Black fire

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A miserable past and a tough fighter who never gives up... Will it be enough for him to become the strongest person on Madorix?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - His Journey

Submitted: November 01, 2017

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Submitted: November 01, 2017





They lived in the outer shell of  Cromer, the town where there are only low-level people live and they only use magic to make everyday life a bit easier it is located at the most isolated corners of the whole Madorix... Well, that is what the strongest greatest and the most loyal person to the king named the earth after his last fight he made it clear that it meant hope and light...

She lifted him in her arms to see his beautiful smile again just like she did every single day, as this could be the last one. She thought just like the day before. Because it was better to be afraid than to get scared ... this was the thought of her leaving that small peaceful house every day. Before she left she made sure that he was sleeping quietly than went outside and on her way out she put his food on the table than locked the door.

I heard her leave as she put the food on the table and as the plate touched with the wood it made a clicking sound, it broke the silence that she left with hurrying, I could hear how her bare feet touched the ground and the sound grows fainter with every step. The first door closed then there was the second click and the third but to make sure that she is gone I counted to 100 and only moved even a blink after. I got up and glared at the door before me that Sister went out on. Then when I had enough of that I men myself up and I started my special training. Sister and Father always say that it's useless because I don't have any magical powers even though I'm 8 already. At first, they encouraged me to do so because they thought that I was only a late bloomer. But it doesn't matter what they think because I will train myself up, I will train until I have muscles all over my body and I am able to use all of them until I'll be strong enough to get my own grimoire like everybody else did when they were 15. I will definitely show them...that I will be the strongest person on the whole Madorix!

I hurried out the front door off to the church. I feel bad at leaving  Donnell in that old and dark place but if people find out that he can't use magic than he'll be bullied and beaten up. I thought but my mouth... "Even though he always sneaks out using the forks that he broke and fights in the mountains with bears... I just can't help it but worry about him." 

"Well, he is sure careless that kid ... "

"Father I thought you were in the church. Yes indeed he is trouble, I bet he's about to leave now..."

"Even though you worry, I cannot say more than 'do not' Donnell is not a kid you have to look after, all you have to do is support him and that will push him forward."

"I am clearly aware of that Father but 'worry' cannot be helped if it comes to someone you are protective of and love him even against blood and ranks..."

He stayed silent but I knew what he wanted to say... no, to be honest, i know what he was saying with his eyes soul and smile. He made it very clear at that moment that I have to let him go because I love him.

"Let it be as Lord wants it to be. Amen" Even though I smiled I felt the tears come together in my eyes and let them roll down on my cheek. And since that day Donnell showed me that bonds are thicker than skin or blood.



I was about to climb out of the window but first, i had to open all the first doors so that Sister will think I went to the mountains. I repeated the process over and over again as I was at the forth door that is the one I opened and then closed back. I took my turn and went back towards the small dark room and closed every door behind me firmly to make it look like I was careless and in a hurry. I went out the window closed it steadily. and with the notes left on the table right next to the empty plate, i left saying goodbye for the next 7 years and thanksgiving for the food I left and finally, my life was about to begin. 



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