The Woman Next Door

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: The Horror House

Amber moves in her new house thinking to start a new life peacefully but what happens when she find out her neighbors secret?

''Ah all done'',said Amber as she brushed off the dust from her clothes.She checked her list to see if she forgot to pack anything.She marked the boxes and got the men to put them in their trucks.

Everything was perfect she was going to her new apartment and starting a fresh new start.She just graduated from college and her Mom suggested that she should live alone so she can focus more on her studies.

She was very excited to live alone,she thought it would be a wonderful experience to get to know how it felt to take care of yourself.She was very good at cooking and wondered if she would have any neighbors to share her food with.

She got in her car and said her farewells to her family and headed off to her new apartment.

By the time she reached her apartment the men had already left all her belonging in her apartment and had taken their leave.

She reached for the door knob and took a deep breath,''Okay here we go''.She opened the door and saw the beautiful white painted walls,the funiture set in exact way she had imagined.

She walked futher and and saw a door (which was her room) she went closer and opened the door and saw the light pink colored room with a beautiful matching furniture,her boxes placed on the floor and a window just beside her bed.

She was even moe excited on the thought that she had a window beside her bed.She had always wanted a window besides her bed so that she could relax,feel the breeze on her face and enjoy the view.

She jumped on her bed and layed down for a bit,then she pulled out her smartphone for her pocket to check the time it was 3:38 pm.She wanted to unpack before she went out to check the alleys,to see if she had a neighbor and to buy some stuff from the supermarket.

She got up and started to unpack at 3:40 pm and was done at 7:25 pm. She was very exhausted and very dirty,so she took a shower and was ready to go out at 7:50 pm. 

Just when she was searching for her car keys someone knocked on her door.

She opened the door to see a woman in her 40's standing there with a box in her hands.Her hairs were light brown with strands of white in them,they were tied up in a bun,she had few wrinkles around her eyes as she smiled.She was wearing a Black long dress with a floral pattern, she was in her slippers.

''Greetings young lady I saw that someone had moved in and I brought some pie I made this morning I just wanted to welcome you in the neighborhood''.Said the woman.''Ah thank you very much I appreciate your kindness''.Said Amber as she took the box of pie from her hands.''My name is Helen, I live next door,if you need anything all you need to do is just knock''.Said Helen with a big smile.''Nice to meet you Miss Helen my name is Amber.''Said Amber as she smiled back.

''It seems I came at a wrong timing''.Said Helen as she looked at Amber from head to toe who was in her jeans and jacket with her bag on her shoulder.

''Ah...yes I was about to go to the supermarket''.Said Amber in a embarassed voice at how obvious she was.

''Oh! then I shall take my leave.I will come again another time'',Said the woman as she backed off towards her door.''Goodbye,it was nice meeting you''Said Amber as she waved at her.

She closed the door behind her and sighed as she put the box of pie in the kitchen.She pulled out her smarphon to the time twenty minutes had passed and now it was 8:20 pm.She put her phone in her bag and searched for her car keys.

She finally went out at 8:25 pm.As she was fastening her set belt she saw that Helen's lights were tunred off,she thought that maybe she slept already.She didn't give it any thought and drove off.

She finished shopping and went home.She took out her keys and just as she was about to unlock her door she heard someone crying .She turned around trying to find where it was coming from she walked a little further and stopped, it was coming from Helen's door.She came closer and put her ear on the door she heard screams and crys from somewhere inside of a room.

She became worried and knocked on the door but no one answered,she knocked again but still no answer.She heard the screams becoming louder she put her ear again on the door she could hear footsteps as someone walked around.

She heard the footsteps coming closer and closer she backed away and knocked slightly.The door opened with slight creaks.''Miss...Helen...I just wanted to know if something was wrong....''Said Amber.

Just then the door opened and there was Miss Helen standing in her night dress witha smile.''My dear why have you come? is something the matter?do you perhaps need something?''Said Miss Helen witha worried look.'' wanted to know if something was wrong I heard someone crying and thought maybe someone was injured or something.''Said Amber.

''You are saying you heard someone crying in my apartment?Said Helen with a confused face.

''Y..yes''Said Amber.

''But dear I live alone here and I was sleeping when I got up for a glass of water and heard a knock on my door"Said Helen still confused.

''Oh....I must have been mistaken maybe coming from somewhere else.''Said Amber even more confused.''Then I will be going''she said as she waved.

She unlocked her door and put her stuff on the table and began to think about what just happened she felt a little uneasy on the thought,she shook her head and got ready to sleep.

(The next day)

At 7;00 am in the morning she got up to get ready to go to her university.

As she got in her car, she saw a wounded girl watching her from Miss helen's window,at eye contact she suddenly closed the curtains. 

She got stiff at the sight and thought that Miss Helen had lied to her,but why would she lie?

She had a hard time focusing on her lessons because she could not stop thinking about what happened this morning.

She got out of her car and was on her way to her aparment when a woman came to her''You are a new face? I have not seen you before.Are you new in this neighborhood?

''Ah yes.. I just moved in yesterday''Said Amber. ''Oh my! Im glad to meet you.My name is Amanda,I live in building no.2.second door''She said smiling brightly.''Ah..Nice to meet you too I live in building no.1 first door''.Said Amber with a smile.

