Haunted house in Forfar

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

You wake up from a strange sound outside your bedroom. But what is it?

P.S Sorry for the grammar error i'm still learning and working on the story.

Submitted: November 01, 2017

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Submitted: November 01, 2017



The Haunted house in Forfar

It was late in the evening I was nearly napping when I hear tapping at my rooms door, I stood up from my bed and did a quick inspection of my room. 

It was very dark and cold the candles what stood next of my bed had burned out. 

After a few minutes I heard that annoying tapping on my rooms door again. 
“But this can’t be.” I said to myself, I was home alone. 

I gather my courage and opened the door and there was a empty hallway and nothing more. 

I walked to my bed and closed my eyes. 

After a few minutes it started again this annoying tapping at my rooms door, I stood up and walked now in a faster to my  door. 
I opened the door and there was an empty hallway and nothing. 

“Surely  I must be dreaming I said.” 

Once again I lay down on my bed. But this time I heard a girl launching and my door opens, In instance I freeze. When I stood up I saw nothing but complete darkness and nothing more. 

I light up a candle and start walk to the open door, first I looked  to my right side of the hallway but I saw darkness and noting more. 
Then I looked at the left side of the hallway I saw a light tingling out my library. 

Surely I have a guest whom I have forgotten about, Sir I said or Madam. Surly you have been tapping at the wrong door. I waited for a response but nothing more. 
I slowly began to walk to my library and opened the grand door. 

There it standing a portrait from a lady that I don’t know the origin about. 

Surly that is a nice portrait I said, but I like to speak to the owner of this beautiful piece. 

but nothing more. 

In an instant I heard the girl laugh again, now I start running to my bedroom again just to see that there is darkness and noting more. 

I walked back to the library but there she stood. Facing the fireplace the woman from the portrait she was gently crying, it almost looks if she was dying. 

I ask her what was happened and she turn around slowly. I now saw her dark and black eyes it was of I almost looked at the pits of hell she was slowly moving to me. 

I was frozen to my spot. I starting to scream when she was near my crying and praying to god. 

Then I heard a loud explosion from the other side of the house. I start the run to my front door and screamed for help but I have heard nothing more. 

The air begins to be denser I smelled girl perfume and saw the lady begin to walk down the stairs again to me. 

I screamed to her: “What I’ve I ever done to you” but she stayed quiet. I couldn’t walk any more I was screaming when she was down the stairs the air begins to be colder the candles that where lit are slowly dying at the background. 

“Surly you can forgive for my wrongdoing.” I closed my eyes when she was near my head begins to be weary I smelled the strong smell of perfume and nothing more. 

The next day I waked up in tears and in sweat. I was again inspecting my room and there she hang the portrait lady smiling down to me I start to run out of my room on the street  screaming for help but nothing more.


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