The Forbidden Love

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - A new home

Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



Five o'clock in the morning and I’m still up trying to finish up this essay with three more pages to go (isn’t that great). And only seven more hours to go, before my Abnormal Behavioral Psychology class starts (being a college student rocks). Procrastination is literally the worst and is not that I try to procrastinate but I’m just extremely busy with other things like other classes, sonority stuff, work, and of course having a social life. But I need to stay focus so I can hurry and finish this assignment so I can at least get three hours asleep before class.

Ha 8:35 am and I am done which means I at least have an hour of sleep before class (could be worst). So, I saved my worked and printed it out and put it in my psych folder. Which is on my pink girly desk with sparkles I may add (I know it's lame but I like sparkles). Now it was time to get that one hour nap in so, I won’t look completely awful for class.

Well, that hour nap felt like a minute nap and here I am Laying on my firm cheetah print bed thinking why am I doing this too myself working so hard just to get a piece of paper so-called a degree (every college student does it). But I can’t stay there forever so, I got up and went to my bathroom which is kind of messy but I’ll clean it later(which I’ll probably won’t). Looking into the mirror I look terrible as I predicted, but hey my life isn’t a girly movie so that’s why. I took my scarf which I keep near my bathroom so I won’t lose it and wrapped my thick course hair and started working on brushing my teeth and washing my face. I went into my closet to get my shorts and a cute tank top so I can get started on my makeup (a girl’s best friend). Makeup gives you that confidence that we all want (not just for guys but for ourselves too). “Damn forty-five minutes left”, well not my best work but at least my eyebrows look hot (for some reason your brows are everything). Before I’m finished with the process I can’t leave without my clear glossy lipgloss (a black girl’s best friend).  Now that I'm dressed all I needed was to grab my backpack and folder and leave.

Finally, I’m out of my apartment and going to my car (a cute white Kia Optima). As I’m heading to my car my phone started ringing. “Hello” I answered, “Hey sweetie when are you coming home and I have a huge surprise,” my mom said. “Um Tomorrow morning, so I’ll probably be around there at ten,” I said. My mother paused for a minute and said great I’ll be here while giggling and there was another voice but I couldn’t tell who it was but it has to be a male. “Hey mom is someone else there,” I asked and she said,“yes but you’re just going to have to find out tomorrow” and she hangs up. “Weird,” I thought but whatever it was it’s probably not that huge, mothers think everything is a surprise. So I put my phone back into my pocket and got in my car.

Lucky for me the professor just wanted our essays so, we didn’t have to stay for the class which is pretty awesome. So, I texted my friends Bri and Jordan to hang before we split for Thanksgiving break. We decided to go to our normal spot to hang and that is the best spot in Florida and it's South Beach. South Beach is always so crowded and at night it's even worst. There’s always something going on and there is never a boring day. We love going to the beach to just chill and laugh at people who are ridiculously drunk. “Aye Ta’Mieka over here girl”  Bri yelled waving her arm to get my attention. She has her braids in a bun and wearing her grey crop top with those short booty shorts. Her skin is a smooth chocolate color and she’s average height but very thick (because of cornbread and cole greens). And Jordan is right next to her creeping on chicks

with those stupid shades on. “Ugh he looks so ridiculous” Jordan is very dark and tall the girls call him the black knight or dark and lovely. He is very attractive with gorgeous dimples and all the girls love him. As I was making my way to them right out of nowhere this ball slammed against my head.  I let out a scream and fell on the sand. Bri and Jordan got up to ran to help me up, “Dang girl you fell hard Jordan” snickered. “What he meant was damn that was crazy but are you aight,” Bri said smiling. “Yea I’m good trying to stand while dusting sand off my clothes. I picked up the ball and I’m trying to figure out who it could be, but lucky me I think I found out the mystery person. A white boy with red hair was coming up to me grinning. He was kind of cute, (I said kind of) with an ok body (ok I lied there his body is more than ok). “Hey my bad but could you give me my ball back,” he said. Jordan stepped in“My bad that's all you got to say homes,” Jordan said getting in his face. “Listen, dude, it was an accident and she looks pretty fine to me,” he said while winking at me. “Hold up, boy if you don’t get your lil ball and get the hell out of here,” Bri said. “Guys” “I yelped I got this, look redhead here’s your ball and don’t let it happen again,” I said. The red-headed boy stared at me for a minute and slightly raised both of his hands and said: “you got it I see you around”. He took his ball and smiled at all three of us and said “my apologies”  and he left. “And they say I’m a dick,” Jordan said laughing. Bri and I looked at Jordan and rolled our eyes, “He killed my vibe I’m about to head out” I said. Bri snapped her fingers and said, “listen, girl, we came here to have chill before we split and that’s what we’re going to do”. Bri took my arm and dragged me closer to the shore while Jordan followed. The beach looked so beautiful as the sunshine on the waters making a glittery effect. And seeing these people having fun makes life so vivid (you gotta love Florida).  Jordan started running into the blue waves and yelled, “come on in the water is just right”. We couldn’t argue about that so we joined him.


