Warlock 3 - City Of The Dead

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Outbreak

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Submitted: November 13, 2017





The door creaked loudly as Tsunami pushed it open, a bitter, harsh breeze racing out, carrying a river of dust and cobwebs with it. The wind howled loudly outside, the moonlight breaking in through a large window within the room behind the door. As it opened fully, it clanged loudly, the handle hitting the stone wall. He stood there, looking around slowly.

It was gloomy, just like the rest of the castle. There was a stronger smell of rotting wood and the scent of blood was weaker. The window covered most of the left wall, a large table beneath it with many different dusty books and old quills on it. There were beakers and pots as well as a small black cauldron, a thick crack cutting down one of its sides, a cobweb inside. He watched as a rather large brown hairy spider scurried out, disappearing out through a crack in the window.

As the wind howled again, he took his hand off the door and started walking into the room. The walls were covered in dust and cobwebs, moss clinging onto the loose bricks that stuck out, some crumbling and others missing from the wall altogether. A cracked mirror hung on the right wall, although it looked as if it had been purposely smashed, an old bloodstain on the wall behind it. There were a few pieces of crumbled paper pinned to the wall, the scribbles on them faded with age.

He moved further into the room, staring closely at all the strange components and objects on the table under the window-


Tsunami jumped, turning around – The door had slam shut behind him, the wind howling loudly. He rolled his eyes, shaking his head. How had he let something like that startle him? He felt stupid.

Turning back around, he continued walking, noticing what looked like a very large box resting on top of a table at the end of the room. Beside it was another table, piles of paper and scrolls sitting on it. The moonlight didn’t reach that far, so he was cautious about heading over there. However, from where he was standing, he could make out something written on one of the pieces of paper:


Subject 12:


After just two minutes, the subject shows no signs of Humanity nor Vampirism. I try to converse with him, but he does not seem to understand me. I try to convince him with blood, but it does not interest him. Another failure.


He frowned, unable to make out anything else. Slowly, he started walking over to the papers, skim-reading over them as he reached the table. Most of them said the same thing, but with a differently numbered subject titled at the top of the page. Some of the papers even had bloody fingerprints on them. Whatever this was, it didn’t sound good. Had someone been experimenting on people here? By the look of the items on the tables, it seemed possible.

‘’What the hell was going on in here?’’ Tsunami whispered to himself, dropping one of the pieces of paper as he looked around again.

Frowning, he turned back to the table, eyeing the papers once again. But as he shuffled through them, his eyes started wandering over to the box that sat beside the table. Now that he was closer to it, he realized that it was actually a coffin…

Curious, he walked over, standing over it. It looked old, the wood rotting in the corners. There had once been something written on it, but it had faded away beyond recognition. A strange aura was pulsing from it, one that Tsunami had never felt before. Concentrating, he determined that it felt both cold and dark, an ominous sense lingering to it as well as a faint humming sound. Magic.

A smirk appeared on his face as he stared at it; did whoever had sealed this thing a little magic was going to keep it from being opened? Whatever was inside had to be what Opus had sensed. Without thinking, he placed both of his hands on top of it and closed his eyes, concentrating his magic into the palms of his hands. If this was the simple sealing magic it felt like, then all he had to do was reverse it. Any kind of magic could be used to open this. How foolish. If what was in here was really important, the sealer should have used more complex sealing magics instead of just base magic.

A few moments later, the coffin clicked quietly, a layer of dust seeping off the top of it, flowing down onto the floor as a strange mist started oozing out from the cracks. Tsunami cautiously stepped back, standing ready just in case what was inside turned out to be alive and hostile. However, as he stood there, nothing happened. The mist stopped floating out from the coffin and the dust settled back down. He sighed quietly, starting to move back towards the coffin, unsure of what to expect inside.


Meanwhile, back at the party, the rest of the group were still sitting around their table, an awkward silence hovering over them as they stared at Elijah, waiting for him to answer Alpha’s question.

But he still didn’t want to answer. However, it didn’t look like any of them were going to allow him to evade it. He could feel all of their judging eyes on him, waiting. Even Kathrina was staring at him, waiting for his answer – surely she must already know what it was? He frowned at everyone, leaning back again, staring up at the ceiling.

‘’I would do what I see as necessary in that moment’’ he answered.

Alpha frowned, ‘’the hell is that supposed to mean?’’

Harley shook his head, ‘’you’re not going to get a straight answer from him, just give it up’’ he mumbled, leaning back in his chair.

