Mired by Hesitation

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Dare to fall in love again.

Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 31, 2017



She hesitates, as she wants, something’s prodding her
yet stopping her; she’s afraid for she has learned
It has been a hard road she traversed, knocks to bother
seeking assurance with no guarantee, it’s earned
Life is a journey of discovery and timely awakening
we fall but pick ourselves up, our wounds slowly heal
Our passion aflame in our quest for love and loving
hoping the fires burning could abate, our prayers appeal
Our sea of love lies dormant but just waiting to fulfil
to share it with the someone special, we await in gloom
Till comes a day, a time written in fate, our hearts will
be awakened where a warm embrace makes love bloom
Once in every lifetime a door opens to hope renewed
calling upon to allay our fears, doubts and apprehensions
As the sun sets, it will soon rise to cast our day anew
Leaving yesterday in memory and giving today dimension
Happiness and joy are just a breath away, easily taken
and easily lost for all is but temporary and impermanent
Having felt warmness coldness is inevitable, it’s even
yet to deprive ourselves of them is self-impairment
The joys of discovery placate hearts and enrich souls
and open up a whole new world, whole new experience
Discovery in love nourishes our senses and consoles
our passion, for love quenches deprivation and conscience
Our desires burn for the one life has placed, it’s signage
it’s an omen and a premonition of a soulful connection
Our paths destined to cross and our fates come of age
embrace change for your life’s passage’s completion

© Copyright 2018 J. Sam Barr. All rights reserved.

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