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She's going to tell you a forgotten love story.

Submitted: October 30, 2017

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Submitted: October 30, 2017



Your manly smile made everything around me vivid. The clouds covering my mind were gone. Your blue eyes were so bright, it's glowing. I let you enter my life, you saved me from being hollow. Everything about you, did save me. Everything was going fine. Until the first winter night, your warm voice became so cold, you turn your back from me, I called your name one last time and for the first time your eyes, your eyes became so adamant—in leaving me.

-3 years later-

I sat beside the window while waiting for my coffee, I let the lilac sky entertain my eyes. The sound of the bell interrupted my admiration to the sky. And a familiar guy caught my attention. He sat on the table in front of me, it was you. Every memories we shared rushed to me, my heart skipped a beat. Those azure blue eyes, those cherry-like lips and those blonde hair. You're still handsome. I can't help but to smile—bitterly . You're too busy texting to notice that I'm staring. You're waiting for someone aren't you? The sound of the bell caught your attention. A petite girl walk towards you and you smiled genuinely, she's like an angel— no wonder. She kissed your cheeks and sat infront of you, you almost see me but thanks to the waiter who stand infront of me to give my coffee, glad you didn't caught me, it might have ruined your date if anything. Sudenly you laugh maybe she said something ridiculous, you laughed quite loud causing the other costumers look at your table. God knows how much i miss the sound of your laugh, your voice. My phone vibrated, and it's time for me to leave, leave this place. I took one last glance on you and stood. I walk passed through you and you didn't even noticed my presence. Until a girl called me, I couldn't move, i was hesitating if i should turn around and face the two of you or just walk away. But guess what i did turn around. I was basically standing behind you, your girl hand me the ballpen you didn't even bother to turn around but some part of me wants you to turn around. I saw your reaction when you saw the ballpen, of course you could still recognize it. It's the ballpen you gave me, it's a unique ballpen it has a rose design covering the whole pen and we have our initials at the edge. Before you could face me, i immediately grab the pen and run. It hurts, I'm still hurting.

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