Bridge Over Lonely Saints

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Submitted: October 30, 2017

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Submitted: October 30, 2017



The night is born

as the sun is setting down .

Love is a rising sickness

Biting the bullet

suffocate and drown .

Weeping windowpane

strained glass

broken mirror vane.

It is no surprise

the reflection is not the same.

In the dark I know

i'll see clear again.

When the bridge pillars fall

a new life will begin.

Your mother told you

not to talk to strangers .

And now we lived in outcast

memories on hangers.

Time framed years

winter's freezing tears.

We owe the world

one final favor.

But we hope

we'll find a savior.

Again .


Two searching hearts

They beat in melody.

It's the fading of the dawn

hear a lonesome symphony.

My mother told me not

to talk to strangers.

But , Wasted years

gave birth to lurking


When the bridge pillars fall

crumbling bodies one for all

Revive our hearts

tear out these restraints.

Build a new bridge

we are saints.

There's a light in the window

from a crack in the sky.

Windowpane sees clearly

these frozen tears

we have cried .

A levee of secrets

We will return again.

Holding virgin like hands

until the end times begin.

Again .

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