"Pig mask man"

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Submitted: November 01, 2017

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Submitted: November 01, 2017



It was pouring down rain on a darkened October night. Leaves were blowing and the sound of thunder and lightning lit up the skies.  The woods were quit except every now and then the sound of a twig snapping echoed the forest. 
My friend had just dropped me off a few miles away from my home. My parents didn't approve of my friend so we had to mostly keep our friendship a secret. The only way for me to get home quicker was the shortcut through the woods. 
I approached the darkened woods and kept repeating to myself "Everything was fine." I made my way down the woods when I heard a faint "MOAN" sound in the woods. I stopped and looked around. Then I heard one of the most Haunting screams of my life.."AAAHHHH!" In the distance. I quickly started to jog out of the woods. 
When I heard a laughing sound from in the woods. Lightning flashed the sky,I looked behind me a man was wearing what looked like overall jeans,He had a pig mask on and was at least over 7 feet tall. In his other hand he was carrying an AXE. He just stared at me. I ran all the way home. 
I told my parents what I had seen,They didn't believe me and said I had a wild imagination. But I will Never forget what I saw in the woods that night,It would Haunt me for the rest of my life at least I hoped it wouldn't. the very Next morning my mom and dad came in my room and sat down in my bed. 
With worried looks. "What's wrong?" I had asked. My dad said nothing,Grabbed the remote control and turned on my T.V. To the News. 

Man Escaped Police Custody Late Thursday Night, he is armed with an AXE and he hides his face with a "Pig Mask" he is extremely Dangerous, and is over 7 feet tall. we advice, if you see him stay away from him and call police immediately"

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