A Burning Flower

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In the big city of Atlanta, Georgia lived a young troubled teen named Jay Halls. Jay was one of the most popular kids in the school among his peers. He was the captain of the football team and a ladies man.  Everybody in school loved Jay even the people in his community. He had the prettiest girl in the whole school named Diamond. But he has been known to have more than one girl at once. Jay had always stayed in and out of trouble since he joined the football team. 
During lunch, Jay had met with his girl and some more of their friends. They were discussing the assignments they were given in class. During their conversation, they were interrupted by Coach Falls, the meanest coach in school. He was fussing at Jay saying how his grades need to improve ASAP or he will get kicked off the team. So frustrated and pissed off  Jay took his friends outside to the big oak tree where they normally hang out at during lunch. During his final three classes, he was skipping and left till it was time to go. Jay met his girlfriend after school and told her he had to go to church for an event.
After he got out of school he attended an event at church to help the community. While he was there he had met people he never saw before. As he was glancing across the room he noticed this cute girl. He walked over to meet her and find out who she was. He said, “Hey cutie I noticed you from across the room .” She responded back by saying with a bright smile on her face “Hey my name is Nikki nice to meet you. They had talked the whole time up until the event was over. As he was preparing to leave he asked Nikki for her number. 
When he got home he ran into the house with much joy and glee. His mother had noticed and asked him what was he happy about. His mother’s name was Hannah, she was 42 and looked so young. He responded back by saying “ Oh nothing I just met this fine girl.” She looked at him like he had lost his mind. Boy, what’s wrong with you have I not taught you nothing?” she said. How many times do I have to go through this with you?” she said. I have told you many times that if you keep playing with fire you'll get burned. But mom he whined,” We are just friends and nothing more.” I don’t care I been dealing with the same situation with you for the longest, when are you going to learn boy,” she added.
After the dispute with his mother, Jay went upstairs to call Nikki as he promised. They talked on the phone for hours, making plans to go out and see each other. For the past two months, Jay has been seeing both Nikki and Diamond at different times and places. But things for Jay were starting to get more and more complicated each day. One day Jay had plans to go out with Nikki but forgot he had plans with Diamond on that same day. He had got himself into a real sticky situation and was trying to figure out what to do. He wanted to ask his mom for help but she didn’t wanna deal with him and that situation.
He decided to go out with Diamond instead and canceled plans with Nikki. He called up Nikki and told her that he would have to reschedule plans. Jay and Diamond went out to dinner and as they were walking on the sidewalk Jay noticed a familiar face. It was Nikki, she had a mean cold look on her face as she looked at him. The couple kept walking past her and Diamond asked him,” Who was that girl?” He told Diamond a big lie “ I don’t know her baby.” After that encounter, Jay was avoiding Nikki all the time.
Nikki’s birthday was coming up in a few days and she had invited Jay as a special guest. Jay got her invitation but didn't bother to show up for her party. Nikki got upset and furious after he didn’t show to her party. At school, rumors were circulating that Jay was messing around with both Nikki and Diamond at the same time. The news had gotten around to both girls and both girls were mad. They met Jay after school and confronted with anger and broken hearts. After that confrontation with him, Diamond had left Jay for good.
After bible study Jay walked home from church, little did he know that his life was in danger. As he was walking on the sidewalk Jay noticed a car slowly creeping up behind him. The car soon sped up behind, Jay ran for his life as fast as he could. All of a sudden there was a loud thud and the sounds of the tires loud screeching. The car had run over Jay and the person behind the wheel was Nikki. At the hospital, Diamond had arrived running to the waiting room where his family awaited. She asked his mother what had happened to him. His mother answered saying “ That crazy girl Nikki ran over my baby and  kept going!”
After she heard what Hannah had said Diamond left the hospital enraged with fury. She went back home and went into her father’s safe and grabbed his pistol. Diamond went on a search looking for that trifling girl who ran Jay over. When she passed by the park she saw Nikki sitting on the park bench. She hopped out of her car and grabbed the gun and ran up to Nikki. She pointed at her skull and said any last words? Nikki only said one thing “ Pull the trigger if you bold.” “BANG!!” She had ended Nikki’s life right then and there. She had returned to the hospital and awaited by Jay’s side till he woke up.