At hearing this Amanda became a little pale and answered''Umm....I dont mean to scare you but have you heard about the story of a women who abused her daughter and then killed herself along with her daughter?''

'' would you ask''Said Amber 

''It took place on the apartment on bulding no.1......Second door.''

Hearing this Amber felt chills down her spine and became a little frightened.

''Some say they still hear noises of the girl crying and the woman shouting.No one has moved in that apartment since then-''.She trailed off after seeing Ambers frightened expression.And spoke again in an soft ensuring tone,

I just wanted to warn you in case you feel something is wrong.Feel free to share anything I will lend you an ear.

''Oh no,my husband must be home by now''.She said looking at her wrist watch. ''I should get going.Lets talk more tomorrow.''Said Amanda as she walked off leaving Amber frozen.

She walked slowly to her door and put the key in and opened the door and went to her room she put her stuff on her bed and sat down slowly just then she got starteled by the sound of something in her kitchen.

She gulped and went to the kitchen she moved forward quietly and saw a rat running fast into a hole in the wall.''Áaaa!!!''She screamed ''It was just a rat.....Ah! what was I expecting?''She sighed in relief and reuned to her room.

She cooked herself a meal,took a bath,studied and at about 11:30 pm she decided to go to bed.

As Amber was getting ready to go to bed,she heard someone crying and screaming again.She got up in fear and tried to turn the lights on but the light didnt turn on.But for her the most scary thing was that the sound were coming from outside of her room at this thought she began to tear up she slowly removed the comforter off of her legs and began to move towards her door.

She could hear someone saying,''Mommy...please.*cough*..dont ..*cough cough*..Im sorry.''

Suddenly to her suprise the sounds stopped.Amber reached her door knob she turned it around slowly and peeked through the opening.There was no one,she opened it and went outside.She saw no one.

In relief she sat down on the couch ,she felt something wet under her feets she looked down only to see blood on the floor she screamed and backed away she tried to run but froze as she saw Miss helen in her kitchen''You seem to be very frightened Amber .Its just a little blood''.Said Helen.''

'Amber watched as Helen was washig blood off of her hands in the sink,she felt her heart would burst out of her chest.

She stepped back and made a run for her life she felt footsteps behind her as she tried to reach her room. She slammed the door shut and quickly locked the door.She could not help but cry a at what was happening.

As she was crying she heard someone on her bed she stopped and slowly bent forward to see a girl in a white night dress crying with blood all over her clothes.She got up and went closer to her she put a hand on her back'' you hurt?''Said Amber in a frightened tone.

The girl stopped crying and got up'' mo..mmy said that I should not talk to strangers..........but....can you help me ?.My mommy hits me with a hammer sometimes with a rope or she throws things at me .........Im scared.....''Said the girl as she began to cry.She suddenly stopped and began to laugh.

''Do you know what else my mommy said..........She turned around and her stomach was cut open and her organs were taken out and blood was rushing out ''She said if I kill you she will let me GO!''she began to float in the air and came towards her.

Amber grabbed her bag and ran as fast as she could to the front door.She ran to her car and opened the door she looked up and saw both of them standing on the road watching her trying to escape.She quickly got in and left not even once did she look back.As she was driving she looked in the mirror of the car and saw them both sitting behind her,she screamed and turned the wheel causing the car to lose balance and the car fell off of the cliff.

From that day on who ever lived in that apartment went missing.No one has found out what had happened to Amber and how her car dropped off the cliff all remains a mystery.


Submitted: October 31, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Hana-14. All rights reserved.

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Visitor X

Review of "The Woman Next Door"

The Woman Next Door
(spoiler alert)
Hello, Hana-14
I enjoyed reading “The Woman Next Door” I believe you have a good, disturbing horror story in the making here. You have a sense of setting up your unsuspecting heroine for the terrifying impact of the ghost story. You have given your heroine a reason for the expectation of happiness in a new life and new situation – very good. This will make what happens feel all the more tragic.
However, I believe you might want to trim the beginning and start later in the story. Additionally, “show” her happiness and excitement about her new situation rather than “tell” it. For example, you could begin the story with Amber saying goodbye to the movers, closing the door behind them and viewing her apartment and its unpacked boxes with a huge smile and a giggle of excitement. She could whirl around and race through the rooms, run a hand lovingly across the kitchen counter, open the oven, stare out the window, and take a deep satisfying breath. All of these shows your audience how excited she is.
I found it a bit confusing that the woman, Helen appeared to have come from a different apartment but the ghosts appeared in Amber’s apartment. Perhaps I misread, if so please forgive the error.
I also suggest that you keep the horror contained within Amber’s apartment and leave out the explanation from the neighbor. In horror, the more you can give the feeling of isolation, the better to scare your audience.
You could also build the horror more slowly by having the scary parts build little by little and then culminate in the appearance of Helen and the little girl. Also, instead of having the little girl tell Amber that her mother wants her to kill her, why not have things happen earlier where things happen to Amber as if something wants her dead so that you can build the suspense.
As for the ending, you might want to rethink the ending and perhaps simply end it with Amber leaving in terror. Just a suggestion.

Tue, November 14th, 2017 8:25pm

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