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Suyash , was travelling by a train for his music concert. On the train he met with two men and a beautiful girl who became responsible to make him stuck in a very horrible situation...

Submitted: November 01, 2017

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Submitted: November 01, 2017



The day was nothing special; hot and humid, as it’d been from last few days, the railway platform was still so crowded as it is used to be, the same dirty and clumsy moles were roaming under and over the trails. I was in my compartment one hour before the train’s actual departure time, it often happens when you have  caring parents! I was on the window seat observing outside world from the train window to pass the damn time. The water was flowing out from many points due to loose taps of the pipes lying along the railway tracks. Mission "Save Water" was on a threat I didn’t like that but “what can I do?”, this was maximum I could do.

After some time two bald men entered and be seated beside me. They seemed to be very happy as they were busy in some of their glorious stories. I checked my phone for new messages knowing that there was no message....what next? I started checking out the “about” section on whatsapp for every contact. When you don’t know what to do with your life ,believe me , it can become an amazing way of ‘time pass’. Some of them were faking the copied philosophical lines like-“no hill is hard to climb,see you at the top” ,”hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard”, “there is only one motivation and that is desire” and blah blah blah! But one which I really found inspiring was “life is too short so don’t waste your time reading other’s status”. These lines happened to be very inspiring that these can even prevent you from suicide, well, not when you are too stubborn. For some, it seemed like they were trying to impress someone in very particular. Some contacts had added their “about” just because it should be added even if they weren’t interested i.e., busy, battery about to die, can’t talk whatsapp only etc. and rest of them were….they were not actually, they hadn’t updated their “about” from the beginning of time and thankfully whatsapp provides a built-in status for such people i.e., “hey there! I am using whatsapp.” “chaaaaiyaa”, a loud and artificial voice broke my concentration. It was a middle aged chai wala(tea seller).  I wonder how they make their accent like that. I mean , did they really manipulate it just to grab the attention of people or it is natural? ”How much for one”, I asked to him. ”rupees 10 for a cup”, he answered offering a cup of tea towards me. I took it and had the first sip; it was really good, in case of tea this is always true. While I was counting the coins to pay the chai wala  I got to know something, the train was late for about 45 minutes and this news came out from the “senseless talk” of those goofy men. Luckily, half an hour was already passed.  Finally the moment came I was waiting for so long, a beautiful girl entered with his heavy bag. A short haired girl with some light bluish shades at her hair. A blue-purple colour and cat eye framed specs was making her face marvelous. A perfectly shaped body…wait, I was not waiting for this moment actually, it doesn’t mean I didn’t like that but I was talking about (the moment i….) the train’s departure time . So, this journey was going to be interesting as she was seated just next to me, smooth, isn,t it?

It’s been one hour since the train had started, two balds were still enjoying their senseless talk, the “beautiful girl” before me, was staring at the magazine named Sanctuary Asia. Wow, that was also one of my favorite magazines and I thought this(me and she) would be a perfect match. It’d been hardly one and half hour and the level of imagination…, we boys! I couldn’t resist myself to talk to her but sometimes ego come into the picture. I was waiting for her to start the conversation. According to me she should start  first as I helped her in putting her bag into the luggage box. She didn’t even pay a “thank you”, “She seems to be an introvert girl”, I tranquilized to myself. Any way, I kept on looking outside the window and my phone (glancing towards the girl some times in between) still waiting for the beginning from other side. Feeling the thirst ,I took my water bottle and had some water, could finish the whole but did not  (in the hope that she will ask for water and you know….).suddenly my bottle was on demand, it was asked instantly and passed through the every single person in compartment ,except the beautiful girl. oops, I think I forgot to tell you that there were 8 persons in total. The other four must have entered while I was busy with my phone. One of the bald man returned the bottle with no water in it. “These selfish jokers!”, I murmured myself. “ and Akhilesh will throw his uncle out of the party”,the first bald man started a new “senseless talk” in between the start and end of a decade long yawn .I challenge no human on earth can open such a broad mouth. For the women devil SURASA, I doubt if she could! Meanwhile I saw her smiling on his huge act as our eyes met. . oh! this bloody hypnotic smile! She was just more than ravishing. Things were not going good so far as we(me and the beautiful girl)  still hadn’t started the conversation.

It’d been two hours, and still no words from her. I was all set to start from my side but the question was, ’what to start from? After a deep contemplation I asked to her “what is this magazine about?” with a loud laugh of the bald duos as the background. It was little awkward as she did not respond to that and kept on staring at her magazine. I think the background sound was little louder, louder than the actual words and she could not hear my words. Should I start it again? “Excuse me, what is this magazine about?”, I repeated. This time I got her attention (at least for few seconds). She looked at me and raised her eyebrows in a strange manner. After few seconds she started staring her magazine again. Oh no, that’s not a good start; I put a very bad impression over her, may be she was asking to repeat my words and I couldn’t respond on time as I was busy in beholding her golden brown eyes;  it shouldn’t have happened.


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