 Finally back to my place from the beach and I’m so exhausted from having too much fun. It was nine pm and I had to make sure that my stuff was packed to leave in the morning. Thanksgiving break is only a week long so I don’t have to pack much but, since I’m a girl most likely I’m packing my whole entire life. I went into my room to get my bags to put them in my car so, I can wake up and go. As I’m walking to the door with my hands full the door swung open and it was my roommate Kate. She has long brown hair with blue-greenish eyes. She has a fatigued body and I would say she’s short. “Hey girly needs help,” she said as she held the door open. “Oh, yea that would be great if you could I,” said cheerfully. Kate grabbed one of my suitcases and followed behind me. I’ve met Kate two years ago when we both were freshmen and I can honestly say she’s the nicest person I’ve met. So that’s why she is my roommate and one of my good friends. As Kate and I are walking to my car she was telling me about this new guy who transferred here at Keiser University. “Omg gurl that boy is just super fine if I wasn’t taken I would have snatched him up so fast you wouldn't have seen it come’en” Kate said laughing (if you haven't notice Kate is from West Virginia). “Maybe you should grab 'em Ta’Mieka,” Kate said batting her eyes while laughing. I laughed at Kate she’s so funny especially with her accent but me dating I don’t think so, just not right now. I was in a  four-year relationship with my high school sweetheart Devion but I caught him cheating on me with a freshman thot and that crushed me; so that’s my story with dating. We finally made it to my car and I opened the trunk to throw the suitcases in. “Thanks, Kate I really appreciate it,” I said, and Kate tucked her hair behind her ears and said “No problem girly” and we started to head back to our apartment.

Getting out of the shower is always a great feeling (who doesn’t love feeling fresh). Today seemed like a pretty long day and I cannot wait to go to bed and get some sleep. Before I went to bed I put on my nightwear and I went to my laptop which is on my study desk to check my Gmail for news about The New School Drama In New York City that I’ve applied to. There was no news but hopefully, I’ll hear something before Christmas break. I really want to go there for grad school because I want to pursue an acting career (we all know Broadway is where it’s at). I stared at my screen for a couple of seconds thinking do I actually have a shot at this before shutting down my laptop and going to bed.

Eight-thirty in the morning and there goes my alarm clock scaring the shit out of me. I got out of bed and put on my comfy leggings and a T-shirt, and then went into the bathroom to get ready. I brushed my teeth and put my hair in a poof ball and I was ready to go. I grabbed my purse and took my keys out and headed out of my room to the door to leave. I pulled my phone and texted my mother that I’m headed out and I’ll be there in an hour or so while walking to my car. I got to my car and there he was the guy with the red hair talking to this other dude a few yards away. I couldn’t believe this he’s probably the transferred guy Kate was talking about. He glanced at me and waved with a smirk on his face and I stuck my middle finger up, and he laughed and started walking towards me. I tried to hurry to get in my car but apparently, it wasn’t fast enough and there he was leaning on my car. “I’m going to have to turn down your offer, I don’t usually bang girls I don’t know,” he said (can you believe this guy). I finally opened my car door and said: “ I don’t have time for your little fuck boy games, now can you please get off my car”. He backed up and smile “No problem princess, see you around campus” and then he shut my car door and waved and walked off. I was in shocked I couldn’t believe this guy (who do he think he is). It took me a couple of moments to forget about him and then I started my car and drove off.

I turned into my mother’s driveway and I’ve noticed two other cars that I haven’t seen before. I turned off my car and got out to go inside and as I was walking towards her house Mula came running towards me. Mula is our toy poodle and she’s the cutest. I bend over and picked her up she was so excited to see me. I carried her with me to the door and I opened it and the inside looked so empty (it was empty). I sat Mula down and headed towards the Kitchen and there was no food, no nothing even the dining table was empty. This had to be a joke so I went to the living room and yelled, “Mom where are you” and I got no answer. Then I realized something if downstairs is empty then what does my room look likes. So I ran upstairs went through the hall and opened my door and all my stuff was in boxes, “What the fuck is going on here” I thought. Then I heard the door open from downstairs and there were giggling and it sounds like it was my mother so, I ran downstairs and found my mother with this forty-year-old guy. “Oh honey your home well…” my mother said but I had to pause her “Mom what is going on”. My mom smiled at me and looked at the man that had his arms around her waist and yelled: “I’m engaged Joey you remember Joey right” she said with a big smile. I was trying to get my thoughts together but I was heartbroken….. First she didn’t tell me and I even haven't spend a lot of time with the guy and Secondly, I’m not ready to have this guy replace my father’s spot(my father died four years ago). Yea I know she can’t be single forever but it’s just the thought that's our family will be forever broken.


“Honey did you hear me,” my mother said, I finally snapped out of my daze and I looked at her, “Mom how could you not tell me this before,” I said real heated. My mom looked really shocked she looked at Joey and frowned “sweetie I’m sorry I thought that you would be happy” she said while coming near me. “Mom it’s not that I’m not happy for you it's just I don’t really know him and you didn’t tell me much about him so that’s why I’m a little upset,” I said. Joey steps in and grinned “Well you have this whole week to get to know me and my son Kyle and we'll do it at my place, well our new home”. My mother put her hand on Joey’s shoulder and said “honey why don’t you get some more of those boxes in the van and I’ll talk to her alone” my mother whispered to Joey's ear. Joey smiled and said “will do” and kissed my mother’s forehead and left. “Mom please tell me you’re not moving into his place and he has a son what” I yelped. “I hate to say so but yes I’m moving into his place and we’re spending Thanksgiving at our new home,” she said and gave my shoulder a squeeze and went outside with Joey.



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