‘’Yeah, ‘cause we all know you’d choose her, even if it meant the rest of us died’’ Alpha grumbled.

‘’No need to state the obvious’’ Logan mumbled.

Opening another bottle of whiskey, Alpha laughed, ‘’the only thing scar-face is good at is letting people die. Remember what happened with Lucious?’’ he pointed to Kathrina, ‘’all you thought about was saving her, and look where it got you. Three of us died, you lost your precious eyes and my brother is now cursed and it’s all because of your inability to sacrifice what needs to be’’

Kathrina slowly looked around at everyone; she felt as though they were just as angry at her as they were at Elijah. It was true, he would choose her life over everyone else’s and they all knew it. Alpha had only asked to cause dissension. He loved making problems for people, especially Elijah. It seemed to give him joy to watch everyone fight because of something he had said or done.

Furious, she glared at him. Elijah’s silence made it obvious that Alpha had managed to upset him. She wanted to hit him, but he was far away enough to see her coming and get away in time. So, she was going to insult him. But what could she say that would humiliate him enough to get him to shut up?

She scowled at him, ‘’at least Elijah is capable of putting other people before himself. The only thing you put before yourself is your dick – which surprises me seeing as it must be so difficult for you to find. From what Nightly confided in me, I gather you’re one of those people that say ‘size doesn’t matter’ to try and keep himself somewhat confident’’

Alpha scowled harshly, an embarrassed look on his face as everyone laughed at him.

‘’Is that really true?’’ Logan laughed.

‘’It explains why he always wanted to be the last one to leave the hot springs back in Japan’’ Joe snickered.

Elijah smirked, ‘’and you had the nerve to boast back then, trying to prove something futile’’

He growled as he looked around at everyone’s amused faces, ‘’it ain’t true!’’ he insisted, clear embarrassment in his voice.

But they all continued to laugh and as Octavia suddenly appeared from the crowd, she sat beside Kathrina who had a victorious smirk on her face.

Furious, Alpha glared at Kathrina and Elijah, ‘’at least I can fuck somebody without nearly killing them’’ he growled.

The laughter died down a little, everyone a little perplexed by his comeback, but it seemed to have disturbed both Kathrina and Elijah who glanced at each other and then glared back at him as he started snickering.

He leaned back in his chair and gulped down the whiskey he had been holding.

Thea frowned as she looked over at her sister, ‘’what’s he saying?’’ she asked, clearly not following.

Kathrina shook her head, ‘’it’s nothing, he’s just being an asshole, like always’’

Placing the bottle back on the table, Alpha sneered and looked over at Thea, ‘’what, did big sister Kathrina not tell you?’’

‘’Tell me what?’’ she asked, confused.

‘’Shut up!’’ Kathrina snapped, glaring at Alpha.

But he shook his head and grinned, ‘’your sister and scar-face- ‘’


Everyone jumped in shock as a table knife flew through the air and embedded itself into Alpha’s right eye, blood spraying out onto the table as he gripped his face painfully.

They then looked at Elijah who slowly placed his hand back down on the table, ‘’next time, I will severe your head. I wonder, will you revive from that?’’

But suddenly, a strange hissing started echoing around them, the music disorientating and fading. Looking around, they noticed that all of the Vampires in the room had stopped what they were doing, gawping over at them. The blood had grabbed all of their attention.

Alpha irritably yanked the knife from his eye and glared around at them all, ‘’what the fuck are you all looking at, huh?!’’ he growled, standing up as blood seeped through his fingers, covering his eye with his hand.

The Vampires glared at him, but as the music started playing again, they went back to dancing.

Elijah then looked over at Octavia, ‘’where is Tsunami?’’

‘’Oh,’’ she jumped, startled, ‘’I… I don’t know’’

He scowled, slowly looking over at Opus who smiled nervously, ‘’where. Is. He?!’’ he demanded, glaring at him.

Opus shrugged, ‘’I do not know, yes’’

‘’Do you want a knife in your eye too?’’ he threatened.

Kathrina grabbed Elijah’s arm, ‘’calm down, I’m sure he’s just hanging around somewhere else’’

He looked down at her, his angered scowl slowly fading into a smile. He calmed down, falling silent as she rested her head on his shoulder.

But Thea glared at him, wondering what it could be that Alpha was trying to tell her. Had Elijah done something to her sister that she didn’t know about? Had he really almost killed her before? She wanted to know. Not only would it make her hate him even more, but it would also give her an excuse to kill him.


