insanity or sanity; some or none but both

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Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 31, 2017




It buries in through skin into thoughts-  



cant stand the lonliness anymore



-thoughts running in circles upside down

through the dewy cobwebs in the abandoned, much too organized cellar,

if you catch my drift,

the one on the left, not the right, mind you, from the kitchen by the statue of Pasithea

Oh, did you know it got repainted recently,

behind the extra ladder, bright pale, by the way,

it smells like paint fumes, a little high, sigh, thigh, oh my, how scandalous,

circling my sanity with pricks and thorns and needles and knives,

threatening to poke it to shreds and

leave it,


in the very most. . . in-ter-est-ing. . . dar-ker-est-ing corner


so very frightening


living in fear and embarrassment and hate,

drowning in the sometimes floods of it and

thirsting in the sometimes droughts of it

i crave the balance that i cannot find


so take

my insanity or my sanity;

some or none but both


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