If Adam Had Eaten From The Tree Of Life.

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We shall never ever get rid of the story of Adam and Eve. It is the story of the first human beings according to the Old Testament. My poem is just imagination.

Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 31, 2017



What if Adam had eaten from the tree of life?

His mind would have been as sharp as a knife.

He wouldn't have known what it mean to die,

He would by no means cheat and lie.


Living forever, that's what the tree of life is about,

Being divine and being devout.

Not worrying about tomorrow,

Or worrying about pain and sorrow.


Tricked by the Serpent and Eve,

The beautiful garden, Adam must leave.

To live in a rocky mountain side,

Deep in darkness he must abide.


''Oh! Eve! Why have you betrayed me?

It would have been better if you had slayed me.

Now I have to go deep within,

And pray for this awful sin.''


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