Part 2
While at the hospital Diamond heard the news reporter saying there has been a murder tonight at Highland Park. Hannah had walked in the room and overheard the news on t.v. She looked at her with a sad and disappointed face. Hannah asked Diamond,’’What did you do?’’ I killed her she said with tears in her face. Nobody is going to know nothing about what happened, Hannah said with a shaky voice. A few hours later Jay had awoken from his coma with no memory of what happened. “ Momma where am I he asked. They sat down and told him the whole entire story even the part where Diamond killed Nikki. He had a shocked expression on his face as he stared at her.
Back at Nikki’s house, her family heard the tragic news of what happened. The whole entire house was lifted with mournful tears and despair. Somebody asked how and who would have done this? Nikki’s older sister Dallas told them that she knew who did. Dallas called Diamond’s phone in hopes to get some answers from her. But Diamond never bothered to answer her call.

At school, most of the student body was upset for the loss of Nikki. When Diamond arrived at school everyone stared her down with disgust. She felt so bad for what she did to Nikki that night at the park. Most of her most popular friends would talk about her behind her back or sometimes in front of her. Dallas arrived at the school, even though she didn’t go there, in search of Diamond. But Diamond avoided her all through school until it was time to. Dallas caught her after but she was fleeing to her car. She had sped off quickly but Dallas had picked up a brick and threw it at her back windshield. 

At Nikki’s funeral, most of the school and her family showed up. Diamond had shown up at her funeral and most people were asking why. One of her best friends had done a Eulogy about her. “ Nikki was a good woman, she was captain of the cheer squad, she was a good sister and friend. You see I……..she couldn’t finish she ran from the stand crying. After the funeral, Dallas had noticed Diamond exiting the church. She walked up to her real fast with such aggression in her heart. Right then and there Diamond and Dallas were fighting within seconds. The pastor and two deacons had broken up the girl’s fight. Dallas left home with a busted lip and blacked eye.
The pastor had asked them “Why are you two fighting at church during a funeral?” Dallas had responded back by saying “ Because that girl killed my sister!” Pastor Luthor looked at Diamond with such disappointment. “Diamond is that true, he asked?” She told Pastor Luthor the whole story and what happened. Everyone on that church ground heard her testify her heinous crime. Pastor Luthor said, “ You need to leave this church now!” She left the church driving away fast feeling ashamed. 
While driving back to the hospital Dallas called Diamond cussing her out and yelling loud as hell. So upset Diamond had turned back around to the church going at full speed. When she was upcoming on the church she saw Dallas standing on the side of the road. Diamond had sped up trying to run over Dallas. Dallas saw the car coming full speed at her, she had jumped out of the way. Diamond slammed on the brakes and hopped out the car. The deacons and other church members formed a wall in front of Dallas. They yelled at Diamond and told her she needed to leave. Diamond reached into her purse and grabbed her gun. She fired three warning shots in the air, everybody had jumped to the ground. Diamond had then left the church once again adding more trouble to her soul.

She had returned back to the hospital to check on Jay but he checked out the hospital already. She called Hannah to make sure he is doing better. When she returned home her father waited for on the couch. Her father Lt.Michael Williams was a retired military veteran at the age of 45 you would think he be older. He asked her “ Sweetie have you seen my gun that was in my safe?’’ She responded back by saying “ No sir I don’t I been gone all day.” He knew she was lying to him but he didn’t bother to argue with her. Her mother name was Millie Williams she was just 42 when she passed away two years ago. 
A few weeks later Jay and Diamond started making plans to go out again. Furious and upset with her Dallas went to the Atlanta PD and told police what Diamond did. The police went to Diamond’s place and asked questions about that night. Diamond told them that she was at the hospital with Jay’s mother on the night of the incident. She even called Niece just to verify that she was there that night. The police left her and went and talked to Dallas. Afraid of her she starting think of plans to get out of town. She called Jay so he could help her out. Her father knew what she was done and wouldn’t let her leave without talking to him. She talked to him for about 30minutes until Jay showed up.