Back in the room on the other side of the castle, Tsunami had started approaching the coffin again. The humming magic had vanished and the dust had resettled. The wind was still howling outside, a harsh, bitter breeze breaking in through the cracks in the old walls and shattered glass in the huge window. He was still wary, unsure of what might be inside, but seeing that nothing had jumped out, he suspected that it had to be a weapon or some kind of powerful object.

Moving closer, he slowly reached out to grab the top-

Suddenly, the coffin shuffled, something moving inside. Tsunami jumped back, reaching to grab his sword, but he then realized that he didn’t have it. So, he held up his arms, ready to fight or defend himself from whatever was inside. But after a few moments, he started to grow impatient. It fell silent, no more movement from within.

He frowned angrily and moved forward again-

The top suddenly flew off, spinning across the room and smashed into the wall, shattering into several chunks of wood, splinters spraying everywhere like rain water. Tsunami covered his face, but kept an eye on the coffin. He watched as what looked like a Human hand slowly reached out from within, grasping the side of the box.

Tsunami frowned, slowly lowering his arms. The hand was unlike anything he had seen; its flesh was a pale green, rips and tears in it, parts of bone and rotten, black muscle showing. The fingernails were more like claws and were yellow and rotting. As the hand moved down the outside of the box, he stared at what had become visible of an arm, its flesh the same moldy green color, the bone inside visible.

A loud, pained groan came from with the coffin as another hand grabbed the other side followed by gurgles and shaky, monstrous breathing. Tsunami stepped back as the hands gripped the sides of the box tightly, starting to lift up what looked like a body from within-


Startled, Tsunami backed off even more as the coffin suddenly cracked and split, the rotten wood shattering due to the hand’s force and weight. But that wasn’t what had shocked him – A disgusting, Human-like creature had rolled out of the broken coffin, groaning and growling, gurgling as it rolled around on the floor.

He frowned, unsure of what it was. It had an old, ripped shirt covering its green, mutilated body, tears and huge slashes in its flesh. A black liquid flooded out onto the floor as it tried standing, its wrists snapping under its weight, forcing it onto its stomach.

Disgusted and confused, Tsunami stepped forward –

The creature sharply turned its head, glaring at him with its one eye which was blood-shot and oozing a strange, thick yellow liquid. It had rows of sharp shark-like teeth, most of them black and rotting. Its tongue hung out of its mouth like a hag, a repulsive green goo dripping from its rotten cheeks.

But as it laid its eyes upon Tsunami, they widened, the cat-like pupil dilating with excitement –

Tsunami gasped and tried to run for the door –

But the monster instantly picked its rotting corpse from the ground, springing into action and jumping on Tsunami before he could even take a single step –

‘’What the fuck?!’’ Tsunami yelled as the monster dug its talon-like fingers into his chest and back, holding onto him tightly as it growled and gurgled, the disgusting green liquid oozing from every cut in its body.

He struggled, grabbing its head and trying to pull it from his back –


‘’Ugh!’’ Tsunami yelled, repulsed as he tore the monsters head from its body.

But the creature was still alive! Tsunami dropped its head as it gurgled, but the body crawled around his body like a spider, overpowering him. He fell back, hitting his head on the stone ground as the headless monster laid over him, yellow goo oozing from its neck and spilling all over him, soaking his clothes and face as he spat, trying to keep it from getting into his mouth.

Fighting, he struggled, trying to push it off, but it was so strong! However, he wasn’t as worried as he was disgusted. After all, what can a body do without its head?

He grunted angrily, grabbing the creature’s shoulders and yelled loudly, trying to push it off. But suddenly, the monster stopped struggling. It’s rotting body went limp and the severed head fell quiet.

Exhausted, Tsunami shoved it off him, grunting angrily as its body splashed on the floor beside him, a puddle of green, yellow and black goo oozing from it. He climbed to his feet, shaking his hands in disgust as the yellow goo sprayed from his coat and skin, splashing onto the floor. Then, he looked down at its still body. What the hell was it? He had never seen or heard of anything like it before and why had it just suddenly stopped attacking him?

Staring at it, he frowned, noticing that its chest was still moving, still breathing. He glared over at the head, its one beady eye glaring at him, blinking every couple of seconds. How was it still alive? What even was it?

But just as he was about to move over to the glaring head –


The door flung open, a man dressed in all black standing there.

Tsunami jumped back, startled, reaching for his sword again – But it wasn’t there – He had never felt so stupid in his life!

‘’Who are you?!’’ he demanded, holding up his hand, ready to attack.

