dancing?’’ he asked, looking at them both.

Tsunami looked at Octavia and then glared back at him, ‘’Octavia is shy, you know’’

‘’I see’’ he nodded, ‘’well, may I borrow you for a few moments, please?’’ he asked.

‘’Why?’’ he frowned.

‘’It is a private matter, yes’’ he answered, starting to walk away.

Looking down at Octavia, Tsunami frowned, ‘’I’ll be back, just wait here, okay?’’

She nodded, watching as he started pushing through the crowd, following the old man.

The two of them walked over to a gloomy area underneath a staircase, no other guests close enough to hear. Opus looked around slowly, making sure that there was no one watching them. Then, he looked at Tsunami and frowned.

‘’Well, what?’’ Tsunami asked, irritated that he had been made to leave Octavia alone.

The old man sighed, ‘’I would have asked Elijah, but he is... Otherwise engaged’’

He looked back at Elijah as he continued dancing with Kathrina, ‘’yeah, I see that’’ he mumbled, turning back to face Opus, ‘’well, what do you need?’’

‘’I believe that there may be some kind of evidence within these castle walls as to what Alucard is and where’’


‘’There are dungeons below that lead to another, closed off part of this castle. I used my sensory abilities to map out a route to a rather suspicious-looking door’’ he explained.

Tsunami frowned suspiciously, ‘’why are you telling me this?’’

He ignored him, ‘’I believe that within this door, there may be something relating to Alucard. This is, after all, a part of the castle that sits upon the mountain’’

‘’Uh huh… You want me to snoop around, don’t you?’’

Opus nodded, ‘’you are capable, reliable and- ‘’

‘’Alright,’’ he grumbled, ‘’you don’t need to flatter me with words. I’ll go. What am I supposed to be looking for?’’


He frowned unsurely, ‘’uh… Okay… Anything in particular?’’

The old man shook his head, ‘’just look. Anything you regard as helpful, suspicious or just interesting to you, take it’’

‘’Fine’’ he said, ‘’how do I get into these dungeons?’’

Opus smiled, ‘’there is a door to the left of that grand staircase – Do you see it?’’ he explained, pointing.

Looking over his shoulder, he spotted the door he was pointing to. It was rather small, brown in color. It looked bolted, the hinges falling off.

‘’I see it’’ he confirmed, looking back at him.

‘’Inside will be a staircase. Follow it down and you will be in one of the dungeons. Continue walking forward, take the fifth left exit. Follow that path and take the second right. There will be a ladder leading up to a trap door, climb it and above will be the part of the castle you are looking for. Upon exiting, follow the hall. There will be a small door to the left, it will have several keyholes on it. Find a way to open it and find out what is inside’’ he explained.

But then, Tsunami frowned. How did Opus know this? The only person who would have been capable of seeing the way he had explained he had would be Elijah – Well, if he still had the Psyche-Jikato.

‘’How do you know this? Do you have a Psyche-Jikato?’’ he asked suspiciously.

Opus shook his head, ‘’there is a void power emanating from within these walls. I used it, combining my own void magic to it. It allowed me to see everything the power is connected to. I believe the source is behind that door’’

Tsunami frowned. Void power? Here? Could that mean Alucard is behind that door? He wasn’t sure whether he could believe the old man or not; he had kept a lot from them in the past and he had an awful suspicion that he had been to this castle before… But there wasn’t really any time to ask. Hearing about this void power had really spike his interest. Looking at the old man, he nodded.

Then, he turned around, heading for the door. He had to make sure no one saw him leave, especially any of the Vampires – Especially Elijah. He’d rather have Vampires chasing him than have to deal with Elijah right now. He had strictly told them to do nothing, but he couldn’t resist checking out this void source.

Staring back at Elijah, he made sure he wasn’t watching him. He was too focused dancing with Kathrina, so now was the best time. He dodged through the crowd, heading for the door. Whatever was waiting beyond, he was excited to find out.


The music that plays when they Waltz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHOXtmLvxfo





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