The False Light

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A metaphorical poem on the competitive nature of people and the stress that comes along it. I'm just an amateur writer, so be free to tell me how I can improve my writing!

Submitted: November 01, 2017

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Submitted: November 01, 2017



The False Light


Long she used to stare in the light,

And ask others what lay beyond,

“A prized article for which you must fight”,

With solemn faces they respond. 

“How do I cross you” she asked the sky,

The sky replied”Your friends you must leave”,

“To all you hold dear you must bid goodbye”

“And then the height you may achieve”.


A fairy came to her dream in bed,  

And granted her a single wish,

“Take me above the light” she said,

The fairy nodded and flew with a swish.


She floated as she squealed with delight,

But gasped when she broke through the veil,

And saw the real light the first time,

With unnurtured eyes frail. 

Countless bodies with dead stares,

Bored into her from every direction,

“An entity for which so many cares”

“Must come into my possession”.


“More” she said and the fairy flies,

Kept on chanting nearer to the light, 

Her voice a rasp and a gleam in her eyes,

When she saw the sorry sight.


A person above her still alive,

Her every part seething with despise’

She grabs his leg and above him arrive,

Ignoring his voice she flew into the light.


And she laughed when she came to the light,

But her trite lips still begged for more,

The air began to thin, too late she realized her plight,

When she screamed no one heard her anymore.


And as death flashed through her eyes,

She came across another pair carrying utter despise,

He grabbed her legs and it was done,

And she realized there will always be another one.




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