Tamlane and Emily

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A love poem

Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 31, 2017



Tamlane and Emily:


Tamlane was as a gnarled bush

Planted in a rocky place.

A cold air around him hung

And it seemed that from him the Sun hid his radiant face.

Thus he grew twisted in thought and will.

No root to ground his wondering soul,

Nor hope his dreams to fill.


The winds that blew chilled his heart

As he wandered through those streets of Desolation.

The weight of his mundane existence

Caused his heart to cry out in desperation,

For relief from the torment and fear.

But none would his weeping soul hear.

No-one would even show any care

As he rambled in solitude there.


In his solitude he searched for tenderness,

And found only callous cruelty.

His heart longed for the warm embrace,

The beguiling beauty

Of one he could truly adore.

Many imposters came, and went,

Leaving him emptier than before.

Desperately he held onto this phantom hope

That drifted only through sleep’s fading mist.

Until he nigh began to believe

That such majesty did not e’en exist.


Then on a misty morning,

As he walked along a singing stream,

He beheld a sight in the soft sunlight

That made him think he was in a waking dream:

A fair young maiden danced,

Her steps feather light.

Her skin was like burnished bronze,

And her eyes were clear and bright.

From her did Tamlane hide,

Fearing that she would be alarmed.

Instead in awe-filled silence he did sit,

And drank in the maidens charms.


As she danced, she saw him.

His heart stopped for but a while

Lest she should take fright and run,

But instead she stood still and smiled.

Her eyes shone with the twinkle of morning dew.

He caught his breath as she stood there,

Her soft, gentle nature beguiling,

And the wind blowing her dark hair.

he dared not move, his heart still in fear,

but the look in her dark eyes assured him,

And nervously did he draw near.


Then time seemed to stand still

As they embraced beside that joyful brook.

Each word was as music to their ears,

And volumes spoken with every look.

How they laughed and sang under Heaven’s bright Sun,

Praising the mighty immortal Hand

For all that Grace had done.

Rejoicing in the wonder of what they had found,

That amidst life’s surging flow,

Joy and peace could still abound.


The eyes that were watching sneered,

And with envy did glare.

And their hearts perceived

That there was danger there.

So away they fled as though Hell itself

Did them pursue,

Still they ran till they could no more,

And they felt sure they were beyond harm’s view.

They hid until nightfall, when darkness concealed,

And there in the moonlight their love pact they sealed.


Then came they upon a secret glade,

In the silvery moon with light it was bathed.

Shading their eyes to avoid the glare,

They saw a figure standing there.

His face shone with Divinity’s searing Light,

And yet they felt comforted by the sight.

‘Twas the Guardian Spirit of the Land,

The power of healing in his mighty hand.


He motioned for them to enter

This holy haven under the stars,

And as they approached, they heard angelic voices

Singing from afar.

There before the feet of their liege,

With joyous heart they bowed the knee.

He said: “Arise - lift thy weary eyes.

I have come to set you free.”

“My children, I have loved you ere time began.”

He said, holding out his gentle hand.


“Long have I known thee, and been thy guide.

But bow not before me, for I am here

To wipe away each fearful tear,

To always be at thy side.

The Majesty on High awaits thee,

And longs for you to behold,

All that is in store for thee,

And has been from days of old.


I do not bid thee to follow,

But to plot thine own course.

I am with you always,

Until you reach the Source.

Hearken to your higher self,

For it shall lead the way.


And that still small voice of conscience

Shall correct you when e’er you stray.

Blessings be to you from above,

And from the Heart of the Earth, Great Mother’s love.”



They received the words with gladness,

And felt hope arise once more.

They knew that they could ne’er return

To the lives they knew before.

A deep sense of expectant calm

Replaced the fear that had gripped them,

And their love was a healing balm.

In a glade they pledged their all,

To this noble cause, where’re Grace would call.

© Copyright 2019 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.

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