The Forbidden Love

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - That Night

Submitted: November 05, 2017

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Submitted: November 05, 2017



I woke up from the aching sounds of my alarm (god I need to change it). I jumped out of bed and quickly went to the bathroom before Kyle gets there. He wasn’t in the bathroom (thank god) so, I reached into the sink cabinet to grab my bathroom caddy. I pulled out my brush to brush my kinky brown hair into a high puff leaving a couple curls to fall on my face. Admiring my work in the mirror I began brushing my teeth while looking at Kyle’s painting (it was so creepy but interesting). After I brushed my teeth I reached into my makeup bag to get started on my face. As I’m applying foundation on my face I couldn’t stop thinking about last night. I tried to shake the thoughts out of my head and to continue admiring my art on my face (I love makeup the confidence that it gives you). Looking into the mirror seeing how my golden skin reflects off the lights which make my highlights glistens from my temple to my high cheekbones. My dark purple painted thick lips shimmering as I turn my head from left to right. “Perfect,” I thought and I left the bathroom to go get dressed in my skin tight black dress with a v-neck falling down showing my medium size perky breast. With a split that shows my left thigh going down to my leg. The dress really shows my curves that I’m very proud of (it also makes my butt looks pretty delicious). Before I went downstairs I had to grab my all purple stilettos which were in a box next to the window. There were footsteps coming towards my room as I was putting on my stilettos so, I turned my head to see who it was and it was my mom. “Hey sweetie it looks like you’re ready for the Pre-Thanksgiving party” she chuckled while admiring my appearance.

I started going to the Pre-Thanksgiving parties once I was in the eighth grade with my mom and dad. The party was always split up into groups the adults, young adults, teens, and kids (which was for the best). My mother looked very beautiful with her dark brown hair falling over her broad shoulders. Her dark red gown embraced her curves showing strong details of her waist, thighs, and breast. (that's where I got my body from). Her gown really made her look ten years younger then she’s really is (black don’t crack). “ You’ve become a beautiful young lady,” my mother said squeezing my shoulders, I looked at her with tears in my eyes “I get it from you mom,” I said laughing. There was a knock on the door and it was Joey and Kyle in tuxes. Joey had his black hair with grey on the sides slicked back with a dark red tuxedo, he looked handsome for his age I guess. I Looked over at my mother and I noticed that she was drooling over him (gross). Kyle looked stunning so gorgeous with his red hair swooped back making his face more defined showing his sharp jawline. His tuxedo was black and it really embraced his body so well (now I was drooling curse the tuxedos witchcraft). I tried to stop looking at him but I realized that he was admiring me too. “Well don’t we all look good,” Joey said ending the awkward silence and we all got up and made our way downstairs. I felt a shrug on my arm and it was Kyle with him grinning, “last night was great but tonight could be incredible” he said, as he purposely bumped against my body. It felt so good being so close to his strong body smelling his sweet consuming cologne. I wanted to say something but I didn’t know what to say as I watched him closely going out the door.

The Pre-Thanksgiving party was crowded and bursting with music and fun. I ran into my friends that I went to high school with and we stuck together. We danced and talked about what’s been going with our lives (the usuals). I had a couple drinks which made me feel very good so, I started dancing letting the music guide my body (ok maybe I was a little tipsy). Someone grabbed my hand and it was Kyle, and he took his other hand to pull me closer. I started to panic because I didn’t know where my mom was and if she sees us she would freak out or else. A part of me wanted to push him away but the other part wanted to dance with him all night. He swept me off my feet literally as I continue to melt in his arms. He whispered in my ears saying “don’t worry, our parents aren’t around,” hearing that just made me lose every strength in my body, making me lean closer to his. The room was pretty dim and I watched him looked over his shoulders to make sure no one wasn’t paying any attention, then he lifted me up and our eyes met I giggled stupidly and he laughed showing his perfect white teeth. He carried me outside where there were a couple of people (teenagers). He put me down and reached out his hands signaling for me to take them. I grabbed a hold of his firm hands while he yanked me towards his body. We started dancing aggressively while our lower bodies were grinding towards each other as if we were one. He raised my hands over my head while he’s slowly working his way towards my ass (that really turned me on). Once he got there he softly touched it, then he released his hands to slap my ass and he grabbed it aggressively. I’m loving everything this boy is doing to me, I don’t know if it’s the alcohol but I want to fuck him right here right now, (it’s so wrong but it feels so right). I started to kiss his neck while he’s rubbing my ass and squeezing the shit out of it (damn). He grabbed me so forcefully lifting me off the ground then he started kissing my neck down to my chest, my legs began to tremble, and shake from pleasure (for a white boy he sure knows how to please me). As the night progresses everything became blank while the alcohol consumes my memory from the night.

I woke up with the worst hangover of my life. I tried to remember how did I get back home in my bed. I got out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to vomit my brains out. I wiped my mouth and stood towards the mirror and I looked horrible with my makeup smeared all over my face. I got into the shower because I needed it (for some reason I felt so filthy). The hot water pounded my skin soothed my body. When I started washing my neck there were some spots that hurt like hell. It didn’t feel like mosquito bites which concerned me a little. I got out the shower and grabbed a towel and went towards the mirror to inspect my neck. I gasped while looking at multiple hickeys on my neck. Someone banged on the door which made me jumped, I quickly grabbed a hand towel and threw it around my neck. “Ugh, I’m coming out now” I yelled and I opened the door and Kyle were standing right in front of me. “What do you want?” I said, he chuckled and slid right past me. “Last night was fun and you really know how to handle your liquor,” he said (what did he mean by that). “Oh by the way if you’re trying to hide those hickeys you’re going to have to try harder than that,” he said laughing and he closed the bathroom door. I started to panic my chest began to tighten up, I tried to gather all my thoughts to try to calm myself down (did I have sex with my soon to be step-brother).

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