Making the Right Choices

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Ronny, Bill, and Jimmy are best friends. Ronny makes a bad decision to drink underage, and then drive.

Submitted: October 30, 2017

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Submitted: October 30, 2017



Making the Right Choices

Ronald McCallister was a teenage party animal, he was tall with long blonde hair and light blue eyes.  He was a funny guy, a below average student and had many friends, he was known by his friends as “Ronny”.  He made a few terrible decisions in his teen years that had changed his life tremendously, especially the choice he made on Friday, June 5th, in 1996.

On one Friday afternoon, Ronny called his best friend Jimmy.  They had been best friends since elementary school.  Jimmy was kind of a quiet kid, he was an outstanding athlete and he did exceedingly well in school.  Ron asked Jimmy if he wanted to go over to Bill’s house to hangout that night.

“Sure, what are we gonna do over there?” said Jimmy.

“We’ll probably just watch TV and eat pizza... the usual, I’ll pick you up around eight tonight.”  Ronny had just received his driver’s license, he recently turned sixteen.  Jimmy was still fifteen, which was very young for his grade.

“Alright then, just don’t crash the car with your awful driving” Jimmy said jokingly, he chuckled.

“See you later”.  

Later that night, Ronald picked up Jimmy in his dad’s brand new car.  

“What are you doing?! Your dad will kill you!” yelled Jimmy.  

“How’s he going to find out? My parents are out of town this weekend” said Ronny calmly.

They started heading to Billy’s house, they often hang out with each other every week or so.  Bill was sort of a rebel, he partied a ton, like Ronny but much more.  The three friends did not often party or do many troublesome things together.  In fact, Jimmy had never dranken alcohol or done any illegal drugs before.  He was focused on his future and career ahead of him, he did not want to get into any trouble.

They arrived at Bill’s house, they walked in and could not believe their eyes.  They saw at least thirty kids in his house, it was an enormous party.  Jimmy was not pleased, both him and Ron thought it would be just the three of them.

“What is going on? I thought it was just gonna be us three hanging out together” said Jimmy, he was angry at Ronny.

“I thought so too, well whatever, let’s just have some fun” suggested Ronald.

Jimmy noticed that almost everyone there was carrying an alcoholic beverage in their hand.  He wanted to leave immediately but Ron wanted to stick around for a little bit.

“Hey guys” said Billy as he approached them.

“You didn’t tell us this would be a big party!” yelled Jimmy.

“I thought you’d enjoy it” said Bill.

“You know me Bill, I don’t do this type of stuff” replied Jimmy.

“You might as well just start doing it” he shoves a drink towards Jimmy, “you guys want some? Don’t worry it won’t hurt ya” said Bill.

“I’m not interested” said Jimmy.

He was disappointed in his friends’ decisions.  He stormed off and sat on the bench near the front door.  Ronny accepted the drink and began to party, the usual thing for Ronny to do.

The party was over three hours later, at eleven.  Jimmy had waited the entire time sitting on the bench by himself.

“Let’s go home” Ronny suggests.

It was obvious that Ron had too much to drink, and Jimmy noticed.

“It took you long enough, I’ve been sitting in the same spot for three hours!” said Jimmy in an angry voice.

Ronald did not care, he was tired and wanted to get home quickly.

“I’m sorry, we can go now.  You get shotgun, I’ll drive.”

“Are you kidding?!  You’re not driving, you’ll get us killed!” said Jimmy.

“I feel fine, we don’t have any other choice just get in.”

Jimmy was not old enough to drive, so he got into the passenger seat.

They started the trip home, it was about a thirty-five minute drive. About five minutes into the ride back, Ronny slowly started swerving like a mad man, he hit eighty miles-per-hour, which was forty over the speed limit.  He had the radio on, it was extremely loud and Jimmy was annoyed.  Ronald sped up even faster, hitting ninety miles-per-hour.

“Slow down!” screams Jimmy.

Ronny did not speak but he kept his foot on the gas pedal of his father’s brand new car.  A stop light was coming up quickly, a four-way intersection.  The light was red and Ronny kept on accelerating.  Bang!  The car was smashed and it tumbled over as it had gotten t-boned by another car that came from the right.  Ronny’s car ended up in the ditch.  He could feel his heart racing.  Moments later, Ronny looked over at Jimmy who was bleeding from the mouth, and his ribs were crushed.  The ambulance came, Ronny survived with a few minor injuries, and his best friend Jimmy, was dead.

Today, Ronald McCallister is in his late thirties, he suffers with depression and still thinks of his missing best friend, he would do anything to go back and change the mistakes he had made that night.  He always thinks back to the great times he had with Jimmy.  Ronny was charged with murder and is still in prison to this day, he promises himself and Jimmy that he will never drink alcohol again.


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