1969: The Story You Never Knew

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Rebecca Armstrong was not happy about her dad leaving. Neil had been chosen to go on a space mission. Becca tries to stop this, but fails...

Submitted: November 01, 2017

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Submitted: November 01, 2017



1969: The Story You Never Knew


“Daddy, you’re really not going into outer space, are you?” That was Neil Armstrong’s 7-year-old daughter, Rebecca. “I’m really sorry, sweetie,” Armstrong said, “But yes. I did get recruited to go…” Becca’s lip started quivering. Neil started to worry. “But hey! You have Zack and Barbara next-door to keep you company!” Zack and Barbara were Becca’s best friends. They always got along. “Oh! And you have Spot!” Spot was their pet cat. “But daddy, who will watch me while your gone?” Spot slinked into Becca’s lap. “Aunt Gertrudis will watch you while I’m not here.”


Aunt Gertrudis, Rebecca, Zack, Barbara, and Neil all walked into N.A.S.A Headquarters. “Wow! This place is so big!” Zack said. Becca was very worried. What if her dad gets lost in space? What if her dad never came back?

A lady named Amber who works at N.A.S.A. came over and spoke to Neil. Amber was going to be in charge of the control room while Neil was in space. After she was done, Aunt Gertrudis spoke to the Amber and she agreed to let them take a look around. “Wow! This is all really cool, isn’t it guys?” Aunt Gertrudis said. “Yep!” they replied. At one point, Zack and Barbara got lost. They took many turns and twists and Zack ran into a pipe. He said that he was fine, and they went left, then right, then straight.

They then ran into the ship Neil was going to take.

Zack and Barbara were scared. They didn’t know what to do. They both wandered around until they found something unusual. Zack and Barbara had noticed that many screws and large panels were missing from the ship. “Huh… Maybe we should warn Mr. Armstrong.”

They managed to find their way back to the main area. “Oh thank goodness! We didn’t know where you went!” Aunt Gertrudis said. Zack and Barbara attempted to warn Neil about the missing screws and panels, but he thought they were joking. “Oh guys, relax! N.A.S.A. has everything under control.” Zack and Barbara exchanged concerned looks. “C’mon guys, let’s go home.”


-------------------------------TWO MONTHS LATER-----------------------------------

Rebecca was trembling with fear. She didn’t want her daddy to go. Spot went with her to see her dad with Becca. Rebecca remembered this and hugged Spot. She started to cry. She went over to Amber and asked her about it. "Your father is going to be just fine, Rebecca. Nothing to worry about." She reached into her bag and gave Becca a gumball.

Rebecca stopped crying and started chewing the gumball. It tasted like lemon. She walked up to her dad, Spot in her arms, and told him, “Daddy, I’m really going to miss you… How long will you be gone?” “About 4 months… Maybe longer. I am going to miss you so much… You too Spot.” Aunt Gertrudis was sobbing, and Zack and Barbara tried to warn Neil yet again. “Mr. Armstrong, you really can’t go. The ship-“  “Guys! I told you! Everything is under control!” Neil responded. “Good-bye, everyone. I will miss you all.”  “Bye..” They all said sadly. He waved and then he climbed in the ship. Becca noticed the missing screws and begun panicking. *T-MINUS 10 SECONDS* “Wait! Don’t go!” Becca shouted. *T-MINUS 5,4,3,2,1.*

The ship blasted off.



Neil watched as stars and comets passed by. At one point he saw Venus. *BZZZZZZZT* He heard a noise come from the radio, and picked it up. “Neil here.” He said. "Daddy! It’s me, Becca!" The radio said. “Hey sweetie! How are you doing?” "Fine. Listen, and DON’T interrupt. I noticed when you were taking off that there were several screws missing from the ship" “Wait, what?” "Please-" Her reply was cut short. The radio died, and the ship was rattling like crazy. “What in the world?” he said.

The ship fell apart, and Neil fell unconscious. Luckily, he was still wearing his suit.

“Neil isn’t responding to our radio calls,” Amber exclaimed, panicking. “I have to go get him.”

So Amber puts on a space suit, gets in a rocket in storage, and tells a commanding officer to tell Rebecca and Aunt Gertrudis what had happened. “Listen, I know this is going to be hard, but Becca…” He was at a loss for words. “Your daddy has been lost in space. We can’t find him.” “WHAT!” They both scream at the same time. “No, no, no, no, no! Where is my daddy?” Becca demanded. The officer started to look worried. “We don’t know sweetie… I am very sorry.”


“No luck finding Neil.” said Amber. “Wait a second! I see something!” She saw a faint blinking light up ahead. She sped up and found Neil, unconscious. His suit was still blinking. She put Neil in the ship and started back to earth.


Neil opened the door. “Daddy! You are okay! And in a wheelchair?” It was true. Neil had been paralyzed while the ship fell apart. “Yes,” he responded, “But we can still do so many fun things together.” Spot nuzzled Neil’s ankles. “I missed you too, Spot. My trip was cut short because the ship fell apart. I really should have listened to Zack and Barbara about the screws and panels.”

Them, and Spot, cuddled on the couch until they fell asleep. At this exact moment, Becca woke up.



"Becca! Wake up! You're going to be late for school!"

It had all been a dream.

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