Part 3
During the police investigation, they found a shell at the crime and took it back to the crime lab. The fingerprint results came back to Lt.Michael Williams. The police entered his home with brutal force. They took him in for questioning back at the station. He told the police that his daughter had the gun on that night. But he told them that she already left town with her boyfriend. She and Jaye took $2grand, some clothes, and a gun. 
When Dallas heard the news she was very upset with the police department. She had grabbed her mom’s car and went out trying to find them. Jaye and Diamond had moved east to a city called Athens. There the couple would make a fresh start and lay low from police. They came to an abandoned house that was still in good shape and condition. Jaye had found a generator that had enough juice for them to use. Dallas was speeding through Atlanta like crazy looking for Diamond. She didn’t know where to look so she decided to go home and call it quits. 
A month later and police couldn’t find the runaway couple anywhere. The police started to knock on family members hoping to find them. With no tips or lead the Atlanta PD search was turning cold. Dallas kept pushing the police department to keep the search going every day.A week later Detective Phillips had thrown the case in a file cabinet and locked it. Detective Phillips told Nikki’s family members there was no more hope of finding them.
 They started to low on cash so she decided to head back home and grab more. She knew it is risky but had no choice but to do it. She disguised herself and quickly went back Atlanta to grab more cash. When she arrived back home her father held her at gunpoint. He didn’t it was Diamond wearing a disguise. She yelled, “Dad wait it’s me don’t shoot!”Her father was completely wasted on alcohol. “What the hell are you doing back girl?” he said drunkenly. “Dad I need some more cash daddy please,” she begged. Her father could barely understand a word she said. “No baby why doing come give daddy some candy, he said. As drunk as he was he tried to rape her. She fought back struggling to get free from her drunk father. She grabbed an extra $2grand and ran out the house crying. 
Diamond drove back to Athens in crying. She returned and told Jay of the horrible news that just happened. Jay comforted his girl and had helped her to bed. In the morning Diamond woke up with extreme pain and morning sickness. Jaye ran to the store and got some pregnancy test for her. When he returned from the store Diamond took the test. A few minutes later she ran out with glee and jumped onto Jay. “You are going to be a daddy Jay!” she said. He hugged her with lots of joy and happiness.
 Back in ATL Dallas had grown sick of the police force efforts to find Diamond. So she decided to take matters into her own hands. She went over to Diamond’s house and found her dad lying sleep on the couch. While he was sleeping she went into the kitchen grabbed a butcher knife and slit his throat. She fled the scene as quick as she could. On that day Diamond and Jay were out celebrating when she walked past a television and what she heard was horrific news for her. News reporter: “ There has been a gruesome murder today in Atlanta of Lt.Michael Williams in his own home. Diamond dropped to the ground and started crying. She knew who had killed her father and was mad as hell.

Part 4
Once she had heard the news Diamond was in tears. She told Jay to drive her back to ATL to see what had happened. Jay looked at her like she was crazy and said “You crazy girl all those policies there are going to looking for you. She said, “I don’t care I need to see my dad right now!” Once they had arrived at the crime scene there was yellow tape everywhere. Diamond tried to go into the house but the police wouldn’t let her go in. She explained to them that he was her father and she needed to see him. The medics had come out the house with her father covered on a stretcher. Diamond tried to run to him but Jay had held her tight so she wouldn’t run away. When the medics got to the ambulance Jay lets go of her. She went up to the stretcher and peeled the bag backed and kissed her father on the forehead.