However, the man suddenly grinned and started walking into the room, stepping over the gurgling head as it glared up at him.

Cautious, Tsunami started stepping back as the man came closer. His skin was pale white, his eyes blood red, two fangs clearly visible in his mouth – A Vampire.

The Vampire laughed quietly, ‘’how did you manage to stumble upon zis part of the castle?’’ he asked, a slight curiousness in his voice.

Tsunami frowned, confused.

‘’Are you a guest from ze party?’’ he asked, tilting his head slightly.

He shook his head, ‘’who are you?!’’ he demanded again, his back hitting the wall.

Still moving towards him, the Vampire grinned again.

Suddenly, the creature picked itself up, goo oozing from its mangled body. It stumbled around, the head on the ground gurgling and growling. The Vampire looked back at it as it slowly heaved itself out of the door, leaving its head behind.

He laughed quietly, ‘’ze trick is burn zem, but you von’t be leaving here’’

Angered, Tsunami threw his fist forward-

‘’Uh, uh, uhh’’ the Vampire taunted, grabbing Tsunami’s fist in his hand, ‘’zat’s not very nice’’ he grinned.

He moved closer to Tsunami, their faces just inches from each other. Tsunami tried to pull free, but this Vampire was stronger than he was – That was impossible! There had been no Vampire capable of overpowering him before, even before he was a Demon! He grunted, turning his face away, disgusted by his foul, metallic breath.

‘’Get off me!’’ he demanded, trying to pull free.

‘’Oh, no’’ he grinned, lowering his face to Tsunami’s neck, ‘’you voke me, zis was your doing’’

He struggled again, trying to kick him, but the Vampire stopped his feet down onto his, restraining him.

The Vampire then inhaled deeply, ‘’you… Are a Demon?’’ he asked, ‘’how fascinating… Lord Alucard vould be pleased vith me if I vas to bring you to him’’ he snickered, ‘’vut… You let my pet escape… I think you should veplace him’’ he smiled, leaning even closer to Tsunami’s neck.

Disgusted and anxious, Tsunami continued trying to escape, even yelling for help, but his calls went unheard. His struggling did nothing but make the Vampire laugh even more – What was he going to do? Was he going to turn him into… Into one of those things? No, he couldn’t! How was this single Vampire managing to restrain him?! He had thought of dozens of Vampires before, what was so different about this one?!

Suddenly, the Vampire grabbed Tsunami’s chin and made him turn his head, glaring into his black, petrified soulless eyes.

He laughed again, ‘’are you afraid of me?’’

Tsunami struggled, but shook his head, ‘’I’m gonna kill you!’’

The Vampire laughed hysterically, ‘’you? Kill me? How humorous!’’ he laughed, looking down at the floor, ‘’no, no – You vill be a very intervesting subject… I have never had ze opportunity to experiment on a Demon before… ‘’

Experiment? Tsunami stared into his blood-red eyes, confused, afraid – Was this where he was going to die? Was he going to end up as some lab experiment just like that thing he had seen? He struggled again, still trying to escape, but it was useless. But then, it hit him – Could this be Alucard?

Before he could say anything else, the Vampire suddenly widened its jaws and sunk his fangs into Tsunami’s neck, making him yell in pain.

He grunted, cried, the pain unlike anything he had ever felt. He could feel the bastard draining the blood from his body, a bitter surge of pain spreading through his body as he stood there, unable to fight back. An awful dizziness started taking over, his vision blurring.

Then, the Vampire let go of him, watching as his limp body fell to the floor with a THUMP!!!

But he wasn’t done. From his pocket, he pulled out a small dagger and dragged the blade across his own wrist, blood pouring out abruptly. Then, he crouched down over Tsunami, grabbing his chin with his other hand and forced his mouth open as he grunted, still trying to fight, but he felt too weak.

‘’I vonder… Vill this turn you?’’ he asked.

An evil, twisted grin on his face, he held his bleeding wrist over Tsunami’s face, laughing as the blood dripped into his mouth.

Tsunami choked, closing his eyes in disgust as he felt the Vampires blood dripping into his mouth. He couldn’t fight back, he couldn't even feel his body anymore. The dizziness was overwhelming; it felt like he was spinning endlessly, the pain in his neck increasing.

A few moments later, the Vampire stood back up, letting go of Tsunami.

‘’I vill leave you now, I have places to be. If zis does not kill you, I vill be seeing you soon, Demon’’ he laughed, starting to walk away.

Opening his eyes, Tsunami watched as the Vampire left the room, kicking the monsters severed head away before closing the door.

