SASHA pt 2

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Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 31, 2017



SASHA pt 2



Many hours later Sasha woke up finding herself alone in a dark damp cave she tried to stand but felt to dizzy she sat against the cave wall trying to get her bearings.After a few hours she managed to stand she looked around the cave but there was no obvious way out.She was puzzled why she was still alive she was begining to get flash backs of her attacker why did he not kill her why keep her alive, and what was his plan for her.She knew sometime soon the dark figure would return to either explain why he did not kill her or finish her off.Finally she fell asleep she slept for hours suddengly she heard a sound but most of all she smelt a foul smell it hit her senses instantly making her feel sick. She opened her eyes to see the figure standing on the opposite side of the cave on the floor in front of her was a old man he smelt so bad like he never washed in a long long time.The dark figure started talking he told her to kill the man in the same way he himself had attached her she looked up and said she would never kill not for him not for herself but the figure replied if you don’t you will indeed die.With that Sasha stood up walked over to face the dark figure face to face what do you mean by that she asked him he looked down at her and said you are no longer like you were, when I bit you a change within began and now you can not eat ordinary food you must feast upon the blood of others to survive. Sasha asked him his name for a moment he did not reply but then he said my name is Dagon and I have lived for more than one hundred years.For a time Sasha went quiet then she asked Dagon why he kept her alive he simply replied you are the only one in more than a decade that fought back it is cleer you are no sheep but have the heart of a survivor.



Sasha did not no what to think it was obvious her old life was over but did she want to remain with Dagon after all he was responsible for her life as she knew it ending.Dagon looked at her and said night fall is coming soon you will need to feed weather you fight it or not, soon you will go on the hunt for the fresh warm blood that thrives in their veins.It doesn’t matter who is family who is friend once the thirst takes a hold you will only see them as prey and you will feed upon them as such.Sasha did’nt like the idea of feeding upon any body least of all her family she told herself no matter what may come she would fight the urge to feed on anyone if things got to bad she would hunt deer to quench her thirst. She asked Dagon where he had come from Dagon said he came from the far north decades ago he was hunted by one of their kind he ran for weeks before they finally cought him because he did such a good job at evading them they kept him alive and turned him just like he did Sasha once turned Dagon saw no point moving on to another land so he remained and has been living off the people that visited the woods ever since. By this time night fall had fallen and Dagon told Sasha he was going out to hunt if she wanted to acompany him she was welcome Sasha looked at Dagon and said no I wont hunt but Dagon looked at her with doubt in his eyes then turned and left into the darkness of night.Sasha new if she could survive off the blood of large animals she could help the people just because Dagon set himself up as some kind of demon of the night dosn’t mean she has to so she decided to go on the hunt not for human blood but for animal blood.She left the cave in a differant direction to Dagon she knew of a farm about 8 miles away their she would find sheep and cows she hated the thought of biteing into anything never mind the thought of sucking its blood but if Dagon was telling the truth she must feed or she will die.Soon she arrived on the boundry of the farm she could hear the sheep as it was her first time she thought the sheep would be easier to bring down wasting no time she struck with the speed of an arrow without thinking she bit hard into its neck ripping the flesh from it before drinking the warm blood down she told herself she would only take a small amount but once her mouth was upon her prey she could not stop herself taking all it had to offer.Once she was finished she left the farm hoping the blood she stole would sustain her if it did she knew her life had new purpose and that was to save as many people from Dagon as possible. She new he was much stronger than she was so she would have to do as she did in her former life she would practice and find a way to bring him down using not her strength but her cunning.She started by digging deep pitts around the forest deep enough so Dagon could not climb out then she set about following him at a distance once she knew witch trails he took regularly she set about making spiked spring traps once set off a branch would fling out real fast and the spiked branches attached would impell him hopfully through the heart.She placed these pitts and traps all over the forest marking where they were so she herself did not get trapped by them.



She knew if she was going to be Dagons enemy she could not return to the cave she set out looking for her own dwelling she wanted it to be high up so she could see across the land she decided to leave the forest and go up into the mountains their she found a cave hidden between two large bolders the opening was small but it opened up into a very large chamber it went deep into the rock and she knew it would be a good place to hide.Weeks went by and she managed to stay strong from the blood of animals something Dagon said wouldnt happen so if he lied about one thing what else did he lie about.Having not seen Sasha for so long Dagon decided to look for his creation but as Sasha didn’t want this to happen his task would not be easy she became formilier with the forest at night she knew where to hide where not to go she may be young but her ability to survive was suprising.But one thing Dagon had that Sasha did not was the will to kill the ability to take the life of the people without reservation.He would decimate there bodies for all to see so long as he tasted the river of red that ran so easily through their veins. Sasha began to wonder how long she could go on living her life alone every day she thought of her father wondering if he was missing her but deep inside she knew she could never go back to see him or he would no what his daughter had become.At first Sasha only had to kill animals every week but her thirst was growing and the urge to kill was growing, she realised what Dagon had said was true the blood of animals wasn’t going to sustain her long term and if she wanted to survive she would have to battle with herself and decide if she wanted to be the cause of many human deaths.As time went by she killed many more animals each one closer in duration than at last she realised the day would come when she would have to decide weather to let herself die of hunger or kill and feed her thirst.Sasha had a thought in the back of her mind if she killed Dagon and drank his blood it would sustain her indefinatly some how when Dagon bit her a transfer of memory happened and she new if a young vampire drank enough blood of an anciet vampire his blood would sustain them for good.She new if she managed to do this she would still be a vampire but at least she would no longer have to kill the humans that visited the forest.



