The Forbidden Love

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The brother I never wanted

Submitted: November 03, 2017

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Submitted: November 03, 2017



The smell of bacon being fried rushed old memories of the mornings when it was just mom, dad and I. Since my dad worked as a CIA agent we really didn’t see him as much so whenever we did we never took it for granted. My dad had always put a smile on our faces, he really was a smooth guy. He always knew what to say and what to do (the best guy literally). And if this Joey guy can make my mother feel so happy then he must be the shit. That thought echoed through my head until it hit me, I’m not dreaming this is real. I shot up breathing heavily and checked my surroundings and here I was in my new room at Joey’s.  I got out of bed to go to the bathroom down the hall. The door was open and surprise surprise there he was brushing his stupid teeth. Growing up as an only child I’ve never had to share anything (and now I’m sharing a bathroom with a conceited jerk).

“You like the view,” he said while spitting into the sink. I looked over my shoulder to make sure no one else was around and, I said: “do you realize that you’re going to be my step-brother and you're flirting with me.” He looked at me with that dumb grin on his face and laughed and returned to the mirror checking himself out (how typical). “You didn’t answer my question” as he pointed to a painting with a faded face of a female with no lips above the mirror, “ One of my creations and don’t flatter yourself” he laughed and close the door. “Wait I need to get in” I yelled as I tried to open the door. He opens the door and leaned so close to my face that I could see his greenish blue eyes, that shot electrical currents throughout my body. He stared into my eyes like he was looking through my soul (which creeped me out but it was so thrilling). I could smell his minty fresh breath that filled my nostrils as he said, “We’re going to be step-sister and step-brother are you really asking to share the bathroom together,” he smiled and stood up laughing while continue to check himself out and said “there’s a bathroom on the other side of the hall use that” and he closed the door. This is going to be a long week I thought (let the crisis begin).

Mom and Joey were downstairs at the dining table along with redhead eating breakfast, “Ahhh nice for you to join us Ta’Mieka” Joey said. “Sorry but, you know how girls are with getting ready,” I said smiling at Joey while giving redhead a fake smile as I got a plate from the table (this isn’t weird at all). “I’m assuming that you and Kyle met” Joey said and before I could answer that, Kyle blurted out “could you pass the syrup Tonya, please and yes we did at the beach” I rolled my eyes and said “yea and never in a million years would I thought that a red-headed stranger will become my brother.”  My mother gave me a stern look and said: “that is why you guys have the rest of this week to get to know each other before the wedding “ she said smiling. “And also you guys go to school together ain’t that right Kyle,” Joey said. Kyle looked up and looked towards me with a full mouth of pancakes and said, “ right.”

Five more days until Thanksgiving and two more months before the wedding (someone please help). It was just my mom and me in the kitchen while Joey is at work and Kyle is somewhere who knows (like I care even where he is). We were making a list of all the things we need for the Thanksgiving dinner and my mother was extremely excited because she didn’t prepare a Thanksgiving dinner in a while. “We’re going to need a turkey, yams, stuffing, all the stuff for bake macaroni and cheese, a ham, greens, rolls...” mom said but I had to interrupt her to discuss the obvious. “Mom this is so weird don’t you think,” I said leaning on the countertop waiting for her to respond. “Look Ta’Mieka I know this is weird and I’m sorry, I should have told you but, you were so busy with school so I thought to surprise you,” she said. We both looked at each other before  I broke the silence “ok from now on out you tell me everything started with telling me all about your wedding plans and who’s your maid of honor” I said with a smile. My mother laughed and pull me closer to hug me and said, “of course you’re the maid of honor honey” she said hugging me tighter. Hearing my mother wedding plans was very interesting, she was saying that the wedding is going to be private with only a couple of people but, the location was weird because we live in Florida and all of the places to have it she’s having it at an abandoned park. But my mother seemed so excited about so I just let her continue talking about her soon to be day. I haven’t seen my mother so full of life in a long time and it makes me so grateful that I have her.

When the stars were up I decided to video call Bri and tell her everything that happened. She was literally in shocked. “Shut the fuck up, no fucking way” she screamed, and all I could say was “yes I know right.” Bri was loving all this juicy tea (which is apparently my life now). I told her everything and including the wedding which she’s invited to (of course). As Bri and I were talking someone started knocking on my door so, I told her to hang on for a moment while I get the door.  It was Kyle, shirtless with his red hair in a mess and his pants unzipped slightly down his hips. I gave him a disgusted look wondering why does he look like this. “ I need a condom do you have one,” he asked, my jaw dropped why would he ask me this (what the actual fucks). He snapped his fingers and said, “I’m actually in a hurry do you have one or not.” I shook my head, “yea let me just get my purse” so I went back to my room to get my purse to give him a condom. “Here,” I said, and he grabbed the condom from my hand and smiles, “thanks for sharing,” he said leaving with that smirk on his face that I hate so much. I watched him go to his room and before he went in he looks towards me with those piercing greenish blue eyes and said, “you can join but it’s not really a brotherly and sisterly kind of love” he said smiling and he closed his door. I had to catch myself because I couldn’t believe that just happened. I wanted to tell Bri so bad but I can’t tell her right now, I can’t tell anyone about this. Of course, Bri wanted to know what happened but I just told her a lie that my mom wanting me for something so, I told her “I had to go.” So we disconnect the video call and I stared at the ceiling until dozed off to sleep.  


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