A letter to my grandfather

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Submitted: November 01, 2017

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Submitted: November 01, 2017



 A Letter To My Grandfather 


Dear Dadaji (Late Mr. Raj Kishor Tiwari)


I realized that genetics isn't the pointy nose, those big hazel eyes or the body constitution but it is way more than that. It is the willpower, the determination and the desire to win over that is passed on through the DNA. The best things one could inherit from the family is not the wealth but it is the virtues , the lessons of life and a good education which ultimately gives you the wisdom. The inherited wealth would finish someday or the other but your values and teachings are eternal, they act as your moral compass and helps you make wise decisions in life. 


Your life teaches us that self-discipline, hardwork, the desire to learn and most importantly being consistent can help you achieve the impossible. You were a bank of knowledge and so well informed  about everything even at the age of 90 years, truly said that there is no end to learning. 


What I grew up learning from you is that people don't love you for "WHO" you are but they love and respect you for "HOW" . You earned immense love and respect not only for your dedicated service as a District Collector but also for your behaviour. You were so kind, humble, and magnanimous to everyone you came across despite of their socio-economic status, and that's what makes you so noble and great.

We all have so much to learn from you. You were a legend  in true sense and we are fortunate and proud enough to have you as our Grandfather. Your physical presence is being missed but you are forever alive in our hearts.

Love you forever,
Kittu (Shreya Tiwari)


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