Black fire

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - A loss of hope

Submitted: November 07, 2017

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Submitted: November 07, 2017



Later on, that day even though they still couldn't believe that I came back and became strong we sat down; to that old scratched table that I still love so much. And we talked just like in the old days the only difference was that we talked about the present and the future. And yet it felt more comforting than it ever did back then. All I could focus on was their happy smiles that came from the heart. The smiles that I love and the laughter I missed so much. The questions flooded my head which was full of joy.

"Where have you been all this time?"  Snapped Sister at me with a happy and an angry face mixed together, she didn't let me answer and slammed another question on me.

"And why leave so suddenly you could have at least leave more than a piece of paper saying thanks for the food."

"I wanted to become stronger... so I went wherever I could to look for somebody that could train me, and make me stronger."

"Have you found that someone out there?" Father asked me curiously with his eyes still pointed on the spoon that I bought him when I was five as a birthday present.

" I have, and I became stronger as well I won't lose."

I looked down at the plate that was right before me and continued my answer.

"I will bring that grimoire here..." " I show it to everybody... 'cause I can become the strongest and I will."

Of course, I didn't expect any encouraging answers... Even though that I only got positive opinions they still couldn't believe in me. That's what I thought until I heard Sister.

"I believe in you Donnell I know that you can do it!"

I felt motivated by her words. I knew that even if I only get scolding that it still wouldn't be enough for me to give up on my dream. Her opinion has made me feel like reaching my goal even more. There was only one thing before my objective. Which is to earn people's trust; to make them believe in me to help them reach their target along with mine; That is all I could dream of, if that comes true all my dreams will come to an end and new ones will begin. 

Later on that night I have slept with the children and in the morning before starting my journey's first steps; I helped to water the vegetables in the inner garden of the church. Everyone sent me off on my trip to Odor with a warm smile. 

I walked the rocky, stained, grimy roads towards my destination until I arrived through a couple of forests along a rivers and simple straight pathways repetitively. And I saw the walls of Odor stretch high, the emblems of the four elements which is one that a commoner like me would get. Everything is just fine until I get a grimoire. I thought... but I was aiming for so much more. With all my might I wanted the grimoire of the last emperor of light. The grimoire which has no symbol on it but is pure white and describes 'light' purely.

After I finished staring at the walls with a fish like a face; I stepped forward and took my way towards the oak door which was clothed silver and gold. It needed no more than just seconds to get me captivated by the beauty of Odor, the most amazing, is the fact that I still have yet to enter the city of wonders. Where all my dreams come from, along with the legends and myths, being able to set sail in there; I will go forward with every step I take.

"Are you ready for this?" I asked myself under my breath, and as usual, my ego overcame me and my mind. It was roaring 'Get in there and show them the results of 6-year training!'. I knew that it only shouted the truth; I couldn't lose this fight. I know that I wouldn't, not now!

Entered excitedly and nervously and yet confidently. The oak door shut behind me and I could not see the front of the reception, thousands and millions of people standing before me to get registered and finally enter. While I did wait I took a good look at the castle and the statue that stood on the top of it; it was the last emperor's statue. As I looked closer and closer it, somehow I thought that I saw that face somewhere before.

Wandering on who could have looked like the emperor I got to the front in some-time and the lady :

"Where are you from sir?"


"What is your objective after you enter this gate?"

"Well, I would like to get my grimoire first of all..."

"Alright, Your number is 1054.-Next!"

Well, at least she gave me a map. Somehow I figured out where I have to be and have arrived just before the ceremony has begun. 

"Ladies and gentlemen I will take it short, please quiet down the ceremony will now begin."

One by one after the old wizard got off of the stage the grimoires started flying to their chosen persons one by one until there was nothing left on the bookshelf. Every single one has flown to the owner. Besides the one that had no elements and was pure white. Everyone was staring in shock as it fleed of the shelf above my head right in the hands of the person behind me. All I was capable of was to shout "Where is MY grimoire?!" 

"Well, maybe you should try next year..."




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