Grim Reaper

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a short story about how circumstances change a man's life. This is my first story so please guide me where and how I can improve ! Thanks !!

"Freeze !”

The policeman shouted with a gun in his hand, pointed at the back of a man frozen in time. The man snatched a look at the policeman. His deep brown eyes wandered here and there until it finally fixated on the gun. A trickle of sweat ran from his temple which pooled near his philtrum. His lips started quivering and his eyes got teary. Suddenly, without warning, the man started running in the direction of a winding lane.

The policeman shot without batting an eye. The man screamed as a bullet entered his right leg and he fell on the ground. He released the jewellery and the cash bundles from his hand and cupped them on the wound. He started crying hysterically while the policeman brought his handcuffs while making some calls to the police station.”Please, I had no choice!” cries the man.

“Nothing permits you to break into my house in the middle of night.” The policeman says. He cuffs the man and waits for the police cars to arrive. “I really did not have a choice! I am doing this for my family!” the man screamed. The policeman checked him for weapons. The only thing he found was an empty paper wallet, torn at the sides. In the inside it read, ‘For you, Daddy’.  Intrigued by this, he asked, “What is your name?”

The man looks up and says “Adam.”

“I’m Paul. So tell me, why you did this Adam?”

Adam stares ahead and sighs.”We are poor people” he began. “My father was a construction worker and my mother was a dishwasher at a restaurant. My parents could not afford my education after primary school. Due to my lack of education, no company was willing to employ me. I could not even land jobs my parents had. But my wife had a job at an amusement park as a waitress. She helped us sustain our family.”

He paused and nodding towards the wallet said”My daughter made that for me two years back. That was one of the best years of my life. For me, my daughter, Julie and my wife, Annie. We do everything we can to make her life better, to give her proper education. She is just seven. However, after a few months, Annie came down with a fever. I was not really worried as fever is a common thing in our place. But her health just kept deteriorating. We could not afford a hospital. So we scraped together whatever we had and called a local doctor. He treated her for several days until stating that she has no chance of survival. Her last moments were holding my hand and whispering “Take care of Julie”. I kept crying over her body till Julie came home from school. Seeing me she instantly understood what happened and sharply said to me “Stop crying! Would mommy want this? Look, she looks so peaceful. Just like an Angel.”She had tears streaming down her eyes all the time but she held her emotions back to help me. She looked so much like her mother, like an angel.”

Adam stopped momentarily and sniffled. Paul was silently watching into the night sky, listening. He continued” Now with Annie gone, it got difficult to sustain the family. I still did not get any jobs so I started….I started begging. Julie started doing odd jobs to earn what little money she could. But a few days back I found her shivering. She had a very high fever. I was not prepared to lose another family member. I had nothing of value I could sell nor did I have a job. So I started stealing. “He said with his head down.”But I am scared that she will not m-“

His voice was cut short by loud sirens. The police were here. Paul stared at the cars approaching them. Adam started begging “You know I had no choice! Please let me go back to my daughter!”

But Paul looked on. He didn’t say a word when the police forced a crying Adam into the police car. Nor did he say anything when they arrived at the police station. He, even though found it a touching story, he did not believe in it. People charged of crimes can cook up any lies to save themselves. He was charged guilty of felony the next day and was sentenced 5 years in jail. Passing Paul, he quickly placed a crumbled-up paper in his hand without anybody noticing. Then he was quickly escorted out of the court.

Paul opened up the paper. It was the paper wallet. Behind it was an address. Scared of what he might find there, he buried it deep within his coat pocket, along with other forgotten papers.

A few days after this incident, Paul got the news that Adam had killed himself. He was told that he cried”I’m sorry I couldn’t take care of you! “before killing himself. Not able to stop himself, he started towards his wardrobe and fished out the wallet from his coat. He took out his car and followed the address.

The address was near the poorer regions of the city. He saw that most people tried to avoid him and rushed past him. Most police officers, including him, used to ignore this. But now he understood why. The policemen were takers. And after Adam, he became a taker too. He realized that all the theft committed by them was not their fault but the circumstance’s, which was created by him. He and every other person in the society.

He finally reached the address. The address was of a small, dirty house. The front plaque read ‘Adam Taylor’. Scared of what was inside, he went slowly inside. Inside, on a cot was a young girl. She had her brown eyes wide open with a single stream of tear emerging from it. It was his fault she had died. Crying, he looked at her. Yes, she did look like an angel. But she had her father‘s eyes.




Submitted: October 31, 2017

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