the unknown writer

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Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 31, 2017



The Unknown Writer


I’m the unknown writer, many people have read different stories of how I came to be but I want to tell you myself.

I’m zikora the princess of the fire kingdom. In my kingdom we were taught to be cold hearted and never to love or care for anyone including family, I ought those rules were stupid but who was I to disobey but now I know they were there to protect us. One little secret that made the fire kingdom undefeated until that day was the fact that we were bound together not by love but by each and everyone’s secrets and lies.

I made a huge mistake one that not only left me broken but broke us, I loved Sin-Lu the son of the water lord, not only did I love that man but I trusted him and I gradually let him destroy my kingdom. The first day I encountered him was on the battlefield we fought and I won and I left him helplessly on the ground instead of walking away I helped him and that was the first rule I broke, never help an enemy.

Days passed he would sneak into my house and I would do the same, I told him everything but I was too blinded to notice that he told me nothing. Then one faithful day I waited for him as always but he never showed up I got tired of waiting and went back lo and behold I saw my whole family being killed by the water I army looked for my father and when I saw him I almost lost it Sin-Lu was pointing a sword to my father’s chest and before I could do anything he stabbed him and I stood there watching my whole life crumble before him.

After that the remaining people in the fire kingdom spread out and are gradually hoping to reform the kingdom. I’m now an outcast and I’ve been living in the desert for almost 10 years, I write stories, legends and myths with the scrolls and inks my father gave me and I go to different towns dropping off scrolls and receiving money but no one ones who I am and I pray it remains like that.


I always watched from a distance that woman, the unknown writer. I won’t say I stalk her but I would rather say I’m inquisitive. There was something strange about her I don’t know if it’s the way she writes her stories that captivate me or the way she has kept her Identity a secret for 10 good years I always watched her drop the scrolls, hide at the corner till the money was dropped and when no one is there she picks her money and flees.

I’m the famous water lord, the person that single handed deceived the princess of the water lord and destroyed their kingdom. Till now when I hear her name I feel destroyed within, it was meant to be a simple task pretend to love het get everything I need to know and strike but I made one single mistake I loved Zikora, I had to choose between her and my people and the answer was clear I was born to serve my people and that is what I had to do

I waited at my usual hiding spot for the unknown writer to come and after a few hours she came wearing her black cloak and not leaving any skin visible, she dropped the scroll and I don’t know the adrenaline that rushed though me but I ran up to her and immediately she spotted me she brought out her sword and we fought I didn’t miss the scar by her right eye we kept on fighting till my sword fell and she ran.

I stood there shocked, I realized two things no women could ever beat me at a fight and I only knew one woman that had that scar. I knew that scar because I caused it, that was Zikora and she wasn’t only the unknown writer but the girl that I left but broken but still broke me.





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