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Virt explains

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Let me explain

Submitted: November 01, 2017

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Submitted: November 01, 2017



Chapter one

Let me explain

Look let me explain something here first. My name is Vertella, but call me Vert. I live in Personia, where people are split based on personality. There are the Anilist, they’re the “smart” office workers, as you might say. The Explorers, they’re the adventuress ones. Then the Sentinels they are the one that know what to do in a crisis. Then lastly where I stand the Diplomats. We’re the friendly outgoing ones.


Each section is also split into four “types”. Like the Anilist have the “Architects” ,the think outside the box ones. They also have the “Logicians” ,they’re the innovative inventors. Third the “Commanders” ,or bold imaginative strong willed leaders. Lastly the “Debaters”the smart and curious thinkers.


Under the Explorers there's the bold and practical experimenters called the “Virtuosos”. The flexible and charming artists are the “Adventurers”. The “Entrepreneurs” are the smart and energetic ones. The spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic ones are the “Entertainers


With the Sentinels the “logicians” are the Practical and fact-minded individuals. The “Defenders” are very warm and dedicated protectors. The “Executives” are excellent administrators. Lastly the “Consuls” are the extraordinarily caring ones.


In Diplomats the “Advocates” are the quiet and mystical ones. The “Meditators” are the poetic and kind ones. The “protagonists” are the charismatic and inspiring leaders. And finally where I stand the “Campaigners”.We are the enthusiastic and creative ones.

Now when you turn ten you take the personality test and every personality has a code of letters and numbers. So when you are done with the test they tatoo that code on your wrist. Then place you in your personality area and it is illegal to mingle with other sections ,including family. Unless you are a part of Govt. and there is one person from each section voted for Govt.

Our sections are to help keep the peace, because if you are put with someone with the same personality type you should get along.


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