When Passionate Hearts Cry

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Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 31, 2017



In vapor eyes

these tears are stray.

The pain is tucked away

for a dark and gloomy day.

I blessed you with love

your soul was set on fire.

Overwhelmed by romance

and hungry for desire.

When passionate hearts cry

it defys the meaning

of our lives.

Caught in a stranglehold.

We have a million stories

that someday will be told.

To our children

and our children's children too.

They will try to love their hearts

The way that I loved you.

Under a Skylit dawn

nothing is ever wrong .

When you feel it deep inside

you'll spread your wings and fly.

Mourning eyes

these tears devoid .

Intake eyes

weeping an ocean of joy.

From the dark of night

to the sunshine bright .

We'll await the love

when passionate hearts cry.

In our dreams ,

Anything we can be.

But we already are

who we're meant to be.

I love you

and you love me.

These happy tears

will rise the sea.

When passionate hearts cry

the anger is deprived .

Letting go and our secrets hide.

Because there's nothing

we hide inside.

Devoted to you.

So in love with me.

Take my hand

and I'll set you free.

There's a face in the moon

over the pull of ocean's tide.

Bringing me close to you.

Til the end of all time.

Can you feel the love

when passionate hearts cry ?

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