Over the next few weeks Sasha did nothing but think of ways to trap and kill Dagon she struggled to think of a way to kill him that would not endanger herself in the process she new she could not match his strength and speed but the one thing she was good at was shooting her bow,not even Dagon could hear or out run a Bolt once fired. She decided she needed some bait and the only way she knew she could get it was to take two of the prize cows at the near by farm, she knew the farmers could not afford to lose them and would come to the forest in search of them.Soon a full moon would be high in the sky the extra light it provided would be needed to insure a perfect shot from her bow. Before taking the cows she had to watch Dagon for several nights to see witch trails he took through the forest once she was sure where to leave the cows she tied them up just before night fall, she just had to hope the farmers did not wait to come looking for them.Hours later she hid herself high up in one of the trees making sure she had a clear shot she sat waiting for over an hour.Then she began to hear voices she knew if she could here them Dagon could hear them to her senses was on full alert, just as the farmers approached their cows Dagon appeared from no where His blood red eyes appeared brighter in the light of the moon and the farmers liturally froze still from fright Dagon walk toward them and Sasha knew if she didn’t shoot her bow and hit him through the heart these innocent humans would die because of her.Dagon walked half way to the humans Sasha loaded her bow aimed and fired the bolt straight at Dagon as it flew through the air Dagon seemed to look up directly at Sasha she did not no If he saw her but by the time his gaze looked up for only a couple of seconds her bolt had struck Dagon in the chest it was close to the heart but Sasha needed it to pierce the heart so as fast as she could she loaded another bolt to her bow aimed and fired again this time she hit her mark Dagon fell to his knees the farmers was scared out thier minds they left thier cows and ran as fast as they could move. On bended knee Dagon looked down at the bolts sticking out his chest the second had clipped his heart he knew he was dieing but was in disbelief that his creation Sasha had done this to him wasting no time Sasha climbed down from the tree loading a third bolt she slowly walked toward Dagon he looked up at her and said why she replied you took my life you will never take anothers. Until Dagon was laying dead on the ground Sasha would’nt get to close she fired the third bolt making sure this time the bolt went clear through his heart once it had Dagon fell to the ground Sasha wasted no time in drinking him dry once she had her fill she dragged Dagon to one of the pitts she had dug many weeks earlier pushing him in she filled the pitt with rock and dirt leaving the forest to seed the soil over time.



At first Sasha felt no differant from taking Dagons blood but as the minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days she began to feel much stronger she moved much faster and looking through her own eyes at night was like looking through night vision binoculars. Dagons blood clearly had positive benifits but only time would tell if it would stop Sasha from needing to go on the hunt to sustain herself.Over the next few weeks Sasha never had to urge to hunt once so in her mind Dagons blood must have worked.Knowing she did not have to kill any more she began to feel at peace with herself she moved down out of the mountains and into the forest she knew she couldn’t go back to live with her father after all she might not have to hunt for blood any more but she still remained a vampire and she would never forgive herself if the urge to hunt ever came back and she fed upon her family. Their was a old cabbin a few miles away she decided to go their and fix it up she began to live her life like any other she had her daily routines she sat by the fire at night thinking of the family she would never see again she even had dreams of marrying some day but knowing she could not made her sad.One night she was sleeping in her chair next to the fire, she heard a noise outside at first she thought it was just a wild animal but she began to feel the presence of another vampire this sent chills down her spine like never before, who was it what did they want as far as she knew she was the only one she felt vulnerable and was afraid for her life suddengly the cabbin door flew open, standing in the doorway was a a woman she just stood stearing at Sasha in the blink of an eye she was upon Sasha pinning her to the floor with a hateful look in her eyes Sasha tried pushing her off but this vampiress had the strength to hold her down.Would Sasha find the strength to fight back would she survive yet again to carry on living her peacefull life or would this vampiress drain her dry and leave her on the cabbin floor for the insect to finish off.



By Bunzy 31/10/17

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