Black fire

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Memories and Bonds & Lacking his hope

Submitted: November 05, 2017

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Submitted: November 05, 2017



When I first met him I was following him through the woods and while I did I learned him he's spiky hair and his pointed nose with his narrow eyes and thick eyebrows made a perfect cheeky but powerful face and the burn under his eye on his cheek made him look like a tough fighter. His hair was light fawn, it was a common color for everybody that lives around the outer edge of the kingdom of Madorix. His eyes were hazel as the green and the brown ran together and every time he's mood changed his eyes went with it.

  I hid behind the trees so that he won't see me, and so I went shadow to shadow. The weird thing was that he never noticed or sensed me. I followed him for 2 months and saw the way he fights. I liked it... How he didn't fight with magic but with bare pure fists. I asked him if he wanted to be my student and he said that he was looking for someone powerful that could train him strong... the funny thing was that he didn't know that he was already invincible.

"Donnel you'll be 15 tomorrow when are you starting your journey back to Cromer? "

"Robin... I'll go after I finished my training," said Donnel with an optimistic voice that Robin loved so much in him. That was the voice that made the perfect student. The will she thought to herself as her mind unconsciously answered his sentence.

"That's not good enough... You have to rest a bit so that your muscles won't get overworked. I clearly taught you this for 6 weeks but you never understood." " Well, I told you for 6 years long every day that if I rest I waste time to get stronger; but; looks like you never understood either..."

"You never change Donnell but you should go now if you want to make it before dawn to Cromer. "

"Sure... then I'll be going now. "

I stood up and I walked out the door. While I stepped one after another my memories flowed back to me. The day I met Robin were one of the greatest and dearest days to me. 

it was the end of the 2nd month that I left Cromer. And a bear was attacking me deep in the woods while I was heading to look for a Coach Master or a leader. I didn't care as long as someone took me under their wong and thought me how to fight. 

"Come at me you damn bear!" Of course, I didn't want him to answer but he roared and with his four legs marched at me like a hairy soldier.  The 2 first legs were heavy and hard built. They were obviously trained to get the enemy with 1 single hit. And if it got me I would be no more than dead meat... but I'm not invincible and I wasn't strong enough. The slaps that I got from the bear came after one another and the world was spinning until I felt myself stiffen a bit and fall to the floor. The ease went out of my shoulders and they stiffened hard as I pushed myself up from the ground. I wibbled on my feet as I walked forward. I only had 1 intention in my mind. And it was to defeat that damned bear. I set my mind hard and I was luckily able to throw a punch big enough to knock the bear out.

After that Robin came out of behind a tree and then treated my wounds and after some time she became my the strong person that I was looking for. She wasn't only a master for me... She became a sister and a very caring mother. She hasn't changed one bit since the day we met. Her hair stayed the same silver shiny color and her eyes still have that piercing look in them. Her lips are still shining just like they did before... and the mole under his lips on her chin still stunningly brown.

Well thinking back like this... to be honest I admired that bear... It was the first bear I defeated so hard. But if I would meat that bear again... I think I would be able to knock him out with one and only first hit. Robin in this 6 years thought me that whatever happens, I have to stay strong and move forward. But that was a thing that I already thought myself at Cromer 6 years ago on the day I left.

While thinking about the past I reached the point where I defeated the bear and where I met Robin. The place in this 6 years stayed the same to me. It became a place where I had my precious memories and I earned one more place to protect; one more reason to become stronger, just how it had to be... and with my intentions and selfishness "I will definitely... definitely be the strongest person on the whole Madorix ever!"


--------------------------------------------------------sometime later ---------------------------------------------------------

"I'm finally back." He said as he wiped away the sweat and looked down at the little village of his where he had so many people to love and to care about. He was finally home and that was the most important thing right now. The moment. The moment where he will; hug the loved ones and the moment where he will tell all the stories for the small ones and the moment where his heart will be filled with all kind of emotions. 

"It's been 6 years since you left Donnell. I wonder what you are doing now... may lord guide you. Amen."

" Thanks, Sister but I was doing just fine...."

That was one of the happiest moments of my life to see him all grown up and all ready to take the first steps towards his goal. The tears of happiness flooded my eyes again and again.

"How have you been Sister?" He looked so desperate and strong he definitely trained well. 

"I have been good thanks to the lord, but indeed I am getting older and older. I didn't even think I see you again." He looked a bit angry and he responded quickly.

"Don't say that...I told you I come back... I promised Sister. I will never break any of the promises. That is one thing that you can be sure of. "

"I am aware of that Donnell but I'm getting older and humans do not live forever."

He didn't respond he just looked forward silently. He looked like he thought about his answer. That was unlike him but I saw an easing expression on his face when he opened his mouth. You could tell that he answered with his heart.

"Sister we might not live forever... but that doesn't mean that we have to give in to death... we have to hold on to life and to the things we love so that we can leave without any regrets. So you too Sister hold on to God And everything that you love or once loved in this world to protect them. Even if it's just a memory."

At first, I thought that the Donnell I knew left and became a man but ha stayed still and became stronger.

I would've responded but apparently, we reached the church and everybody looked the way we came. They looked like statues. But of course, how could they not. They were surprised that the once weak little boy become a muscle machine full of life and charm. The second we got to the gate of the church Father was looking like he saw a ghost. 

"Who are you?" He asked him looking at him like he's some kind of intruder. " Father, you don't even recognize me anymore... have I grown that much?"

"Who are you?" He asked repeatedly. I couldn't help but giggle. 

"Ohh geez It's me, Donnell. Have you forgotten your son? That's not nice you know"

"You cannot be Donnell. Your lying. Donnell had a burn on his face."

And then I realized Fathers point.

"Who are you ?"  

"Not you too Sister..."

I realized that he was drawing something out of his backpack and I readied myself to fight, but what he draw was a towel and started to rub it around the area where our Donnell had his burns. To my surprise, the burns started to show and now it was clear. It was our long-awaited Donnell.

The kids dropped the toys and Father rose up fast as if the dead would've risen up from its peaceful sleep. And the atmosphere that I long missed came back in seconds. The thing that this church lacked was him. And I know that even if there were people who didn't admit it. He definitely bought colors to our little Village.

The love that this we missed was him all along. He and his hope.







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