life but not the time

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what is the life of the people in today's generation

Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 31, 2017



one's life could not be written in number of pages, one's life could never be possible to end up travelling the whole world throughout their ages, one's life success might not always be get a fame, because it's an imploring game.

one's match may not be right if it's right swipped, one's love may be hoax if it's based on just a friend request, but why should i say as my words are no one's ray, when there is no one to listen my say ! So i stay quite as wanted by they;

one's life may be short if they wanted to capture every moment as a selfie shot, as after a time facebook, instagram will stop, when you are lying down and your life is depending on a medical drop.

One might not be the hero as their norm because concept of life is random.

Thus, life is a short period game, whatever real you left after you, will remember your name Don't preach for your luck covet work hard to be assailed.

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