At Lt.Michael Williams funeral everybody in the country came to his funeral. The church was full of people from ATL people he served with and many others. Diamond had brought all of her dad's metal that he had earned while in service. She did a eulogy about five minutes long on what a great man hero and father he was. After the funeral, people had comforted her and the rest of the family.  At the grave site, they buried him next to his wife Millie Williams. While there Diamond was starting to get light-headed and dizzy. She had fallen but Jay was standing right beside her so he caught her. The family had asked him what was wrong with her. Jay didn’t wanna be the one to tell them that she was pregnant. But Jay told the entire family what was wrong with her.
Jay drove Diamond to her Aunt Myrtle’s house to get some rest. After any event, the whole family came over to Aunt Myrtle’s to celebrate. Her house was like a medium size mansion big enough for the whole family. A few hours after she woke Diamond wandered around the house looking for the rest of the family. She found them in the backyard still partying. She saw the family there that she hasn't seen in a long time. Her older sister’s Mya and Danielle, her uncle's and aunt’s and cousins. Mya was seen her sister come ran over to her. “ Girl you should be getting some rest, she said. Danielle came over and told her the same thing. Diamond told them that she’ll be fine for the moment. She had asked them where was Jay at. Mya said, “ He’s over there playing football with your cousins.” Seeing her boyfriend having fun Diamond joined her aunts and sisters and had a long girl. 
While talking to her family Diamond started to have pains again. She could hardly stand or walk with support. Mya had called Jay over to come take her home ASAP. But little did they know they were in for a surprise. Dallas snitched on their location and told the ATL PD where they were at. The police quickly mobilized to the house where they currently were. Jay had heard the sirens and quickly picked up Diamond and ran towards the car and drove back to Athens. The police had arrived right after Diamond and Jay fled the scene.

When Diamond heard what Dallas did she quickly called her and told her to meet at the house in Athens. Jay tried to calm her down but he couldn’t. “ Baby calm down you don’t want to get your blood pressure, Jay added. Dallas was speeding to Athens to quickly confront Diamond for the last time. Diamond out Jay away in the other room and told him to lock the door. He didn’t want to but he didn’t wanna argue with her. Dallas arrived with the gun loaded with a gun strapped to her. She entered the house caution and steadiness as she looked for Diamond. Diamond came out of the back room with a gun in her hand. “So we finally meet you dirty ass bitch, Diamond asked. You killed my fucking sister hoe!”Dallas shouted. You murder my daddy bitch!’’Diamond shouted backed. They both cocked their guns and held each other at gunpoint. “So is this how it ends?”Dallas asked. “ I guess so hoe,” Diamond said. Bang!!Bang!!........... Jay had walked into a terrible site. It all ended in that house. The Navy, The Airforce, Marines, The Army, and the National Guard did a proper burial for Lt.Michael Williams and his daughter Diamond Williams. The buried Millie Williams, Lt. Michael Williams and Diamond Williams next to each other. Jay went to the grave to visit all three of them. He will never meet his beautiful baby boy or girl and he will never see the love of his life Diamond again.
Part 5
Hannah had heard the news and immediately called her son to see if he was ok. He answered his phone by saying, “Mom I’m fine, I am leaving the graveyard now.” “Baby I want you to come home right now, she cried. He told her that he would be home in a few hours. He returned to Athens twenty minutes later to pack his stuff. While he was driving back to ATL he started to think about Diamond and his unborn baby that he’ll never see again. Wh

en he pulled up in his mom’s driveway she was on the porch waiting for him. She ran up to her son and hugged him very tightly. “Welcome home baby, I missed you, she said.” “ I miss you too ma he said back. She told him that she painted a room for the baby but needed help taking it down. As Jay walked into the house he smelled the aroma of fried chicken and collard greens and black eye peas. Jay headed towards the room for the baby and walked in. Jay started to dream about him taking care of his baby in this room. He broke down in complete tears as he looked around the baby’s room.
Jay had got settled back into his old room again and unpacked his belonging. Hannah walked into his room and sat by him. “ I know this is gonna be a hard time for you but your family is here for she said.” “Thanks, ma, he said in a teary voice.” They both went into the kitchen and finished preparing the supper. Jay called the family into the dining room for prayer to bless the food. The whole family ate dinner and shared a whole lot of laughter together. After the family left Jay and Hannah cleaned the kitchen and had a long conversation. He kissed his ma on the forehead and told her good night.
The next day Jay had returned to school hoping to forget the pain. As he walked down the hall everyone cheered him on as he went. He had talked to coach about rejoining the team and Coach Falls said sure. Jay’s grades had started to improve a little bit. He was doing well that entire week but the next week things had changed. Haunted by that tragic moment Jay had slipped into a huge depression. His grades were starting to slip again he had quit the football team and started skipping classes.
At school, Jay was starting to hang around with the wrong crowd. It was a group of teens called the Troublemakers. They would vandalize the school drink and smoke during lunch and all kinds of bad things at school. Jay’s old football jocks tried to tell him that this was the wrong path. Jay didn’t want to listen to anybody at school or at home at the time. All the teachers and staff was trying to help Jay out but he shoved everyone away. He started getting into fights with anybody all the time.
The school Principal Brown had contacted Jay’s mother about his new behavior. He invited Hannah to come to the school for a conference with him. She came up to the came with such fear in her heart. Principal Brown told her that Jay was doing a lot worse since he returned. “ You have to forgive him, he’s been through a very time the past month, she said.” I know I saw it all on the news last week, he added.” I want to offer him counseling here at school with Riverview, Principal Brown said.” Hannah agreed with the principal and tried to tell Jay but he 
wouldn’t listen to her.