He started looking around, his vision still blurred, his body numb. He couldn’t call for help, he couldn’t move. The Vampire’s blood slowly trickled down the side of his face, it’s disgusting, metallic taste lingering in his mouth. Was this really it? There was nothing he could do. He was going to die and just like his brother, he was going to return as a half-Vampire half-Demon monster. All he could do was lay there and wait for it to happen.

Giving up, unable to do anything, he slowly closed his eyes…


Meanwhile, back at the party, everyone was still sitting at the table. Logan, Joe and Harley had started mumbling to each other in their strange Arikarin language, Thea punching their arms every couple of minutes, insisting that they either speak English or shut up.

Kathrina still sat beside Elijah, resting her head on his shoulder. She was exhausted from the dancing and just wanted to rest. As much as she wanted to return to the ship to sleep, she didn’t want to leave everyone, especially since Alucard could turn up at any moment. She wanted to be there when he did show his face – If he showed his face. They had been there for quite some time now and they still had no idea who he was.

Elijah, on the other hand, was actually thinking about Tsunami. He felt strange doing so as he really didn’t care about him; all he cared about was the fact that he had done the complete opposite of what he had told him to do. He was waiting for him to get back so he could kick his ass, but he was taking a rather suspicious amount of time. If he didn’t show himself soon, he’d have to go looking for him and that was something he felt far too lazy to do.

But then, Opus frowned and leaned forward, ‘’I… Cannot sense the void magic anymore’’

Everyone frowned and stared at him.

‘’What?’’ Logan asked, ‘’void magic?’’

He nodded, ‘’it is what I sent Tsunami after’’

Angered, Elijah scowled at the old man as everyone started asking him questions. If he couldn’t sense it anymore, it had to mean that Tsunami had done something. So, now it was down to him to find out what. He leaned forward onto the table, resting his face in his hands, pretending to face-palm. He started focusing, trying to drown out the sounds around him.

Watching him, Kathrina frowned. What was he doing? Before he had hidden his face, she had noticed he looked cautious, maybe even worried. Was something going on with Tsunami?

She looked over at Opus, ‘’where is he?’’ she asked anxiously.

The old man shrugged, ‘’I am sure he will return soon’’

Everyone started bickering, but Elijah remained silent, concentrating… He didn’t have his Psyche-Jikato, so he was having to rely on his enhanced Demon senses. If his suspicions were correct, he’d be able to locate Tsunami pretty easily…

Then, he stopped, opening his eyes. He had found it. The faint scent of Tsunami’s blood.

He abruptly stood up, pulling his mask from his face, ‘’stay here’’ he instructed as he placed it down on the table, starting to walk away.

Kathrina watched him disappear into the crowd, perplexed.

‘’What’s gotten him into a rush?’’ Octavia asked, looking at Kathrina.

She looked over at her and shrugged slowly, ‘’I don’t know’’

‘’Shouldn’t we chase after him?’’ Joe asked, starting to stand up.

‘’No’’ Harley disagreed.

Worried, Kathrina looked back behind her, searching the crowd for Elijah, but he was nowhere to be seen. She wanted to chase after him, but he had told them to stay here. Whatever he was doing, it had to be either seriously dangerous or seriously pointless. He wouldn’t have told Kathrina to stay behind if it were anything other than that. So, she sighed and sat back in her chair, waiting.


Shoving his way through the crowd, Elijah started to feel a fiery anger burning from within him. Once again, Tsunami had gone against what he had said and gotten himself into a fight. Being more familiar with his impulsive attitude than he was comfortable with, he knew that Tsunami was most likely engaged in combat with Vampires right now. It was clear that he had wandered off in search of trouble, finding it and enjoying it. Now, it was down to Elijah to stop it before it became something much worse.

He concentrated, using his Demon tracking abilities to follow Tsunami’s path. He could see a faint black mist (the color trail a Demon leaves) curving through the crowd, leading to what looked like a small rotted wooden door just below the huge stair case. Scowling angrily, he shoved past a small group of Humans and headed for the door.

Reaching it, he grabbed the handle and pulled it open. As soon as it opened, a bitter breeze escaped from within. He abruptly walked in, pulling it shut behind him as he started walking down the long, spiraling stair case. The mist continued on as he reached the bottom, leading him further into what seemed to be a dungeon, rats scurrying around in panic as he rushed forward.

