blah blah blah

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Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 31, 2017



she once told me she loved me 

she once told me shed never leave me 

she used to tell me bitter sweet lies 

used to get in a daze when i looked into her eyes 

thought she was my life prize

but truth was it was all lies 

just fun lies

dirty fun lies


blah blah blah 


yeah you owned my flaws and down falls

thats why i gave you my all 

damm what id do for one more call 

...wait hold up...


blah blah blah 


never mind that 

i remember our lil bet

you thought youd play me befor id play you 

but dam i never thought id catch feelings for you 

but what was i to do..

now when i call 

shit just goes to voice mail

its like ive been living in hell 

but truth is ive been under someone esle spell 

~~to love everyone but never to be loved in return~~


blah blah blah


and dam it burns 

ever kiss 

ever hug 

ever i miss you 


like a knife in the chest 

but the truth is i loved you the best 

i kissed you the best 

i did right by you the best 

i gave you all i could the best 

and now there is just so much i need to get off my chest

. they say every faiiled love is just a test 

a test to ready us for the real one n only 

they say pain is strength

well then cal me the hulk 

cuz im full of pain 

but i never felt any strength 

i just felt the head acks 

the reminders of love songs 

the gut turning burn

but its love that ill always yern

its the truth ill never learn 



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