Part 6
Things got a lot worse since Jay joined the Troublemakers he had been expelled from school for causing to much trouble. His mom was so upset that she put him out of her house. He had moved in with some of his homeboys a few blocks away. After that, Jay had joined the worse gang in ATL. The Bloods had initiated him into their little circle. He started to mug, rob, and jump people ever since he joined a gang. His family didn’t know what to do they tried praying for him and going to the church but nothing.

One day of a huge load of drugs and weapons had arrived for the Bloods. Jay was in charge of making sure that the stuff got in the warehouse.  Their leader MB called in a meeting at the warehouse to discuss a turf war with the Crips. “ The reason why I bought all these military weapons was we could kill the Crips, MB shouted!” He had mapped out a plan on how to take them down. A brick had flown through the window with a message tied to it. The note said, “ Meet us at the Abandoned Warehouse at 7 p.m. sharp.” Both gangs had prepared themselves for a turf war.
Ten minutes before seven o'clock Jay had rounded up the crew and loaded everything they needed into the cars. They rolled out to the Abandoned Warehouse, as they approached the building it seemed all too quiet. All of the sudden a rocket came out of nowhere and blew up one of their cars. They quickly tried to find a safe place to park their cars. As they got out the car with their gear they noticed a gang of people coming out of the shadows. It was their rival gang members The Crips.
Their leader looked nasty and notorious as any other crooked villain. His name was Black Death his eye was missing from the right of his face. He had told the Bloods to surrender the turf and leave now. But the Bloods were too tough to turn their backs and walk away. Before they started to shoot each other a police officer doing patrol saw them and called for backup. Jay saw the cop calling for backup and shot fired a shot at him. After that, both sides were shooting numbers of bullets at each other. During that twelve police cars were on their way to the scene to stop the gangs.
Jay had heard the sirens coming that triggered a memory back to when he was with Diamond and her family. He blacked out for a second but quickly came back to reality. He yelled at the Blood's telling them the police were coming fall back. As they were retreating Jay turned his back and ran he got shot a few times. Paramedics were on the scene right behind the police cars. Jay was on the ground wounded bleeding to death his crew has left him for dead. Jay passed out and started to reminisce about Diamond. Jay awoke in the hospital with several dozen police officers surrounding him.
Part 7
After Jay recovered from his wounds he was transferred to Fulton County Jail. He had gotten a lawyer at the expense of his mother. Lawyer Thomas James was in his late forties for a well-built guy. James told him that the judge will offer him-him four months in jail and protection if he testified against his former gang. Jay didn’t want to accept the deal at first but he thought about his mother and he accepted the deal. During court, some of the Bloods showed up for Jay’s court date to hear his statement. Jay had seen them but showed no fear towards his former friends. He told his entire story about how he got in the gang up until where he was now.
The Bloods were furious that Jay ratted them out but they didn't want anything to do with him anymore. When Jay returned that night he was introduced to his new cellmate. His name was Bronco he was huge and muscular and a bit scary looking. He introduced himself to Jay and told him that he was a former Blood. Jay felt safe now that he had someone to look after him. He asked Bronco could he help him round up former blood members. Bronco had agreed to help him out.The next morning Bronco had spread the message to all the Bloods in the jail. They met in the prison yard fifth-teen minutes after he spread the word.

