Hungover you

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"Humor me."

Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: October 30, 2017



How high

How high must I go

How high should I be

How high must I make them

just like me


When is it too high

Will it ever be high enough for you

When will it be high enough

Will you bring me down from this high


I can see the sun

I can see skyscrapers

I can see your trashy "friends" passed out in my Jacuzzi


You, I want you to die

You got me high but you won't let me down

You left me high so I could stay hung


Now I'm hung on this branch

Witch trial they say

Ha, if only they knew the real witch sat amongst them


Its too late now

to go back with or without you

I've decide for myself that I'm high enough

All I need to do now is let go


People say that I'm mentally ill

People say that their only trying to help

People are the ones who told me to get this high


I'm high up to the clouds

I'm falling down now

I'm running out of air here


Oops I guess I got too high.......

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