The Forbidden Love

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Code Red

Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



Sitting in my treehouse that my dad and I built when I was only ten and it seemed like it was just yesterday. I’m surprised that I can still fit in here; everything still looks the same the last time I’ve been here (a little rusty) which was four years ago when I found out that my dad died. My mom and I were having dinner when we got the news it crushed us. That was the worst day of my life I didn’t know how we would cope with the pain. After that drastic phone call, my mom froze with the phone still in her hands trembling. I screamed mom but she didn’t respond. I ran out of the dining room to the backyard. It was raining and very gloomy and the treehouse was a yard away and I went in it somehow thinking that this was all a mistake and daddy will return for his little princess like he did when I was younger. But silly me he didn’t return and the reality was hard to swallow and it hit us so hard when we had to bury him.

Looking throughout the treehouse before I leave all my memories behind for good, something caught my eyes, it was tucked behind the wood on the floor. I bent down and I tried to pull the piece of wood up to get it. It was a small chest that had my initials on it, I blew on it to make sure that I was seeing it right. I opened it and there was a beautiful rose gold locket with a teal color stone in the middle of it. In the inside of the locket, it was a family portrait of us on the right side of the locket and on the left side, there was a picture of me as a baby. Tears started rolling down my cheeks and I notice there was a note in the chest so, I put the locket in my purse and picked up the note. It came from my dad and he wrote, “ Hey baby girl I know you don’t get to see me as much and I have missed so much of your milestone but I want you to know that I will always love and you are the most important person in my life. Things are going to get hard but I know that you are a strong young woman because you are a half of me. I love you from Dad and remember to stay away from strange guys and weird devices..” Now the tears really started pouring down and I tried to pull myself together so I breathe in and out slowly and folded the note and placed it back in the chest. I wiped my face with my hands and held the chest tightly in my hand and started to come down the treehouse.

My mom and Joey were still in the front yard talking. My mom looked so happy the happiest I've seen her since that tragic phone call. Maybe I should give the guy a chance if he really makes her that happy so, I started to walk up to them with a fake smile. Joey turned facing me with a huge smile and said: “see Tonya I knew she’ll come around”. My mother chuckled and looked at me with a small grin “we were just leaving so why don’t you follow us there” she said. I shook my head and said “yea” and I went to my car and while I was going they went into Joey’s car and drove off.

When I pulled up to Joey’s place it was pretty big and nice. I parked next to Joey’s car and I got out. Mom and Joey were already at the front door waiting for me to come in. Inside was so huge and very homey surprisingly; Joey came to me and said: “you're probably tired so I’ll show you to your new room.” We walked upstairs and he went to the end of the hall and open the door to my new room (it didn't look too bad). The room was a decent size and I had a balcony which was so awesome. Some of my stuff was in boxes but I get that situated later. I looked at Joey and said “thanks for this” and I sat on the bed because I was pretty tired. Joey smiled and said “no problem Ta’Mieka, you just get comfortable and I’ll go get your bags” and he left.

I must have fallen asleep because everything was dark and quiet, I checked my phone and it was twelve in the morning. I was super hungry so I got out of bed and went downstairs to go to the kitchen. I was trying my best to be extremely quiet and also trying to figure my way to the kitchen. As I found my way to the kitchen the lights were on which spooked me a little (who could possibly be up). I tried to calm myself down so I counted to three in my head and peeked to see who was in the kitchen. It was a guy with no shirt on, with red hair I gasped and he turned his head towards me. He grinned looked me up and down and sat his sandwich down and grinned, “ hmmm don’t tell me you’re stalking me now” he said. I was shocked (what was he doing here) I didn’t know what to do so I just stared at him. He laughed and picked up his sandwich “well princess if you need me I’ll be in my room” he paused as he reached the stairs and said,“and also my dad wanted me to tell you that your dinner is in the microwave,” and went upstairs. I couldn’t believe that the red-haired jerk is Joey’s son and he’s soon to be my step-brother.


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