In the prison yard, Jay stood above everyone with Bronco on his right side and made an announcement. “Listen up yall I was a former blood myself and I’m gonna be your leader with Bronco as my right-hand man, Jay said. “Now look if any of yall want me to be your leader then follow me, he said.” Jay and Bronco had left the yard with everyone who wanted a leader followed them. Next day Jay a planned to stage a prison riot as a diversion so he could steal something he needed. Bronco had walked into the cafeteria and started a huge riot. During the diversion, Jay snuck into the warden’s office and stole some prison files with everyone’s name on it. After it was over Jay thanked everyone for their participation.

Four months have passed and it was time for Jay to get out of jail. He had left Bronco in charge of the team he had forged. Walking on the outside of jail Jay had seen his mother waiting for him. He walked up to her and apologize for the things he had done recently. Hannah had forgiven him and kissed him the forehead. She drove Hannah home while a nice dinner was waiting for him. Jay put his things away while talking to his mother down the hall. He got prepared to wash up and eat supper. Jay asked his mom can they bless the food before eating. She looked at him with a smile and said,” of course dear.” Jay had said a short sweet little prayer for his mom.During dinner, Jay and his mom were getting caught up on lost time. Hannah told him “I thought I would lose hope in you, she said” He answered back,” I was just going through some stuff ma.” After dinner, Jay told his mom that he’ll clean up the kitchen and put everything away. She thanked him as she walked towards the hall to her room. After he got finish Jay called some old friends before he went to bed.

Part 8 
That night Jay had a dream about a lesson his mother taught him when he was younger. Jay was only ten when his ma first taught his this. His mother took him to the back porch with a lighter and a freshly grown rose. She told him that if you play with women heart’s that you would someday get burned back. She lit the rose on fire and told Jay to hold in his hands till it was nothing left of it. Jay awoke from his dream almost out of breath. He realized that everything that happened to him Nikki, Diamond, Dallas, and Lt.Michael was all his fault. If he wouldn’t have messed with Nikki while he was with Diamond none of this would have happened.

Jay was upset with himself so he thought of doing suicide to make everything right. He found his black tie wrapped it around his ceiling fan, tied it around his neck. But his suicide didn’t work Hannah walked into the room and saw him hanging. She immediately cut Jay down from the tie and did CPR. He had come back with a hard cough and shortage of breath. Hannah slapped him hard and asked him “Why?” “Mama I don’t deserve the life after all this mess I created, Jay said sadly.” She had helped him back into bed and told him everything will be OK baby.

The next day Jay had returned to school with everyone staring at him as he walked down the hall. He had gone back to the indoor field to find his old jock friends. They were very happy to see him back at school and doing better. Coach Falls allowed being apart of the football team before the season was over. After that, Jay went to the office to sign up for counseling with Riverview. The principal had come out of his office and welcomed Jay back to school. During school, everyone welcomed Jay back as the popular kid.

The next week was the Playoffs for the Redjays, Jay was so thrilled to play the final football game. Jay invited his mother and some of the cousins to come watch him play. When they arrived Hannah told the family that Jay’s number was 88. It was almost halftime when they got into the stadium. The other team was the Bulldogs from Alabama State.(Score 42:22) Jay had scored a number of touchdowns during the last few plays. It was the final quarter of the game and everyone was counting on Jay. The quarterback had yelled “Hut!” Jay took off towards the touchdown zone while other players guarded him. (TOUCHDOWN!!) The Redjays had won the Playoffs. Everyone in the stand cheered for them but mostly for Jay. In the locker rooms, the whole team congratulated him for great plays. One of his friends invited him to a party to celebrate the team’s victory but Jay declined the offer. “ I have something to take care of I’ll see yall later, he said.” After the game, Jay asked Hannah “Can you take me to the graveyard real quick?” She agreed and drove him to the burial site up north. When they arrived Jay got out the car with three roses and a lighter. He walked to the graves and lit the three roses and put them on all three graves. Jay noticed they didn’t seem to burn like they should but he returned to the car and went home.

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