The Adventurous Kitten (SSS)

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The Adventurous Kitten.

Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 31, 2017




The Adventurous Kitten, she runs, she jumps. She climbs chairs, claws the couch, and melts my heart. I remember the first time I met you, you had not an owner, but followers. I took you in, fed you, tried to be the best owner I could be. The kitten runs to the window, she stares outside, she paws the glass. It hurts, but she decides it's time to go, to go on another one of her adventures. I fear she may not come back, but she must live her life.

The Adventurous Kitten, she returns, she retreats under the covers. I ask if she will stay forever, she meows, yes. After a few weeks, she runs throughout the house, she knocks over the vases trying to reach the roses. I take her outside, show her the dirt I've prepared, together we plant the roses. They start to bloom as she climbs the fence, she demands it's time for another adventure. Forever have never come so soon, but there is no talking this kitten out of an adventure.

The Adventurous Kitten returns, she's grown accustomed to the house's scent. She checks the roses, they have wilted, hardly a trace remains. She searches the house, finally finding me. I ask if this will be the last time, she meows, yes. It takes longer this time, but she finally runs through the house I allowed her in. As quickly as she returned, she demands to go on another adventure. I hate to admit, but I admire her, it pains me her time with me has ended. Now, it's time to wonder, if I was ever her owner. May she never return to this house, it's pillars are cracked, and it's ceiling is about to collapse. The wallpaper is peeling, the stairs have broken in half, and the Windows show a horrid mess which is true. And now, the story ends.

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