Secrets of Mankato

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Short non-fictional true story

Submitted: November 01, 2017

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Submitted: November 01, 2017



The Mankato bar screen draws people from all over Minnesota.  Some people come here to get plastered and puke on the bar tables, others come for Romance, and some just come to get laid.  Most people only end up puking on the tables! Here's why.

The people here put some chemicals to prevent men from getting a full erection.  For instance they might get a "Whiskey Dick"; a dick that doesn't get fully hard.  You might end up with a "Brisk Dick"; a dick that will get hard then soft. The effects only last for a couple of day, but I think getting laid and Romance is out of the question.

Now, this sounds crazy! You have the whole bar scene, basically the whole town involved in this.  So the question is why?  To protect the towns reputation!  Mankato doesn't want to be known as a "Rape Town". Some of the collage guys come from well-to-do families, and its a way to prevent them from getting penetration, and having a rape charge on they're record. It would look bad if young men come for collage and leave with a rape charge.

It helps the collage girls prevent unwanted pregnancies, and young men from pay child support. Unplanned pregnancy might prevent collage students from finishing collage. Abortion isn't an option for religious students, and having an abortion might be worse sociologically on a person than having the baby.  The 9 month count down until a young mans life changes.  Students having to pay child support will usually drop out of collage, and take a lesser paying jobs.

They are trying to lower the STD rates from unprotected sex.  You have a couple of drinks at a bar,
and the next day you have something for life.  STD's is a hard topic for the people of Mankato, but a
soft one for the guys that drink here.  If you can't get hard, you can't get an STD.  At least you have
the next day to contemplate about the one that got away.

Its not all bad.  The town's people are trying to protect the people that come here for a good time.
If anything you have some embarrassing intimate moments with your girlfriend, and your girlfriend might think she's not attractive.  But your saved from a life changing event! 

Mankato might be the start of the future of socialism.  Where a society exercises some social reform
in order to protect the people.  They are trying to change people as oppose leaving things to fate. 
You could say they are playing God, but its more of they are going against God's will.  So say you were suppose to conceive a child, but instead you got a "Whiskey Dick", that would mean the people here are going against God's will.  The flip side to fate is, you might have been meant to get an STD.  I would say, sometimes you have to let the chips fall where they may.  Your suppose to have a choice, even if its a bad one, and live with the consequences. 
I will add this.  Sometimes what is meant as a good thing, can end up as a bad one.  For instance if the town's people started putting chemicals on the food at the restaurants and grocery stores. The whole town could target individual ruled undesirable, and probably already has. Good turned Evil.

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