The Old Box

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As a young boy I watched this small white building and wondered why all those people go there to sing. Later on, things became more clearer.

Submitted: November 01, 2017

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Submitted: November 01, 2017



Inside the old shed was a box in the left hand corner. I had seen the box many times before when my grand father was still alive. I minded my own business and did not ask about it. My grandfather had been a minister in a village church. I respected him very much. He was a nice caring man.

Every Sunday I saw many people dressed in white and entered the church. I just couldn't understand what was so important to them. I heard the songs that they had been singing. I learned they were singing to God.

I said to my school mate who was about the same age as myself. ''Who is this God? Where is he?''
Mouthy said: ''I don't know. Ask one of them when they come out.''
My school mate got the name ''Mouthy'' because he was in a fight and his opponent had bitten him on his lips and his mouth was swollen, and it stayed that way.We hanged about outside playing marbles until we saw the door to the church open.

''Why weren't you inside? An old woman asked. I mumbled, ''Not feeling well.'' She frowned her face and walked away. When everyone had gone away, I went inside and saw the minister with some books in his hand. He placed his left hand upon my head. ''Are you feeling better? He asked. I told him how I felt and he assured me that I would soon get better. I turned and said to him, ''Sir, can I ask you a question?''
He said,'' Of course, you can.What is it?''
I said, ''Who is this God you're singing to? And where is he?''
two great questions coming from a young boy. First, I'd likle to tell you that God is up in heaven, he's not a man, he is spirit.''
I said: ''Can I see him?''
''No. That's not possible. No one may see God and live.''
''Why is that? Why is he hiding himself.''
The minister said: ''He's not hiding! He's just far away. Up in the heaven of heavens.''
''The what?'' I was confused.
''Never mind, child, '' the minister said, as  I left him and walked out the church.

One day I came back from school and found the box missing. I ran to my aunt and asked her if she knew anything about it. She shook her head to say no. I now began to think very seriously about that box. What was in it? Why didn't my grandfather tell me about it? Maybe I was too young then.

My grandfather has a brother who lived not very far away from where we lived. He came around often times to visit. I didn't take to him like I did the other family members. And I think that he felt it too. One day in the yard at the back of the house, I asked him if he knew anything about the box that was in my grandpa's shed. He said that he didn't know anything about it.

When I was in school in class, some of my friends came and asked if I wanted to pitch marbles, I told them not today. I wasn't feeling too well. That wasn't true, I had been thinking quite a lot about that box. I couldn't really concentrate on school. I was glad when it was over and we had to leave for home.

My grandpa's brother's house was up a very dark lane fenced on both sides. His house was right at the back It was the only one that was made of cement, all the others were of wood and on stilts. The wall balcont was on the front leading round to the right He wasn't in, but his wife was. I asked about the box, she hadn't seen no box. Then she took me round the back to the shed which was also of cement. Way deep in the back in the middle was the box. I told her that was the box that was missing from my grandpa's possessions. She kindly gave me the box  and said that she would explain to her husband. He will become furious , but he will soon cool down and get over it. I thank the wife, took the box and went on home.

After the evening meal, I started looking in the box. It had no lock on it, only a latch. I lifted that and opened it up. There were a heap of old papers there. I took one out and started reading: you need blue curtains for the veil. Once you enclose the area, you must set your box of gold in the center. You must sacrifice a dove and get a basin with the blood. I stopped reading as a strange feelind came to me. Iasked myself: what is this that I'm reading, what is it all about? The instructions were clear, some items I could get, but gold? Where am I going to get that? I wanted to know some more so I started reading again.

I have to be wearing linen breeches to perform the ceremony. A young goat is also needed. I was now wondering if I should let Mouthy into all this. I decided that I should. The next day after school we met in the shed at the back of our house. The shed was slanting backwards as if it was going to fall down. It had been like that for many years.

Inside the shed, I showed him the box, and told him what I had read. He asked. ''Did your grandpa left this for you?''
I said, ''No, he didn't leave it for me, it is part of his possessions. What? Why did you ask? Do you think it has something to do with that church and the singing?''

He dug into the box deeper and came up with a purple wrapping. When he opened it, there was a small figure like a carpenter's wooden tool box.; only this was small and solid gold. ''What is it?'' I asked, thinking back to what I had already read; gold is needed. Holding the thing in his left hand, he said, ''This is gold, real gold.''
''But what is it, and what's it for?'' I asked Mouthy. Shall we turn it over to those singing people.''
''No,'' Mouthy said, ''Give that paper you are reading.'' I gave the old script to him. He started reading, then he said to me. ''You know what we'll do. Follow all the directions. We'll do all that it say. You have your catapult?''
I said, ''Yes.''

''Right! We'll go shooting young doves. My parents always eat goat meat on a Wednesday. It is easy to get some blood. Those Indian sellers who comes around on their bicycles, we could ask them to get us some linen. The tailor will make some breeches for us. The gold is right here, see!'' He was handling it. ''Tomorrow night, we'll nip in here just before midnight, and start following the instructions that is written down.''

It was 11:50 pm the following night when we both entered the shed. The curtians were draped around. At Midnight, Mouthy placed the gold piece in the center. In the brass basin that we had, we placed the blood of the goat and the dove. We both had on linen breeches over our normal clothing. We dipped oour finger in the blood and sprinkled it seven times over the golden image.

Suddenly, there was a strange sound, after I had spoken  the words I found at the bottom of the old script Then a strange bluish/yellowish fire came from the golden image, wrapped itself around Mouthy. I started screaming when Mouthy just vanished. I shot out the shed and ran pounding hard on the back door of our house.


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