He followed the trail all the way to a dead end, angering him even more. He looked around, but there was nowhere he could have gone. But then, he spotted a ladder and stormed over to it, slowly looking up at what looked like a trap door. Could that have been where he went? He sighed angrily, but grabbed the ladder and started climbing it, thinking of ways he could scold Tsunami for being a disobedient, reckless imbecile.


In the moonlit room, Tsunami was still on the floor, breathing uneasily. He could still feel the Vampires venom crawling around inside his body, the electrifying pain spreading, pulsing from the bite on his neck, blood still trickling from it. His body was still numb and every time he opened his eyes, everything was still blurred.

He didn’t dare hope. He didn’t dare pray. Nothing could save him now. Even if someone did so happen to miraculously find him, it was already too late. The Vampires blood and venom were already in his body, slowly killing him and would eventually turn him. It was already over.

As rushed footsteps started echoing from outside, he grunted and looked over at the door. Whoever it was, he didn’t want them to see him like this. He had been so easily defeated and probably looked like an idiot. He was covered in not only his own blood but the Vampires too. The strange creatures green and yellow goo was all over his suit and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Suddenly, the door flung open, a blurred figure standing there.

Tsunami gasped slightly. His vision was so badly blurred that he couldn’t make out who it was. All he could do was hope it wasn’t another Vampire or one of those monsters. He closed his eyes, struggled to take a deep breath and then opened them again-

‘’Tsunami?!’’ Elijah growled, crouching down over him, staring into his eyes.

He looked back, ‘’E… Elijah?’’ he asked, unsure if it was actually him, a blur of black, white and green swimming around in front of him.

Elijah stared at Tsunami’s dazed face. What had happened to him? There was blood all over his neck and mouth, a strange green and yellow goo covering his clothes. It looked like he was passing out, constantly rolling his eyes around and blinking slowly.

He frowned, ‘’what happened?’’ he asked, actual worry in his voice.

Confused, Tsunami rolled his head, ‘’huh?’’

‘’What happened?!’’ he yelled, grabbing hold of his collar, but that was when he noticed the bite wound on his neck, blood still oozing out of it.

Slightly disgusted, he let go of Tsunami and stared at his now blood-covered hands. Slightly reluctant but running out of time, he raised his hand to his face and slowly inhaled – It was Tsunami’s blood. But then, he frowned and dragged his left thumb across Tsunami’s chin, covering it in the blood that was on it. He then pulled that to his face, inhaling again – Vampire blood.

‘’He… Came out… Of nowhere’’ Tsunami mumbled, rolling his head around again, completely dazed.

Elijah couldn’t waste any time. If he didn’t do something now, Tsunami was going to die and most likely resurrect as the same kind of monster his brother was. Still slightly reluctant, he tore the suit from Tsunami’s body, grunting in disgust as his hands were covered in the strange goo. He then pulled his shirt apart, the buttons pinging onto the blood-covered floor.

He stared at the wound on Tsunami’s neck, strange, white vein-like marks spreading from it, moving down towards his chest.

He scowled and smacked Tsunami’s face, ‘’hey! Wake up!’’

Tsunami shook his head slowly, ‘’w-what?’’

‘’How long ago did this happen?’’ he asked hastily

But Tsunami couldn’t answer. He just rolled his eyes and closed them.

‘’For fuck’s sake’’ Elijah mumbled.

Without any other option, he raised his hand above his head, his claws appearing. He took one last look at Tsunami’s face to make sure he was still alive and then forced his hand down into Tsunami’s chest-


Tsunami opened his eyes and yelled out in agony.

Blood sprayed onto Elijah’s face as his hand cut into Tsunami. He grunted in disgust, watching as he struggled and cried in pain. Even though the Vampire’s venom had numbed his body, he could obviously still feel his claws ripping through his body. But he didn’t care. It was the only way. He gripped onto Tsunami’s beating heart and abruptly yanked on it –

Suddenly, Tsunami silenced as his body fell lifeless.

Still crouched over him, Elijah lifted his hand, Tsunami’s heart still beating in between his fingers. He slowly turned his head and glared at it, moving his hand so he could examine it completely. A slight look of relief spread across his face as he looked back down at the lifeless Tsunami. Luckily, he had removed his heart before the Vampire’s blood and venom reached it. If he had been any later, Tsunami would now be slowly turning into a Vampire.

He watched as the heart stopped beating and slowly crumbled into a black, red and white colored glitter-like ash, floating back into the hole in Tsunami’s chest. Disgusted and irritated, he stood up and walked over to the wall, leaning back on it.

‘’Idiot’’ Elijah mumbled, closing his eyes.





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