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Its a story about a man whose girlfriend has just broke up with him after so many years long relationship.what destiny is planning for him unveil in this story.

Note from writer: This story is not a proper documentary on social media crime. I wanted to write it fictionally but right now i am not happy with the given climax. If you readers have any better
idea for the climax,please comment it bellow.

Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



It is only Ten months before from present, slapping hard on his face, his girlfriend broke the string of relationship with him, leaving him all alone with her memories, she crushed all the imaginational stories, he would dream with her.

After a traumatic journey and spending 9 months in the rehab, Rahul is stable now. Friends are curiously waiting to welcome him back at home; even he is excited to see his family that he had been missing for long.

Ending up all the love emotion from his life, has decided to work somewhere now, trying to give a start of a new life. Fifteen days constant interviews have offered him a life of a professional and got a job as a C.E. He believes that it is the end of that nightmare, but the destiny is already waiting with a dark nightmare for him, he has not foreseen that yet.

This is the 5th day at his first job, there are only final 10 minutes left for his day task to get wrapped up. Clearing all the mess from his desk, he is almost ready to say good bye to the desk for the night. Then he thinks to give a call to his family that his shift is just over, but before he dials up his family number, a message pops up on his phones screen. It’s a facebook message. He ignores that and decides to check that at home. After dinner, he comes to his bed and cuddles the phone up from the bed side table to check his daily phone calls and messages and then right in the first place he notices a facebook massage which he had ignored in the office. It is from a girl and name is “rashmi”. She has kept her text very skimpy “HI”.  Just not taking the message seriously he places his phone back on the bad side table, and goes asleep.

Next morning at around 11a.m again rahul receives a massage from that same girl. This time it is little broader. “Hei…Why don’t you reply?” he ignores that again. Third day same massage, same girl but it is even broader than before. Hi... Why don’t you reply? I really want to talk to you. PLEASE

After the third one, he gives the account a close look, and checks that account fussily. But he is unable to find out any precise evidence to make him believe this as a fake account instead he gets attracted on her beautiful face and the account has almost 1000 friends also there is no picture of any other girl in single besides two or three selfies with her friends so he gets letarally excited to talk to her, her pretty face and two three pictures with her family and friends somewhere makes him anxious to write something back to her texts .then he replies.

And then their messages are just like never stopping, rains of message start falling on both privatepostboxes. After fifteen days unceasing day, night messages sprout a tender affection in him for that girl. But destiny is almost ready to throw the dark nightmare on his feet.

16th day no message since morning, It is Sunday and clock is about to tackle at 12:30. Rahul takes the step to text her first, his mind and soul have substantially fallen for her. After the message he goes for the daily –eye opener or the scoops of facebook  what  he barely check .He opens his  wall  and starts scrolling down and all of sudden his thump gets a break over a picture. He notices that picture carefully, he sees that one of his friends has shared link of a singer with her performing still and picture of that singer exactly resembles the girl he’s been chatting with, this picture is unfailingly detailing him that it is a picture of a small town famous female singer but the question is, she has never told him that she is a singer.  He then steadfastly moves to the search option and types her name, the report that emerges after searching her name is totally an intricate scene like a Hollywood thriller movie. He sees there are three accounts with similar names and pictures and one of those is real, but saddest part is the girl who he has been chatting with since fifteen days has no possibility of identifying her as real. He is unable to restrain his head from texting her again after that cogent revelation. But his heart is still not wanting to believe her as fake, after 15 minutes she comes online and replies him something like – actually I am  disabled . I don’t want to lie to you any more, I use her pictures  just to get the attention from others because I don’t have friends, people hate, and elude me every time ,sorry.. . I know you are hurt. Please, forgive me.

The revelation was over excruciating and unbearable for Rahul to grasp that pain, his tears were unstopping, and instinct was uncontrollable. He was trying to yell at that girl but she was sitting far beyond from him that his vociferous voice got feebleto reach her ears and to make her listen how dejecting that consequence was. His every anguishing word was splitting off before touching his tongue. Fifteen minutes later he headed off to the roof, there he raised his hands, and his open arms were calling to hug his ultimate fate and then beamed looking up in the sky. His smile was a painful ecstasy that he showed the god for his vigorous jokes and at end he took a breath, a long breath of rest, to rest forever and he jumped off.


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